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Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And Pro gives 1,000+ more icons and SVG framework!
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    1. Sushant Verma 2 days ago

      My order is showing as "Partially Shipped" in backer kit. Does that mean the mug is on its way buy the 'digital icons' are not shipped?

    2. Brett Ryan 3 days ago

      @Robert I haven't got mine so this is a tongue in cheek comment, but; your brewing your coffee too hot and burning it :) Golden rule of coffee brewing, if you burn your mouth you burnt the beans.

    3. Robert Burke 3 days ago

      Sorry @Lyle, but Ceramic just doesn't transfer heat. Even my glass mug at home doesn't do this. Metal is much different than those other materials and freshly made steaming hot coffee from a Keurig is quite hot and transfers quite quickly to the handle.

    4. Missing avatar

      Penn Kueny 5 days ago

      Got it! thanks for your help @Brett Ryan

    5. Lyle 7 days ago

      Literally the same day I posted about my mug, it showed up! You guys work fast ;)

      Anyway, to all those who find there are issues with the size and materials of the mug... I'm not really sure what you're talking about. It holds 12 ounces, which is plenty for a standard coffee mug. In fact, I believe the "standard" for a cup of coffee is between 4-6 ounces (based on a 12-cup coffee maker, french press, etc. and the actual total size).

      Secondly, the handle can get warm for sure, but even fresh brewed coffee siting in the cup for about 3-5 minutes to allow for full heat transfer is far from too hot to hold.

      Lastly, something positive. This little cup is very pretty and nicely made. But let's be real, It's a metal cup with an enamel coating, this style of cup does not warrant a level of exquisite craftsmanship only found in ancient monasteries. It's imperfectness is a intended quality and enhances its beauty. This mug is definitely my new favorite coffee mug. I wish I had one for home and one for the office.

      To the team at FontAwesome, I think you did a great job with it. Can't wait to see the icons as the get released!

    6. Brett Ryan on April 20

      @K. Sassen, @Penn Kueny
      The link in the email is the correct link to the repo. FortAwesome is the main developer account at GitHub. You will need to ensure you have logged in to GitHub and that your GitHub account is linked to your FA hub.

    7. Alexander G. on April 19

      For me, the link works!

    8. Missing avatar

      K. Sassen on April 19

      the link given in the newsletter ( for the github seems wrong - only gives me a 404 error (and yes - I´m logged in to github and into my FontAwesome account).
      Thought the "FortAwesome" was a type but changing that to "FontAwesome" does not help either.

      I found a Font-Awesome-Pro-5 repo at but the last update that has seen is 3 months ago and so it can´t be the one you are talking about in your update ...
      Can you please provide the correct link and updated information on timeline? Thanks ....

    9. Missing avatar

      Penn Kueny on April 19

      Am I the only one that can't get to the the GitHub repo?

    10. Lyle on April 19

      Hi there! I still haven't received my mug yet. Any idea when this would be coming through? My backer number is in the early 3k range out of 35k. Didn't know if that affects the timing on shipping disbursement.

    11. Robert Burke on April 18

      So, I have previously left a message and gotten no response. I misunderstood the tiers and grabbed the 30$ one instead of the 50$. I just wasn't paying attention and was hoping to pay the difference for the 50$ one to get the license as well.

      Also, I am thoroughly disappointed with the bug. The handle is made out of metal. Metal conducts heat, and so the handle gets as hot as the seriously?

      Is there anyway to return the mug and get a refund?

      I have gotten no response to my question about tiers and the mug is useless and I don't like it.

      And on top of that, I get here and all I see are complaints about transparency with the project... I was hoping for more from you guys.

    12. Brian Lewis
      on April 16

      If you haven't looked at the GitHub repo, give it a look. There's a lot of conversation happening over there. (I know there haven't been recent commits, but that's where most of the feedback has been.)

    13. Missing avatar

      Bilal Khoukhi on April 15

      Exactly what @Edgards Berzins said, we were promised early access, while I know there is progress happening in the FA team level, we want to be involved, share our opinions and be involved in the project.

    14. Missing avatar

      Edgars Berzins on April 14

      Hey, what's up with Fontawesome 5 icons?
      Travis Chase said: "We also have some early access icons in the GitHub repo you can check out. We want to over communicate so we just don't go dark for months and you guys have no idea what is going on." but latest github commit is 2 month ago...

    15. Missing avatar

      Andreas Schiestl on April 13

      is there ANY progress on the project itself? The most of us don't care about the mugs an the t-shirts and all you write about in the updates is this stuff. The last commit to the private repo is two months ago...


