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Experience this new JRPG following the good ol' classics #FrontierFantasy

Experience this new JRPG following the good ol' classics #FrontierFantasy Read More
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About this project

This project is part of the Kicking it Forward initiative:

Check out our alpha-test demo!

(Please run demo on chrome. Note that this is not the exe version of the game which can be installed right onto your pc. For those who purchase the donaters edition, will contain an ad free private html5 link that allows you to play on your browser + an installation file that allows you to download the game right onto your pc making the game run way smoother.)

a stand-alone version demo click here

Please Note: (Trailer clips & Images are not the final product of the game (some background images are set as placeholders for future update. Improved graphical, design, performance adjustments will be made prior to funding and stretch goals. )

"A turned based battle system JRPG that will entertain many of the fans of those who have played final fantasy and the various genres."

Choose your destiny whether good or evil. Unfold the story of the main character as he unlocks and solves the mysteries of his video game console recieved from a mysterious old homeless man. Read and interact with various parts of the game directed at making parodies of other well known video-games and tv shows.

Choose to save or destroy various dimensions and worlds. Your decisions will affect those who join and those who leave on your journey as well as those who ally.

What will the cost of the game be on release date?

Believe it or not, but we hope to release this game for free on varying sites & sponsors. However in order for us to release a game as big as this for free, a form of funding is required. That is why we decided to go with the donaters edition of the game. Those who donate and pay for the donaters edition will be able to play the game 1-2months early before the release of the free to play version.

The donaters edition will include exclusive content as well as extended gameplay for only those who help build our game to what we hope for it to be. As well as other perks and rewards mentioned, you will be able to test the game in progress and be a part of the team by providing us with ideas and suggestions on how we may further improve on the game.

You may also have a chance to be a part of the team or have your name placed in the game so that you may show the world that you had your say in building a great game such as frontier fantasy.

Which platforms will Frontier Fantasy be available for?

Currently Frontier Fantasy will be available for PC and Macintosh or anything with a browser that supports html5 really. We hope that in the future depending upon amount of funding recieved, To release the game for other platforms such as Android and IOS. We are also looking into the possibility to release the game for Wii U and 3DS though we do not know if that will be accomplished or not.

IOS / Android Support:

A small preview of the battle system on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Please Note: Objects in game has not been yet optimized yet for mobile devices. Once optimized game will run two times faster on mobile phones. Current video shows the game running on nexus WITHOUT optimization.

(Important update October 6th 2013, a major graphical enhancement has been made to the main characters portrait art. Please leave comments on the improvement if possible. Currently the other 2 characters portraits are in the works.)

The Main Character (You): A highschool student heading home from class had recieved a strange video-game console known as the D-Console from an old homeless man for $20. Thanks to the video-game console, various black holes appear in alternate dimensions causing a rift through time sucking you into worlds of past and futures alike along with fictional worlds some who make puns of other various video-games and shows.

(portrait is not of final design)

Flint Lowell

Story: A man who had been transported to the current world through the D-Console. Flint originates from the Kingdom of Celestia as the leader of the Verites Guild. He tells the main character he had been on his way to climb the tower of 100 floors, when a monster had appeared before him. While in combat with the monster, a black hole appears which sucks both him and the monster leaving his party members behind.


Age: 21

Association: Verites Guild

Likes: Pastries, Companions, swords, sparing, the princess

Dislikes: Spiders, other guilds, Technology

(portrait is not of final design)

ProtoType 33-C (Suzuka -Temporary name-):

Story: The main character and flint arrive at a spaceship to there avail; they manage to locate a capsule with a woman inside. This woman explains she is an android created by Dr. Flora Simon. She explains that her mission to protect Flora ended in a tragedy leading her to be captured and stored into the capsule for re-programming. She decides to temporarily join the main character till the day she finds her master.


Age: Unknown

Association: Unknown

Likes: Not applicable

Dislikes: Flint Lowell

3 Other characters will be introduced at a later date as they are currently a work in progress.

 Frontier Fantasy is made using the Construct 2 Engine created by Scirra and runs purely on Html5. What this means is; you will not be required to download any plugins and may play this game right on your browser as well as save your data.

If you would like to know more on how construct 2 works visit the link below.

The game will also be available for download in the Chrome webstore and other various sites. You may also play the game at Kongregate.

(Please note: Internet is not required to play the game after it is loaded. The game can be saved without internet as well)

 What is the Day n Night System?

The Day n Night system works through a ingame timer that decides when the map becomes morning, dawn, and night. Depending on the time of day various npcs may appear in the map for interaction or possible buildings will be availible to enter at a specific time.

A timer (in the works) will appear at the top left of your screen telling you what the time it is in-game. The in-game timer will work differently then the time set to your pc as the day n night system will have its own faster time zone.

You may also sleep or rest in an area (bench, bed, home) to change the specific time of day.

What is the Mercy System?

