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Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
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Icons, T-shirts, Moderators, &

Posted by Dave Gandy (Creator)

Icons & Expectations

Please keep in mind that this is the slowest part of designing the icon set. We're currently designing icons slower than we'll need to to make the May deadline, but this is intentional. Now is our chance to make sure we get the design system right for the entire set.

I've been hard at work defining the overall style for Font Awesome 5. This is by far the most time-consuming part designing icons. The process and can take several hours per icon -- designing individually, considering them as a group, tweaking, and all over again. 

We're painstakingly considering every single point, curve, and angle carefully to make sure things fit together perfectly. And making sure they render pixel-perfect at the native 16px size. I'm extremely proud of how these are coming together. 

Here's a preview of the latest icons I just checked in:

 Important T-Shirt Update

Well, lookie there. Since we started our Kickstarter campaign, American Apparel has gone bankrupt-bankrupt (they've been bankrupt before but it never completely under). So this means our 2001 and 2102 shirt models cannot be found. We're extremely disappointed with this, but are sadly going to have to make some changes.

We've looked at comparable shirt blanks and have settled on the Bella Canvas 3001. These should be a similar quality of shirt and retain similar sizing to what folks were expecting with the American Apparel shirts.

Again, we're really sorry about this change, but there's not much we can do. To attempt to compensate, we're doubling the number of stickers that will be included with shirt orders. Instead of 2 4"x6" sticker sheets, T-shirt backers will be receiving a full 8.5"x11" sticker sheet. We hope this helps.

Community Moderators

The Font Awesome Pro GitHub repo has been exploding with activity. Honestly, we're completely blown away with how many folks are in there making issues, fixing spelling errors, and making icon category suggestions!

If we're going to hit our May 2017 deadline, we're sadly not going to have as much time as we'd like to spend right now in the repo with you all. We could easily spend all day there every day!

So we're going to start looking for folks to become community moderators. How do you apply, you ask? It's simple. Just help other folks out in the repo and in the Kickstarter updates. We'll be looking for folks to take up the mantle in a more official manner. Stay tuned for more advice and specific ways to get involved. :)

We've been making some major changes under the covers at We initially started by using our shared auth service that our other sites use ( and It's been running for months unattended but had a serious hiccup. This caused a few folks' accounts to go into confirmation limbo when the auth service went down, but this has been fixed. Everyone affected should have been notified. We decided to make this top priority, as it will simplify of our later work and make for a better experience overall. Also, shared authentication is really hard, no matter how experienced you are. :)

Now that we've fixed the issues with, we'll be finishing invoices for a few remaining Kickstarter backers and folks who ordered add-ons and pre-orders with BackerKit. We're really sorry for the delay, but we'll get those fixed up as early as we can next week. Seriously, thanks for your patience.

You all are awesome. Have we mentioned that today?


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    1. Luke Stevenson on

      Probably smart not to refer to your website as "", as that domain is owned by a toiletry company...

    2. Missing avatar

      Deanna Satre-Johnson on

      So excited to get my t-shirt, nerdy i know. Got it, sizes run REALLY small. I imagine you are aware, but if you weren't you are now. Now I need to find an xxs girl to give my awesome shirt to. ::cries::

    3. Alok Choudhary on

      I didnt receive any invite email. Can I have some answers regarding that. I am pro backer.

    4. Silo City Labs on

      Are emails still being sent out?

    5. Pattaya Upara on

      looking forward to receive email soon :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Barry O'Neil on

      I don't seem to have an email either, could it be re-sent please. Thanks

    7. TopographicHigh on

      I must have missed the accounts being sent out. Could I please get a new email sent? Thanks.

    8. John Bernardsson on

      I have to agree with @nrajan and @Christian here. Would love them to "loose some weigth" :P, and becoming somehow more "serious" and stylized. Something a bit more towards ionicons maybe?

      Just ideas....

    9. Missing avatar

      nrajan on


      Thank you for going through this painstaking moment designing the new FA.

      IMO the example above are bit to round and fat, projecting more of Childish look instead of Professional and Playful.

      For reference look at that spoon, knife, fork and rocket icon.

      P.S: it is clearly different knife and fork on the utensils-alt icon.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jade Spurka on

      Hi friends! Keep up the great work. I know that you received a tremendous amount of support and backing and it's definitely a balance act to make everyone happy. (Remember that it's impossible to make everyone happy. Especially as product designers.)

      Just know that I appreciate you and the work that you're doing. Thank you!

    11. Bert Oost on

      Hi guys! Looks awesome (of course).. And when do mugs be send? Can't wait tot drink my coffee from my font awesome mug ;-)

    12. Dave Gandy 2-time creator on

      @Alex Sherbuck: You have been refunded and your account has been deleted.

      @Kye Etherton: We've got very specific colors we're looking for and have looked at several shirt distributors to try to track them down. They can't guarantee the volume we need, so we have to look elsewhere.

