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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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17,184 backers pledged £526,563 to help bring this project to life.

GODUS Update with Peter and Jack #33

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hello backers,

Not too long now before we'll be sending out your Beta Keys. Peter, having returned from Gamescom and PAX, updates all of you on what to expect from this version. This is a very focussed time for the team as they try and finish their work items that are crucial for getting the Beta ready for launch on Steam Early Access. You can find GODUS here, feel free to add the game to your wish list until your keys arrive.

In unrelated news, the teeshirts order has now been placed so everyone will start receiving theirs in the coming weeks. We hope to post a picture soon.

Thank you all, none of this would have been able without your support.



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    1. Hjalte Mansa on

      I have received my Beta key - so for those who haven't, they are on their way! :D
      However I miss a new update... it has been soooooo looooooooooong since last update :(!

    2. Daniel on

      Still haven't received my Beta key

    3. David Roman on

      17 days without any informations about beta keys... It's really frustrating for a lot of backers.
      Do something.

    4. Missing avatar

      Paul Maguire on

      I still haven't received my beta key...

    5. Max Chigurh on

      still no beta key, no answer from contact email by 22cans.
      i torrented the beta then.
      then i got annoyed by that facebook performance of the game.
      poor performance 22cans.

    6. Cmdr Noogillim of "The Lamentation" on

      My take so far,

      Only limiting myself to short sessions around other stuff.

      Very early on it does appear a bit of a clickfest but as the buildings increase in size this lessens, one thing though I find it handy to have a mix of building sizes as stated elsewhere the larger buildings take longer to manifest the hubba bubba belief so the smaller refresh time for the smaller buildings is handy in a squeeze if I don't wan't remove all the trees or rocks.

      The clicking gets better from my point of view,

      A few oddities the folks hardly surviving a day has me puzzled a bit - the lazy buggers need to be more industrious and less told what to do, when did humans take every direction from god/s?

      Why does it take an intervention from me to do something about the wolves, maybe a higher level of indigenous behaviour would not go amiss even cavemen were not this stupid

      A few glitches I have noticed the extended map range in my case only kicks in on reloading the game.

      Is the game supposed to generate belief whilst you are not in game? ie this morning I loaded the game up and woohoo! maxi hubba bubba bubble gum everywhere 10k+ worth.

      On exit I get a sim crash window (using win 8)

      It's a curiosity at the moment for me not overplaying it and just exploring as such and I do get the let's give it another bash thought.

      Overall amusingly keeping me interested.

    7. Missing avatar

      dirkanobi on

      Waiting for my beta key ... If u have always on drm i will be super dissapointed .

    8. ZILLA on

      Also, FYI about your survey --- if I didn't use a feature it still forced me to give it a rating. I hope it ignores these answers rather than factoring them into an average....

    9. ZILLA on

      I've only been playing an hour now. I really really really struggled to get any enjoyment or fulfillment out of the beta. Sorry to say :( I don't want to crush the team's enthusiasm for the game... but I have to shit all over what has been offered in the beta. SORRY.

      My hand already hurts. WAY TOO MUCH CLICKING. Hello, arthritis. Without me clicking my world does nothing and that's so incredibly boring. I'm tired of clicking to collect belief and I've only played an hour but I can't do ANYTHING without clicking to collect it. WHY? Seriously. WHY? Please amend this with a magnetized collecting cursor, mass collection button, or by automatically giving me the faith.

      I loved molding the land in From Dust and I could play with that for a LONG time. In Godus right now it is more tedious to sculpt the land than fun. It also costs me "money" to sculpt and therefore, I am punished for making mistakes or playing around. I also loved playing with stuff in Black & White; breaking rocks, throwing things, picking up trees. I could decorate my village and play with the physics. In Godus though? What physics? I'm only flattening land and clicking to collect belief. I wanted to play with the water flow --- but I don't want to waste belief because I HATE collecting it so.... what do I do? I'm guessing I could ~decorate~ with beautify but I need to click WAY TOO MUCH to get the power so I don't even have the patience to get that. What exactly can I do without collecting belief...? If I don't want to do the tedious collection of belief what is left for me to do? Not play the game I guess...?

