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An agile urban-oriented bicycle cargo trailer. It mounts to any bike and self-stores for travel. Smash-proof, splash-proof & lockable.

An agile urban-oriented bicycle cargo trailer. It mounts to any bike and self-stores for travel. Smash-proof, splash-proof & lockable. Read More
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Hi Kickstarters!  Welcome to the Boxcar Bicycle Trailer Page.  Click the video above to see the Boxcar Trailer in action!


2/13 Update:  

Prices slashed!  The Boxcar Trailer is now available for $500!

Also, the new Hobo trailer option introduced!  The hobo includes everything that comes with the boxcar minus the box.  It is the perfect base for a custom trailer - just drill 6 holes and add bolts.  Add your box of choice to the choice  or convert a 55 gallon plastic drum into the ultimate DIY trailer!


Do you love to ride your bicycle around town?  Riding is fun, good exercise, and a very efficient way to both get around and store your vehicle; but bicycles are limiting when it comes to moving cargo.  Generally speaking, if an item won't fit in your backpack, you can't ride with it.  This is the predicament which inspired me to build the Boxcar Bicycle Trailer.

The Boxcar Bicycle Trailer is an urban oriented, travel friendly cargo trailer which connects to your bicycle.  The durable aluminum/cro-moly trailer is rated to safely carry 70lb/32kg of cargo.  Splash-proof, smash-proof, spill-proof, and lockable.  The components disassemble to fit within the box - perfectly sized for checked airline luggage without incurring oversize fees.

The connection to your bicycle is secure and easy-to-use.  To install the trailer you switch your rear axle skewer (or nuts on solid axles) with the provided one.  This is a non-permanent change which takes no more than 2 minutes and still permits riding without the trailer.  There are 7 available types of mounting skewers and axle nuts to accommodate virtually any bicycle on the market and two fork lengths to customize for your wheel size.  

I built one prototype of the trailer to test late last year and it has endured ride testing very well.  Even with heavy loads, it rides predictably and handles rough potholed roads well.  Now I want to evolve the the design into a product, and that is why I am asking you to support the project.  I have to build a minimum of fifteen units to get production going.  To support my project, I have offered entry level rewards such as stickers and T-Shirts with the project logo printed on them:

photo: Gibran Julian (

The T-Shirts are hand printed by Innate ( in Bellingham, Washington on American Apparel T's.  They are super comfy and made in the USA.  Buying either of these items is a great way to help the project and spread the word!  

The premium reward is the complete Boxcar Bicycle Trailer.  The trailer features a 4130 chro-moly steel frame which is made locally in Seattle, WA.  This light but strong chassis assembles like a trombone.  This unique construction technique allows the frame to fit within the box it surrounds.  It is powdercoated to protect from scratches.  The lightweight box is imported from Germany - it is strong, sleek, and high quality, an item not currently available in the USA.  The inside measures 29.5"/750mm long x 13.7"/350mm wide x 13.7"/350mm tall. Here is a list of compatible box sizes made by the same manufacturer (

Off-the-shelf bicycle parts included with the trailer are the attachment fork and skewer which connects the trailer to your bicycle.  Also included is the rear wheel with a tire and tube.  All hardware is included, all you need is a bicycle!

The deisgn of the trailer is nimble as you can see in the video.  It also trails directly behind the bicycle wheels - great for dodging potholes.  It spreads the weight of the cargo between the bicycle's rear wheel and the trailer wheel, reducing the chance of a flat and improving riding on soft ground.  

It does not stand up by itself, so a center stand (a two-legged kickstand) makes a handy addition.  Also, performance will vary based on your bicycle, your size, how you ride, and what cargo you have on board.  The trailer is designed for wheels from 26" to 29" in diameter.  Remember, the more weight you add the more cautiously you need to ride and good brakes are a must!

Cargo bikes are popping up everywhere these days - the idea is catching on and it is exciting to watch them go by.  So how does the Boxcar Trailer stack up against the competition?  Here's a chart to explain the differences of some comparable products currently on the market:

Certainly there are many good options to choose from.  Complete cargo bikes are a very good option for buyers with a couple grand to spend.  The Boxcar Trailer is aimed at the rider who wants more than a basic touring setup but cannot afford a complete cargo bike.  

Versatility is also a big plus to having a trailer - allowing you to haul loads one day and ride light the next.  If you live in an apartment, the larger cargo bikes may not be feasible to carry up the stairs or elevator where you can carry a bike and trailer separately. 

I am really looking forward to getting this design into production.  With your help I am confident it can be done!

Thank you for supporting the Boxcar Bicycle Trailer project!  

I welcome any questions or suggestions regarding the project, feel free to contact me.  

Special Thanks goes out to the friends who helped me get this far: 

Andrew Kirst, Yale Wolf, Shilpi Chhotray, Kevin Quinn, Corey Warren, Dylan Warnberg, Eamon McQuade, Gibran Julian, and my Family!

Keep riding!

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