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Professional Rapper now on iTunes
Professional Rapper now on iTunes
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Posted by Lil Dicky (Creator)

To my beautiful, charming, charismatic backers:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. The campaign has ended, and we are funded. 

We've managed to raise over 113K, which is 161% of the goal. I'm so happy, excited, thankful, and ready.

No matter where LD goes, just remember you guys started him. Am I a huge loser for using the third person? Perhaps. But I'm giddy right now - so back off. Let me do me. 

I've been working on the album since the campaign started, and will continue to work until it's done. I know I estimated March as the release (and am still calling that my goal), but I will not put the album out until I think it's perfect. So I ask you guys for your patience, regardless of when it comes out. This is my first studio album, so it's harder for me to gauge the timeline of it all. I promise you will not be disappointed by the final product, so just trust that I'm doing everything I can to make it happen as soon as possible - without sacrificing quality.

As far as rewards go, you'll all be receiving surveys in the next week or so. In those surveys, I'll be getting all of the info I'll need from you to get you guys your stuff. That includes shirt sizes, phone numbers, Skype accounts, addresses, names (if you got it as a gift for someone else, etc.).

I'm gonna ask for your patience regarding rewards as well. As many of you have noticed, I'm gonna be Skyping until about 2017. I'm fine with it though, I can't wait to meet all of you. Virtually. I'm gonna put a plan in place to figure out how to execute Skype, because it's going to take a schedule, allotted time slots, etc. The other rewards have to be created as well (shirts printed, mixtapes signed...)

In summary, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to make my dreams come true. It's truly special, and I'll forever be indebted to you guys. Best fans/friends/family a dude could have.

Stay tuned/love you,


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    1. Jonathan Quintanilla on

      You're gonna be the one that changes the game man!

    2. Mellykins! on

      I'm so excited!!!!! Congrats!!

    3. Robbie Bee on

      You deserve it 100% LD. You entertain all of us and bring us all joy and comedy. I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you. Forever a Dickhead!

    4. Jack Shennan - Jenkins on

      It's what artists deserve, to be connected and funded by their fans, not raped and pillaged by middle men :P

    5. Missing avatar

      Adam Jorden on

      LD...... I lost my Wallet about 3 days ago... in a urgent matter I had to cancel my cards... Then my wallet was returned to me the following day. so i have everything back but My new cards are on the way.... Hopefully it doesn't cancel my Pledge... Just have to wait until my cards come in so i can fix the payment issue.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason Turnipseed on

      Proud to be a part of this. Got a feeling it's gonna be Huge !!!!

    7. Jaguar on

      Don't forget LD, you can write off the taxes on a lot of the income as business expenses if you get a good chunk of it spent now instead of next year!

    8. Missing avatar

      Trevor Vacala on

      Great to hear how well the kickstarter went. Hopefully the album is just as successful!

    9. Daniel War on

      Continue to do yo LD that's why we all love you and support you. we all know the album will be great and good luck.