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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Introducing Godus’ new, improved Settlements for PC & Mac

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Today we are releasing the hotly anticipated Settlements revamp for PC and Mac to the main branch of Steam. It’s worth mentioning up-front that this will require you to restart your game, however the upside of that is that you’ll get to play our rather charming new intro sequence, first described here: What are we working on right now?

Settlements 3.0

Following the release of v2.0.5, we quickly recognised that players found Godus’ Settlements mechanics unintuitive and, well, just not as fun as they ought to be.

So, a core group of us went away and brainstormed a few solutions to this dilemma and in the process, we rediscovered some of our original ideas and are now working very hard to bring them to fruition.

Today, we’re presenting the gameplay details for how the new Settlements work in full and better yet, you’ll be able to play with them first-hand not long after you’ve finished reading this article.

Please be aware that some of the images below are mock-ups from our design doc – we know you like to see our thought processes, which is why we’ve reproduced them below, however they really do look a lot nicer in-game. Check out this selection of screenshots to see what we mean:

Overview to new the Settlements

  • Once your followers have reached the Bronze Age and are about to establish farming via the Farming card, you will be introduced to the Settlements menu.
  • Selecting the “Farming Village” card will create a ring in the game indicating where you would like to place a farming settlement.
  • Once placed, all abodes within this ring will draw in to each other and be squished together. Once squished together, they act just like a single abode, inspiring your followers to become workers and even generating belief as well.
  • When your followers reach the Iron Age and you have unlocked the Mining card, you will find your mining settlements will function in the same way.

Creating new Settlements

When placing a new settlement, you’ll be able to physically squish all your abodes together either through dragging with the cursor (or by pinching your thumb and forefinger together on mobile).

We hope this new tactility not just gives the game a bit more visual flair, but also makes you feel more powerful and god-like too.

If there is an obstacle restricting the spread of a settlement across the land, such as a field, then affected abodes are placed on top of the squished structure.

Once squished together, your abodes will function as a single unit. You can continue to build up a squished settlement by placing additional settlement rings nearby and dragging the selected abodes into the larger clump.

Settlements on hills and valleys

The new settlements have been designed to be built over different layers of land, so you can place a settlement on terrain made up of different heights. We really hope that this will lead to players having much more distinctive and beautiful looking Homeworlds.

If the centre of your settlement sits on a higher layer of land than an outlying abode, then provided there is enough space the abode will be pulled up onto a higher layer, sitting closer to the larger clump of settlements.

If there isn’t enough room on a higher layer of land for an abode to be pulled closer, then it will be placed on top of the larger, central clump of abodes.

Governing farms and farmers

The new design also improves the way you find out about your settlements and assign work to your followers.

Farms and mines now work the same way as builder settlements – if there’s an empty plot of land nearby, an icon will appear over the clump of abodes. Selecting the clump will then send out a farmer to turn it into a field for producing wheat.

You no longer have to manually assign roles within a settlement – for example, once you’ve placed a farming settlement and its population has grown to a sufficient size, all the new workers will be farmers from birth.

We’ve made improvements to how you find out how your settlements are working, too. Fields now display context sensitive information when selected, allowing you to see how many farmers are working on it, whether there are any spare slots for additional workers and the time until the next crop is produced.

Growing and harvesting crops

We’ve also improved the way you generate food for your followers. We’ve made it much easier to understand that your followers need wheat to build abodes once you’ve unlocked the card that speeds up how fast they can build.

Fields then produce wheat as a collectable resource. The wheat that players collect from fields is then accumulated into the Wheat bar.

Farmers and miners need food to work, just like builders need food to build. When farming, mining or building, wheat is consumed and the bar decreases.

We’ve replaced the buffer class of follower with the god-like ability to boost farmers and miners directly by selecting them, just like builders. We think this is a much a clearer, more cohesive and all-round more fun way to play with settlements.


(We loosely based this feature on the Steam forums… JUST KIDDING!)