Unlike a generic RPG, the hero of Frontier Fantasy has the option to either spare there enemies or simply defeat them at the end of each boss fight and random battles. Depending on the soul gauge (wether its aiming towards good or evil), the npcs on the map will interact differently towards the character. For example, if the hero has evil intentions then npcs in the map will tend to avoid the character as you approach them. Crowds in the overworld will also talk about you differently depending on the soul gauge. The overall interaction will have changes in the overworld, but for now it's still in beta phase. This will be further explained in the future.

What is the Soul System?

Depending upon a players interaction with the game, 2 different endings can occur.

The Hero's Ending: To prevent the destruction of various dimensions and worlds alike. The destruction of organizations and various enemies who want to rule humanity.

The choice of whether to play the silent hero or the one who will be known for fame and glory as the hero who saved the world, the decision is yours.

The Villians Ending: To conquer, To annihilate, To rule, Which will you choose? Dimensions and worlds alike will fear you. many will bow down to your prowess. Many will leave your side.

The decision is yours!

Player Recruitment / Npc Interactions: Depending upon your soul gauge several characters may leave or join you depending upon your choices and interactions in the main story. As well various npcs in maps may interact or ignore you depending on your evil or good gauge.

How to Increase or Decrease your Soul Gauge: Players may decrease the soul gauge and rotate the hourglass by fighting enemies and choosing whether to give them mercy or kill them at the end of a battle, allowing you to choose between which endings and which npcs you wish to interact with.

The battle system is your casual turned based system. There are many varying skills that are available to each characters of which can be unlocked through leveling, quests, or found via chests. There are some skills that may attack from long range creating a split-screen effect when targeting monsters.

Summons: Currently there is no preview of any summons, However summons can be found from either the main storyline, completing dungeons to form contracts with beasts, dragons, or mechanical machines. Summons require a set gauge that will be required to charge while in combat. When selecting a summon, a cut-scene will trigger with the set summon initiating an attack at the enemy. We will update our kick-starter with a preview of a summon.

Transformations: Some characters like ProtoType 33-C will have transformations. Transformations provides the characters with an attack, defense, and speed boost. They will contain altered skills as well as a change of weaponry. Once the transformation system has been completed a preview of one will be placed on our kickstarter as well as our website.

-Graphical Enhancements as of October 6th 2013-

Overworld sprite changes:

 Character portrait arts

 How will my funds help to benefit the project?

Your fundings will benefit the project in various ways.

- To provide us funding to hire more programmers and artists so that we may improve and enhance the game in a graphical and performance aspect.

- A motivation for us to improve gameplay, art, as well as input new mechanics into the game.

- A way for us to advertise the game so that we may build a bigger community for something we all enjoyed to build and develop

-A possibility to release the game before the October 2014 deadline

How will funding the game benefit me?

- No matter what form of funding big or small you will be a part of the game in progress from start to finish

-You will be able to test the game in its beta stages earlier then others, as well as give advices on changes or improvements that should be done to improve gameplay.

-Access to many of the perks that are only availible to those who donate to the cause.

- A chance to possibly put your name in a game that you wish to see grow.

What if I cannot donate? Is there any other ways I can help?

Yes there are always other ways to help out the game.

- Advertise the game elsewhere. Whether a forum, webpage, youtube, or through other means, the amount of ways to spread the word can help our game grow as a community.

- Provide ideas and suggestions on our forums or comment on our kickstarter

- Display your enthusiasm to us on wanting to see this done. Providing enthusiasm is a great way for us to work harder to release something as great as this rpg.

-Design information-

What is an overworld npc?

 Overworld npcs can come in many shapes and sizes. The two samples shown above are just some of the sprites that are being worked on and you may design and name one of your choice long as they have nothing inapropriate named / designed to them.

What is an Npc Portrait (unique portrait)?

The main characters newly edited design is known as a portrait. This is what a portrait will look like for when a player engages into a conversation with an npc with a portrait design. We have restricted the amount of npcs to be made to portraits (100) due to the amount of work that would be required to draw one. 

Risks and challenges

The game seems like a large project.... Will three people really be enough and will the release date be set?
We hope if more funding is recieved, to hire more programmers and artists so that we may improve on gameplay , glitches, and various bugs that may come to a final release. We gaurantee if funding is recieved to release the game by October 2014. If we reach more then the funding limit we will try our best at an earlier release date.

Getting the game out there.
Possibly one of the hardest parts of releasing a game is publicity. Funding helps us publicize our games to various websites, channels, and blogs. Our game already being free can help bring in a huge community of those who are looking forward to see the project completed.

We hope that with the successful release of Frontier Fantasy we can build a name for our company so that we may further improve upon the game and develop other various game genres.

You recieved the money..... but is it enough motivation?
Funding provides us with a reason. A reason to release a game as great as this, as we have people who are backing us up on a project we hope to see completed.

A free to play game and on browser.... is it really possible even with funds?
We cannot stress this enough. It is possible and can be done. We believe that making a great game such as this for free will bring in publicity as mentioned above. Being able to grow a big community is as important then recieving the funding required to build such a game. Getting our name out there means alot to us.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


Have a question? If the info above doesn't help, you can ask the project creator directly.

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Funding period

- (60 days)