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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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17,184 backers pledged £526,563 to help bring this project to life.

Linux and an open invitation

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hi everyone,

It's been a manic 30 days we've been through and now we're down to the final six hours.

We decided to make a change to our stretch goals based on your feedback on here, on reddit and everywhere else. Linux support is now a £525,000 stretch goal and taking the PayPal amount into account (£14,331.39) we are nearly there! So a big congratulations to all our backers.

Also, if anyone is a backer and is in the Guildford area then please feel free to join us at our studio tonight from 17:30 GMT for the final countdown and bring a bottle and some snacks! You can find our details on our website We look forward to welcoming you and remember, if you can't make it, you can watch us live on 

Take care,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Johnny Reeves on

      Many people would love to see this game come to the Ouya, it would be a smart move,... i hope it happens...

    2. intrepidis on

      @Abe Figueroa: I think PM's previous games did not live up to the hype because of publisher pressure. This kickstarter project doesn't have that problem.

    3. Pascal on

      I'm so excited we'll get the Linux version! =)

    4. Paola Kathuria on

      Awesomeness. Thank you. It was great meeting people this evening.

      Any chance of a three-monthly gathering of backers at 22cans?


    5. Missing avatar

      Marcus Robinson on

      Great to see everybody from 22 Cans and all the other fans who made it. Congratulations and good luck with the development.

    6. Ollie 'Reach' Denning on

      Tonight was literally awesome, being there for the final countdown with Peter and the team with Champagne was awesome

    7. Rich Ard on

      same here Ricky, an excellent decision 22cans - thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Ricky Brent on

      Wow -- I put in a pledge and went to sleep, and this was offered while I slept! What a great dream; I was wishing for Linux support all along. :)

    9. Mike and Rich Chappell on

      1 minute left... guess my Ouya will have to wait for it's turn... Would the Android version work just without full support?

    10. Alexander R on

      @Tomduril - remember, the Ouya game controller has a touch pad on it, so alot of the touch interface for Android and iOS would actually be re-usable on Ouya. Personally I will be getting a (an ?) Ouya and would love to play this on the big screen

    11. Missing avatar

      A.F. on

      Don't disappoint me again not disappoint me again....I decided not to pull my pledge because there are other people on the team who do not deserve that....

    12. Missing avatar

      Chargenut on

      I'm going to come along!!! And will bring some snacks and a bottle with me! Aiming to be with you at 17:30 as I live in Haslemere!

    13. Tomduril on

      About OUYA and Linux: as far as I understand it - its not just about the NVIDIA terga3 optimised rendering - its also about "controller" support.
      mouse/keyboard != touchscreen != game controller

      Games/interfaces designed for one input method have to be adopted a lot to allow a different (user) interface. Just look back at the console games that have "keyboard" support - its just painstaking!

      And Peter already said that they want to do first mouse, second touchscreen support.

      Adding game controller support for GODUS is just really heavy work in design/test.

      A Linux port is "just" something technical (also because android is quite similar/based on Linux) and should be a lot "cheaper" than a full rework of the whole input/interaction pattern.

      It is really about the amount of work that has to be performed - so it makes sense to put Linux before OUYA/game controller.

    14. Wei-ju Wu on

      Awesome, didn't see that coming ! Thank you !

    15. Dan Ormond on

      Aww I wish I could have made it to the studio tonight! Hope you all have a great night, and headaches in the morning ;) :D

    16. espiritu on

      Hi there.
      It's nice to see that we reached Linux support.

      Ouya supporters do at least have the Android version which of course may lack the support for the Ouya controller but for Linux friends it was an all-or-nothing- thing...

    17. Rui Andre Marques de Sá on

      I'm from Portugal. I loved to be in Guildford to celebrate with you...
      I'll be on the twitch for the count down
      I'm really looking forward with this game...

    18. Etienne on

      @kris ouya is using a NVIDIA terga3, 22cans can try a deal with NVIDIA,
      ... That would be good!

    19. Kai Alexis Price on

      Too bad there was not more time for OUYA supporter to respond. Even if the stretch goal is not met, I hope it will become an option anyway at some point. This would be an ideal game for the OUYA.

    20. Marco Meijer on

      @Marcel Schoen
      The Android-version will need to be capable of 1080p-resolution, and probably higher, at any rate. It will not take a long time before phones with 1920*1080 resolution are in the stores. If I'm not mistaken they have already been announced. Not to forget 2550*1440 tablets. However, screen size is also an important factor, and that is something that may be a bit different with Ouya, though even that remains to be seen considering many phones and tablets support HDMI-interfaces and thus can be connected to TVs, and therefore somewhat be used as a substitution for Ouya. All in all, Android as a whole is a difficult platform to develop for. Its many capabilities and flexibility, which I love so much, can be a bit of a hell for a developer. An ambitious developer could break this problem, though.

