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Help fund Modest Medusa Season 2, the print version of Jake's stupidly adorable webcomic.
Help fund Modest Medusa Season 2, the print version of Jake's stupidly adorable webcomic.
358 backers pledged $18,663 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. NorthernDruid on

      The custom avatar portrait came XD XD XD So awesome!

      Should I have recieved a digital version aswell by now or is that still in the works?

      Can't wait to be using this online! ^.^

    2. Sam Garamy

      It's alright, sometimes these things happen. Better late than never! :D

    3. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Thanks Sam! Sorry it took so long.

    4. Sam Garamy

      Books just arrived in Australia, and everything's in order - seems I'm receiving a lot of KS things in the past week! Thank you for doing this, and I'm looking forward to Season 3!

    5. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Not quite, Martin. I'm packing up the last few this week (finally). So anyone who doesn't have their package yet will very soon. I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be posting a new update on the subject tomorrow or Thursday when the last packages finally go to the post office.

    6. Missing avatar

      Martin Sharp on

      Have all these been sent out yet ? I'm still waiting.

    7. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Hi Andrew. I did ship through USPS. I'll send you a private message so we can work this out.

    8. Andrew Barr on

      Hey Jake, I have yet to get anything and after reviewing the updates and what I should have received I find to this to be very unsettling. I was wondering if you sent things out through the USPS because they have sent things to the wrong address before.

    9. Bree on

      Ignore that =x my phone decided to repost it

    10. Bree on

      Thank you jake! I looked but I couldn't find them it was only the all white inner stickers. Everything else made it in one piece though. I love the mini prints ^.^

    11. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      That's really weird. I guess they must have fallen out here somewhere, but i have no idea where. Anyway, I'll order some more as soon as I can.

    12. Bree on

      Thank you jake! I looked but I couldn't find them it was only the all white inner stickers. Everything else made it in one piece though. I love the mini prints ^.^

    13. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      That's really weird. I'll of course send you a replacement as soon as I can, but do me a favor and check to see if they slid out of the package into the envelope or something like that. Oh, you probably already looked. I'll go ahead and order a replacement set. It takes awhile, but I'll get it to you as soon as I can.

    14. Bree on

      Hello Jake! I got my books today and i love them (also white mage modest <3 and viking modest rawr!) I got everything else except on the ds skin I only got the white stickers for the inside and no other stickers for it =( Everything else is here and im quite happy about it ^.^

    15. Leif Langsdorf on

      Yeah! Got the book today in germany! Thanks a lot....

    16. Don Anderson on

      Got the book last night. I really want to say "Thanks!" for the drawing in the book. It looks fantastic. Above and beyond what I was expecting. I'm looking forward to volume 3.

    17. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Thanks Cynical. I don't think it's that people don't understand. I think people who are complaining or voicing concern are right. I've fallen down on this. I had some bad luck, but I also made some bad decisions.

    18. Cynical Felidae on

      Hey Jake,

      Personally I think you're doing the best you can in a difficult situation, and I know some of us are behind you all the way. I'm sorry some people don't understand that, but just remember, a lot of your fans are behind you no matter what.

      A little or a large delay in getting a book or two won't get my panties in a twist. Take your time working it out and don't get discouraged.

    19. TheChosenOne on

      Any comic fans want to support ? 2 hours left for the final stretchgoal. :)
      Us comicfans/kickstarterbackers have to support eachother.

    20. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Kevin, if you Kicked in extra for something like that and didn't mention it beforehand you can send me a message here on Kickstarter, or to my email at

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Hemingway on

      Just filled out the survey, but there was nowhere to add extra comments (such as whether we'd kicked in extra to get the prints with the double book package). What is the best way to remind you, or is it possible to make another copy of the survey with extra info?

    22. Cynical Felidae on


      I'm kinda sad we won't get to see the kangaroo story, but on the bright side, there's a longer story featuring Urano and Modest vs the Evil Chocodile!

      I can see requests for a print for that mind-blowing scene.

