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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Coming Soon to Godus… New & Improved Features

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

As you’re no doubt aware (especially if you’re amongst the forum regulars with whom we speak on a daily basis), the forthcoming Settlements revamp is actually a much bigger, more involving update than just fixing the issues previously outlined in this article on our blog.

Today, we’re sharing details of just a few of the visual improvements on which we’ve been working over the last month-and-a-half and we’ll be following up with details about some of the new features and functions soon.

Funky shadows

According to their coder, Fabs, this is a technical term.

Currently, the version of Godus you’ve been playing looks something like this towards the start of your game:

Following the forthcoming update, your Homeworld will look more similar to this:

Fabs, who implemented the projected shadows into the game, describes them in his own words:

“On console, it’s quite easy to do gorgeous shadows – you will normally use cool things like Gbuffers, or perspective shadow maps, or even make it easy on yourself and use stencils, but creating a game for mobile devices makes things a bit more challenging. We wanted to make something that both looked beautiful and also wouldn’t use up all your battery life.

Like all successful game development, it is a matter of finding appropriate workarounds, and we let the art department really get involved in it by having something similar to decals on the land, leaving procedural generation of shadows only on the landscape itself. That’s why, when you get hold of the update and have a look for yourself, you’ll see the land edges look more organic than the shadows on the houses.

All in all, the whole effect is quite convincing, and I’d say that we probably take a tiny fraction of CPU time of any other more advanced, or accurate shadowing system out there.”

Timeline 3.0

Ah, the timeline. This is something that we really wanted to make more functional, clearer to follow and enjoyable to use. We weren’t as happy as we’d like to have been with the version that’s currently in the game, which looks like this:

So, our first attempt was to split the timeline in two, with distinct areas for cards you’d discovered and for which you were gathering stickers to unlock, and those cards yet to be brought into your game.

While this may have improved functionality, we thought it was a bit messy and not particularly visually exciting.

So, back to the work:

We really liked this one. This version added a switch allowing you to toggle between undiscovered and completed cards, enabling you to track your progress and see what additional abilities you’ve unlocked. We also created a version that used an image of Homeworld instead of a photograph:

Both attempts looks a lot prettier than the examples given above too, however we wanted the planes for undiscovered and in-progress cards to feel more connected and look visually cohesive.

So, on to the next try:

We’re really happy with this design. We think it makes your progress much easier to track, allows you to focus on which aspects of the game you’d like to unlock next much more easily… and it hits the visual fidelity mark we were looking to hit.

Tony, who implemented and animated the timeline, has this to say:

“I can’t stand boxes. I’ve already spent too much of my life making bloomin’ boxes with text in. The timeline pleases me no end, taking what could have been a rubbish spreadsheet and instead making something vibrant and full of motion. The goal here is to make something that gives you all the information you need, but is in and of itself fun to play with.”

Dynamic water

This has been a long time coming. You’ve been wanting it, we’ve been wanting to make it and now it’s finally in the game. We think that flowing water helps make your Homeworld come alive and makes the landscape feel much more active.

Have a look at the clip below to see water flowing in Godus.

At present, you can sculpt the water to form rivers and waterfalls. We’ve got lots of ideas on how dynamic water can impact gameplay and we’re looking forward to exploring that in future updates to the game.

The naming of things

Exclusively for PC players, the forthcoming update will bring with it the ability to uniquely personalise your Homeworld by allowing you to name individual Followers, Abodes and Settlements. To say that we’re looking forward to seeing all the weird and wonderful ways you use (and abuse) this feature is a gross understatement.

Rest assured that this isn’t the only PC-exclusive feature we’ve been dreaming up lately and we’re looking forward to sharing more details once our ideas have taken shape.

More to follow next week!

Keep an eye on the blog for more updates to follow next week. In the meantime, please feel free to speak up in our forums.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Nice to hear! Hope to see Linux build at least on beta stage. :)

    2. Richard on

      Are you planning to get rid if the crappy lemmings discovery levels?

      I hate the idea of crappy mini games like that. It'll end up like pocket god.

    3. 22cans Creator on

      Don't worry Neo, we've not forgotten about our Linux commitments!

    4. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      But what about Linux?

    5. Missing avatar

      Øystein on

      Great to see dynamic water incoming, although I agree with Anothony that it might look a bit too realistic compared to the overall style of the game. Something more cartoonish would fit better.

      One thing that would be awesome is if it acts similar to water in From Dust, as in carving a path on its own, creating rivers and lakes. Could come in handy if you're mean and want to let your followers be taken by a flood now and then.

    6. Tony Porter on

      Just what everybody was crying out for, eye candy..... :rolls eyes:

    7. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Great, still haven't built a game though.

    8. 22cans Creator on

      Don't worry Anthony Yates, trees in Godus have shadows in the updated build we'll be releasing very soon!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on

      Nice update, the game still has plenty of room for improvement, but it keeps getting better. I am looking forward to trying the next version. :)

    10. Christian on

      Does anyone know if I can unsubscribe from updates to a project on Kickstarter?

    11. Dan Murphy on

      I have not touched godus in a very long time... I only played it the once back when it first hit steam.. But after this update ill def take another look.

    12. Andrew Pierce on

      Every time I hear mention of the limitation of mobile devices I cringe at how much worse the PC version is going to be because of it :(. Mobile games should be exclusively mobile, PC games should be exclusively PC, mashing them together just makes the PC version more crap than it could have been :(.

    13. Missing avatar

      V Wood on

      Stopped caring. Nice linear upgrade system, really cuts out the player choices.

    14. Dylan Robinson on

      I think it's time to throw away the card upgrade system. Individual abodes should be able to be upgraded each with different vertical growth - also like to the next era. Click and drag boxes need to be added. Be respectful and considerate.

    15. Anthony Yates on

      Nice shadows. Why don't the trees have funky shadows?

      Glad to see dynamic water but wondering if it looks too realistic compared to the look of the layered land. Makes me want the land to be solid and more realistic.

    16. Qthemuse on

      I just wanted to say, I know you guys get alot of flac from the internet and over at steam forums, but I believe in you guys and think you are doing a good job. Keep up being positive and release the best game you can.

    17. Rich on


      the time line is looking loads better too
      can't wait for the update, I've missed playing godus, i had to stop as i'd played the build to death