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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Stretching our goals a little further

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We've always said that Kickstarter is like a roller coaster, we have under 50 hours to go to raise just under 4% of our goal! So the time has come to announce our stretch goals to all of the (nearly) 14,000 individuals who have backed us.

  • £460k – 3 additional single and multiplayer game modes

Whilst we are basing the main inspiration for our competitive multiplayer on Populous and Dungeon Keeper, we would love to explore our land-sculpting and weather technology to inspire some brand new and exciting game modes! With some extra funding, we can test out some super unique competitive gameplay and then get it in front of you, the backers, in our early beta play tests. You guys can then tell us the features you think have the potential to make the final cut.

  • £475k – Begin your own sect. A deep social and competitive feature

We would love to expand even further on the previously mentioned clans with a very deep social and competitive feature. With more funding, you will have the choice of starting your own religion or joining an existing one. As the leader of a religion you can have other players join under you as chapters, and your individual successes will be shared amongst the religion members, with you as leader benefiting greatly. Otherwise, you can join an existing religion as a chapter to receive smaller but more secure benefits. A strong leader will draw in many players to join them, but joining up to an existing religion will more likely bring success. The success you receive is determined by the average success of a religion however, so choose wisely, as large numbers does not necessarily mean overwhelming success. Players will be ranked within a religion, but all players within a religion must also work together to move their religion up in the rankings overall. We hope to expand greatly on this feature, so help us reach our stretch goal!

  • £485k – JAMES LEACH writes game story. Original, Bafta award winning writer of Black and White
We will be in a position to call on the services and talents of James Leach, the BAFTA-winning original writer for Black & White, Populous: The Beginning, Dungeon Keeper, Fable, Theme Hospital and dozens more. He'll write the GODUS story, create unique on-line content and will collaborate with, and integrate the best and most original ideas provided by any backers who fancy getting involved and writing themselves some gaming history.

  • £500k – Multiplayer CO-OP and POSSESSION MODE. 1st person world crafting

We have competitive multiplayer in GODUS, but as we have discussed in our design videos, we would love to expand into Cooperative Gameplay. Something we would love to develop, and then play test with backers, is to have gods teaming up to control one set of followers battling against other pairs of gods. We would have epic team God vs. God matches in online multiplayer, as well as two players teaming up to fight AI gods in campaign battles. In addition we want players to be able to invite other gods into their home-world so that they can join each other in sculpting their lands and growing their populations. 

  • £550k - Linux and OUYA console supported

We love OUYA and LINUX and we're especially excited by the former, which is a platform being born out of Kickstarter. Unquestionably it will be a challenge to build GODUS for the OUYA platform, especially with a controller, but it'd be breaking exciting new ground and we're confident we'll make this work.

There will be another update later today. 



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    1. Missing avatar

      Martin Stephens on

      A level editor would have been a great addition, particularly if it were to allow scripting. Providing the Godus community the power to create additional content is a great way to increase the longevity of the game, particularly in a multilayer environment. I will personally enjoy seeing the game on Linux (6k to go!), however this will appeal to a smaller margin people.

    2. Sigd on

      Co-op, so sweet.

    3. Rich on

      Co op done I'm a happy man this morning :-)

    4. Cpx on

      Come on just few more till we get coop! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Juan Fernando on

      Come on guys, if you have been reading the updates you know that they will keep accepting pledges from paypal, maybe we can hit the Linux mark!

    6. Missing avatar

      Davy Nevers-Pardonnet on

      Supporting other languages would be great... I'm french and i'd like to see the whole game translated in my native language ( and more with audio dubbing in french ).
      i'm sure there are a lot of foreign backer in the 16k mass.

    7. Missing avatar

      James Wright on

      Any change of splitting out Linux support at say 525k?

    8. Matthew on

      The Linux support, I mean.

    9. Matthew on

      Poor stretch goal. Would much prefer something more along the lines of interesting features or something related to the games that 90% of your backers backed you for. You know the games I mean.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. siegfried on

      Come on people, activate the Linux community to get this game for it!!

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Jones on

      Is there even a possibility of adding in the Linux/Ouya support at a later time if it is commercially successful?

    13. Missing avatar

      Ole Petter Larsen on

      Oh and also, Being able to grow the size of your Homeworld through completing stuff in either SP, Co-op or MP would be pretty sweet, yo. :D

      Go from a tiny reef with a few hovels to a smallish continent and all that.

    14. Missing avatar

      Ole Petter Larsen on

      So, what's the chance of the 500k Co-op supporting more than just 2 player co-op?
      For the story atleast, it's always a bit boring when games support co-op, but only with 2 people total.
      2-4 would be great. :3

    15. Missing avatar

      Juan Fernando on

      Can we skip the Multiplayer CO-OP and make that Linux instead? =)

    16. Missing avatar

      James on

      I would definitely like to see a Linux version, otherwise I'll have to play it on Android, which probably won't be as good. Windows is of not good to me what so ever.

    17. Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on

      You need that much for Ouya support even though it will already have Android support? That doesn't make sense. It's like saying, you can play it on a PC, but not on a media centre PC, using an Xbox controller.

    18. Daniel Brook on

      2 more cheers! 2 stretched goals have been achieved now.. dare I say 550k by Xmas?

    19. Missing avatar

      V Wood on

      Last thing this game needs is a story. I'd prefer just the game thanks. Can't remember the story from Black & White, but the game was terrible.

      Why the Ouya? Seriously?