      I think review linked by Phillip Haydon is spot on. I actually had fun in farmville for awhile, but this is not like farmville. I had pretty low expectations for this game since 22cans planned to make it for tablets but I was expecting more than this.
      ( )

    10. Stuart Hacking on

      @Phillip That is hilarious! :D (but also makes me sad.)

    11. Phillip Haydon on

      @Tommy - nope, not fake at all.…

      ^ Best review of the game so far for anyone who is interested.

    12. Ruke Unlimited on

      Does Godus have always on DRM? I got my beta key today, and played for an hour or so and then it said my internet disconnected (it didn't) and closed the game... This is a pretty disappointing development, though the game itself is wonderful.

    13. Mikkel on

      Aw, the update to 1.2.1 is making my game crash on start up, every time. :( I even tried reinstalling it! :) Here's hoping for a quick patch! :D

    14. Missing avatar

      Sam Bascomb on

      @Sam Bascomb I haven't advanced very far into the game so these problems with micro managing might lessen as the game progresses

    15. Missing avatar

      Sam Bascomb on

      dear 22Cans:
      Godus at the moment feels far to much like a "free" pay-to-win game. I would love it if anything could be done about this. Some things that I can think of are: removing the gem system and also removing the extraordinarily long waiting time for belief in the later houses. Another pet peeve I've been having with this game is the fact that followers die and lose you 50 belief. To me this seems like a harsh punishment and a system should be implemented to lower the burden of micro managing your followers. A system could be something like building a temple or church where followers will bury the dead and only lose you say 5 belief. I think what would make a good mechanic is more types of buildings for example: graveyards, temples and other useful buildings that your followers would build around the houses and manage themselves.
      Yours truly: Sam

    16. Max Chigurh on

      still no key/mail...
      why did i pledge??

    17. Kristan Alicesun on

      I was having fun my first 2 days, but WAY too much clicking! My index finger still hurts & I'll have to stop testing for now.
      First off I'd say the sculpting tools still need tweaking. The controls are a little twitchy & jump back a lot of times. Other times when trying to gather belief a house is destroyed because I accidentally move the land. As for the type of feel I'd personally like, I'm partial to clay as a medium. I'd like to feel as if I'm dragging & pushing a physical object!
      Second, I find the current Belief system to be tedious busy work. Assuming the basics of the Belief system are to stay intact, I'd like the bubbles to auto pop. But if you pop them manually you get extra belief, let's say an extra 10% (tuned up or down during testing).
      That way you keep the musical mini game, the touch aspect some people seem to like, & it gives an edge to micro-managers during multi-player. I'm much more interested in the single player, but I hope we can come up with a resolution that makes everyone happy.
      Ooh, and sometimes I'd like to just sit & watch the bubbles pop & my people live their lives! :~)
      On that subject, I'm looking forward to more independent activity among my followers. As well as more ambient life in the world. I'll be patient, but please let us know when its near.

    18. Missing avatar

      Remise Michel on

      I can't get through the bronze age ... my people just stoped working at 2200 :-( and the treasures are empty ! But it's an excellent game, I played it for about 10 hours non stop trying to discover crashes (treasures with black square, memory crashes, map limit...). I really liked the night visual but I want the houses to have some lights in and smoke from the cheminee. People could light torches. Also I want more dynamic water, like rivers with flowers on the side and cascades.
      The screen is way too small, we can't see anything, it could be fun to zoom out a lot like in pop3 (earth vision) and have a minimap. Well... there are many things to say on this beta but I think that P.Moulyneux and 22cans are on the right way to make a beautiful game ! <3

    19. Jason Broadley

      I like Dean Beard's idea of waving the pointer over the bubbles to collect faith (rather than clicking)... or perhaps even just bringing a house into view on the screen collects its faith (so all you really have to do is pan all around your territory, which itself can still be a lot of work if you've got a lot of territory).

