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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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    1. Ezequiel on

      I ran out of stickers. Frustrating...

    2. Shatners Bassoon on

      I think Jacks facial expressions tells a far truer story of how the development is going, I was literally crying with laughter by the end of the video.

    3. Mark O'Toole on

      There seems to be a deliberate reluctance to let go of UI elements that are touch screen friendly. If this had been made as a pure PC game from the off, as was heavily implied - none of the UI issues would've existed.

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      So, still no actual game then. And you've left in the free to play style elements in a game you charged £20 to backers for

    5. Dan Murphy on

      This is looking MUCH better than it was last time I played it. Looking forward to trying it out again...

    6. Ezequiel on

      Very interesting update. The game feels so nice and playable.

    7. Missing avatar

      Somatik on

      Seems I'm not getting enough stickers, stuck...

    8. Ricardo J A Dias on

      Loving this guys! Great stream lining. Can't wait until story gets brought back. This will be the game that I stress relieve with.

    9. Rullakebab99 on

      I've been waiting for this update. Gonna go test what you guys´ve been up to. :D

    10. Styggron on

      Non steam version please 22Cans.....

    11. Missing avatar

      Somatik on

      I seem to be waiting for belief all the time, something is out of balance

    12. Turk

      left feed back

      Game began to have performance issues " Black "squares" began to flash across the screen, like the engine was having issues drawing the map

      much slower than before, sculpting hills etc use up so much belief than i spend a lot of time waiting for belief

      new time line cards do not give enough information of WHAT is required ie Furs, meat, Bricks required to complete technology

      improved mechanics is good, less clicking but still a lot of drag because limited belief means you spend more time waiting for chance to do things

    13. Joshua P. on

      Wow, that huge survey payed off. I honestly didn't think any major changes would be the result, so I'm quite interested in playing the new iteration.

      @dirkanobi You will be better off trying to message them directly through the "Contact Me" link, in the blue square, near the top of the page.

    14. Shatners Bassoon on

      Played it for an hour. Much better! Would love to know where the first person view is though; not heard a dickie bird about it since the stretch goal was reached.

    15. Missing avatar

      dirkanobi on

      I have backed and still not received my access to the game. How do i get it?

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew Dickinson on

      I'm extremely excited for this!

    17. Paul Downs on

      The sculpting tutorial gave me no land on the first attempt, a simple relaunch fixes the issue.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on

      @Will Robinson

      It broke for me as well, but unbroke after I restarted the game.

    19. Paul Downs on

      Good to hear and glad to see Steam has already updated the build for me; also good to know that constructive criticism was taken on board. This is what this process is mean to be all about.

    20. Will Robinson on

      Fired it up. New tutorial broke almost instantly. Put it down again until next update.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kristian Frost on

      Would've appreciated reading those first two paragraphs a few months ago. It would have provided me with peace of mind, rather than simmering anger and resentment at the problems in the original build, and frustration at not knowing what the situation was. A simple "Okay, we're listening, but it means digging the game back out from the foundations and rebuilding it, so we're un-beta-ing it, because we need to break it before we can fix it." would have been nice.
      That said, it's nice to hear that you *did* listen, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you've built.

    22. Rich on

      Wow this is awesome! Played a couple hours and it's much better
      still needs some fixes and tweak

      This doesn't excuse the lack of updates however it's my birthday today and I love that I have this update now

    23. Stormdancer on

      Just about the time I had put the game aside and given up on it, you guys come through with some deep innovations and changes that I think show a real sign of listening to us. Which I realize is very hard to do, when someone's complaining about the way your baby plays.

      So congrats to you for taking the hard path, and really digging into the game.

      Now... it feels like picking up belief is sort of a menial task, why should I, as a diety, have to go pick these things up myself? I'd rather see a more sophisticated mechanic - belief blossoms, and grows, and once mature it sits there for a little while, static, before AUTOMATICALLY floating up to you to be collected. However, if you need a quick shot of belief early, then you can go around and manually collect it RIGHT NOW.

      This rewards you in the early game, where micromanagement isn't such a chore, but seamlessly flows to the larger game. If you micromanage, you get more belief (because once plucked, belief immediately starts to grow again, and it doesn't sit at 'full' for a while), but... it doesn't really penalize you for NOT doing so if you get busy elsewhere.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew Beckford on

      1. Belief should not be picked up manually.
      2. Bring back the temple from B&W1 that is used for worshipping to generate belief to power miracles. And worshipping requires a constant supply of food.
      3. Villagers shouldn't be controlled by leashing, that's what the creature is used for.
      4. Villagers should not be influenced directly by the player. They should react to what the player does via miracles and through the influenced AI of the creature.
      5. Sculpting should be down to a creature physically
      6. The game feels too much like a f2p mobile game where you pick up tokens of resource (don't become clash of clans crap).
      7. Bring back disciples.
      8. Hire Luke Hodorowicz (Creater of banished).
      9. Not a huge fan of the Contour line look A villager climbing contours just looks weird and disrupts flow. Make it organic.
      10. Have villagers in an actual simulation.
      11. Please do not put any type of in app/game purchase. Not even for cosmetic. You buy the game, you get all of the content.

      Basically make B&W3 with the creature AI from B&W1 a non-scripted enemy god AI (I'm looking at you B&W2) and just overall amazing :D

      Let me know when that's all implemented and I will buy the game 100 times over.