    16. Nando Rossi on April 12

      DHL Germany sucks, and I think my mug arrived and was returned. I have no way of knowing if this was the package you sent, can you know if you sent mine? And if it returned, can I have it resent?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jurriaan Roelofs on April 11

      I have some software planned to release together with Font Awesome 5, any updates on the timeline for alpha/beta/stable releases of FA5?
      Like other commenters, I don't care about mugs and T-shirts, if you're going to email everyone you should leave out information about the timeline and progress of the icons everyone's eager to get their hands on.

    18. Willy Wong on April 11

      Will FA5 delivered on time on May? Could you give us an updates? Thank you.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brian Taylor on April 10

      Please can we have an updated on the esteemed release date as it FA5 that everyone is really interested in, shirts and mugs are just extras.

      It's fine if it's running behind schedule as long as we know by roughly how much

      If it is well behind schedule, could you make FA4 pro available as a stop gap measure as I really could do with some extra icons for a project that's going live next month?

    20. Benjamin Bourgeais on April 9

      Please, can we have some updates about the ongoing development of the project ? It's not that I don't care about mugs and t-shirts and whatsover. But like some others said, I backed the project, not the perks. I'm starting to feel like i've been robbed.

    21. Brett Ryan on April 5

      Heya Kelvin, commit activity isn't a sign of progress but rather a sign of what is coming. Think of it as you working on something on your computer that you do lots of work then periodically upload it to a server.

      Even when they do get things into github you are limited in what you can do.

      This I would imagine to be intentional. If they made regular commits they would open themselves up to pull requests that would take away focus on getting the project deliverables met.

      Hang back and we'll be cool in a couple of months when FA5 is likely to be delivered.

    22. Kelvin Jones on April 5

      I'd also like to see an update on the actual product.
      I'm sorry that mugs and t-shirts have had problems but if there isn't some progress on the product itself, no one will want to wear the t-shirts!!
      "Latest commit 5ce2332 on Feb 9" for icons is crazy, the team aren't making the mugs and t-shirts themselves, so please start committing more daily.

    23. Missing avatar

      sgllama on April 4

      As even the estimated delivery date is May, it hadn't even occured to me to expect a public Github repo to see any commits before May! The public repo needn't contain any part-complete items or other work-in-progress to gawk at (might be of small interest to us, but releasing incomplete materials has great potential to backfire and be damaging to the FA repuutation).

    24. Brett Ryan on April 4

      Heya all. There were some genuine concerns regarding the swag and many were querying when shipments were starting. It's great to see them responding to these concerns.

      While Github might not show activity this is normal even though a great amount of work may be getting done. It's not uncommon for a software developer to have made commits to their local branches but not yet pushed back to central.

      Just hang tight, I'm of the belief we should see something materialise around June, this is a massive undertaking. An initial release date of May 2017 was quoted early on in the project, don't hold them to that date, though; there was the little hiccup at the start with Github binding that needed to be resolved, with the project starting off in January I think we're seeing great progress.

    25. Daniel Hendricks on April 4

      I noticed that GitHub has been updated (assets, milestones, etc) in about 2 months. Plans?

      @Francis - I received my invite on 1 Feb 2017, if that helps. Maybe look in spam folder?

    26. Chad Blackmon
      on April 4

      Realistically, when should we be expecting the finished product? I'm sure I am not the only backer who is curious about this.

    27. Missing avatar

      Francis Ortiz on April 4

      What is this? is it all about mugs and T shirts? I backed up to get Font Awesome Pro, and so far I havent' received a link or any update saying where is it, how to download it or use it or even how pretty these new icons are, please, stop the Chip Shop stuff and get on with the Fonts!

    28. Missing avatar

      Thomas Berglund on April 4

      Why is the last commit on GitHub 2 months ago?
      I don't care about mugs, t-shirt and other things.
      Just let me see some progress about the icons and software we backed you guys for please..

    29. Agustin Marmolejo on April 4

      Wait, wait, wait... Never mind you guys are doing a great job!!! I was thinking this was an update from Das Keyboard Q5

    30. Agustin Marmolejo on April 4

      We don't care about the swag, give us real updates about the product itself!! Wheres our money going to t-shirts ??? come on!!!

    31. Edgar 'Eddie' Flores
      on April 4

      @Creator I see updates about the swag and the mugs and shirts, but where is the software itself? Where is the fonts and everything we actually put in for?

    32. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Johnson on April 3

      Hi @Dave Gandy, I'm just wondering when/how backers who will have their corporate logo included in FA 5 should provide their image files? What format(s) would you like? Please let us know, we're happy to be a part of this project!

    33. Brett Ryan on April 3

      Heya Ron, I think the mugs and shirts are being shipped from their respective manufacturers. I've got two mugs on the cards still to come but my shirt did arrive.

