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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Godus Prototype Video

Posted by 22cans (Creator)
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Hello everyone! 

Just three days to go until the end of our Kickstarter campaign and it's all hands on deck here at 22cans. Firstly, let's deliver on the promise we made last Friday in which we said we would show you a prototype in video format, that was not a shaky camera recording. Without further delay, here it is but do keep in mind that this is a prototype and by no means the final game.

Tomorrow we will be posting a secondary Prototype Video, with live commentary from Peter Molyneux on some of the features on display, things that are missing from the current prototype and maybe he will challenge someone on the team to a multiplayer game. Who would you want Peter to play against? Leave us a comment! 

People have been asking us if Godus will have different types of terrain and of course it does. Since Christmas is coming up we thought it would be a perfect fit to share this image with you. It will be made available for download as wallpapers to all our backers tonight.

The question regarding DRM also keeps coming up. The answer is simple; you will be able to play the singleplayer experience of Godus without needing to go online; you can play it while on a plane or when you're in a cave. No internet connection required to play the game in singleplayer. An online connection is required for online multiplayer and potentially some additional features but the singleplayer campaign does not require you to be online in order to be able to play.

And finally, because we're in the final days of our Kickstarter campaign we want to give everyone an incentive for that final stretch! When we hopefully reach our goal we'd love to celebrate this with you, our backers, and so everyone who's backed us will receive a unique in-game backer totem for your Homeworld, plus (should you wish) we will put your pictures on a layer of the Curiosity cube.

That's it everyone, thank you and speak to you again tomorrow.

Kindest regards,


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    1. Kenny Chik on

      @Matthijs - ^_^.. I am not sure if 22cans see this and maybe I will post the suggestion to "Comments" section later to see if 22cans has any comments about this suggestions?

    2. Tale of Tales on

      It's really lovely. Up until the "FIGHT" part. Can we dispense with that? Or at least make it optional. It's childish. I just want to play in the worlds you create. I don't want to compete. I love the fantasy. I hate the sports.

      Compliments to the visual artists too!

    3. Matthijs den Daas on

      @Kenny - I like the idea of good and evil gods each having a unique resource gathering mechanic, especially if they would intertwine somehow. Maybe the souls of fallen people will strengthen the kin left behind on the battlefield in the case of a good god, and in the case of a bad god, the souls will be sucked up by active god powers to increase their power. This means good gods will benefit from larger armies kept alive by gifts from their god, while evil gods will benefit more from godpower usage.

    4. Kenny Chik on

      @Matthijs - Well, originally I would suppose this mechanic as an enhancement power of Evil God, such as some special weapon/abilities only can be enabled by certain amount of souls... such as create special elite units, etc... without affect the balance of the game.. (maybe there's another enhancement power of Good God, which I am still thinking about... ^_^.. maybe use faith from followers as power of Good God.)

    5. Vincent Oostelbos on

      Looks cool! Hope the kickstarter will be a success, and then I'll be looking forward to further improvements. Good luck everyone!

    6. Matthijs den Daas on

      The harvesting of souls was actually used in the game Sacrifice, where you required them to conjure creatures who fight for you. These creatures then had souls of their own that would release when the creature died, requiring you to harvest those souls again lest you be able to conjure up less and less creatures. A similar mechanic in Godus would mean that multiplayer is based around a tipping point where one player has too few souls making it harder and harder to catch up to his opponent. I have my reservations about this mechanic because it often means you can see that you are defeated long before the game is really over.

    7. Richard Jones on

      @Kenny - harvesting souls from ghosts created in battle. I love it! Great power up mechanism for evil gods :-)

    8. Kenny Chik on

      The concept looks good and I would like to upper my pledge to make this project success. Btw, I have some questions to ask.....

      Can those lost souls being gathered by God if God is evil so as to gain much more power for their tribe? (through a structure built by the follower?)

      And, will the tribe has a leader which has some special abilities make the leader looks different from the followers, or can the god create some special weapons / equipments for their followers?

      PS: I think it will be more attractive if boxed version is available... ^_^!!

    9. Rik May on

      Cool concept vid, it gives a great overall view of what the game is heading for, for only two weeks worth of work its a job well done!

