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GODUS is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
GODUS is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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It's the season


It's time to wrap up 2013 and look forward to 2014. The team wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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    1. Creator Yehiel Certner on February 26, 2014

      is there anybody out there?

    2. Creator Martyn Haigh on February 24, 2014

      Hey Pete & Co - any chance of an update? It's over two months since this xmas message; we're all feeling a little left out, especially since you were so good at the updates before xmas.

      Thank you - hope everything is good with you guys.

    3. Creator Sven Scholte on February 17, 2014

      @intrepidis: You need to read before you judge: What he is saying is that he actually really hates F2P mechanics: "taking a huge hammer and smashing our customers with it. We're saying: 'Be patient or pay money.' That's not a delightful mechanic. That's not going to get people to invest their money."

      If he is true to his word, the game is going to be something completely different from Free2play. Still, what it all comes down to, all he is saying at the moment is: "there has to be a better way". Yeah.. sure.

    4. Creator Phoenix on February 15, 2014

      @intrepidis: This project is going down the mobile F2P road. There has been a recent interview with peter at pocketgamers where he is talking about what he thinks to be the holy gral to save the mobile games "invest 2 play" aka pay2play.

      Ohhh an there of course will be a shop!

    5. Creator intrepidis on February 15, 2014

      Hi. What's happening with this project? We haven't had an update in ages.

    6. Creator amigacooke on January 26, 2014

      Nice update. Can we have some more please?

    7. Creator Jason Lau on January 5, 2014

      I backed this some time ago and have yet to receive my key, despite filling out the questionnaire. I have emailed you twice and have received no response. After reading how disappointing this attempt at a "game" actually is, I would rather have my money refunded than receive the key, though at this point I believe I should at least get SOMETHING.

    8. Creator eXoScoriae on December 30, 2013

      screw you guys for taking half a million pounds and blowing it on this "game".

      It is obvious that the "genius" of Molyneux either ran out, or was reigned in by much more realistic geniuses in previous companies.

      There is a simple equation for it. The more direct influence Molyneux has in a game, the worse it is. The Fable series went on to do wonderful after the horribly limited first game. DK2 added depth that 1 never had, and now War for the Overworld finally looks to be bringing it all back with the mechanics we originally loved.

      That said - I really despise the part of me that actually helped fund this waste of clicking.

    9. Creator Remise Michel on December 24, 2013

      Merry Xmas !!!

    10. Creator Jedra7609 [Angry Imp Games] on December 23, 2013

      Merry Christmas to you all!