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Cartoon signposts for today’s longer-living seniors and working-age adults. Why not add smiles to your extra miles? (eBook)

Cartoon signposts for today’s longer-living seniors and working-age adults. Why not add smiles to your extra miles? (eBook) Read More
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About this project

Four good reasons to add smiles now!

  • ONE: Smile because you're living longer, decades longer than previous generations.
  • TWO: Smile because there are so many new ways to make your extra years rock.
  • THREE: Smile as you explore these ways (thanks to CareToons™) because feeling good eases learning and speeds action.
  • FOUR (an extra bonus reason): Smile because scientific research shows that smiling adds incredible, measurable magic all on its own! 

Be sure to scroll down to the extra bonus reason at the very end. If the act of smiling came in a bottle, it would be a priceless wonder drug or a controversial substance like ecstasy! This point is driven home by a CareToon™ on the value of smiling.

  • This special CareToon™ includes an example of the factoids with links that will accompany all the CareToons™. 
  •  And this particular CareToon™ explains why the act of smiling in and of itself -- even when sometime fake -- could be the single most important thing you can do to boost your health and the quality of the rest of your life, including its length!

Why is this project needed?

In 1900, U.S. life expectancy was 50. Now it’s over 78 and rising. Globally it's the same story. Life is getting longer just about everywhere.


We’ve got extra years to enjoy! ... But wait ...

SAMPLE CARETOON™: Longer life worth living
SAMPLE CARETOON™: Longer life worth living


According to the World Health Organization, the percentage of older people needing support from working-age adults will increase from 10.5% in 1955 and 12.3% in 1995 to 17.2% in 2025

And according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 70% of Americans over 65 will need long-term care services at some point.

Tens of millions in the U.S., hundreds of millions globally, will need help moving around, bathing, etc. 

  • That's good, if they've got the help! (Who says rolling around can't be fun?) 
  • It's real good if they've got their health!

Thanks to today's great resources we can now --

  • Live happier, more productive lives when disabilities come, and 
  • Stretch out the peak years, living longer in good health -- through positive lifestyles. 

The information on the new senior options is vast and growing, but reading it can be time-consuming, confusing, and boring.

Enter the Long-Term Health CareToons collection! 

With this collection (in eBook form), for the first time there will be easy, fun access to everything notable and new in long-term health and senior living. The reader just --

  • Laughs or smiles and gets the point, 
  • Learns a key fact or two, and then, if desired,
  • Links to a related resource.

Spending more of your extra years with extra life, one way or another -- that's the idea. 

There will be CareToons to make people smile while looking at thornier issues --

  • Enjoying longer, happier lifestyles without outliving their money,
  • Realizing they may someday need help with tasks of daily living,
  • Deciding where and how to live when care services are needed.
SAMPLE CARETOON™: One option for senior living
SAMPLE CARETOON™: One option for senior living

There will be CareToons™ celebrating the better-living options now available. 

Far beyond yesterday's nursing homes, these options include --

  • Continuing to live at home with "care-friendly" modifications, such as hand-rails and ramps, plus in-home care and assistance services,
  • Moving into high-quality senior communities that offer spacious apartments; golf, spa, and other athletic and health facilities; cultural and entertainment programs; support for productive activities such as managing investments, volunteering, or pursuing professional projects,
  • Taking advantage of emerging technology, from electronics to robotics, for increased independence, safety, comfort, pleasure, and personal power.
SAMPLE CARETOON™: Luxury living not guaranteed
SAMPLE CARETOON™: Luxury living not guaranteed

There will be CareToons™ that illustrate today's wider range of ways to pay for quality senior living and care.

These include --

  • Long-term care insurance,
  • Reverse mortgages,
  • Annuities that act as "longevity insurance," 
  • Hybrid solutions such as life insurance policies with LTC riders,
  • Life insurance settlements (converting a life policy into an LTC benefit),
  • Critical illness insurance,
  • Veterans benefits,
  • Medicaid (available only to those who exhaust their assets, covering only bare-bones services such as those offered by government-approved nursing homes),
  • Savings and investments,
  • Claim submission services that make it easier to collect benefits,
  • Provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).

