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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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What to expect from GODUS V1.3

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

GODUS is a-changin' - for example we're changing how and when you can sprog Followers from their Abodes and there's also changes to how Belief is generated, there's a major change in the landscape and also in resources and how you get them. God Powers are being changed, Collectible Cards are changing and oh yes, Treasure Chests and 'clicking' is also changing. All of these changes mean that we have to rebalance the entire game and this takes time. We could release what we have now but the issue we're having with save games would mean that it's a step backwards rather than forwards, so we believe it's wiser to spend the next 48 hours playing through the game (again) and making sure it's completely right and as delightful as it possible can be, before we update the version up on Steam. We have stopped adding new features and now we just have to finish's only going to take a little while longer but it'll be worth the wait.

As part of all these upcoming changes you will also notice that your Homeworld looks somewhat different now. You'll be able to see the changes before you are prompted with two options. You will be given the option to re-start your Homeworld after this 'changing event' which admittedly is a frequently requested option by our players.

We love all of your feedback and take all of it extremely serious, since without it, we wouldn't be doing anyone any justice. We believe that we can only make GODUS the best it can be by listening to your feedback and suggestions. We've read every forum post, every email, every tweet, every comment, we have watched every Lets Play video and read all the comments on those too. That's a lot of reading by the way. And it's your feedback that has determined what's made it into the first content update V1.3, so…thank you.

Below you will find a list of some of the new and improved features, as well as bug fixes to be expected for V1.3. Please keep in mind these are tentative until we release the updated version.

GODUS V1.3 some of the new and improved features (tentatively):

  • Enter the Bronze Age and era of agriculture
  • 12 New Bronze age advances including Farming, Politics and Cartography.
  • 8 New Resource cards to collect
  • 8 New God Cards to collect
  • New unlocks to increase your Area of Influence, speed up followers and cheaper settlements
  • Unlock a new Farmer Follower and grow your civilisation through agriculture
  • Farmers will grow crops outside of settlements for the population
  • Crops are gathered to feed your population and advance your civilisation
  • Choose the most fertile and efficient land for your crops
  • Dynamic weather system where lightning storms will bombard your Homeworld, damaging Abodes not in a settlement
  • Sprogging centralised within settlements rather than on individual Abodes 
  • Sprogging from Abodes only available when the Follower can travel to an available plot or Totem 
  • Abodes inside a settlement now have second stories (floors) allowing greater capacity and belief. 
  • Over 60 new chests added to Homeworld 
  • Entirely rebalanced multiplayer Armageddon mode 
  • New scrapbook hints 
  • Felt tents no longer produce belief and instead house more Followers and have faster Follower generation (breeding) 
  • Faster info bubbles 
  • New God Power icons 
  • Followers share their thoughts and needs via Prayers

Also important is making sure we look at your bug and crash reports. What happens is that we receive these via email on and if you didn't include all the relevant information we would ask you for this before passing it onto our development team. Your emails with your save games etc… go straight into our internal bug tracking software and once it's been confirmed by our internal tester, the issue gets assigned to a programmer to fix. Most of these bug fixes below are direct results from what you've been telling us about. If your issue hasn't been fixed then it's most likely it will be fixed in a future update but feel free to get in touch again, you can find out how on We'll post more information about which bugs are fixed when we release V1.3.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rad on

      These changes sound good. Tentatively speaking!

      Something had to be done about the constant clicking, at least for mouse control.

      I already wonder if sprogging should only be possible when there's somewhere to travel to, though. It wasn't *such* a terribly consequential mechanic WRT game progression and balance, but it was one thing that made you feel responsible for people.
      If they lost their house or you accidentally called them out, you had to scramble to provide them with land, or they would die. Frankly, I think it was more how easily you could accidentally call one out when doing other things that was a bit silly than the fact that you could call them out to die in the wilderness.

    2. Phillip Haydon on

      What to expect from Godus 1.3?


    3. Missing avatar

      Robert Heritage on

      Oh yes - I agree the non sticky rotate is very annoying!

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Heritage on

      I personally really appreciate the fact that the feedback has been taken onboard and addressed - I found the pace of the game a little too slow and the landscape forming quite tedious, even with the cliff and god finger. It needs more focus on minor god powers earlier in the game - it took me a couple of days to get them. I also think an erosion and smoothing type terrain former would be great though perhaps you could add them.

    5. Ieuan Jones on

      On the micro transactions front, here is a simple rule.
      Is the game free? Then they're fine, a different monetisation tactic no better or worse than a single up front purchase.

      However, if your game has an upfront price (and godus does) then micro transactions are nothing more than money grabbing. And adding those mechanics to a game that doesn't need them (Gems, Crazy long waiting periods, random resource collecting) negatively impacts the game experience.

    6. Lance McCrackerton on

      I hate this, I regret being a backer. I hate nearly everything about this game, I applaud the experimentation but I feel like it's a step back, not a step forward. I hate the card system, I hate having to unlock the cards to advance, I hate all the clicking. It just all disgusts me. Maybe in the future I will try it again, but from the looks of it you're just piling on more garbage. All that money wasted on this. This is why I don't buy games anymore.

