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Modest Medusa learns to color in this all ages coloring, comic and activity book based on Jake Richmond's popular web comic!

Hi, my name's Jake. About a year ago at the Stumptown Comics Fest a five or six year old fan of my comic told me that if I made a Modest Medusa coloring book she'd buy two of them (one for her, and one for her brother). Great idea! Modest Medusa Learns to Color is an all ages coloring and activity book featuring characters from my webcomic, Modest Medusa

The cover!
The cover!

The coloring book will be be 32 pages, including 24 alphabet coloring pages, several activity pages and a brand new 3 page comic created just for this project. The alphabet coloring pages are all stuff like "M is for Medusa" and "T is for Toilet" and "U is for Urano", with big, easy to color illustrations of each character. 

My Goals for this Kickstarter. The idea here is to get enough money to finance a print run of the coloring book. The reason I want to do a coloring book at all is because it turns out Modest Medusa really does have a lot of young fans. I meet kids at conventions all the time who want to take some kind of Medusa thing home with them. I usually give out stickers and Chocodiles, but I thought it would be cool if I had something super affordable like a coloring book to sell. So the plan is that the cover price for the comic will be just $3. Yes, I know you guys are paying $7. Part of that is to cover shipping. but also part of that is to help finance the whole thing so I can offer the book at a price kids can actually afford, and parent won't say no to. 

My other goal here is to have something that Modest Medusa fans can give their kids, friends or whoever for Christmas! Coloring books make great gifts!

Here's some of the art from the coloring book. Check out the Updates tab to see more!

In your hand by Christmas! I've already made arrangements with a  printer and our goal is to have the books printed and back in my hand before Thanksgiving. I plan to ship all the books before the end of November, so if you live in the U.S. you should get yours well before Christmas! Unfortunately international shipping will take longer.

Is it really "All Ages"? Hmm. If you're not familiar with Modest Medusa I'd really suggest you check out the webcomic. I think it's appropriate for all ages, but obviously opinions vary. The comic does feature Chainsaw Unicorns, smoking mermaids and lots of poop jokes.

I'm keeping it simple and offering just a few rewards levels.

$4: Modest Medusa Learns to Color, digital coloring book. I thought it would be cool to offer a digital version of the book for people who want to print it out on their home printers, color the files in their favorite graphics program. This is also a cheap option for Modest Medusa fans that want to check out the book but really don't care about coloring! I'll be providing both a set of high resolution images and a pdf, and you can choose to download one or both.

$7: Modest Medusa Learns to Color, the coloring book. The physical book, signed by me and shipped to your door! You'll also have access to the digital version of the book.

$23: Modest Medusa Learns to Color + Modest Medusa Season 1. Get the coloring book and a copy of the Modest Medusa Season 1 graphic novel. This is a full color, hardcover 136 page book collecting the entire first season of the Modest Medusa webcomic, plus a whole bunch of bonus material! I'll sign both books! You'll also have access to the digital version of the book.

$25: Modest Medusa Learns to Color + Kitty Egg Crayons. Get the coloring book and a set of 6 Kitty Egg Crayons, made by my friends at Kitty Baby Love! I thought it would be cool to offer some crayons along with the book, and lucky for me I have some friends that make some! Here's a picture of the crayons. You'll also have access to the digital version of the book.

$55: Modest Medusa Learns to Color + Original Art. Get one of the 25 new hand drawn illustrations I created for this project! Each illustration features one of the Modest Medusa characters, including the Chainsaw Unicorn, Charles the Fish Scientist, Urano the Oath Breaker, the Hair Snakes, Carlos the Pirate (and his brother Carlos), the Toilet, Medusa herself and many more! These illustrations were drawn with blue pencil and marker on 9 x 12 inch smooth finish bristol. If you select this reward you'll receive one of these illustrations, randomly selected by me, as well as a copy of the coloring book. You'll also have access to the digital version of the book.

Want extra books? You can add extra coloring books to any pledge for $4 each, or extra Modest Medusa Season 1 books for $15 each (Please send me a message letting me know how many of each book you want). If you're getting more than a few books please consider kicking in some extra money to help cover the increased shipping cost.

Stretch Goals! This is meant to be a pretty simple project, so I decided to keep our stretch goals simple as well.

If we reach $1000 (GOAL MET!) I'll print the Modest Medusa 24 hour comic as a mini comic and send one to anyone who contributed $10 or more.

If we reach $1500 (GOAL MET!) I'll produce a special Modest Medusa shirt that you can buy at cost ($8. Shipping will be extra). This will be a black design on a lime shirt. If we have 30 people order a shirt I'll also make it available in pink. Here's the design:

UPDATE! This goal has been met, so here's how it'll work. You can add an extra $8 to your pledge for each shirt you want. I'm still working on the design, and I'll be posting it for you to see as soon as possible. These shirts will be available in sizes S-5XL. If you already paid a shipping charge then you only need to add an extra $2 for shipping the shirt. It will be included in the same package as your book. If you haven't paid a shipping charge yet (because you only ordered the digital book) please include an extra $5 to cover shipping.

If we reach $2000 I'll stuff a copy of the Modest Medusa papercrafted toy in every envelope! This super awesome toy was designed by Tyler Tinsley of and is both cute and easy to assemble! Here's a picture:

If we reach $2500 we;ll do some buttons! Everyone who contributed at least $10 will get a free Modest Medusa button! You can also get the full 4 button set pictured here for  an extra $6 (no extra shipping required)!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

As I write this (3 days before the kickstarter goes live) the coloring book is 90% finished. All that's left is a little bit of art and the layout. I expect to send the file to the printer before the Kickstarter ends,and the printer has already set aside time to print the books immediately. This is by far the simplest project I've done so far,and I've made sure to do as much work in advance as possible. So I think the risks are pretty minimal!


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