    20. Missing avatar

      Phil. on

      Must admit with the comments below about the amount of clicking involved for both faith and terraforming. Glad about the comments in terms of terraforming snapping back and I found it is hard to know if the land will grow or shrink back. I was wondering why the faith doesn't automatically get add to the counter since I couldn't see any feasible reason why you wouldn't want it unless for future game play.

      A couple of questions:

      1) Played for about an hour and my men were wanting to build larger homes. Is it worth dismantling the older smaller homes so that it will auto-create larger homes?
      2) I'm also not sure what triggers the ability to create the box to enable a follower to create a new house. I clear the land, which I think should be large enough and nothing happens. Is there a way we can say I want a house built and this point or make the ability to create new homes more efficient?
      3) As a follow on point I also found when terraformng it would start to destroy a house even though I am not really near it. I think the mechanics here need to be improved.
      4) Just wondering to help clear land for housing I remove trees. Is this necessary \ advisable and is it possible to create trees? Are they visual or play an important part in the game?

      Apart from that I quite enjoyed playing it.


    21. Mikkel on

      So, I'll have to agree with others, about the amount of clicking and the steep price of letting followers die. However, with a settlement, it's far more fun to collect the faith, and there's also a much smaller chance of it all disappearing, before you get to use it(From followers dying). Would be cool, if newborns (eventually?) moved out by themselves, and followers buried their own.

      Also, a way to deactivate spells would be awesome. Half the time, I accidentally terraform the landscape, when trying to click trees, people, etc. and a way to have followers upgrade their housings without you having to terraform their houses into pieces, would be most awesome.

      Other than that, quite a nice game. I've banked 6 hours in it so far, and gotten to 1500 followers. :)

    22. Christopher Jameson-Groves on

      Agree with the too much clicking comments, it's fine to start with but how about soon into the game either being able to have a god power that collects it or maybe totems/statues can be used which collect it from houses within a radius. Then the user only needs to click on that?

    23. Padányi Balázs on

      Vote for too much clicking! Belief generation in the early ages is fine to do a bit of clicking but I can imagine a space age country with millions of houses and I still have to get around my country 4-6 hours a day just to collect all the Belief (probably exaggerating, i hope)... as a god game it will quickly become farmville and not in a good way...

    24. Missing avatar

      Octavian on

      Hm, was the Linux support dropped? By reading through the comments here, I see that I'm not the only one who can't install Godus via Linux-Steam.
      So I watched a few Videos... It seems like the balancing (especially the "click-amount") is very annoying and needs to be fixed.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dean Beard on

      As per my feedback, I feel belief should be collected just by waving your cursor over the bubble. Not only does it stop RSI but there is another basic reason. Left click is for a physical interaction within the world. Belief is not a physical item but a manifestation of your followers feelings for you, so should not follow the same rules as interacting with an object, like a tree or rock. Apart from that, a very hypnotic and enjoyable game

    26. Missing avatar

      Esa Hietanen on

      voting for TOO MUCH CLICKING. Also upgrading or
      demolish huts so you dont have to click so much. Followers should also wait little longer when starting to build new houses.

    27. Russell on

      I agree to some degree about the excessive clicking for belief. Maybe grouping nearby houses belief into one would be better?

    28. Duncan Gray on

      Still have no email or steam key ... pretty disappointed with 22 cans :-(

    29. Matthew on

      So far the game is fun until you get to about 50 followers, after which there is way to much clicking. It becomes almost impossible to keep up with gathering faith, signalling newborns to leave, healing your followers and terraforming. Ontop of which you have the really harsh penalty for letting one of your followers die/go unburied (-50 faith), it makes the game unfun as you have to do a lot of micro.

      I think faith should just automatcically go to your reserve and the newborns should move out by themselves. Also after X amount of followers, they should be able to manage their dead, or possibly an area heal?