    23. Jeremy Ricker on

      So happy about this. I will wear my Chainsaw Unicorn hat with pride.

    24. Dusty White on

      Congrats on the KS drive Jake--you are absolutely 'da man.

    25. Dusty White on


      Another season down and CU is still alive! (Unlike certain mermaids...)

    26. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Thanks guys!

    27. Missing avatar

      James C King on

      Congratulations on a second successful project Jake!

    28. Mike

      Congrats on another successful Kickstarter Jake! Can't wait to see the finished product(s)!

    29. Bree on

      We are so close to the kangaroo ! We can do this!

    30. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Thanks Elaine! If you're interested in the RPG you won't have to wait too long. We'll be doing a Kickstarter for the full project in a few months.

    31. Elaine Morgan on

      Discovered the comic through kickstarter and read through the entire archives in one night! Think I have enough money to pledge now, so I went for the double pack and added 10$ for shipping to Norway.
      Sad we're not getting the RPG-book, I really wanted that too!

    32. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Brian: yeah, that would do it.

      Joshua: Thanks! I'll save you a copy.

    33. Missing avatar

      Joshua Winegarner on

      Consider yourself backed, Jake! A measly 5 bones for now, but I'll relieve you of a copy of the book once it's cluttering up your studio. And don't worry about shipping any stickers my way, I'll pick them up when I see you. Another job well done, good sir!

    34. Brian Holme on

      so with the 2 book pack if i want the miniprint set it is $55?

    35. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      A White Mage? I'll see what I can do.

    36. Bree on

      A picture of modest would make me happy in my books x3 But now modest as a White Mage and I'm sold =0 /glomps

    37. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Thanks guys. I will draw one of you a raccoon and the other a taco.

      Elena, due to complicated math I'm actually asking $15 extra for the prints.

    38. Cynical Felidae on

      Yeah, have to agree with Elena. As long as you drew it, and liked what you drew, Jake, anything in my books are ok.
      (super awesome cute medusas too)

    39. Missing avatar

      Elena Murphy on

      I pledged for the double pack for both books but I'd like the prints too. Is that $10 more? I'm going to pretend you will say 'yes' but if not please, please let me know. I don't want either of us to be short. Also, what Bree said. You can draw anything in my books, assuming you're even paying attention to that.

    40. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Mats, that's just fine! Any extra amount for shipping is appreciated !

    41. Mats Tönnehag on

      i was a little unsure on the shipping, if i pledge $50 is it then enough for the $40 reward and shipping ??

    42. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Thanks man! Late is still great! And who knows, there may be a stupid last minute surge that takes us to $18,000 and beyond. probably not, but.... who knows!

    43. Missing avatar

      Dungeon Dweller on

      Made it in time for season 2. Better late than too late. XD (Just a shame it seems like it won't get to that 18k stretch goal... was really curious to see what happened to those guys.)

    44. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Bree: Good idea!

      Cynical: I thought about that for the first book but I was worried at the time that I wouldn't ever get to do a second, and that it would look weird.

    45. Cynical Felidae on

      You know how some books or movie dvd's that are part of a series, will have a partial image on their spine, so that when all of the series are arranged on a shelf they form a complete image? It would be interesting to see that for MM. Though, to get even a simple image of Modest, we'd be looking at about 7 books. :)

      That would be cool.

    46. Bree on

      Oh you should do phone skins for book three or something! I would so like a modest iPhone skin thingy <3

    47. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      Thanks Bree. yes, it is!

    48. Bree on

      Im pledging the extra 17$ for book one too =3 Is it signed and sketched in too?

    49. Jake Richmond 5-time creator on

      That totally works. Thanks!

    50. Missing avatar

      Standgale on

      Hi, I just did the $35 pledge, but I added the $17 for the first book and $5 to post to a foreign land. Is this how I'm supposed to let you know?
      I've never done one of these before and I'm nervous, lol.

      Congrats on so much success with what is, admittedly, quite a bizarre premise for a comic!

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