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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Coming Soon: A Brand New Land

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Last time you heard from us we had just released version 2.2.1 for Godus, which is now available for both for both Steam and iOS. Since then, we’ve been astonishingly busy with all manner of tasks, from squashing a small army of bugs to taking a few steps towards our next major content update.

Today, we’re going to give an early look at what’s right around the next bend for Godus, including: a mysterious new tribe, herds of sheep, a massive hidden treasure, an enormous Ark… and an entirely new world for your followers to inhabit.

Raiders of the newly-found Ark

There were many of you who, after dealing with the Astari (either through destruction or benevolence), were curious about whether that was all there was to see, or if there was more to discover elsewhere in your Homeworld. Also, what about that last expansion shrine? Is there nothing left to do after unlocking it? As it happens, there will soon be much to do after unlocking that very last shrine. So what exactly will we be adding in?

Well we’ve got the notion to sail the ocean. This is where the Ark comes into play. Some of you early players may even remember there being a large unreachable boat all the way back in version 1.3. That model, eventually, got used for Voyages. For the Ark, however, we took a look and deicided “we’re going to need a bigger boat”.

So let’s take a look! (Please bear in mind that the following screenshots are only mock-ups; the final in-game version will have at least 6.8 times as much awesome.)

After finally reaching the Astari and doing with them what you please, you’ll find one more Expansion Beacon placed just next to their village.

Unlock that Beacon and hey presto, you’ll suddenly have access to this brand new Ark! Well, perhaps ‘brand new’ is a bit of a stretch. It seems the Astari weren’t exactly doing a good job of maintaining their Ark over the years and it appears to be in shambles. Typical Astari, too busy partying.

Getting the Ark to be seaworthy is a monumental task and will take an unprecedented amount of workers to restore it to its former glory. However, worry not, just like with everything else the more builders you have the faster the process will be. For the Ark, you’ll be able to leash up to 500 followers to work on it at once.

To begin repairing the Ark, you’ll need to amass as many builders as you can manage and once they arrive on site they’ll immediately begin working hard on the repairs. You’ll also need ore to reinforce those repairs and, of course, you’ll need crops both for the build and for the daunting journey ahead.

Commit enough builders and resources to the task and before too long you’ll have an entire Ark to call your own. Once finished, you’ll be able to stock it full of Followers.

You can fit up to 500 of them into the Ark at one time but if, for whatever reason, you feel compelled to only send a handful you can do that too. Just be aware that you may need all the help you can get when establishing your new civilisation across the waters.

After filling (aka, cramming) your Ark full of followers, you’ll be able to embark on a quest to new lands!

A whole new world

Welcome to Wayworld.

Wayworld, as it happens, will be a much harsher and challenging environment than you or your Followers are used to. It will also have different visuals and overall aesthetics. Instead of trees there’s now a vast desert of cacti. Instead of rocks there’s now mounds of sand and dirt. It’s a less forgiving landscape than your Followers will have ever experienced before, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t beauty to be found in this strange new world.

Although seemingly barren, herds of sheep roam the land in search of grass and water. Springs of water will help fertile land grow. Every few days, the water levels will rise and the lowest desert lands will flood. So while it might seem a challenging land, it’s one that is far more dynamic than any land your Followers will have visited before.

Unsurprisingly, however, the Astari seem to have beaten you to Wayworld. There are now two separate Astari tribes to contend with. The Astari also seem to be up to something this time, as rumor has it that they’re hiding a rather massive treasure of some kind.

What’s more, there’s a third tribe on this land; a tribe that is far more sinister and devious than the Astari. In short, Wayworld will introduce a number of interesting new additions:

  • A vast desert landscape with cacti and sand.
  • One area type that’s best for crops and another area type that’s best for abodes.
  • Super abodes and super Settlements.
  • Two Astari tribes hiding a massive secret treasure.
  • A mysterious new, more sinister and more devious, third tribe.
  • Roaming sheep (to be used in conjunction with a future Settlement).
  • Desert plains that flood every few days.
  • Dynamic water that helps to create fertile lands.

In addition to an entirely new land, there’s also many more abilities and abodes that you’ll have access to. Most of this is still being developed and worked on so be sure to keep the usual caveat in mind: things may get tweaked as development continues, but by and large this an overview of the additional abilities that we’re planning for Wayworld to include:

New God Powers:

  • Comet
  • Dig Down
  • Level 3 cliff sculpting
  • Level 9 and 12 sculpting upgrades
  • Sculpting sand generates Belief

New Shrines:

  • For example, a Shrine to collect all the Wheat or Ore in a given radius

New Abode styles:

  • Sand Abodes
  • Grass Abodes
  • Mountain Abodes
  • Frontier Abodes
  • Monasteries

New Abode ranks:

  • Sand Ranks 5 & 6
  • Grass Ranks 5 & 6
  • Mountain Ranks 1 & 2

New Age Stickers & new Buffs

  • We will be adding a new set of stickers and buffs to compliment the new Age.