Over the course of the development of this update, it quickly became apparent that it was no longer possible to appropriately balance the game on PC with simple files changes. While we’ve reduced the time it takes for fields to generate crops and reinforcements times on Voyages, we also chose to create a brilliantly bonkers new feature.

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the pit of doom:

The pit of doom is located towards the start of the game. It enables you to sacrifice the lives of your unwitting followers in exchange for gems by leashing them to this gruesome monument.

Gems will allow you to manually tweak how quickly you progress through the game, allowing you to redeem them for extra belief, resources (wheat and ore) or stickers.

What’s that? Gems, we hear your gasp? Well, before you get all breathless, please check out the image below:

We understand that some gods are impatient to progress, and so the pit of doom allows you to earn gems at the cost of great suffering by your followers. We hope this delights everyone who has been clamouring for the ability to inflict cruelty onto their devoted tribe.

The pit of doom is not the only way to earn gems, however – completing Voyages will give you the same reward (between 10 and 30 gems), and each map along the way will give you between one and three gems. You’ll also be able to find gems hidden in chests as well as mine for them once you’ve progressed further into the game.

Gems have quite the history in our community, and we recognise it isn’t an entirely rosy one. They have been seen as a cash mechanic frequently used in mobile games, and nothing more. But gems are more, much more than that. Gems have been used in games for ages, as markers denoting power and as currency. Given that we’re going for feel of gods playing with the world like it’s a table-top game, those kinds of gems make a lot of sense to us. But how to separate one kind of gem from another? The PC community has asked us to make a ‘pay-up-front’ kind of game, where there is no place for the mobile game variety of gems. But what about the table-top variety? Could that version of gems be embraced by the community? Given our iterative style of designing the game, we can but simply try.

Of course, you may believe that us re-introducing gems is only a stepping stone to bringing back the gems for sale. We can only tell you that we’re aiming at an entirely different goal for gems. To be clear: we have no intention to bring a gems-for-sale option to PC. We’ve listened to your feedback on the matter. That we’re experimenting with a very different interpretation of what a gem is has nothing to do with monetising the game and it won’t be turned into that at any time in the future either. Given how strongly the PC community feels about this, we wanted to make sure you didn’t have to worry about that kind of gem-monetisation mechanic returning.

PC/Mac-exclusive designer’s commentary

As a final bonus exclusively for our PC players, you will also have the ability to listen to Peter and Jack’s commentary as you play through the latest version of Godus. Simply head to the Settings menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen and you’ll find an option allowing to hear exactly what their thought processes were and from where they drew their inspiration, as well as more than a few helpful hints and tips for the game.

Marathon gameplay livestream on Twitch

Our very own community rock star (and part-time Tony Stark lookalike) Matthew Allen will be conducting a marathon six-hour livestream of all the juicy new gameplay we’ve brought to Godus this Monday, August 11th, over on our official Twitch channel, starting at 5pm UK time. Be sure to come and watch him play while we man the chat room!

Contribute to the Godus wiki for loot & glory!

We also recently partnered with Gamepedia on what is now the official, definitive Godus wiki. We’re hoping that some of our more committed community members will help to bring this resource up to date following the release of today’s new build and in exchange, we’ll be rewarding the best contributors with limited edition swag. For more info about this, please check out this post on our blog.

But really, this is just the beginning

We’ve been sprinting hard as a team to get this new functionality into your hands as quickly as we could. We hope that the new settlement designs not only address some of your concerns, but also lead to a more enjoyable and empowering Godus experience.

However, Godus is still in beta and as such, is very much a work-in-progress game. We will not consider the game final until we’ve transitioned out of Early Access. Moreover, our commitment to making Godus a truly great PC game for PC gamers remains undiminished and we will be commencing our PC-focused sprint later on this year. Keep an eye out on our blog for more news about this in due course.

We’re eager to hear your thoughts, so please share your impressions in either ourofficial forum, our Steam Early Access forum or the 22cans Facebook page.