    21. Marco Meijer on

      If this place doesn't turn out to be filled with 5k trolls, let's hope not, we are practically assured of a Linux version. Hurrah! Apart from that it means support of my favourite OS it will most likely also mean a cleaner codebase, which is something all players will profit from. Now let's see if we can make it to Ouya as well!

    22. Missing avatar

      Lyndon Armitage on

      @Ollie and @Charlie I might also need to grab a taxi back to the station... :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Kris Kelly on

      @Shawn - They didn't bump OUYA anywhere, they brought linux forward

      Probably because Linux will be easier to implement than a controller only android console.

    24. Shawn Black on

      Why the frig did you bump OUYA back? Why can't that be bundled with Linux like it was last round? This is a bit misleading on your part and not really fair.

    25. Ollie 'Reach' Denning on

      @Charlie McShane that sounds perfect to me dude

    26. Elliot on

      Curses! I have work this evening!

    27. Charlie McShane on

      @Ollie Denning
      Hey Ollie, I'll be taking a taxi back after the party to the Station, if you leave around the same time, wanna split a taxi?

    28. Daniel-Ian Smith on

      Wish you told me sooner about the Open Invitation, Would of been able to go to :/ can't wait for the game either way xD

    29. Marcel Schoen on

      Well, Ouya is indeed running on Android, but the game still needs to be adapted to the Full HD screen resolution and, more importantly, to the gamepad controllers (while on regular Android phones and tablets, it will be tailored to use touch input).

    30. Ollie 'Reach' Denning on

      I will definitely be there i'll drive in and use my work carpark then get a taxi from the station

    31. Paola Kathuria on

      @sam 5:50pm kickstarter ends

    32. Missing avatar

      Lyndon Armitage on

      I'd catch the bus from the station if I were you it's quite a long walk. Will try to be there around that time! Any preferred drinks? :-)

    33. James Marshall on

      I may look to leave Petersfield around 4 to go to Guildford (allowing for traffic), then will be heading back to Chichester... If anyone on that route wants a lift, give me a yell ( @akkuze on twitter)

    34. sam wightman on

      What time does the kickstarter finish? (because I'm in guildford and wanna know what time to be at the place by to enjoy that moment).

    35. Missing avatar

      lennart on

      Yay for linux support!

    36. Patrik on

      ooooh if I lived in the UK now :<

    37. Charlie McShane on

      Heading off about 4pm from Slough. Will be there about 5:30pm-5:45pm. Taking the train to Guildford Station to arrive at 5pm and then walking the rest! See you there!

    38. Manolis Krestas on


      with paypal money...

    39. Paola Kathuria on

      How long will backers be welcome at the 22cans studio this evening? I can't make it for the countdown. May I come later (7pm-ish)? I'll bring cake.

    40. intrepidis on

      I don't use Linux (much) and will not get the game for it. I will get an Ouya when it's out... That being said I think you have made a good and wise decision to put the Linux stretch goal at less of a price. Well done. I'm surprised Kickstarter let you do it!

    41. Missing avatar

      Nygel on

      Any chance of getting the development webcam up in time for 17:30 for those who aren't near Guildford? =)

    42. Missing avatar

      Dr Neil J Tarrant on

      I'll be passing through Guildford at roughly the right time, but sadly at about 100 km/h on a train down to Portsmouth ;-)

    43. Seb Bell on

      I'm on my way, see you there!

    44. Filip Stefanovski on

      guys does anybody know when the beta will be launched?

    45. Filip Stefanovski on

      I would love to be there but I live in macedonia :P. Anyways good luck. I will support this project till the end. :)

    46. Liam Monster on

      The Ouya has a touch screen on the controller and it runs android so it is likely to work to some extent. Obviously it won't be optimised and tuned specifically for the platform. Personally, my preferred choice is PS Vita (although no chance for for this game). I'm more than happy about sitting down and playing it on my PC. My android phone won't be powerful enough.

    47. Wumboist on

      Blarg, I live a few thousand miles too far away :p

    48. David Rolfe on

      Hopefully with the PayPal amount as well, you will reach £525,000 within the next 4 hours... fingers crossed!

      It is going to be a long wait from now until next September, although hopefully we will have the Beta version(s!) to amuse ourselves with in the meantime!