Also, if after spending some time in Wayword you find yourself pining for the Homeworld fjords, worry not – the Homeworld is just a menu button away. You’ll be able to return at any time to manage your Homeworld’s Followers, continue any sculpting projects, and collect resources. However, be wary: Wayworld is so far across the ocean that any resources you collect in Homeworld won’t be available in Wayworld.

What’s in the next iOS update?

In the coming weeks between now and the release of Wayworld, we’ll be releasing version 1.5 of Godus on the iOS App Store. This will be an incremental update and we’ll be sharing full details about it on its release.

In the meantime, though, here’s a quick summary of what the update will entail:


  • Players now able to login with Facebook without leaving the app.
  • Players now have the ability to link to a Facebook account when the game is launched.


  • Players should no longer experience delays on the loading screens when logging in.
  • Blighted land should no longer appear on the Homeworld unnecessarily.
  •  Various text changes, localisation fixes and interface tidy-ups.

I lost my save after the last iOS update – what now?

Throughout this week we’ve been speaking with many of our iOS players whose saves were lost after the recently released iOS 8 compatibility update. We’re enormously sorry about the problems you’ve been having with Godus lately and we’re doing everything in our power to rectify this situation.

We do have good news – we’ve been working on a solution to restore your lost save games and we’re looking forward to sharing more details about this early next week.

In the meantime, if you have lost your progress or any gems, please contact us via and we’ll do all we can to help you out and make this right.

We can’t apologize enough for the frustration, aggravation and inconvenience caused by this issue – rest assured that the most recent iOS patch has put measures in place to prevent this from ever happening again.

Until next time

There’s so much new content on the horizon and we’re very keen to hear what you think and if you have any thoughts or feedback to throw our way. (Who are we kidding, of course you have feedback!) We would genuinely love to hear from you, so give a shout our way over on our official forums or if you like your communications more social media flavoured you can also find us on Twitter and Facebook.

We’re pretty darn excited about Wayworld and it is, we assure you, just one step of many in making GODUS a more dynamic (and, dare we say, delicious) place to play and engage. Thank you all for going on this crazy development Ark with us and we look forward to seeing you all in Wayworld.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Remise Michel on

      22Cans is improving this game and I feel it through the updates. It's turning into the kind of games that I like :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      BTW, Ark is misspelled on the screenshots.

    3. Missing avatar

      Keith H on

      I'm stuck playing a Pay To Win game on my computer..... and I cant even buy Gems on the PC...... So I just sit and stare at my screen.. I wish I could delete this game from my kickstarter account because of how disappointed I am.

      Oh yeah thank you for the developer commentary, that basically tells me not to use any cards or stickers till latter.... maybe you need to listen to yourselves and rebalance them...

    4. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      More empty promises. Whatever happened to hubworld?

    5. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys! I really liked what I played of the latest update, and it sounds like things are going to get even cooler soon!

    6. Missing avatar

      John A on

      "We would genuinely love to hear from you" - that's the funniest thing I've read in ages. The behaviour of the representatives of 22cans on the various forums don't seem to share that feeling....

      Honestly, the further this game gets away from the vision that was sold to us, the one we backed, the less I care.

    7. Missing avatar

      V Wood on

      Kickstarter really needs a way to mute/hide updates from projects you no longer wish to acknowledge.

    8. Missing avatar

      Makali on

      What about the PC users who lost their followers? The last update wiped out 99% of my population. The game is now almost unplayable.

    9. Voxavs on

      What we asked for - less astari. What we got - twice as much astari.

    10. Turk

      the game becomes less and less god like and more and more Sims-. Guess what, Sims has been done ...

    11. James Clayton on

      So more tedious busywork, and another even longer timer? Great.

    12. Richard on

      This game seems to drift further and further away from what I expected. Sorry guys but I think you've lost me.

    13. Shatners Bassoon on

      Honestly, does anyone even care anymore?

    14. 22cans Creator on

      Don't worry, we've not forgotten about releasing Godus for Linux platforms. At the moment, however, we're reliant on Marmalade, which has yet to implement full support for SteamOS or Linux, unfortunately. Consequentially, we'll be focusing on a Linux release once we're further ahead with the development of the game so that the port doesn't lengthen the game's development time further.

    15. Missing avatar

      Charles Joseph Teets Jr. on

      I'm a huuuuuuuuuuge Black & White fan

    16. Missing avatar

      Charles Joseph Teets Jr. on

      OHHHHHHHHH we've got this notion
      That we'd quite like to sail the ocean
      So we're building a big boat
      To leave here for good

      We're not keen on sinking
      So that's why we're sitting thinking
      Cause we've built it too big
      And we've run out of wood

      eiiiiiiiiidle eidle eeeee
      eiiiiiiiiidle eidle eeeee

      We simply can't leave
      Until we get some wood

    17. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      But what about Linux? So much silence about it.

    18. amigacooke on

      What happened to the world as big as Jupiter? I don't remember having to sail everywhere or is the game going to be only 55% finished after the next update?

      Thanks for the update :)

    19. Marco D'Ambros on

      where is the Android version?