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    1. James Clayton on

      I've left quite a few quite critical comments while I've been playing Godus over the weekend, both here and on the Steam forums, so I thought I should leave a quick note just to say that I love the new settlement design. It's much clearer what's going on than it used to be, and the way followers behave is much more intuitive. And the look of them is just gorgeous. It's great how every settlement I build looks completely unique.

      Now if only I wasn't restricted to only doing powerful god-like actions once every hour or two...

    2. Tim Molesworth on

      Well, I like what I see thus far. The choice of what to unlock and what not to which, I assume, you can choose to unlock all should you sacrifice / voyage and get a large stack of gems. It is nice to have the commentary over the top, telling you about what the things in the game mean and what you can do. I like the simple fact that my second generation hut built on grass looks different to the one built on sand. I like.

    3. Jörn Huxhorn

      See my comment over at…
      I have zero hope that the pacing of the game will change a lot. This has been designed for f2p/p2w so it's essentially broken by design. The seamless play between desktop and mobile was one of the big features of this campaign for me and this has a obviously only been canceled to make the game freemium on mobile. There is no other reason.
      It's absolutely possible to deliver a premium game on mobile. XCOM is one example, as are various adventure games. A touch display is the perfect match for this kind of game and it wouldn't have been necessary at all to deliver an inferior version for mobile.

      I hate freemium games. With a passion. And I won't forgive Molyneux for making me a (paying) accomplice of this abomination.

      The best (or worst?) part of this is that I actually like the hints of good game that shine through while I'm not waiting for some stupid cooldown counter.

      All in all, this has been the most disappointing Kickstarter projects I backed. And some others didn't even deliver anything at all. Nothing at all is better than this feeling of being deceived.

      Yes: deceived.

      22cans didn't tell us that this game would be based on freemium mechanics. And they did so on purpose since they would never have reached their goal if they told us. I know that I wouldn't have backed it and - reading some of the comments here - lots of people seem to have similar feelings.

      The REAL audience (which are not the Kickstarter backers) of this game seems to be fine with it. Godus currently has a 4-star rating on the AppStore. People like it. People buy Gems. 22cans can be so proud. Have fun with all your money. Ka-ching.

    4. Jibboom

      Jörn Huxhorn - Thank you for the link to that tweet. I do hope the mobile/PC link is gone forever, and that it becomes very apparent after the next PC development pass, because that leaves a lot more scope for making the PC version truly enjoyable.

    5. Jibboom

      Okay, I like the update, the game feels better for sure and there's a lot of promise there. When I'm not waiting around for things it's fun - apart from the game continuing when you don't have it loaded, that just feels broken.
      Right now though, (and I'm talking about PC, can't comment on the mobile version) if anyone asked me if they should get the game I'd strongly advise them to wait until after the coming 'PC pass' of development, because right now it's a mess - stuck in an awkward limbo somewhere between a free to play and a traditional pay up front game.

    6. Cliff Hicks on

      And now I can't even build new buildings because I don't have wheat and my builders refuse to do anything without wheat. I have no belief to sculpt plots at the existing wheat fields (not that there seem to be plots springing up there, despite the ample space next to them), the few times I've sent builders up they just stare at the plots... what the hell am I supposed to be doing here, besides waiting hours, gathering a bit of belief, trying and failing again? The voyages are one-or-two shots and you're out. I have no remaining gems, having used them to try and recoup my resources to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to be doing here... this is just down right BAD guys. I can't imagine I'm the only one who feels like they have a very pretty world and aren't allowed to do anything in it.

    7. Cliff Hicks on

      Well, I'm pretty massively frustrated now. I've hit the kind of wall that makes me want to stop playing, which is never a good sign. And I've stopped, come back, only to find the wall is still there and shows no signs of going away.

      I've got a couple of settlements, and I can clearly see a bunch of deserted fields, which I apparently cannot get anyone up to, because I don't have the belief in order to sculpt enough steps for people to get up there, I can't do voyages because a single failure now sets me back eight hours... in fact, there seems to be very little I *can* do with the game right now. If there's something I'm missing, guidance has not been provided, and my people keep leaving for the Askari, keeping my population low. The game certainly looks better, but I feel less engaged and less active. In fact, I don't feel like I'm actually DOING anything anymore... Not a good sign...

