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Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
35,550 backers pledged $1,076,960 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. TopographicHigh 1 day ago

      Getting quite disappointed with this kickstarter so far. I still have not gotten an invite to the repo and my emails about it have not been replied to after more than a month. Then the mug that came in the mail today has chips all along the rim with tons of paint chips in the box.. you can even see where there were bubbles on the paint that cracked.

    2. Jon Fuller 2 days ago

      I had high expectations of the mug. I was let down. As Kyle mentioned, it's not the most professionally painted (there is clearly a white ink drip in my mug too). And don't even get me started on the size.

      It's more of a shot glass than a coffee mug. Was the size listed anywhere in the reward? I didn't expect to receive the smallest size they make.

      Hopefully the shirts are better...

    3. Dave Gandy 2-time creator 3 days ago

      @Kyle Foley: Every mug I've seen is absolutely spectacular, but these are handmade mugs and some variation is by design. Can you send photos and we'll take a look?

    4. Missing avatar

      Kyle Foley 3 days ago

      The quality of this mug... leaves much to be desired. It's covered in defects and problems. What's the deal guys?

    5. Travis Chase Collaborator on March 10

      @Robert Burke can you please email with your issue and I will get it handled.

      @Jeppe Norsker can you email and I will get you your invitation link.

      @Jacques Pernet sorry you feel that way! What have you not received at this point? If you are missing your invitation please email and I will get you setup.

      @Panayiotis Lipiridis I hear ya but there are some icons in the GitHub repo. Part of the work is getting the swag that people purchased delivered to them. We are still working hard towards our May date for first version.

      @Dimitri Kurashvili sorry you feel this way. Delivering on the goods that people paid for is part of the job. We also have some early access icons in the GitHub repo you can check out. We want to over communicate so we just don't go dark for months and you guys have no idea what is going on.

      Thanks all! If I missed anyone please email your request to and I will get it taken care of. We are working really hard making all this awesome!

      Thanks again,
      Travis Chase

    6. Alok Choudhary on March 9

      @jeppe : They sent email with invite I would go thru email again to see invite email

    7. Jeppe Norsker on March 9

      I am a Font Awesome Pro (Early Backer) and I haven't received any invite yet. Did something go wrong? Best regards

    8. Brian Lewis
      on March 9

      @Benjamin check out the GitHub! Lots going on there.

    9. Benjamin Bourgeais on March 9

      no news for a month ? :/

    10. Lyle on March 6

      Hello there- I'm an early backer and will be moving on the 24th of this month. Just checking if the swag will be delivered before then. Otherwise, can I update my address somewhere?

    11. Missing avatar

      Marcus Pozzan on March 4

      Hi I am a Font Awesome Pro (Early Backer) and I have not received my invite yet as well...

    12. Missing avatar

      Rachelle de Zwart on March 1

      When will the licences from backer kit be added? Bought one on Kickstarter and I bought one on backer kit and I have yet to receive the second one.

    13. Missing avatar

      Ryan Smee on February 27

      Hi, I'm a pro backer but i haven't received my invite.. Is this normal? are you still having issues?


    14. Radu Cotzo on February 15

      Hello, I didn't receive any invite even though I'm a Pro backer. What are the next steps? Thanks

    15. Missing avatar

      bob murdoch on February 10

      Anyone know how to make use of the additional "gift" licenses purchased through backerkit or is that something that is still in the works?

    16. Missing avatar

      Billy Walter
      on February 9

      Hi. Same issue. I don't have the information for GitHub nor can I log in to the website from the previous email. Maybe I am missing something on my end.

    17. Missing avatar

      ImageX on February 9

      Hello, I signed up for the original backer launch but have not received the sign-up from Github. Can you please send?

      Thank you!

    18. Robert Burke on February 9

      Same here as Brian Davidson. I still haven't received a signup for Github.

    19. Brett Ryan on February 9

      Nice update guys. You know, I don't think you need to apologise for American Apparel, you can't help that! I wonder how many actually paid attention to where they came from anyway :)

    20. Brian Davidson on February 9

      Have all the survey's been sent out? I bought FA Pro and still haven't seen a link to connect to the Github repo :(

    21. Missing avatar

      Simon Madsem on February 8

      I'm really looking forward to the design plugins (Sketch especially)! That's gonna be very useful. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Sven-Ole Bittner on February 8


      In my mind i ordered a second Pro (Personal / Small Business) License for 20$ on one of your surveys after the campaign was backed back in 2016 (where you could also order additional mugs etc). But i can only access one license in one invoice in my account on

    23. Missing avatar

      on February 8

      How can I change the email address used on fontawesome?