      Possession mode + Co-op should be a higher priority than more 'game-modes'

      And frankly, I thought every god *would be* the leader of a religion. Not really a god if you aren't.

    20. Alexander R on

      Remember the Ouya has a touchpad on its gamepad, should fit pretty well with the touch control methods being implemented for iOS and Android.

    21. Leandro Rocha on

      Oh! Im with Chaudy. Other languages? Maybe Portuguese, Spanish or French? =)

    22. Leandro Rocha on

      I reaaaaaaaly would love to see the 550K milestone, but just if a lot of bloggers talk about it today and tomorrow. Im a Win user, but Linux and Ouya deserves some love. =\
      In fact, most important for me its the 500K milestone, but nowIm happy that I'll get this game anyway. Gogo Molyneux!!! If theres something that we know very well its that you know how to create a God Game. =)

    23. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bentley on

      Ah man, I want the "Begin your own sect" and Ouya stretch goals! Sucks that the Ouya one is so far up there, but I understand why... since Ouya requires a portion of the game to remain free it's lost initial revenue (in exchange for potentially greater secondary revenue)

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Arno Thys on

      lol we were at like 449 now back at 444 ;p Why are people taking their money back? :(

    26. Bart Gasiewski

      Come on 485k stretch goal!

    27. Bill Schneider on

      Wii U is a great idea I think (Klaas). I mean, touchpad (as with android/iOS), but with another screen for something...
      It'd take more effort I think, maybe another strech goal, but seems cool! :D

    28. Matthijs den Daas on

      LOVING the live stream! It's awesome!!

    29. Chris Norulak on

      By putting ouya and linux as the final stretch goals they're already telling you they plan to do it, but without extra money it will take awhile before such endeavors comes to fruition...

    30. TimmyShire on

      If you do get it working with a controller, just go the whole hog and put it on Xbox 360 and PS3 too! I'd buy it on there for sure! :D

    31. Klaas van Gend on

      I would love to see Linux support being moved into the normal list (Linux isn't harder than OSX, believe me). Android and Ouya should be very similar - only the control mechanism differs...
      And I'd love to see Wii U support - other than Linux the only platform I really play games on. But you already had my pledge - I'll play on an Android tablet if Linux/Ouya/WiiU don't happen.

    32. Glen Sullivan on

      Very disappointed that Linux is such a low priority.

    33. Adam Kuczynski on

      Great stretch goals, but they should've been announced sooner, I reckon. Would probably have helped quite a bit in the earlier days of the kickstarter.

      Multiplayer co-op would be incredible, so I'm hoping that one will still be hit.

    34. Yiangos Stylianou on

      Can you create a new pledge. Something between associate and partner.
      I have already pledged for associate but would love to have my name seen and a signed t-shirt.

    35. Missing avatar

      scott on

      @Fabio Chirico - it is...but they have done most of the work by porting/getting it to run on OSX, if they have used SDL (not sure if they have?) then going from OSX to Linux should be fairly trivial?

    36. Rullakebab99 on

      These stretch goals are INSANE!!! i didn´t think you could talk me into upping my pledge beyond the 100£ that cuts deep into my pocket, but now i just might, holy crap!

    37. toby on

      but putting 'Linux' and 'Linux on ARM' in the same stretch is just saying they can't bebothered

    38. Fabio Chirico on

      To all the "Linux last sucks". You're forgetting that developing for another Platform is pricey!

      I do like the stretch goals order tbh. Keep up the good work 22Cans!

    39. toby on

      Putting the Linux stretch goal in such an unachievable position means you'll lose my support in the last hour if its not hit. Shame, as I love what you're doing :(

    40. Martin Rix on

      The only stretch goal I care about: Linux!
      (My pledge was at £30 on Saturday, it's now £70)

      @People asking why this comes so late.
      Most Kickstarter pledges are made in the first and last days of the campaign. Main reason: That's when Blogs post about them. Posting Linux support earlier would have got it in a few blogs, then forgotten by the time the "last day!" posts start appearing. By doing this (hopefully) headlines will be more along the lines of "Last Day For Godus Kickstarter (Potentially with Linux Support!)" drawing more attention, and money.

    41. Nick M on

      Even thought I'm not a Linux user, I agree with all the people saying Linux build should be a first priority stretch-goal not the last.

    42. Missing avatar

      Bad Whippet on

      I'm a Windows user, but I'd sooner see extra money going towards a Linux build than multiplayer. Great to see that GODUS looks set to reach it's opening goal though!

    43. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      Good stretch goals.

    44. Alexander R on

      Great goals, hope we get all the way to Linux + Ouya :)

    45. Clement on

      A bit disappointed by the Linux support being the last one since Linux :(
      I hope we can reach the James Leach stretch goal ! Sounds great to be involved in the so story, plus the game will be more immersive :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Patch86 on

      A bit baffled as to why these are being announced in the last 2 days of the campaign. Shame Linux support isn't earlier in the list; I'd much rather see it than "James Leach writes the story for £10,000". Is it really worth £10,000 (or anything close to it) for the guy who wrote B&W's story (which I don't remember knocking my socks off, particularly) to get a writing credit on a strategy game?

    47. Robert Price on

      @John Wilson Stretch goals have encouraged funding, and we're going to surge past the main goal.

      There's no logical reason that I can see for not doing them :)

    48. 22cans Creator on

      @Kim Bergström @ Ryan Richter Our Paypal will still be available for pledges after the Kickstarter campaign is over, but this will be available for a limited time only. :)