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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Godus v2.2 Incremental Update + Balance File Modding Tool

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Since releasing Godus v2.1 last Friday we’ve had a lot of really useful comments from the community (as well as more than few support requests, too). This week, we’ve been hard at work implementing a ton of changes based on this feedback.

The update, released on Steam today, includes a bunch of exciting new cards, new gifts and some important bug fixes.

New stuff:

  • New Gift: Flag – You can now put a flag pole in your world to increase happiness and look cool. More flags coming soon!
  • New Gift: School of Fish – Fish can now be placed in the sea.
  • New Card: Statue of Belief Collection – This new shrine periodically collects Belief within a given area and deposits it in your Belief reserves.
  • New Card: Tree Buff – The tree buff upgrade card further increases the amount of belief produced by abodes in the vicinity of trees.
  • New Card: Super Follower Boost – Boost your followers even more, making them work harder and longer.


  • Stopped campfires being created on top of Gem seams and Granite.
  • Fix for Rock colours being wrong in some situations.
  • Fix for part of the Fountain tutorial not appearing.
  • Destination button in Voyages now only appears if there is at least one event to pick from.
  • Happiness and Gift balancing Fixed some tooltip locations.
  • Reduced Astari Fire damage, to fix bug with them being too easy to kill.
  • Tree of Joy springs up out of the floor rather than being dropped.
  • Gems only awarded after all Followers have climbed Pit of Doom steps.
  • Fix to prevent Temples ending up in the water whilst sculpting.
  • Tweaks to Happiness for homeless Followers.
  • During leashing tutorial leashes, will only be accepted if they end on the layer of the Temple itself or the one under it.
  • Removed camera rotation snap-back.
  • Balance file tweaks.
  • Settlements with courtyards now allow Followers to go back home.
  • Minor colour tweaks to Trees and Beautify.
  • Fixes to Mac audio when sacrificing Followers.
  • New splash screen text.
  • Revised colours for Trees on various landscapes.

Coming soon – mod our balance files!

Probably the most frequently requested changes we make to the game by the Steam Early Access community and our Kickstarter backers is that we reduce the wait timers for Godus on PC and Mac.

In the spirit of collaboration with the community, we will be implementing a major change to the way we set our balance files for all aspects of Godus.

In the near future, we will be providing you with the ability to manually set many of the values within the balance files for yourself. We will then collate your feedback with the intention of making global adjustments to Godus on PC and Mac based on your collective contributions.

You’ll be able to access the balance file values form with the settings menu:

This will take you to the in-game Balance Changer, which will allow you set the values for Abodes…

…for Followers…

…and also for Belief.

A simple interface will allow you to set these values however you wish. Want everything to be built instantly or to have Belief costs set to zero? Now you’ll have the ability to do so from within the game.

You’ll then be able to update your game or, if you want to start again from scratch, restore them to their default settings.

However, what we really, really want you to do is share your edited balance files with us and let us know how and why you think your changes make the game more enjoyable.

We’re hoping there’s consistency in your replies, but we’re also aware that people will want to play according to their own preferred play style.

It’s here that your feedback will be vital to help us understand why you’ve made particular changes. So, be bold! Be detailed! And please don’t skimp out on any of the more juicy parts to your reasoning.

We want Godus to be a game that you keep coming back to, so what better way of doing that than by engaging our core players?

As always, we keep a close eye on all of the feedback from our community, so please continue to share your thoughts in either our official forum, our Steam Early Access forum or the 22cans Facebook page.


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    1. Tim Molesworth on

      I've been giving it a go every now and then, and come across something a tad unnecessary - I am finding the rain of purity spell very hard to aim and control with the mouse as the curser vanishes and I need to guess where it is going to land

    2. Mikkel on

      So I just uninstalled this game.

      I've spend around 65 hours on it, on steam, and not once did I have any sense of "if I don't get this fast, I'll lose".. However, I did get the sense of "I've never wanted to murder the population in a game, more than I want to murder the Astari".. The Astari bugged out for me, so I could not kill them off, lowest I could get the population was 6, and because of that every time I had closed the game and reopened it, I'd lose 100 followers and have to spend all my resources on getting my population back.

      I once lost 3 farmers to the Astari and the town said 4 days to generate a nee one, thankfully that got fixed in the last update, however, it still takes 4 hours to repopulate a house that lost its inhabitants to the Astari, and it takes around an hour if I send them to the pit of doom.

      The mini game is boring, I spend the first 30ish seconds on each level doing stuff and after that, I just sit around waiting for the horrible lemmings clone to enter the temple.

      Also, the amount of gems and stickers you get in this game, it is obviously a pay-to-grind-less game, except in the pc version you cant pay anything to get it over with.