    24. Aner Gelem on February 6

      Same here :(
      I have opened Github account just for this and nothing was waiting for me there..
      Not so cool.

    25. Dustin Plunkett on February 6

      @Alex de le Campa there should be an option to resend the email when you are told the link is bad. Otherwise, email and they should be able to help you out.

    26. Missing avatar

      Alex de la Campa on February 6

      Hello, I recieved an email about my account but the link was bad. Can I have the udpated link resent to my email again. Thank you

    27. Bert Oost on February 5

      When do mugs being send? I am waiting desperately for it ;-)

    28. Missing avatar

      Eli on February 4

      Oh whoops I thought you wrote instead of

    29. Missing avatar

      Eli on February 4

      @Fearlessleader If you followed the updates, you'd see they did say something.

    30. Missing avatar

      on February 3

      Thanks Andrew. The REALLY should have said something since it's going to a site unknown here on Kickstarter.

    31. Andrew Maizels on February 2

      @Fearlessleader, is their online store for other fonts. It's legit.

    32. Missing avatar

      Bogdan on February 2

      Can you please resend the invitations with a working link? I deleted the old one as i was expecting new email with working link. Thank you!

    33. Missing avatar

      on February 2

      I've tried messaging creator with no response.

      I got what looks like phishing email from which is not a website listed here. It's CLOSE to listed here as your website, but it's NOT.

      If that is legit, you need to let everyone know, otherwise it's spam or phishing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Shayne Train on February 1

      I would like to add to the request for a user manual. Thx.

    35. Missing avatar

      Goshen on February 1

      This is definitely super frustrating. Get it right guys! In the process of creating my FA Pro account, i got to the screen where it was asking me to connect to Github account which I didn't have up until now. I then proceeded to create a new GitHub account which took me away from the FA sign up screen and once account was created, I wasn't able to get sign in to my FA Pro account...invalid login credentials...and I know the credentials are correct ( I use a password manager and the credentials was saved during the account creation process automatically). Unfortunate thing is that there is no forgot password link to request a new password. Now I am stuck and in

    36. Bifford the Youngest on February 1

      (Turned Github notifications off)

    37. Pablo Apanasionek on February 1

      What about multiple licenses on a single backer kit? Will we receive multiple e-mails or should that happen later on? Thanks and congrats again!

    38. Pablo Apanasionek on February 1

      @Bifford the Youngest: you can unsubscribe from the repository setting the notifications to "Not watching", in the top right part of the main page (eye icon).

    39. Erich Stark on February 1

      Please resend invitation to mail, thanks!

    40. Bifford the Youngest on February 1

      and i've just gotten over a dozen emails from the github repository. Am I now going to be bombarded by dozens of emails every day/hour????

    41. Bifford the Youngest on February 1

      No idea how or what to do with Github.
      We need a user-guide with very plain speaking steps.

    42. Missing avatar

      Christopher Simmons on February 1

      Um. So, we deleted the account invite as it didn't work; expecting new one with working link. So, now with update 20 we don't have link to create account, so are stuck again ? Please RESEND the invites to everybody. Thanks :-)

    43. Missing avatar

      Eli on February 1

      Already cloned the repository! Excited to use my 18 icons!

    44. Missing avatar

      Zachary Taylor on February 1

      I just logged into the site and everything work now! Thank you Font Awesome for being Awesome!!!

    45. Chow Pak Hin on January 31

      Created the account once the invitation email was received a day ago, but then the account was not accessible until now! I have just successfully connected the account with my GitHub and printed out my invoice. Looking forward to your progress! Thanks Dave!

    46. Missing avatar

      Javier on January 31

      I'm still waiting for my invoice people...

    47. Adam Jolicoeur on January 31

      Hi Dave,

      I never received an invite to connect my account for Pro (though I do know there have been a few hiccups). Are those still being sent out? Thanks!

    48. Andrew Ebert on January 31

      I can access my account on one computer but when I try to log in on another computer it says that my credentials are incorrect. I tried setting my password on the one computer that has access but it says nothing about successfully changing the password and I still cannot log into the site on another computer. Also I see no forgot password link which would be nice to have if I want to reset my password from another computer.

      Also still cannot link my Github account.

    49. Thomas William Pleasance on January 31

      UT OH. BAD NEWS.
      We're Having Account Troubles

      We’re really sorry about this but we’ve ran into some big issues linking Font Awesome and Github accounts.

      We know you're just as excited about working on Font Awesome Pro as we are. Our team is working on resolving things now. We'll post an update and re-send invitations to you as soon as we get the problem solved.


    50. Henrique Macedo on January 31

      Houston, we have a problem!
      We definitely have a problem with GitHub account.

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