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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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17,184 backers pledged £526,563 to help bring this project to life.

First Godus multiplayer game

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Dear backers, fans and listeners, 

Less than 70 hours to go before our Kickstarter campaign finishes. 

Today multiplayer in the Godus prototype became a reality and we filmed the first game that took place between Peter and Jack. Being two designers they're both rather the video to find out who won. 

Also, here is an annotated version of the volcano god power that we showed earlier today in the Production update. We can't wait to nip the rim to start the lava flowing! 

Something we want to remind everyone about are our add-ons! 

To add an add-on to your pledge, follow these steps:

  • Please click on the 'Manage Your Pledge' link. If you have not pledged yet it will say 'Back this Project'.
  • Increase your pledge in the 'Pledge Amount' by the total of the add-ons you want.You do not need to change the tier you are currently pledging for. If you want to do so, you will then need to add the total of your add-ons onto the amount of the new tier you have chosen.

We will send all our backers a survey at the end of our Kickstarter campaign that will ask you which add-ons you want.

Regarding the Design/ Art Book and Framed/ Signed / Numbered Godus artwork from the VALKYRIE (and above!) rewards (@Stephen has been asking us this);

The artwork will be one of the hand drawn pieces created by Paul Mc and his team exclusively for this tier. Currently we anticipate using the Volcano and lava bomb image that you see on the site as it’s very striking but if we come up with something more awesome we’ll run with that or perhaps both. The print will be a A3 print on art quality paper in presentation format: ‘mount’ type surround with 22cans/Godus logos and testimonial. It’ll be hand signed by Peter Molyneux, Paul McLaughlin and other members of the 22cans team and dispatched in packaging to protect it in transit. The team are all going to have this on their own walls so we’re going to make it look pretty special. Plus it will be numbered. 

The book will be more of a development book featuring plenty of visuals but having broader appeal then an art book alone would have. So something beautiful but also informative and provide loads of insights into the art process, the development of Godus and 22cans in general. 

Paul McLaughlin said this about it; "From my perspective, I intend to include all the finished concept artwork, plenty of work in progress snapshots from the art team and a whole load of scribbles, sketches and doodles that show how visual ideas develop and find their way into the final product. I’d also love to have appendices for fan art, references and things that didn’t make it in to the finished game too. With regard to format we’re currently thinking A4 hardback with nice quality paper. It’s difficult to specify a page count at this stage but we definitely want it to be of real worth; everyone on the team (not just art) is looking forward to contributing to and owning a copy of this so it should be significant."

It's the final countdown, there's less than 70 hours to go.

Take care,



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    1. Florian on

      I really really would like to "feel" my people more than it is now. can they wink towards me, when I watch them or say something or be happy (dancing, cheering, or having a party or build me statues) when I treat them right? In general building some unique and things, so that I can be a part of a developing city. Fighting is funny indeed, but I also wish to just watch them grow their own civilisation. :)

    2. Shawn Jones on

      Still looks interesting, as it develops. But it's still not gripping me like I hoped. Looking forward to seeing how it improves, as features are added.
      Seems like you need the ability to focus in on your people somehow - or at least at the first instance start of the game, so you can find him. Also, the terraforming/landscaping seems a bit too clunky.
      I do agree with the suggestion of footpaths, and eventually roads or something similar, that generate on their own between the structures as it would add more realism.

    3. Daniel Brook on

      It is pretty cool for a prototype put together in fortnight a IMHO. I like the style of the graphics, even though they will inevitably change.
      Only found out about Godus about 5 hours ago and I've already become an associate and now manically reading all development stuff! Go 22cans!

    4. Nacho Fernández on

      I know it's just a prototype... but please make those cities better. Keep it up guys! :)

    5. Paul Walker on

      Silly question, but I don't suppose there's any way to get the streaming video + PDF access at the 'associate' level? I'd like the special edition game, but don't want to lose the video and PDF that I've got with ''believer'. :-)

    6. 22cans Creator on

      @Toni Wagner the community will be able to exchange ideas in the forum :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Dole on

      Will my people be able to naturally select people in positions, i.e. if someone lives high up in a large house they naturally become a leader figure that is protected, if someones low down with a large house they become a military leader and can lead people into war with a charge to make it more dynamic.