      As the game stands now, I never would've backed it! No where did they say they wanted to make a freemium game.

      But that's just my disappointed 2 cents.

    3. Paul Hudson on

      I've only just got round to downloading the game. The initial release was getting such a pounding I thought I'd leave it until it was less 'alpha'. So Beta 2 seemed a good starting point.

      Initial impressions were favourable. I don't mind a game that 'leads' me into the game at a slower pace. But the slow pace continues. If anything, the further into the game you get, the slower the game becomes.

      Some of the design decisions are not great. Why do I have to go round clicking on belief to collect rather than it constantly building up? It means you have to keep waiting for the next batch of belief to be delivered if you've used it all up. So you end up playing the game in bursts. I'm sure if belief was constantly building up, the game would immediately be more interesting. Also, it would help if the rate of belief generation was increased significantly.

      Why are build times for houses and farms in hours? Just when it looks like the game might speed up. It slows down again when farms come along.

      The stickers idea isn't bad. But also having to fill the stickers up isn't fun at all. My powers as the God should come from the size of the population. You invented the genre. You got it right the first time. Why change something that's not broken?

      But it's clear that many of the comments I've been reading over the last few months are spot on. This Kickstarter fund wasn't to fund a PC game, but a freemumium mobile game. All the timing are simply designed to encourage you to buy items to bypass the boring waits. I really dislike that type of mobile game. I'd rather buy a game and subsequent expansions rather than pacing games around a false requirement to 'in-app purchase'. But you pitched a PC game. Not a mobile game. So your first job was to deliver a workable PC game. Then adapt it for a mobile market. Not the other way round. Sad that you've taken that approach.

      However, I approach Kickstarter differently to most. I back projects I think sound good. I often don't ask for a gift. I looked at this pledge as helping get a new studio off the ground so employing a bunch of people with the possibility of the studio growing employing more people. The delivery of the game was a bonus. So it's looking like Godus isn't going to be a decent PC game. Maybe being able to tweak the speed may help. Okay, it's disappointing, but hopefully my little bit of funding helps a new studio grow and maybe your next project will be something that really excites me.

    4. James Clayton on


      Godus need to be either:
      a) a repayable, procedurally generated game with different difficulty levels like Civ, or
      b) a level based game with levels increasing in challenge and threat from enemy gods as you progress, like Populus or Black and White.

      Godus needs to not be:
      * And endless tedious grindfest

      P.S. Here is the unit list for Starcraft. Note how the highest level, most overpowered unit in the game has a build time of 120. And note how that's seconds, not real time days, like in Godus:

    5. James Clayton on

      OK, having lost basically the whole day to Godus, clearly there's something that's keeping me playing. Hopefully it's more than just masochistic backer syndrome. Like I said, it is pretty.

      However, the more I play, the more I turn into the Angry Internet Man. The actual playing God part is so tediously slow that the Lemmings mini game is the most fun part at the moment. By some considerable margin. So why for the sake of all that's holy did I just get told I have to wait EIGHT FRICKIN' HOURS before I can retry a level I failed? There is literally no excuse. On mobile theres a good (if seriously ethically dubious) economic reason for it. On the desktop build, you're just locking me out of playing the fun bit of the game I paid for. Also, why can I not pause and scroll around the map? Lemmings let me do that. In 1991. And why do I lose all ten of my followers when nine of them made it to the exit?

      In the commentary, Peter and Jack are constantly talking about how they 'often' or 'sometimes' like to try this or that strategy, as though there was some actual replayability to the game. There aren't even any options for save, load, or new game in the menu! The whole thing is constructed around only playing it once. There is no mechanism for trying alternative strategies.

      Godus needs to stop being balanced as a game to played once for life, and become something that's balanced as the repayable strategy game Peter and Jack describe it as. Peter's compared it to Civ several times in the past. A game of Civ lasts maybe 20 hours, from antiquity to Alpha Centauri. I've played the best part of that time in Godus today, split between the two versions. It probably took about four to get to the part Jack described as the beginning of the game, and since then I've achieved practically nothing. Because it takes half an hour to build a farmer, and an hour (or SIX HOURS on mobile) for him to grow anything. Again, literarily no reason for that other than to gratuitously waste my time. I don't know what game Peter is playing where he thinks you should never be waiting around, 'cause it clearly isn't this one. Maybe you have an internal build that's balanced the same a the voyages, where meteors cost 10 belief? I can imagine that might actually be fun.

      It's insane that you had to include a mini game to go and play as a distraction because the main game is so dull. It's even more insane that I have wait on a timer to play that. The game's first hour or so is really good fun, where resources come in at roughly the rate I need them. Balance the whole game that way. An hour is too long to wait for anything. Five minutes would be about the acceptable maximum. For all but the most extraordinary things, thirty seconds would be better.