    8. Jörn Huxhorn

      No, multi-platform does not need to add some compromise to gameplay.


      It makes sense to reduce the texture quality so the total size of the game gets down but it's not necessary to change anything substantial about the way a game is played. This isn't the case for every genre but turn-based strategy like XCOM is a good example. And a game like Godus begs for a touch interface. The touch version should be *better* than the one using a mouse. There is really no excuse for this freemium crap.

    9. Jedra7609

      Gems and power ups have been around in games for a lot longer than the Free To Play model has existed. Also, as I said, the Gems don't really speed up the PC version in the same way as if you had abundant supply of them - they are just another resource to manage.

      Before I get labelled as some kind of blind fan boy of Godus, there are plenty of things that I don't like about the game.

      1. There is still a lot of waiting to be done. Although Peter in his commentary suggest you should do the Voyages while you wait for builders to build, it doesn't really work as you have limited resources (followers) for the voyages and if you fail a couple of times then you have to wait for them to re-charge. Given that some of the Voyages are pretty tricky, it is rather frustrating. I would like to see the voyages as 'try as many times as you like' as this would make them less frustrating and cause less waiting around.

      2. Sculpting is too expensive after a couple of hours or so. During this time you are starved for belief and a small sculpt cost hundreds of belief.

      3. I think leashing is too expensive. As it now costs belief to leash a follower, you can't get enough of them to where you need to build.

      4. Farms take too long to produce wheat which leaves you stranded as you can't get builders out to build and generate more belief as at this point they require wheat to build.

      I think all of these points are problems are there due to the multi-platform nature of the game, but if they are serious about a separate branch of the build for PC then it is all 'tweakable'.

      Generally speaking though, the game has evolved a long way from where it started and is now becoming much more a strategy game than it first was. I think they need to work on the pacing of the game more as I will say that it is currently paced a bit too slow which is probably a nod toward the free to play branch (which needs to be slow to encourage people to buy Gems). As you cannot buy Gems in the PC version there is no reason for the pace to be as slow as it is.

      Developing multi-platform is always going to add some compromise, but if they are now able to branch the PC version, this should not be something that will hamstring the PC version as the development continues.

      Like many here, I hate F2P games, I downloaded and played the iOS version for an hour or so, but I doubt I will ever play it again. There is no denying that many people do like games like this though!

    10. Yachmenev on

      Jedra: The PC version isn't pay to win no, but you can clearly see the design suffering because of it. The gems menu have just been translated to work the ways they have added to get gems in the PC version. That they exists, that it's still about speeding up things means that the PC version is a compromise where the iOS designing is the leading one and the PC version is just something their trying to shoehorn in on the platform, and they aren't actually designing the game the best way they can on PC.

      And that is far far from my expectations on this kickstarter. I'm very very glad today that my pledge was just £30 and that I didn't go higher, which I though about doing.

      That they intended to make the game for multiple formats is one thing, but that the one version that's their focus is the F2P one is not ok. The screenshot above, where they try and explain that "no no no, the PC version isn't F2P, it might seem like that but...." is just downright insulting to the ones of us that backed it for the PC version.

    11. Missing avatar

      SpaceVoyager on

      This game has gone miles and miles and it continues going! Can't wait to see further development, you guys are awesome!

    12. David Tucker on

      Awesome news about the gems, thank you :)

    13. Missing avatar


      Thanks I hadn't seen that. So it's yet another broken promise.

    14. Jörn Huxhorn

      They changed that. No sync between mobile and PC.

    15. Missing avatar


      The issue as I see it, going by the initial Kickstarter, the different versions are supposed to sync with each other. If that is still the case, surely people can buy gems on the iOS/Android versions and then have them available on the PC? If you can play on one platform and then continue the same game on another, they surely have to use the same mechanics.