    7. Roman Ondrus on

      looking forward to playing this update, keep up the good job

    8. Jedra7609

      Those clicking on villagers - if you only bring out as many as you need to build then you shouldn't have to click on many of them and usually there are so few that you may as well let them die. If they are too far away from a building site, build totems in stages along the way to their destination. To stop them getting lost on slopes, make sure you build steps that give them plenty of room to move and don't make them climb more than one level at a time.

    9. Jedra7609

      @Adam - toggle full screen off and then on again - that will resolve the double-arrow.

    10. Missing avatar

      Allan Probin on

      This is all really good stuff guys, but you forgot the most important thing: disabling the camera's automatic snap-back after rotation!

    11. Matthew Cason on

      Personally, I don't mind micro-transactions and if they're in the game I will use them liberally and pay for them handsomely. They ARE the way of the future in terms of gaming, and I for one will happily part with a little of my hard-earned cash to enjoy this already fantastic game just a little bit more.

    12. 22cans Creator on

      Jonathan Fusellier please send an email to and they will have it sorted for you in no time. (please email from your same Kickstarter email address if you can).

    13. Adam Jimenez on

      A couple of UI things. I get a double mouse arrow instead of just a single arrow. And I'd prefer to move the mouse to the edge of the screen to move instead of using arrow keys. Plus agree with
      Hannibal942 that clicking villagers to prevent then from dying is tedious.

    14. Turk

      i hope the reduce the amount of clicking required for mana generation etc

    15. Jonathan Fusellier on

      When/How are we suppose to get the key to access the game on steam? Thanks

    16. Hannibal942 on

      I must say I find the fact that I have to click on every single villager to prevent them from dying to be a really unenjoyable mechanic.

    17. Missing avatar

      Jan Martin Mathiassen on

      I don't suppose this change is going to involve a redesign of the UI to be more classical PC style, instead of very heavily influenced by pads, cellphones and other touchscreen-centric devices?

    18. Dragonbait

      @Jon Loon,
      I'm with you, any kind of micro transactions in this game and I won't be playing it, and I will feel extremely cheated having paid for the game as well.

    19. Richard on

      So, would >22cans< suggest restarting the home world or not, for the best experience? i'm at the point where the last beta was kind of designed to stop. But if I'm missing a great new experience is restart.

    20. Christian on

      Me: "Oh great, finally a new Godus update! *hitssctrlfandtypeslinux* Oh bite me."

    21. Jon Loon on

      Great to hear 22 Cans are listening to comments and feedback, can you please put our minds at rest that Godus is not going to be pay to play / pay to win and there will be no micro-transactions to buy gems at all, ever, in any way shape or form.

      From a gamers point of view pay to play / pay to win is changing gaming for the worse, please don't let personal greed spoil a potentially great game.

      A simple unambiguous statement relating to this would put a lot of worried minds at rest.

    22. Monkey Biscuit on

      Interested to see how chests will change. I find all that digging for chests a bit odd to be honest. Shouldn't my followers be the ones looking for resources...

    23. Missing avatar

      Jeff Standen on

      Great that you're listening and responding to feedback, really looking forward to giving this a shot. Gives me much more hope for how the game will finally turn out.

    24. Jedra7609

      Marvellous! I still want to see Godus the Board Game! I would stock it and play it!

    25. Missing avatar

      Kristian Frost on

      Keep meaning to mention this somewhere. Here will do, because I'm tired and lazy.
      Pretty much everywhere in my world is full of people who're on fire.
      They keep setting more stuff on fire, generating more burning people, et cetera and soforth.

      Is there a fix for "immortal dudes on fire" in the works? Well, perhaps they're not immortal, but they don't seem all that concerned about being on fire and doing the normal "dying due to being on fire" that you'd tend to expect from burning humans...

      It just seems odd, y'know?

    26. Rullakebab99 on

      Cool! I've been playing the beta quite a few hours, and it's felt really sweet. These additions and changes seem very interesting, so i'll be testing those out too. Wait for mah feedback. :P

    27. TanC on

      Fantastic changes! I look forward to poking around in it. :)

    28. 22cans Creator on

      Jacob as it says hopefully within the next 48 hours!

    29. Jacob Begley on

      any clue on when the new update will be available? Even a guesstimate would be good.

    30. Trevor Wells-McCulloch on

      This is great, looking forward to next update!

    31. Missing avatar

      Martin Eisenhardt on

      All these things sure look great - I can't wait to load the update and restart my world!

    32. ZILLA on

      Bless your light for listening to the feedback.
      Looking forward to the changes in the clicking soooo much ;___; Can't wait to try it out again!

    33. IronSpike on

      Oh, wow, this looks fun. Looking forward to trying it out! And thanks for the reset capability for the Homeworld. No more manually deleting local files!