Project GODUS

by 22cans

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kristian Frost on

      @Ruudiluca: I'm sure they'll have more to report when they've added more microtransactions to the primary platform for the software...

    2. Jörn Huxhorn

      @Kristian lol!

    3. Chris Mead on

      Not sure I can face another restart for so little.

    4. James Clayton on

      OK, haven't played it yet, got to go back to work er... about five minutes ago actually.

      But, "swamps are no longer the preserve of your godly abilities"? Sorry, what? Are you saying they appear in the world *and* can be planted? Or have you taken away another power? Surely as the game progresses we're supposed to get more awesome abilities that make us feel more like all-powerful gods, not fewer?

    5. 22cans Creator on

      Hi James, naturally occurring swamps are in addition to the Swamp god power, not a replacement of it. Apologies, that should have been clearer.

    6. Christian on

      "Version 2.2.1 Now Available to Download on PC & Mac" Well isn't that just lovely ... for backers who own a PC or a Mac?

    7. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Some info about Linux status would be nice...

    8. Jedra7609

      I am actually rather enjoying the PC version. I had to play through the pain of not having much belief for a long time but once I had killed off the Astari it all got much nicer. I think I will wait until you have expanded the world before I restart again though - unless you have added more expansion beacons to this release?

      Also, next time I am going to do it without ever going on those horrible voyages!

      Anyway, always nice to see progress being made - thanks for the update.

    9. Richard on

      I'm find this game rather easy to resist at the moment. That's not a good sign.

    10. Nathaniel O'Neill on

      I'll admit that when I saw the "As always, your feedback is welcome" part of this message, I spluttered a bit. If that's the case, why haven't you listened? I'll grant you that some minor gestures have been made, but when you pitched this game it was as the next Populous or Black and White, and what we've received at this point, almost 2 years after it was funded, is a really not very good, painful to play F2P mobile game.

      I suppose, to be fair, you simply say you love to -hear- our feedback, not that you'll actually spend any time acting on it, or implementing any of it.

    11. Benjamin Walter

      is anybody else experiancing massive lags and frozen sreens with this update? befor the game run smooth on my pc now it freezes every few secounds while playing. Its really desturbing

    12. Joshua P. on

      I played the game a few weeks ago and listened to the commentary. I had a WTF moment when I heard the statement that the game is supposed to be frustrating, but then I thought to myself, okay, it makes some sense to have annoying elements which are later remedied. However, I realized the basic issues are still in place: if you fail hard in the exploration mode, by losing all your explorers, then you have no time sink between waiting for your faith to refill. The crystals are too valuable to waste on topping off the ship, too. Worse, we're penalized for not playing, because the enemy tribe doesn't register swamps in their town which would kill them off, unless you are playing; that resulted in my always coming back to the periphery of my civilization being depleted of followers. Seeing all that made me realize a game made to be annoying is just annoying, not clever.

    13. Missing avatar

      Makali on

      Is it Populus yet?

    14. Kleiner on

      No, it's available for WIndows and OSX, get the acronyms straight! Alternatively, release a Linux build and you can just say PC.