      @John Robinson: We're expecting another 6 weeks for mugs to ship.

      @Thomas Senecal: is a lazy abbreviation. We did not manage to acquire a 2 letter domain. Point noted and we will not do this again. :)

      @Jon Fuller: Understood. We wanted to stick with 100% cotton.

      @Chris Brisson: Honestly, I'm glad to get away from the old American Apparel CEO. Seemed like not a great guy, but their shirts were considered industry standard.

      @Doug Haworth: The GitHub repo is nowhere near ready to be used in production. We've got months of development left.

      @Kenneth Power: For brand icons, we'll reach out to folks individually. We're not ready for that just yet, so hang tight.

      @Johann Philipp Strathausen: +1. We're really flattered by all the feedback, but you're right. Some folks do get impatient.

      @Christian: Sorry you feel that way. I've always though of Font Awesome as friendly which is what we're going for in FA5.

      @Martin Dilling-Hansen: Responded to that thread. You're absolutely right about varying corner radiuses and differing levels of detail. We're still iterating through the designs, and your thoughts are very much heard.

      @Licensecart: Thanks!

    13. KickScammers on

      love the new rocket looks like a real one not sharp edges

    14. Martin Dilling-Hansen on

      Just putting this here

      At least in the icons shown so far I'm having a hard time seeing the "We're painstakingly considering every single point, curve, and angle carefully to make sure things fit together perfectly".
      Just in these 41 icons I'm seeing a lot of different line thicknesses, corner radiuses, very different levels of detail :/

    15. Missing avatar

      Christian on

      Sorry. I liked the old rocket much more. Also the other icons unfortunately look a bit to "kindergarten"-Style in my opinion. Of course it is personal taste and you can´t please everyone. But maybe keep in mind to create something more compromising between modern, elegant, clean and rounded, childish design.

    16. Johann Philipp Strathausen on

      Take your time! I'd rather want a better design than having it on time. Some backers on Kickstarter tend to be quite impatient.

    17. Missing avatar

      Muhamed Čaušević on is a landing page for Fa Body Spray!!!!!!!

    18. Jared on

      Love them so far. And every time you send an update, it reminds me to watch your hilarious video again.

      Milton and I are glad you didn't change the recipe. Just a few thousand more sprinkles on top. :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Kenneth Power on

      @Dave Gandy: how will you handle logos for backers? Do we need to request them on the GitHub issue tracker?

      Note: I'm referring to the logo offered at the $2000 and higher backing level.

    20. Missing avatar

      Doug Haworth on

      I cannot get the latest updates or addons to install and work with wordpress. The original set works just fine and was a breeeze to install. Do you have a help guide on installation and use for wordpress.

    21. Chris Brisson on

      Doc Charney (ex ceo of Amer app) started a new company called Los Angeles Apparel. Same type of fabric.

      Might want to check it out

    22. Missing avatar

      Alex Sherbuck on

      @Dave Gandy thanks for not taking care of my issue. How do I get a refund back. I'll just resort to piracy

    23. Jon Fuller on

      Should've went with the Canvas 3413 Triblend. So comfy.

    24. Ithiel on

      Measure twice, cut once :-)

      The icons are looking great, the login is working, and things seem to be puttering along nicely.

      I'd much rather a slight delay on the final production ready icons if it means they're better as a result.

      This is something I'm going to be using for heaps of projects for potentially years, so.. yeah... A lot more hanging on this than my little contribution to the kitty, lol.

      Best of luck guys!

    25. Missing avatar

      Kye Etherton on

      Also there's about 17,000 2001 and 2000 2102 shirts in stock in the UK (in black) that I can access.

    26. Missing avatar

      Thomas Senecal on

      whats with am I missing something? are you just abbreviating it?

      I thought it was a new Font Awesome site but turns out its.. like.. shampoo.. I don't think you should be abbreviating you url if that is whats going on here..

    27. Missing avatar

      Donna Pare on

      Thanks for the update!

    28. Missing avatar

      John Robinson on

      When will the mugs be shipped???

    29. Missing avatar

      Kye Etherton on

      Hi there,

      I run a marketing company in the UK and I deal with clothing printing on a regular basis. Could I be of any assistance in helping with the T-shirt problem? Might be able to help you out with prices and fullfilment as well.


    30. Dave Gandy 2-time creator on

      @Alex Sherbuck: We didn't have to build the pre-sales site. It's BackerKit. And what's in the repo is SUPER early. Nothing you'd want to put in production. That's not expected until May.

    31. Dave Gandy 2-time creator on

      @Alex Sherbuck: Realy sorry. Send an email to We'll try to get you fixed up.

      Same goes for everyone else who is still having account issues, too!

    32. Missing avatar

      Alex Sherbuck on

      Actually it's really annoying that you're doing presales when people who funded you still can't use the materials

    33. Missing avatar

      Alex Sherbuck on

      I'm still waiting for a way to get into my account and use the material since the last invite botch.