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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Godus Update 2.0.5 Released Today & New Joiners

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hi everyone.

My name’s George and, along with Bruno Tavares and Lin Lin Li, we’re the newest members of the 22cans team! Bruno is our Lead Server Architect, responsible for all our game client to server networking needs; Lin Lin is our resident analytics expert, responsible for sharing insights about how you play to the team; and I’m the new Community Chap, aka The Guy In The Online Asbestos Suit (full credit to Matt Soell for that epithet).


I’m not going to spend lots of time telling you how thrilled I am to have joined the team here in Guildford (although I very much am) and how excited I am to now be working on project I first got involved with as a Kickstarter backer (very excited, since you ask). Instead, I’m going to tell you about the kind of things I will be working to implement so that the community has a greater sense of involvement and awareness about what’s going on with Godus.

  • First up, I’m working with Peter and Jack to publish a features roadmap – hopefully this will give you much clearer insight as to how Godus is shaping up and the direction in which it’s moving. I’m hoping to publish this before the end of next week, barring any unforeseen eventualities.
  • Secondly, I’m looking to implement some processes to enable us to gather, filter and implement community feedback (i.e. issues and suggestions) more effectively. First step – familiarise myself with you, the game and your outstanding concerns.
  • Thirdly, I’ve been aware that we need to update the info on Godus’ store page on Steam so that it better reflects the content that’s currently in-game, as well as the direction of future content. That’s something I’d like to do this month.


Today, however, we are updating the Steam Early Access build to version 2.0.5 – we believe that this build isn’t quite ready for primetime, so we’ll be releasing it to the Opt-In branch on Steam.

You may experience issues carrying your existing saved game across to the new version, so we recommend you delete your existing save to take advantage of all the new features and changes in this build. Click here for instructions on how to delete your save games.

For information on how to access the opt-in developer builds, please follow this link.

Peter and Jack have recorded a video update where they talk about the release of version 2.0.5 and some of the work that went into it, which you can find at the top of this update.

In future, we’ll probably save full-blown video updates for larger content updates, as we’ll be able to update you more frequently on the comings and goings of Godus via words and pictures on this blog.


Please find below the change list for the v2.0.5 update. As always, please be sure to report any bugs and issues to or and feel free to discuss features for future updates on our forum here.


  • Storms now have a chance to replenish chests in your world within your area of influence
  • Settlements have been redesigned to feel more like settlements instead of a sprawl

How Settlements Work

Mining ore and farming for wheat now occurs as a variable rate depending on how many mines and farms you build; how many workers are in a mine or farm; any buffs applied to the mine or farm and/or its workers; and proximity of a mine or farm to a settlement (i.e. how far miners or farmers have to commute to work), as opposed to specific amounts of ore and wheat gathered over time.

The resource bar now correlates to resource generated per hour instead of a total amount of the resource collected.

  • The more fields/mines you have, the higher your per hour rate will be. For example, building additional mines/farms will increase the overall rate at which you generate ore/wheat. The more mines/farms you build, the faster you will level up.
  • Fields and mines further from the Settlement are less efficient than those within a Settlement
  • Fields, mines and abodes built inside a Settlement do not cost any resources to build however if you build outside a Settlement, it costs resources. The cost is displayed on the empty plots.
  • Various balance improvements, including reduction of time it takes to complete building


Crash on start up: Players were that the game will crash at the splash screen, which should now be fixed in this version. If the problem persists, please refer to the workaround here.

Crash when hitting "return to home" on voyages: Players were reporting a crash every time they select "return to home" on a voyage, which should now be fixed in this version.

Finger of God causes red graphic issues: Players were reporting a graphics issue of red squares whenever using the Finger of God, which should now be fixed in this version.

Return to Civilization button disappears upon abandoning challenges: Players were reporting the red message "Map Preview" at the beginning of each challenge, if not closed, caused the Return to Civilization button to disappear. That should now be fixed in this version.

Additional fixes:

  • Sculpting tutorial responsiveness fixed
  • Keyboard hot keys updated to reflect new configuration
  • Memory optimizations since version 2.0.4, increasing responsiveness and stability
  • Buried chest graphical effects should no longer disappear


For the full list of known issues feel free to read through our Known Issues thread.

Freeze upon quitting: The most consistently reported bug is that the game freezes upon quitting and has to be closed via the Task Manager. This is due to a middleware issue and a workaround is being investigatedand a workaround is i.

Meteor will sometimes leave behind small pieces of land: When a meteorite strikes it can leave behind a small square of land that can’t be removed by sculpting.

The Belief button will appear faded out at the beginning of the Tutorial before unlocking Belief: This bug affects the Mac build only.

That’s all from me today and I’m looking forward to familiarising myself with you further over the coming days, weeks and months.

NOTE: Want to read all about the changes that were introduced in our initial 2.0 release? Click here to check them out. Also, if you have a bug to report or some feedback to submit please take a look at the Submitting Feedback and Bug Reports thread. Lastly, for more information on opting in to developer builds feel free to read here. Thanks everyone!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Please message me if a refund is available and possible.

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris on

      Can I have a refund?

    3. Styggron on

      :( Still waiting for a non steam diret download version :( :( :(

    4. Christian on

      @Neo Yeah, I'm really glad I paid extra to get beta access. I mean just imagine how frustrating that would be if everyone else would already have been playing the game for eight months but I still had to wait for it. Imagine I still couldn't play the game that by now calls itself "version 2". Imagine I would be restricted to starting the game in Wine every now and then, just to see that it still doesn't run. Pff, that would suck.

    5. Christoph Zürcher on

      Looking forward to the next big update. Nice Sir, You Are Being Hunted shirt Jack ;).

    6. Russell on

      "the megabytes of numbers"

      That's a new one.

      I hope the next update will be much more stable, playable and gives the option to restart....

    7. Patrick Marchand on

      Dat unsculpable meteorite stone is clearly Cthullu trying to overtake your lands.

    8. Martin Brabham on

      I love everything that Peter Molyneux has done before now but feel let down with the updates we have had with Godus beta releases, maybe games should not be made this publicly, please please prove me wrong and release an amazing game as I know you are capable of, I really am still looking forward to playing the completed game.

    9. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      > With iOS & Android build, nowhere.

      But Linux stretch goal was unlocked.

      And why do you compare mobile and desktop platforms?

    10. Sean Houlihane on

      Does the chests update mean we no longer have to play the crappy lemmings sub-game which seems to depend on sculpting being awkward to be difficult?
      Once leaving the first big island, I no longer got chests, and never even managed to unlock the deep water ones.
      and a WEEK for an expansion beacon to build???

    11. Kapah on

      @Neo: With iOS & Android build, nowhere.

    12. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      But where is Linux build? I ask this question in every update.