    16. Jedra7609

      Those of you worried about Gems need to play this update. What they do is add a strategic element to the game. As you go, you can collect Gems by various means (in chests, on voyages, mining etc). It's then up to you how you use them - you can hoard them and wait until you really, really need them. Or, you can spend them as you go getting sticker or belief boosts. It's not a play to win mechanic - the gems are resources which YOU can choose how and when to use.

      The iOS app - that is pay to win, no doubt about that, but the PC version most definitely is not.

      Is the PC version compromised? That's debatable as the design is definitely aimed at multi platform development trees (and I am not sure how different the PC branch is). However I think that the fact you do not pay for the Gems in the PC version makes a HUGE difference. All of a sudden the Gems become a limited commodity and as such will alter the gameplay significantly as you have to use them wisely. Anyone with an abundantly filled wallet can steam through the iOS version without a problem.

    17. Ezequiel on

      Very good update. I confess that I had left the game since last update but now I got eager to pick up with these improvements, even though it bothers me the ticket system but I guess it's something I'll have to live with.

    18. Yachmenev on

      Some of the improvements seem nice, but I'm not going back to the game until I see reports that the PC version isn't compromised to fit the F2P mechanics of the iOS version, those that you seem to want to add to the PC version, but can't because of the backlash it will give you. The existence of the gems in the PC version is proof of this compromise, and I do not back kickstarter projects for such compromises.

      Until that is changed, I will use the new brilliant and bonkers feature in Steam that let's you hide games you don't want to see in your library.

      22 Cans can still convince me to get back to the game, but they aren't there yet. It's up to them now to fix this.

    19. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on

      I am enjoying the update so far. There is still much room for improvement, but the *game* part of the game is starting to take shape now. :)

      Personally, I have found it very interesting to follow the development of Godus. It has come a long way since that first beta where I had to click until my finger fell off to do anything significant, and at this rate, it looks like it will end up as a very enjoyable and unique game. Unfortunately, the cost of this way of doing things, is that a lot of people see the early versions, and judge the game based on those. I just hope that the end result will surprise them.

      Keep up the good work, you're headed in the right direction, I think. The in-game commentary is a nice touch. :)


    20. Christian on

      @V Wood
      I had the same request and they told me that there is a link in the mails you get. I'm not sure if it only unsubscribes you from the mails or from the updates on the site as well. I'll have to see.

    21. Robert Dietrich on

      Great update and very very thanks that you don't put this ridiculous F2P in the PC/Mac Version.
      I'd also like to try the commentary option next time I log in. :D

    22. Missing avatar

      V Wood on

      Kickstarter really needs a way to ignore updates for projects you wish you hadn't kickstarted.

    23. epmode on

      I think this is the first time I've ever seen a game that was clearly designed around predatory free to play mechanics adapted into a version with no cash shop. It's interesting to see, if nothing else.

    24. Jedra7609

      On iOS it's a F2P mechanic, on the PC it is not.

      I just spent the last couple of hours or so playing the new PC build and I rather enjoyed it actually. The new intro is nice.

      I still think the pacing is a little slow for a PC game. I know that they suggest you do the voyages while you wait, but I think the building should be a tad quicker. Having just got back from the seaside today, I loved the new 'belief music' particularly.

      Overall it is great to see the progress made since the early alpha - watching how the game has evolved has been great.

    25. Missing avatar

      Logan Carter-Johnson on

      Some good improvements, but still fundamentally flawed with the ridiculous card sticker and card based resource and progress system. Rather than use a living world to build a nation, people and religion you have this boring treasure hunt gameplay. Not very godlike.

      Adding different methods for obtaining gems doesn't fix this, it just attempts to patch over a problem of your own making; designing the entire game around a god-awful pay2win model.

    26. Yourtime on

      @micmon man its for sure also meant for linux, just the linux version isnt out yet :P

    27. Missing avatar


      You can dress it up as much as you like, it doesn't make it any less of a f2p mechanic.