      I love how the tribes start brawling upon meeting each other .. more fun than a handshake lol

    10. Liam Coulls on

      Looks good but in the real thing i would speed up combat and involve swords shield possibly catapults thaT they can build or you give them also more people need to fight that would make a charge look awesome.

    11. Ohverture on

      ...I hope you get to gather and use those lost souls in creative ways, to expand god powers or something.

    12. Ohverture on

      IT's back for me.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matt on

      The prototype video is now the main video on this kickstarter page, you might be able to view it there better.

    14. Ohverture on

      Please youtube it as well guys, VIMEO obviously isn't working that well right now, and Tempus fugit!

    15. Missing avatar

      ZJNXPGNDjXgf on

      This is most unfortunate. As it is right now Vimeo is broken and not playing any content at all.
      Any chance you fellows could put it up on a different host?
      Would very much like to see it. :)

    16. Ohverture on

      Getting nothing out of Vimeo either. The "New" vimeo is broken as all hell.

    17. TimmyShire on

      To those having issues with the video - I just checked, it seems Vimeo won't play any videos for me now. Not sure how to fix it though.

    18. TimmyShire on

      Also: Christmas could be a reason why Project Godus isn't barrelling ahead in terms of funding. It's so close and people don't want to spend their money in December at all.

      If it was a couple of months earlier/later.

      Either way, it's going up quite quickly! I hope it does succeed. It'll be sad to see all this effort from the team go to waste. Those who didn't back but set 'REMIND ME' get an email on 48 hours before the project's close: hopefully we'll see a spike then.

    19. TimmyShire on

      Video doesn't work for me either. I'm not upset, but I would very much like to see it before the next update tomorrow!

    20. eraser2011 on

      The video doesn't work for me too :(

    21. Arno Thys on

      still doesn't work for me

    22. Yourtime on

      that was meant to 22cans

    23. Yourtime on

      thanks draco, please post the link additionally

    24. Chris Norulak on

      Video not loading for anyone else? Doesn't seem to load here or on vimeo...

    25. Arno Thys on

      For some reason I can't view the vid? Any thoughts? :s

    26. matt on

      The little souls of the dead people take me back to my Powermonger days. At some point it would be nice to do a side by side comparison of previous Bullfrog / Lionhead games feature that get reused.

    27. Missing avatar

      Eric Müller on

      Great prototype, great video. :) Maybe show some catastrophe / god power in the next video. Like the giant hole in one of the earlier videos killing many followers.

    28. Jesper Enbom on

      If that is one song in the game then I want the soundtrack, I only hope I will not be to late since I won't have anymore money to spend until after christmas.

    29. Flore Vanackere on

      I can't start to imagine how awesome the final game will be ! :D

    30. Missing avatar

      Andreas Hamm

      I would love to get my hands on that prototype. I just played prototypes made by Double Fine, they are buggy, some look really bad and one game's core features just impressed me. This work here is similar but within two weeks, this makes it a promising project. Sure you're really hard working on it now and I wonder if you can keep up this pace.

      What I really hope for is more of a massive battle later on, not only the 1 on 1 fights. What I want to see tomorrow is at least one god power in action.

      And for those who don't know what a prototype is: It shows off the basic elements of a game. It's not polished, it's not rich in features. It just gives you an idea of what this game _can_ be. And there's a lot of creative space left.

      Apropos space: Look at other current big kickstarter game projects: some didn't even create a prototype, they just hyped a genre of which many people thought it's lost in space (pun intended). And for the first time I feel that Peter is not hyping anything like he used to do back in the days at Microsoft.

      Whether the kickstarter project reaches its goal or not: I'll continue to support this team.

    31. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      Seeing is believing in GODUS! Yes, send the arctic ice-storm over to enemies, that sounds like a good cold front to set in for about 5-10 minutes with subtle influence?! Looks like it could be a lot of fun.

    32. Peter Hambly on

      very impressed with the proof of concept prototype video!

    33. Jörn Huxhorn

      @4lex sss: LOL, Reprisal is obviously a Populous clone so a certain resemblance isn't that much of a surprise...

    34. Missing avatar

      SniperMonkey on

      Looking good! Good luck with the kickstarter.

