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Bring your iPhone photostream to your walls.
Bring your iPhone photostream to your walls.
311 backers pledged $24,118 to help bring this project to life.

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Questions, comments, photos (more photos!), please keep them coming either here on Kickstarter or via Facebook (/thumbtiles), Twitter (@thumbtiles), or Email (

And for those waiting to order more, the store is now open:

Thanks for letting me do this thing. It's been quite a journey. Happy to have been on it with you!


p.s. Some beautiful work from these fine folks:


Ken Bosma
Joy Watson
Jim Cook

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Shipping is underway. If you haven't received a notification that your tiles have shipped just yet, expect it shortly. And if you've yet to submit the address survey, please do. I'll get your shipment set up right away. 

Thank you! 



The tiles have arrived in New York! They've just been released by customs and are on the move again. It'll be a short trip to the distribution warehouse in Philadelphia where they will be checked in and prepared for delivery to you. I'll be sending around the address survey as soon as they are safely at the warehouse. Stay tuned.



Hi Everyone,

A few final packing shots to show you. As things have gone, there were some last minute packing changes and the tiles didn't get out of the factory door as quickly as planned. Very sorry for the additional delay. The packs are in their travel cartons now and will be on their way early next week. Many thanks for your continued patience.


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Really pleased with the way it's come together. The folks here are a solid team and have shown an impressive commitment to the project.

I wasn't certain it was necessary to be in China throughout the production process but in the end discovered it to be essential. Stuff goes wrong. Questions come up. Details need to be clarified. So much easier to do when you're right there. And watching the pieces being shaped, holding them at different stages of the process, is something worth being around for.

The tiles will be leaving for the States on the 4th of July. It will be a month to get to the distribution warehouse in Philadelphia. Once there, they'll quickly be turned around to you.

Watch your email for a Kickstarter survey coming in a couple of weeks that will ask for your mailing address.

Thanks again.


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