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Professional Rapper now on iTunes
Professional Rapper now on iTunes
2,813 backers pledged $113,017 to help bring this project to life.

Album Coming Midnight

Posted by Lil Dicky (Creator)

Hey guys

The day is near...well technically the day is like, tomorrow.

Midnight east coast time, backers entitled to the album will receive a new link via email for the FULL album. 

And then we'll all be heroes. 

Once again, I could NEVER have done any of this without you guys. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams come true.

I hope you like it, and feel responsible for its creation, because you are. Take pride in it the way I do.

We truly did this together.

Love you all,


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    1. Kyle Duffy on

      I haven't received my code yet either, contacted them though and someone reached out to me and said someone would take care of me soon. I got that yesterday and haven't heard anything yet. It's the weekend though so no biggie. Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow!

    2. Missing avatar

      James Robertson on

      Sorry to bother everyone again, but I haven't received the full album code yet; I backed $25. Just a heads up, and I know it'll be worth the wait! Definitely would fund again!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Charlie Bullock on

      I mean I realize it's not hard to just pirate the thing, but this whole situation is still pretty annoying. Would not fund again.

    4. Missing avatar

      CDZYO on

      Also haven't received a code for the album, or for any of the singles that came out. Happy that the album is out, but disappointed in the KS portion.

    5. Kyle Duffy on

      Is there a person we can contact to get our code? I never received the demo code and now have not received the full album code.

    6. Missing avatar

      Charlie Bullock on

      No code =(

      this is like having to wait until the 26th to open christmas presents

    7. Greg Escamilla on

      I got my code 3 hours ago, they must be rolling them out in batches.

    8. Edward Harris on

      Still no code (checked my spam folder and everything) - 10:21AM PT.

    9. Missing avatar

      Matt Taylor on

      Thank you Dicky for all the time and effort you have put into getting this music from your head, to your hands, from your mouth and into our ears. - That sounded kinda weird, but you get the idea.

    10. Missing avatar

      Aaron Clark on

      Still no code, 10:07 AM EST

      I'm very sad

    11. Missing avatar

      Matt Taylor on

      For now at least we can go to apple music or spotify for streaming and ld gets a little money that way as well but yes. I'm sure they are working their hardest to get this to us. It's big music biz stuff I'm sure.

    12. Missing avatar

      Chase Coney on

      Man, we need some communication. I want this album so bad I'm ready to just go buy it again, but that would be a shame if the link is on it's way. Let us know what's up D.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt Wedekind on

      8:40am EST and still no email link. What is going on Dicky? Why the great update and then follow up with nothing? I wanna listen to the new album so bad!

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Taylor on

      Yep ... Still no link :( dicky big old sad face for this one.

    15. Sidney Taylor on

      Dicky, you fucking made it man, congrats

    16. HH16 on

      Nothing....very sad..

    17. Missing avatar

      Gerald Alanis on

      Still no link for me either :/

    18. Missing avatar

      dominique hodnett on

      Is it only on iTunes? i hate Apple.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jared Baez on

      The homies who got shat on :/. Still waiting on link.

    20. Tyler Scarborough on

      Fuck them Itunes pre-order nerds. We are the homies

    21. Greg Escamilla on

      Wait is the album dropping today or tomorrow?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jack Lawrence on

      Yo LD I understand your mass release but what happened to this??

      which includes exclusive bonus tracks. This is an exclusive Kickstarter pre-order. And you'll get the album a full weekend before it's released to the public. So you Kickstarter backers get to bump it early, and be the coolest people around, for a solid weekend"

      Part of the reason I backed was for getting the album early, now we don't even get our link until AFTER it's released to the public? I feel kinda gypped

    23. Missing avatar

      Jared Baez on

      It's 12:04am EST and no link :(.

    24. Daniel War on

      Congratulations man! I bet it was with the wait. Looked forward into listening to it.

    25. Kayler Rietcheck on

      Pre-ordered your album over a year in advance to help make it a reality. Never received the email that was promised with a link to the pre-release. Really hope I get an email containing the full album when it drops.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Parker on

      LD, Congrats man. I was stoked to see you in Eugene and now I get to hear the album tomorrow/ tonight. You're a great guy and I wish you all the success that you have earned.

    27. Garrett Nieland on

      I think a physical copy of Professional Rapper should be in store! I can't believe I lost your signed CD.... Keep the flows coming and never stop entertainment till you're dead. Move on to acting someday, like you've wanted. Keep it OG (Oral Gang)

    28. Missing avatar

      Steven Smilowski on

      Can't wait for this shit to be exposed already! I have a feeling The Antagonist + The Antagonist II are the tracks that are going to steal the album, but we'll see.

    29. Vincent Joseph Sandagata on

      We should get a special deal for waiting this long like be able to order a physical copy of the cd signed along with a signed pic

    30. Missing avatar

      Brett Booth on

      Love you, boo.