    35. Duky on

      God's created the world in one week.
      22can's created the GODUS (protoype) in two weeks !

    36. xTheInflamed on

      What do you do, just edit the hills?

    37. Brad Vote on

      Love it so far. But have questions

      Will our followers be building things like blacksmiths\walls and will there be different units like archers\ swordsmen\catapults\riflemen? I loved those elements from Black and White and would like to see some similar things to Godus. Maybe instead of random buildings of house they try to form a town center or place of worship to you?

    38. Yann Burrett on

      Looking phenomenal!

      For the perfect showdown match (if I had my druthers) I'd like to see Peter Vs Total Biscuit (for that extra backer boost).

      But I know, I know, it has to be someone on the team. So how about Peter Vs Fabs?

    39. Adam (Amoa123) on

      Update #22 NEEDS to go on the "Home" tab. So people can instantly see the video without having to click else where in my opinion.

    40. Miguel Targaryen on

      @4lex sss Maybe the prototype looks like reprisal, but... i'm sure it doesn't have digging system like in Godus, Gifts of the Gods like in Godus, A Homeworld, Pets, Cruelty, a lot of enviroments, and i'm sure much other stuff that repirsal doesn't have.
      Also, reprisal it's a Populous 2.0 and that's all.

    41. Matthijs den Daas on

      I've been thinking about how to make the sculpting process more interesting and rewarding and I think I have a workable solution (although it's a pretty all-encompassing feature):

      What if whenever you subtract (or lower) land, you gain that landmass in stock, which you can then use for 2 things:
      -adding land again, this one is obvious, for creating elevation and such.

      -spell casting. This one requires explanation:
      What if, in order to create a vulcano, you first have to build a mountain with the landmass you've collected? What if an earthquake required an injecting of landmass into the earth in order to push the land below apart? What if, in order to create a tornado, you first need to create a narrow valley for the wind to funnel into? Or a tidal wave by dumping vast amounts of landmass into the sea?

      What this would mean is that the sculpting has a direct correlation to the spell casting and with every bit of land you sculpt away, you gain something that could be used in a plethora of ways.

    42. Missing avatar

      Kieran Robinson on

      4alex thanks - this game's pretty fun. It'll hold me over until godus is released!

    43. Yourtime on

      well the vid was maybe too much YEAH in my mind, but it was still awesome and totally awesome as prototype cant wait to get it :P

    44. Mike Overhill-Smith on

      Needs to go on the front page...

    45. Matthijs den Daas on

      Truly jaw-dropping that you've been able to achieve this in less than two weeks! My only worry is that many potential backers might not be able to see where this is heading once it's gone through full production and the full mayhem of godpowers and armies is implemented.
      This brings me to an important point: What kind of pacing are you aiming for when it comes to God versus God battles? Is it meant to be high-speed high-adrenaline, with several godpowers on screen at once, matches akin to Starcraft 2 in speed? Or is it meant to be much longer-lasting and slow, with a progression closer to a Civilization type game in terms of speed?

    46. Lesrac on

      Nice update and good proof of concept.
      @4lex sss; so reprisal looks like (from the picture) Populous. It was allways said, that godus would be like that... have your read the frontpage?
      Would like to see:
      Peter Molyneux vs. Jack Attridge

    47. Miguel Targaryen on

      The video it's really good as a Prototype!! :D But I still think that the sculpting tool will need a LOT of improvements. I don't feel that with such small radius i'm powerfull, also, for Multiplayer the speed at which the followers build it's ok.. but maybe they should build slower in Singleplayer.

      OMG I LOVE the winter photograph!!! yessss!!!!! multiples ecosystems!!!! u've make me really happy today :D i'll pledge more.. if i would have the cash for it. :(

      Anyway, it looks really good, and the small people looks great!.

      For the VS, i'd like to see fighting Peter vs Fabs for sure!!! also id' like to see Fabs wining!!! he's the programmer.. he should know the code and how to win.. MUAHHAHAHA programmers FTW!

    48. Missing avatar

      vierlex sssss on

      why did you create that prototype when you are doing the same thing reprisal did? you could have said from the beginning that you want to do something just like that and people could get a look at something polished.

      though i'm a little bit disappointed :(
      it's reprisal only wiht 3d graphics..