    28. Al Wyvern on

      I'm sorry but if you want player to go at their own pace you don't have to charge them for it, put it in options. I'm rather appalled at the F2P energy practice put into place here and then disguised as a feature. Very dissapointed in you Mr. Molyneux, and by extension 22 cans.

    29. Missing avatar

      Eat_the_Path on

      This update is pure damage control but we are wise to your ways.

    30. Missing avatar

      micmon on

      "PC/Mac-exclusive"... yeah right, thanks again for taking my money for a linux version and giving back nothing :(

    31. Hendrik Valentim on

      I like how the gem feature was tweaked for PC. It fits both monetization styles now IMO and I am totally fine with its mechanic on PC. Real gloomy to sacrifice followers. Wondering what Age of Enlightenment followers will do to sacrificing gods...

    32. Jedra7609

      As a massive tabletop gamer I have no problem with gems. Often they are given as a reward for completing a task and can then be used to unlock something (or in a tabletop game be kept until the end for points). Collecting gems for doing something awesome and then spending them - I have absolutely no problem with. There are many games out there that let you do things like this as 'power ups'.

      If there is no shop then I don't see why people are so hung-up with the idea of gems - they have been around in games for a lot longer than Free to Play games.

    33. Yourtime on

      actually, when you are able to sync the game from ipad to pc and you have the same features on pc then on the ipad, then the whole gem features makes very much sense and also it would motivate people to buy the full game on steam

    34. Christian on

      I agree with Phil. No matter how you tinker with gem acquisition, it still feels like the game was designed with the F2P version in mind and was then adapted to kinda make sense for PC, not the other way around as it should have been.

      Of course I would love to try the game to be proven wrong but since you basically abandoned my platform ages ago and never even tested your game in Wine, I can't do that, can I?

    35. Yourtime on

      @mark i like the idea to take rather souls, but it seems quite dark when people want buy "souls" in the shop lol

    36. Yourtime on

      sad that the worlds are not sync. i hoped for that, because i really like to play the ipad version, but i also want have the features from the pc, looks like i have to decide myself for one side lol

    37. Mark O'Toole on

      The paraphrase Captain Kirk "What would a God want with gems?"

      Can you at least name them something else? Something not immediately associated with monetary value? Souls would be more apt, given the Pit of Doom.

    38. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Gems are a pay to play feature on iOS then? Just not on PC currently, but if you wanted to put a cash store in at some point, you've built a handy mechanic to allow for that.

      What a pile of rubbish.

      If gems weren't supposed to be a paid extra, you wouldn't have even considered it as a mechanic because it's clunky as hell.

    39. René M Jensen on

      That was almost too much to read.

      Im looking forward to this update, seems like this is the first in a long time step in the right direction. I like the looks of the settlements towering over the landscape.

      Now i just hope the whole sitting and waiting for 15-30-45min has gone. Stuff like that just doesnt fit on pc.

      Hopefully it will come out soon :)

    40. George Kelion on

      22cans' PR guy is a still a human being Marc, cool your jets.

    41. Sam Henager on

      I haven't tried any of this out yet (I'm still at the office for the next few hours...) BUT, this looks like it addresses many of my frustrations with the old settlements system, and the clumping mechanic appears to be a great way to differentiate between solo abodes and settlements. SO. Good Job! (I say tentatively)

    42. Yourtime on

      i really love the new settlement, its a really great way to do it and also the solution with the gems for pc is also a great one!

      I am playing on the ipad already for 2 days and i cant deny it i love it, I didnt had to pay yet anything to get further and get all.

      Now my bigger questions on my head is, will it sync. with the pc version? and is the system very strict? i mean, when i want have the features of the pc version i have to play the pc version or will i get it on my ipad too , when i paid the pc version? (as i did because i am immortal lol)

    43. MarcG on

      Kill your PR guy. This update had to be released before the iOS one.

      Anyway. Sounds interesting. Hopefully we're heading in the right direction.