SAMPLE CARETOON™: One way to manage finances
SAMPLE CARETOON™: One way to manage finances

There will also be CareToons™ and facts that prompt thinking about various other options for superior senior living and long-term health.

Emphasis will be placed on the growing cornucopia of life-enriching options for those who stay active, involved, and healthy.

Thanks to new and emerging options, more of us can now enjoy productive, rewarding lifestyles for years longer than earlier generations could imagine.  

For example, there will be CareToons™ that portray --

  • Delicious food that's good for body, mind, and spirit,
  • Exercise that supports blood flow, memory, weight loss, and more,
  • Enjoyable recreation that helps keep spirits up and weight down,
  • Engaging with others, inside and outside senior communities, for maintaining purpose and connection,
  • Good habits of safety, sleep, nutrition, movement, and hygiene that keep bodies sound and put off the need for care services,
  • And much more.
SAMPLE CARETOON™: Getting better one way or another
SAMPLE CARETOON™: Getting better one way or another

Whether you're 25, 95 or in between, aging is an issue that needs a light touch. Though decline and disability are likely, today's options make it easier to ...

  • SMILE! Some people actually get better (at least for a time) as they age: healthier, more alert, wiser, more compassionate, happier.
  • SMILE! Many adjust gracefully to stiffer joints and narrowed prospects, keeping as healthy, productive and helpful as they can.
  • SMILE! Many manage to keep spirits up, productivity perking, interests alive, and relationships strong in spite of needing help with tasks of daily living (such as bathing or moving around).
  • SMILE! When, at last, the body gives out and the "worst" happens, you get to see what happens next! Some say it's quite a ride! :-)

There will be CareToons™ touching on all aspects of healthy aging and productive life extension. 

The CareToons™ may also add a smile or laugh to encounters with long-term health care professionals.

They’re a great way to lighten up discussions with --

  • Doctors,  
  • Preventive and alternative health practitioners,  
  • Home care providers,  
  • Providers of senior living or other accommodations for those who may need care,  
  • Employee benefit specialists in companies and associations, 
  • LTC insurance agents and agencies,  
  • LTC insurance carriers,  
  • Financial advisers,  
  • Elder-law attorneys,  
  • Life insurance agents,
  • Those who offer annuities or other financial instruments, 
  • Agents who offer critical illness insurance,  
  • Reverse mortgage specialists,  
  • Claim submission services,
  • Federal, state, and local officials involved in long-term care administration and policy making.  

The CareToons™ may also lighten up communication between --  

  • Seniors and their spouses, children, or friends,  
  • Seniors and community leaders -- ministers, priests, rabbis, program leaders for clubs or other groups -- during public meetings on aging, long-term care, or wellness. 

Our larger vision

We foresee a new world of buoyant health and prosperity for all -- people living decades longer, still contributing and enjoying life as never before. To help that happen, we are creating a Long-Term Health Network.

This Internet-based organization will offer resources such as the CareToons™ collection, supplied by those who share our vision. 

These resources will not always include humor, but will be enjoyable and accessible through art, play, conciseness, or critical relevance.  

A possible next project, following this one, is tentatively titled, Smile! And Earn Longer! (To pay for your keep as you live longer).

It's an eBook that will take a light look at funding the lifestyles we want and the "care and repair" we'll need -- as more of us stay fit, feisty, and effective into our 70's, 80's, 90's, or past 100.

About me (Dick Samson) and my role

I will manage everything --

  • Plan the flow of the eBook collection, 
  • Decide which points are important to make and when,
  • Supply interesting and helpful facts to go with the CareToons™, 
  • Conceive the cartoon situations and captions, and 
  • Commission cartoonists to supply the graphics.

Why am I qualified to do this? 

(1) I am a published author. My books, used in classrooms and business, include --

  • The Mind Builder, 
  • The Language Ladder, 
  • Mind Over Technology, 
  • Highly Human Jobs
  • and others. 