      Sit back and we should be getting them soon enough :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Ron Stewart on April 3

      Does anyone on the project side know if some of the mugs are still not yet shipped? Still waiting for mine; I did it as an add-on and was billed for it in late Dec 2016, but am still (anxiously) waiting for it...

    35. John Rane Utley on March 31

      Hi. I created an account on back in Feburary and linked it successfully to my github account. As a matter of fact, I'm getting tons of github emails every day now that it's connected. The issue I'm having is, my account doesn't seem to exist any more. I tried to login and it wouldn't login, I did a password reset request and it said no account was associated with that email. I emailed a couple of days ago and haven't heard back. What should I do next?

    36. Bryce Carr on March 30

      @Jon You are right, and I missed reading that in the original kickstarter, so thats my fault. The sharp edges and enamel definitely is sloppy.

    37. Brett Ryan on March 29

      My shirt and stickers arrived, looking forward to seeing the mugs, they come seperate, yeah? ;)

    38. Missing avatar

      Kevin Blair on March 29

      My has just arrived and I expect it would look awesome if it had been packaged to make it through the shipping. Unfortunately the enamel has shattered and fallen off as dust in a large chunk of the lip :(

    39. Jon Fuller on March 28

      @Bryce, the mug is made of steel (which is actually pretty nice). It makes it pretty durable, for camping and other things. This also makes it possible to heat up via stove, etc. However, this also prevents it from being microwavable. Worth the trade off in this case, I think. However, keep in mind that even pouring almost-boiling water into it, makes the entire mug (even handle) quite hot, and basically unbearable to hold.

      Again, in my opinion, all of this is fine. What's not OK is the quality of the enamel/decals/coloring. And one size larger would have been ideal/expected.

    40. Sem ASdfkjwerj on March 28

      Received my t-shirt, stickers and magnet last week! Thanks

    41. Bryce Carr on March 28

      I can also agree with the quality in mug, The paint is rough, there are sharp edges around the lip of the mug, where i might be putting my mouth. I cant microwave the mug, I guess this is just for cold drinks. I typically microwave water and make hot tea, so that usage is kind of lost. Thats a really odd thing for a mug.

    42. Alexander G. on March 27

      So the mugs have already gone out? I haven't received mine yet.

    43. Dolan Miu on March 26

      Where is my mug? I have received my package, but I only got a T-Shirt (which looks great) and stickers, but I am missing the mug!

    44. TopographicHigh on March 24

      Getting quite disappointed with this kickstarter so far. I still have not gotten an invite to the repo and my emails about it have not been replied to after more than a month. Then the mug that came in the mail today has chips all along the rim with tons of paint chips in the box.. you can even see where there were bubbles on the paint that cracked.

    45. Jon Fuller on March 23

      I had high expectations of the mug. I was let down. As Kyle mentioned, it's not the most professionally painted (there is clearly a white ink drip in my mug too). And don't even get me started on the size.

      It's more of a shot glass than a coffee mug. Was the size listed anywhere in the reward? I didn't expect to receive the smallest size they make.

      Hopefully the shirts are better...

    46. Dave Gandy 2-time creator on March 23

      @Kyle Foley: Every mug I've seen is absolutely spectacular, but these are handmade mugs and some variation is by design. Can you send photos and we'll take a look?

    47. Missing avatar

      Kyle Foley on March 23

      The quality of this mug... leaves much to be desired. It's covered in defects and problems. What's the deal guys?

    48. Travis Chase Collaborator on March 10

      @Robert Burke can you please email with your issue and I will get it handled.

      @Jeppe Norsker can you email and I will get you your invitation link.

      @Jacques Pernet sorry you feel that way! What have you not received at this point? If you are missing your invitation please email and I will get you setup.

      @Panayiotis Lipiridis I hear ya but there are some icons in the GitHub repo. Part of the work is getting the swag that people purchased delivered to them. We are still working hard towards our May date for first version.

      @Dimitri Kurashvili sorry you feel this way. Delivering on the goods that people paid for is part of the job. We also have some early access icons in the GitHub repo you can check out. We want to over communicate so we just don't go dark for months and you guys have no idea what is going on.

      Thanks all! If I missed anyone please email your request to and I will get it taken care of. We are working really hard making all this awesome!

      Thanks again,
      Travis Chase

    49. Alok Choudhary on March 9

      @jeppe : They sent email with invite I would go thru email again to see invite email

    50. Jeppe Norsker on March 9

      I am a Font Awesome Pro (Early Backer) and I haven't received any invite yet. Did something go wrong? Best regards

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