    25. Kapah on

      When Android / iOS beta will open ?

    26. Missing avatar

      Julian Norton on

      Awesome, good for you guys on making the hard decision to revamp it structurally instead of just on the surface. Looking forward to the updates.

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard on

      Right on guys. If this update delivers less clicking and more populous, I'll be very pleased.

    28. Shane Schrupp on

      Looks like a great update to the game. I'm excited to see how it plays.

      Like @William C Crawford mentioned we don't need video updates for us to keep up our faith in you. Next time just toss us a paragraph or two each week (even a sentence or two would have been nice!) of "Lots of progress on fixing everyone's complaints about clicking for faith." and the next week "We've come up with a wonderful new way of not only collecting belief but moving terrain and clearing trees/rocks. Thanks for pointing out how annoying clicking was!"

      Short, even trivial, updates on what you've got going on over there will keep everyone from claiming "Vaporware! Scam!". Hopefully the damage done isn't too bad to recover from. Word of mouth can be a killer.

    29. James Clayton on

      Great to see things moving forward again. Hopefully I'll have a chance to try it out tonight.

      I'm kinda worried the timeline still looks pretty linear. It's Sid Meier's 'games as a series of interesting decisions' thing, and I'm not sure at the moment what it is that makes the choice of where to put stamps an interesting one. Civ's tech tree is about trying to outpace your opponents to hold them at bay in the right areas and score the victory condition you're aiming for. Here it still looks like just choosing the order you collect things you ultimately want all of anyway. Hoping I'll be proved wrong when I try it!

    30. Larry Barriere on

      There's alot of comments complaining about no communication. But the last update pretty much said that there wouldn't be anything to show for a couple months at least, and that's exactly what happened. If there isn't anything worth showing, there's no point to have an update. This is all part of Early Access. You guys need to relax. We all know that Peter loves to talk about his game as it progresses. If he didn't feel the need to talk about it, then for sure, that means there's nothing worth talking about

      Anyways, that was a great update. Looks like there's alot of new stuff to explore in the game. My wife will be pleased that she can play more again.

    31. Toby Heagerty on

      Taken out Story Mode? Can you really take out a feature that wasn't even there to begin with? (May be wrong on this as I've not fired up the "game" since you last cut off all contact).

      Its still not an excuse for the communication blackout though. You could at least have written a weekly blog to say what had been done this week. What's gone well, what hasn't panned out and the like.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jerry Ozbun

      Thank you so much for the update guys. It's amazing to see you take so much of the communities feedback to heart even though it was hard. Some big developers *cough*Egosoft*cough* could learn a lot from you :)

    33. Yehiel Certner on

      great to hear from you again, looking forward to playin the new godus :)

      i think the over saturation of news caused the silence to be so hard, and get the rumor monster rolling, a small talk every couple of weeks should be more than enough.

    34. jimmyff on

      Thanks for the update, i'll give it a whirl tonight.

      so glad you've culled the clicking.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on

      Good update, I'm really looking forward to trying this out when I get home. :) Sounds like you are moving in the right direction.

    36. Missing avatar

      benjamin on

      Gotta join everyone here, you should have keep communicating or at least tell us you didn't intend to communicate until the next update (wich wouldn't have been acceptable, by the way, but would have been less terrible). there was some trust loss here, and I don't think it will come back even if the game is good in the end.

    37. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      The main question: where is Linux?

    38. Christoph Zürcher on

      I'm just glad to hear from you again and the improvements sound lovely.

    39. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update, guys, I'm looking forward to giving it a try and seeing how the changes feel.

      And yeah, you certainly could have kept us in the loop better than you have. I can understand not wanting to put pointless builds of the game for us to try (insofar as the changes weren't complete, the latest builds were probably completely unplayable due to that, and you already knew what needed to be taken care of first so our feedback wouldn't have done any good), but a lot of us are interested in seeing the process behind the improvements, and I feel like we've missed out on a fascinating chunk of it.

    40. Russell on


      CE - Common Era.

      Nice to know Godus hasn't fallen off the face of the Earth. Now I have a reason to play it thoroughly again. :)

    41. James F on

      Keep up the good work guys. You have my support for breaking new grounds all the way!

    42. William C Crawford on

      I have to agree that there's *NO* excuse for ignoring us. You could have been keeping us informed, at the cost of 1 hour a week for a single person, what you were doing and why. We don't need *video*. We just need text. Video is nice once in a while to show off actual progress, but isn't a constant requirement.

      It sounds like the changes are for the better, but we'd like to help decide that. The whole point of "early access" is that we help give feedback as things progress. Rewriting entire systems is great and all, but you could have published a beta channel specifically for those changes and let us be testing it all along. You'd have gotten a lot of great feedback and (if it turns out to be bad design) you might even save another complete rewrite.

      Don't leave us out of the loop. We gave you our money and our trust. The least you could do is return the favor with what we agreed on.

    43. zdsdead - Gimp of the WOM on

      "we’ve been quiet for a long long time, but there’s a good reason for this"

      Absolute Rubbish!!! There is NO excuse at all for the way that we the backers have been treated over the past months, so dont try and peddle out meaningless excuses. We were lied too by PM on his last video update with regard to communication etc, and I think the damage done to this project, runs very deep.

    44. Felipe Dias on

      I've had given up hope of any improvement of the game, and this seems like a great advance on the core itself.
      THANK YOU!