(2) I know something about long-term health care: 

  • I serve as Director of the Long-Term Care Guild ( where industry professionals share information, form local chapters, and plan meetings. 
  • I was instrumental in creating the “3 in 4 Need More” campaign (, supported by insurance and healthcare companies. It helps people see the need to plan for care.

(3) I'm a cheerleader for those who live longer, stronger. My article “Riding the Life Extension Wave” was the cover story of the December, 2011, issue of National Underwriter Life & Health, the leading industry journal.

(4) I love working with creative artists. After studying art and English at Stanford University and Whittier College, I have collaborated with gifted designers and illustrators in commercial book, periodical, and web publishing projects.

(5) I have a long business history.  For decades I have served as consultant to IBM, AT&T and other large companies, and now assist organizations of all sizes as Director of the EraNova Institute.

The funds will be put to good use!

The $10,000 (project goal) will support writing and publishing the work in eBook form and, very important, commissioning cartoonists around the globe to create original drawings.

Why am I NOT planning to compile a collection of existing cartoons?  Here's the rub. Too many cartoons on the topic too aggressively PUT OLDER PEOPLE DOWN -- with a laugh, to be sure, but leaving a bad feeling in the gut.  

Or many of these existing cartoons PUT DOWN THOSE WHO SERVE OLDER PEOPLE: insurance companies, agents, lawyers, investment and banking institutions, senior living and care facilities, and the Government officials who set the ground rules for how we live as we live longer. This undermines trust and induces seniors to put off securing essential services.

There's a need for cartoons that make people laugh or smile in a way that --

  • Respects them and their helpers,
  • Kids them gently and with understanding, not meanly or unfairly,
  • Builds positive expectations, such as the prospect of maintaining one's health rather than "going to pot,"
  • Primes them to expect good times and fulfillment in their new senior environments,
  • Acknowledges their enduring power as "producers," whether through part-time professional work, volunteering, or investments.

The Long-Term Health CareToons™ collection will accomplish this.

Just imagine millions smiling their way through the wide range of choices for long-term care, health and productivity.

Stretch goals

$50,000. If this amount or more is raised, we'll be able to create a print version of the collection. A copy will be given to all who pledge at the $39 or higher level.

$500,000. If we get this much, heck, we'll make a movie! If Batman and Superman cartoons can be translated into film, why not Smile! You're Living Longer! (We're working on a "senior superhero" plot.) All who pledge at the $10,000 or higher level will be listed as co-producers.

A larger amount. Some Kickstarter projects have raised millions (current record, $10,266,845). There's no upper limit when imaginations catch fire. With substantial extra dollars, we'll make a higher-budget movie with wider distribution to help more people smile as they live longer. And we'll do other great things to empower one of the world's biggest underutilized resources: 500,000,000-plus people over 65 and billions more 25 and up -- all yearning to be as vital and effective as they can for as long as they can.

Summary of rewards

For details, see rewards list at right.

Extra bonus reason to smile

Breakthrough medical and scientific research shows that smiling:

  • Boosts mood & eases pain, through bursts of dopamine & oxycontin.
  • Promotes relaxation & repair, by holding stress hormones back.
  • Increases oxygen in the blood, empowering muscles & organs.
  • Prevents illness and promotes long-term health, by supporting the immune system through release of neuropeptides.
  • Correlates with long, happy life, according to a study that found a relationship between smiling faces and positive life outcomes including happy marriage and extended lifespan.

Details, with sources, on the incredible positive power of smiling: 

Extra special reward! 

At the $19 and up pledge levels, you get selected CareToons™ each month as they’re created. You get them immediately, by email, prior to the publication of the eBook. You may share these with friends, family and colleagues ... to help them smile their way to a brighter longer life right along with you! 

If you’re a professional, you may use this stream of CareToons™ to make important points with your clients, customers, colleagues or constituents. The CareToons™ employ humor but deliver much more. They can be powerful mind openers for your message and for the value you bring.

Risks and challenges

It is always a challenge completing any work requiring creativity, coordination, and communication.

With my years of experience writing books and articles, setting up multiple websites and social networks, and consulting with corporate teams, I believe the risks are minimal.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


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