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A family dynamic during Y2K

Dog House explores displaced family relationships against the backdrop of Y2K fears. The film follows three primary characters: 

Titus- a freshman Philosophy student
Robyn- his mother and an obsessive Y2K survivalist
Richard- a powerless patriarch, borderline alcoholic 

The film begins with a foreboding prophecy from a stranger at a bus station, and throughout the film this tension builds though the Yesu family until all traditional family roles are dissolved. When Titus returns home for winter break, he discovers his mother, Robyn, has become a Y2K survivalist with a bomb shelter stocked with dry food, water, medical supplies and guns. On one hand he wants to understand why Robyn has gotten so carried away with her preparation for the big bug, however, it’s easy for him to distract himself from the problems at home by trying to reconnect with a failed romance, Alice.

Titus doesn’t realize how much strain exists between his parents, and is blindsided when his father, Richard, takes a stance and institutionalizes Robyn under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold. From this point on, things spiral out of control for each individual character. Human apathy, selfishness, anger overshadow any fear of technological failure.

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Producer Kati Rehbeck and I are working to perfectly pre-produce this film. One of our biggest obstacles is finding the right cast in Syracuse, NY. We will be having casting calls in New York City in October and have the film casted by November. We intend to use professional actors and several local non actors. Paying for the transportation, per diem and fees of these actors is a major finance we must account for.

This film will be shot January 4th - 14th of 2014 on the RED Scarlet--a professional grade digital camera with the ability to shoot 4K. During production we must be able to provide adequate food and housing for our cast and crew. We are currently working to cut these expenses by negotiating with local restaurants in regard to catering and donations.

Another crucial aspect of this film is the set design. An intriguing challenge lies within the bomb shelter, as we must make it look like a believable and well prepared shelter for the apocalypse. We have many left over supplies from the original short and have been gathering resources since August.

We also must raise funding for film festival submissions. Each festival is between a $30-60 application. We intend to apply to Telluride, Berlin, SXSW and several smaller festivals.


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