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GODUS is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Gameflow Godus Update with Peter and Jack #29

Hello backers,

In this week's update Peter and Jack give you an update on the development of Godus. It's all about gameflow, gameflow, gameflow... Creating a game involves imagination and passion but it's not always easy, as you will learn from this week's update. Someone on the team dropped a bombshell if it comes to multiplayer...and panic kicked in with our designers. Sometimes, programmers and designers live in different dimensions!


    1. Creator Christian Pekeler on August 4, 2013

      PAIR PROGRAMMING and SHARED OWNERSHIP!! These two simple techniques would most likely have preventing the moment of panic about the non-synchronized AIs and one developer blaming another. It's NEVER too late to adopt a decent development process :)

    2. Creator Harry Torque on August 4, 2013

      Really great update, explaining how you overcame a surprising adversity. Candid, honest, insightful. I'm not usually interested in behind-the-scenes videos, but you guys always make them interesting!

    3. Creator Dan Ormond on August 4, 2013

      Loving the video updates too! The level of insight is fascinating :)

    4. Creator Rising-Mos on August 4, 2013

      Hoping for gameplay/game footage next week :) by then it will be three weeks since we have seen any of that!

    5. Creator Sleet on August 4, 2013

      These updates have been great. I think my favorite part of Kickstarter, beyond getting to make cool ideas actually come to fruition, is getting these views behind the curtain, of all of the hurdles involved.

    6. Creator Owain Blackwood on August 4, 2013

      I love the updates. Not just because it's something I have an interest in seeing through, but because I get an insight into a creative project and the steps and evolution behind it, with all the setbacks, problems and flashes of inspiration that come with it.

    7. Creator Dan B on August 4, 2013

      @Phillip: You can manage notifications on a per-project basis at - just turn them off if they bother you.

    8. Creator Phillip Haydon on August 4, 2013

      These have to be the worst, most annoying updates of any project I've backed on KickStarter. Wish I could just get my money back and be done with it.