      It may be that I'm playing it wrong. That it really is possible to play and be busy all the time as Peter says. In which case, that should be hard mode, and there should be an easier one balanced for normal people. Or a campaign that escalates though levels to something like that. And there should be a threat of some kind on the difficult levels so you fail if you play badly, rather than just sitting for six hours waiting for a timer to tick down.

      It is pretty though.

    6. James Clayton on

      Oh, also, I notice the store page still says it has Steam trading cards. If you want people to stop accusing you of lying you should probably remove outright falsehoods from the marketing material.

    7. Larry Barriere on

      I'd say the one thing that needs massive tweeking are the Askari (or whatever they're called). They seem to reset everything about them, the moment you leave the world (whether quitting or sailing). The dudes you scare off will be right back where you scared them, and the happiness and population of them will be right back to the top. The happiness part is the biggest issue. I've all but murdered most of them, and yet, if i flash out of the game, I get a full population again and they've stolen another 40 of my people.
      At this point, the only option is going to be to completely wipe them out, defeating any purpose to even have them as a challenge other than to greatly slow down my progress..

    8. James Clayton on

      OK, I've been back and played both iOS and Mac versions until I hit a wall of nothing to do.

      On the positives, it's really pretty, particular the UI, which has come on loads.

      But, the decision to suddenly tie abode construction to wheat is quite possibly the most wrong-headed single design choice I've ever seen in a game. Getting access to a new resource should be an exciting moment. It should open up a whole new selection of things to build and do. It shouldn't wall off access to things you can do already!

      Also, the map on the Temples voyage seems to be bugged. My boat just went straight through an island, and most of the piers aren't connected to solid ground.

    9. Russell Watson-Thomas on

      I'm really intrigued by the balance options, I've been playing on mobile since release and the ability to progress... To even keep your followers happy... Is massively tricky for no reason other than sticker cost (at the moment at least).

      I seem to have spent a huge amount of stickers to get little in return, and my next progressive step is gem related (it's one of the only ways I can see to make a big dent in the follower happiness thing.. Trees cost to much belief and don't cut the mustard).

      I'll play on Mac again soon and see if it tells a similar story, and if so I'll balance like mad trying to make it challenging but achievable.

    10. Albert Soler on

      I have to echo James' comments, I'm pleased to see the balance modding options however the lack of story mode / sense of threat does little to keep me interested. What happened to the story being penned by James Leech? I recall it being a stretch goal, he even appeared in an early video. It would be nice to get an update. Similarly on audio, there was going to be a soundtrack, have there been any developments, the last we heard Jack was looking into getting Harry Waters to collaborate. I appreciate the games not done but considering the original delivery date for this project, I do worry these things have dropped off the radar with so much focus on the iOS version in recent months.

    11. James Clayton on

      Greatly encouraged by the balance modding stuff. Perhaps someone will be able to make a game that's actually fun to play and has a sense of progression. Will we also be able to adjust rewards and costs? i.e. To be able to make the Pit of Doom pay out in belief rather than gems, and make the current gem cards purchasable with belief?

      Of course, it'd all make a lot more sense if there there was some actual sense of threat in the game. Other gods to be defeated, or a story mode like the one that vanished from the initial release.

    12. Gerald Squelart on

      What Jan said, especially getting rid of the clickety-clicks (or swipes, whatever) to collect belief.

      Timers could stay in 1p games, as long as there would be a nifty "fast-forward" button, so I can skip the useless wait for some building to be complete, but knowing that other AI civs are also doing their thing faster (so there's no real advantage).

    13. Jan Henning Peters on

      For me, the good news of this update is the "Statue of Believe Collection" - next, please make the effect global and remove the necessity to build a statue for it (yes, what I'm implying is that the facebook-"game" mechanic of collecting believe by clicking was a bad idea to begin with).

      The balancing editor - I'm not convinced. At the moment, there is just nothing to balance. Will the game be more or less challenging if the build times change ? No. Because the game is not challenging. Because it is not really a game yet. Do build times and movement speeds currently matter ? Only in as far as how long it takes for me to be fed up and quit.
      Balancing would be an issue in a "versus mode" (like in, you know, Populus or even Black and White), when these values influence the difficulty of the game, because I loose if I don't have a certain population or ammount of Belief in time - in the current sandbox mode they only determine how long the player has to wait while nothing really happens.

      So, I guess the real question is - when are you planning to turn that fancy tech-demo into a game ?

    14. Shatners Bassoon on

      'In the spirit of collaboration with the community'

      Well done, only took you guys a year.

    15. Victor Glindås on

      I really like the balancing feedback option.

    16. Ahmed Jaber on

      Thanks for the balance options. Any chance we can get that on the iOS version too?