      I think these features would be cool and having one of each that give buffs to friendlys around them and debuffs to enemys around them.

    8. on

      will there be time to add features allowing the community to contribute content? editors / plugins, ... ?

    9. Ezequiel on

      Cool update. The little guys will only build houses or will they hunt for food, fight, marry, have parties, worship me or another god, etc? Sorry for my english.

    10. Stelly

      I want to see houses BUUUURN! :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Mordocai on

      This ... after 2 weeks ? Can't wait to see what you guys can do in a year !!

    12. Aaron on

      I wish there was an alpha 'add on' too! This is looking awesome, sure you can do it guys!

    13. Flendon on

      @Matthijs den Daas They have said in the past that your god powers will be based off of belief and more followers equals more belief. If you look closely at the number at the very top center of the screen it seems to be almost steadily going up except for when they are manipulating the landscape it dips for a second each time. I think this is small amounts of belief being used to make minor adjustments to the terrain.

      I'm glad to see the current stats on kicktraq today. It looks like between this video and the plug by Chris Roberts we are going to make it!

    14. 22cans Creator on

      @Günter K the art book will be featuring plenty of visuals, including snapshots from the art team, scribbles, sketches and doodles that show how the visual ideas develop and found their way into the final product :)

    15. 22cans Creator on

      @David Jones Currently the Design/ Art Book is exclusive to the VALKYRIE and higher tiers, we don't envisage we will make this available for sale after our Kickstarter campaign is finished. However, if we find that enough people want one after we finished, we will consider making this available again.

    16. Yiangos Stylianou on

      i know its a stupid question but
      what add-ons will be available?

    17. Ramon Marett on

      Perhaps some kind of Godly sphere-of-influence in multiplayer to stop enemy gods raising and lowering your land? The more people you've got, the wider your sphere of influence?

    18. Matthijs den Daas on

      It seems the pacing of multiplayer currently is quite fast, right? I think that will please a lot of gamers. But it does make me wonder if this kind of pacing won't make the homeworld develop too quickly. Or will things in the homeworld be much slower?
      Is the sculpting of the land also going to be limited by some kind of resource like belief or mana, or can you sculpt without cost?

    19. Missing avatar

      V Wood on

      I'm glad the game is currently so focused on core gameplay. I was worried with the pets, gimmick followers, and acorn that this would turn into a facebook game.

      Focus on general, orthogonal concepts that impact gameplay. The powers, followers and landscape are definitely this.

      And please, please, please stop saying Black and White is an influence. That game was a tremendous disappointment.

    20. D Morgan on

      @Zeph trust me with the fundamental gameplay of populous in there , pete and 22 cans can work the dungeon keeper and black and white elements in neatly where appropriate it will harmonise … it will work ;)

    21. D Morgan on

      Thanks Chris Roberts at RSI, for your Elite and Godus post 408k and climbing ;)

    22. Rik May on

      Good to see the team having some fun after all the work they have been doing, no doubt the excitement and dread are kicking in at the same time lol

    23. Zeph Grey on

      So....I'm seeing lots of Populous, and no Dungeon Keeper or Black and White. Really. How are these things supposed to be influencing this game? This really just looks like Populous 4, which is to say Populous with better graphics. The more I see, the less interested I am. I mean, yeah I can do cool things like create volcanoes(eventually), but to what end? Looks boring honestly.

    24. Rullakebab99 on

      i... need that artbook. i need it. please don´t limit it to valkyrie tier, it´s super expensive, especially because of the currency conversion. it´s about 125 euros if you go up from partner. as much as i´m invested in this project, that´s amount of money for the artbook is a killer. X_X

    25. Rullakebab99 on

      my jaw dropped when i read about managing the lava flow of the volcano by shaping the land. THAT`S BRILLIANT I WANT THAT!! :DDD

    26. Samuel Argento on

      Great job 22cans!!!!!!