    30. Max Chigurh on

      i didnt receive a key either, wished i could play i bit before monday :(

    31. Missing avatar

      Bartlomiej Sokolowski on

      Got my beta key. Installed the game. Played few hours. Can't feel my hand!!! There is a WAY TOO MUCH CLICKING!!! WTF is this? Some next generation of FB games??? Click&WaitOrBuyToProgress genre? I'm disappointed. Very disappointed. I completely lost interest in this game. This game should be on FB and/or on phones/tablets only! I feel cheated.

    32. Chris Wilkins

      Got it running on the Mac and PC - seems to run fine. The way the game is now is so frustrating to play - 30mins in and I gave up. Just clicking all over the place - and clicking each of the faith spheres to keep going. I've switched it off now and not even going to go back to this version as the mechanics are all wrong. Please make this better than Populous The Beginning - this is one of my favourite PC games of all time.

    33. Bill Bessette on

      Got my keys and the game runs with no issues so far on my 2008 Mac Pro. Early feedback - lots of clicking. Too much. Also the 'terra-forming" is frustrating. The land moves then springs back with alarming regularity. I find myself pawing at the land repeatedly to get anything done. This interface needs to be smoother. Looking forward to the continued evolution of this game!

    34. Missing avatar

      James on

      oh hey, i've got my key. for those who use gmail be sure to check your 'promotion tab' as that's where mine ended up 8)

    35. Sean Houlihane on

      I got my 2 beta keys - doesn't work in a VM. Impressive.

    36. Missing avatar

      James on

      so, how bout' dem keys?

    37. Kristan Alicesun on

      I got the key yesterday!

      BUT a big problem that WAS mentioned to 22cans hasn't been addressed. The constant clicking for belief. They said they'd look into it in the beta. But they haven't fixed it yet. We have to make sure they know how much this 'feature' SUCKS!

      WAY TOO MUCH CLICKING! Especially for gathering belief. I was playing last night for the first time. At first the clicking was a little fun, but soon became tiring & I had to stop playing after an hour because my hand was hurting. I am NOT kidding! And FYI, I don't have carpel tunnel or anything like that.

      This HAS to be fixed PLEASE, or the game is ruined for me. I'm not being hyperbolic. If the design choice is left in place, despite how much I like the game, I'll have to stop playing so as not to get physically hurt. All the other bells & whistles in the game are worthless if the physical process of playing the game becomes painful & tedious.

    38. Mathias Siebensohn on

      still waiting for my key?!

    39. Dylan Robinson on

      Hey, still waiting to get my key through email

    40. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      Hi. I am still waiting for my beta key(s) as well. I kind of forgot that it came out and then I saw it on the front page of Steam! : -) After reading some feedback here I want to jump in. Thanks again team for taking on this great project!

    41. Cmdr Noogillim of "The Lamentation" on

      There is an option in the options menu to give feed back,

      I seem to get a lot off followers flaking out! - oops

    42. Ian Wellock on

      Is there a place where we can leave feedback on the Beta? Because OMG it's AWESOME!!

    43. Ian Wellock on

      Is there a place where we can leave feedback on the Beta? Because OMG it's AWESOME!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Simon Hewitt on

      Still don't have my beta key, has everyone else got one?

    45. Jens Neubauer on

      Why is the price on Steam lower than some of the equivalent pledges? If you pledged at the BELIEVER level, you paid £20 and get essentially the same thing as if you waited until now and just paid £14.99 on Steam.

    46. Missing avatar

      testing567 on

      I just activated my Steam key, but there is no Linux version. I paid for two beta keys. Will I have to wait for the official release to play? I was really excited to get home when I got the email only to be hugely disappointed to learn that I still can't play.

    47. Duncan Gray on

      ok, checked email ... no email ... no key .. kinda disappointed ( pledged you £60 on kickstarter .. looks like I could be playing the game now if I chucked steam £14.99 instead ) ... I'm not filled with joy :-( ... hope my steam key will arrive soon; please ... really want to see this game (that's why I pledged) ... please look after your pledgers

    48. Missing avatar

      Matt Austin on

      Eeeek, very excited - but no Linux version? That was the main reason I backed the project :(