    27. Keir Symonds on

      That volcano looks epic =3

    28. Chris F on

      Yeah, I'm liking the paths idea as well, would make it feel more like a city and less like a collection of houses

    29. Alan howie on

      Love Thomas Pietrzak idea on the creation of paths !

    30. Artur Gadomski on

      Hey what do you know this might actually get funded :D
      I like somebody's comment on paths. I think you need them. Paths are what makes cities.
      As for Peter's comment some time ago about how to visualize area of town think about fences and walls. Start with just a wooden fence to keep farm animals in and move up with small stone walls that mark boundaries and then move up to defensive walls.

    31. Missing avatar

      Remise Michel on

      Good job Peter ! I'm so impressed by the work you and your team did in 2 weeks !

    32. Missing avatar

      David Jones on

      How likely would it be that an art book would be on sale separately at a later date?

    33. Draco Whitefire on

      Looks like we might make it, though I have to say I've never seen a project cut it this close. Projections were rather mediocre throughout the campaign. Oh, and nice gameplay vid, fellows.

    34. B4NTO on

      Not to far away now, i think you can reach the goal! keep updating!!!
      Thumbs up and a great work for just 2 weeks of work on this game, the end game when it comes gonna be AMAZING!:D

    35. Missing avatar

      Ross De'Ath on

      Me also. Would take art book over artwork print.

    36. Thomas Pietrzak on

      The demo looks awesome, I look forward to play this game.

      I feel like something veryimportant is missing: paths and roads. I suggest you to create paths and roads automatically where characters walk. And the more a place is a path the more characts will likely walk there. It could be easily implemented ith ants algorithms, and I think it fits very well in the philosophy of the game, where few things are pre-built, but things emerge naturally by evolution like a living being.
      Note that this would help organise the buildings as well since characters ould likely build close to paths and roads. Maybe the difference between paths and roads could be something like roads = path with buildings around.

    37. Axel Poqué on

      I'd rather take the artbook addon than the artwork. Please consider it.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ross De'Ath on

      Yeh, include a signed art book as an add on. I will deffo take one!

    39. Radosław Miąsik

      The question may have been asked already, but will it be more like Populus (almost arcade) or like Black and White (moral choices that influence the way your people and land look, converting villages, taking care of your familiar and so on)?

    40. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      Volcanoe is cool. So you can direct lava within the radius of the Volcanoe's crater to outer base? That would work!! Definitely no terraforming outside of your people's expansion. :)

    41. Jason Darby on

      For a two week old prototype thats pretty impressive stuff... good job guys. Last few days, pretty hopeful you will achieve it.

    42. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      Thank you so much 22Cans/PM - very fun multiplayer. Looks like PM kept silent about sprogging?! This already looks worth the pledge for the game level. Looks smooth even if it's in a simpler state. Wonderful <3

      @Ilan Komrad - You terraform the land for your believers to build settlements and multiply. Your believers attack believers of other players and claim their land - this all powers your god powers to benefit your people and wreak disaster on other believers - to stop them doing the same to you. See youtube or other of Populous. Trust that is a helpful description.

    43. Sky on

      I would much rather buy the artbook seperately, it sounds really interesting. I have already put as much money as I can into this project unfortunately.

    44. Bill Schneider on

      Can we get more add-ons to add please? Especially digital ones! :D

    45. 22cans Creator on

      @Albert Soler yes absolutely, VALKYRIE too.

    46. jimmyff on

      Ohhhh, this is looking fab! it's really beautiful already! Love the new look of the water. Love the stylistic people, buildings & trees.

      Get pledging, I can't wait to play this!! :-)

    47. Kenok on

      Lol at this video.

    48. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      It's pun time over here: Peter is not the father of god games, he is the godfather of god games.

    49. Yourtime on

      will you add many sketches too in the art book?