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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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An endorsement, a video, meet Paul and a wallpaper

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hello World!

We have now reached the significant 60% funded milestone! With a little over a week to go before the end of our Kickstarter campaign this is important and we're now moving into the final push. We're really hopeful we will make or goal, but we need backers to do it, so please keep helping us by spreading the word.

Someone we greatly admire (for having invented Minecraft, a game we absolutely adore) said something nice about us on Twitter. We're a modest crowd but at this stage in our funding campaign we didn't want to keep that to ourselves;

The good people from Yogscast also have a new video, this time they sit down and talk to Peter about Godus. 

A lot of you have also been asking for wallpapers of some of the Godus artwork that we have released. Here is a teaser; again we will be sending out an update to backers only later tonight with a download link so you can use these to customise your desktop, laptop or tablets!

Paul Riordan

Q: Can you tell us what you do at 22cans?

A: I'm a member of the programming team. On Curiosity I worked mostly on the sound, user interface, tools, and many other gameplay features.

Q: What work are you most looking forward to doing on GODUS?

A: I'm looking forward to making the little guys fight each other in epic battles, the terrain sculpting, and creating anything else that makes the user feel in control and immersed in the game.

Q: What are you working on today?

A: I spent today changing how the player adjusts the terrain. Sculpting the land is going to be a very important strategic part of Godus, so we're trying out a few different techniques to ensure we get the experience just right.

Q: What’s the best thing about working at 22cans?

A: There's a great atmosphere of creativity and innovation here, and everyone is really passionate about what they do.

Q: What are your favourite games?

A: The games that really draw me in are those which have a creative and immersive story/world, or which have a great strategy depth. On far too many occasions to be healthy, I've had to stop playing Civilisation IV or Alpha Centauri due to the morning sunlight coming in my window reminding me that I need to sleep. Recently, I've enjoyed playing Braid, Mass Effect, and Portal.

Q: What is the best feature you have ever seen in a game?

A: Obviously, the portal gun was great, but I think the level editor is by far the best feature.

Q: What pledge tier would you recommend people pledge at?

A: £999 of course to get the jewellery; bling and videos games. What more could anyone want?

Q: What do you have for lunch?

A: We convinced Peter to buy a toastie maker a few months ago, despite his claims that we'd only use it for a month and then chuck it in the cupboard. As a result, I make a special effort to use it at least once a week to justify its existence.

Also for all our new backers (or those who missed it the first time around) we wanted to highlight some of the press coverage that Godus has received. There's a lot more on our Pinterest board for Godus;

  • BBC "Peter Molyneux seeks Kickstarter cash for god game reboot" (link)
  • Eurogamer "Molyneux's Project Godus Kickstarter inches over halfway mark with just 11 days to go" (link)
  • PCGAMER "Peter Molyneux on GODUS: Co-op, Kickstarter, and being “a god with unbelievable prowess” (link)

That's it for today, we are ordering a take-away to finish the outstanding work items on our prototype, Tomorrow Peter is back in the office. Have a wonderful day!



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    1. Etienne on

      Yeaaaaaaah 300.000!! 10.000 backers_ :)

    2. Ebu diGriz on

      Phillip Ebdon: Yes, we demand our wallpapers! :)

    3. Phillip Ebdon on

      So when do I get my wallpapers???

    4. Nick 'Wookie' Newton on

      Uggh this is painful, ive seen so many worse games get better reactions, if only i could afford to Pledge more i would. Fingers crossed for this amazing game i really really cant wait.
      A Proud Associate xx

    5. Matthijs den Daas on

      I'm not worried about the kickstarter. I'ts been speeding up if I'm not mistaken. It follows the same curve as most kickstarters, where a lot of people pledge at the last few days.
      Christmas might reduce the income a bit, but I do feel it could work if a christmas gift-themed pledge was possible, like I described earlier.

    6. Bill Schneider on

      Yeah... I wish this could have ended just after christmas instead of just before. If it ended on the 27th-30th then people who got money for christmas would be able to pledge, for a higher tier even...

    7. Etienne on

      @ Silent party : -You're right, but people think as byotype....It is stupid!
      Peter money does not interest me, I want to help the team to complete the project . I think the team and the project deserve!
      If I had money, I would keep it in case of blow. I would use other solutions before using my money ....
      I want this game that all....
      How will a associate copies?(pledge 60) 1 special only?

    8. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      @boytype - I don't see any of the kickstarters as a charity. It's not like anyone is simply giving money to whatever cause, whether the creator is stinking rich or not shouldn't have anything to do with pledging.

      I pledged 'x' amount of money to get 'x' amount of reward. I'm paying for something in advance, not giving my money away. It'll also be a lot cheaper now than buying it once it reaches the shops. So, it seems like a no-brainer to me.

      Xmas is a whole different problem, though and may be something the Elite kickstarter is suffering from, too. I hope they both reach their goals because they both look great and will remind me of me yoof! :-)

    9. Matthijs den Daas on

      Boytype: The second reason you mention might be relatively easy to solve. I suggest a christmas-theme gift donation where the actual donator isn't the receiver of the rewards associated with the donation tier. Instead, the donator supplies contact data for a person he/she wishes to receive the donating rewards as a gift. If such a donator also receives a neat christmas themed voucher he/she can print out, gift-wrap and put under the tree, that'd be a nice finishing touch.

    10. Sean Benner on

      I have pitched this Kickstarter to at least 10 friends who are known to contribute to things they find interest in. All of them said "Interesting, but no thanks.". They all sited the same two reasons;

      That is to say, that is the assumption about someone who sold one of his successful brand name companies to EA, and one to Microsoft, and himself was a lead developer for 1st party software of the most successful console in recent years. For a millionaire like him to come asking for donations from the peasantry is not well received when he could presumably drop the money to cover it without a problem.

      With the first tier that has anything interesting set right around $30US, and the really interesting ones between $70US and $100US, a lot of interested people are hard pressed to choose between contributing to this or buying an extra something to put under the tree.

      I know there isnt much to be done about either of these things at this point, but I thought I would share my view on why this wonderful project seems to be having so much trouble meeting its goal.

    11. Matthijs den Daas on

      Has the option been considered to include a kind of sculpting mechanic that only works when 2 or more players work together? This may work especially well when working with liquids (lava and water) and timings. What I mean is, for instance, if when water meets lava, steam an highly enriched soil are generated which can both be captured, but capturing it before more lava makes it inaccessible or some other such mechanic, requires timing that a single person cannot achieve, then there is a useful resource that can only be harvested through cooperation.
      I also wondered if the dynamics of multiplayer might diversify if gods fighting each other with powers may also create a resource that a single god cannot create. I'm thinking of things like if one god casts an earthquake, and the enemy god casts a vulcano, and the lava from the vulcano seeps into the fissure created by the quake before it closes, then afterwards, underground on that spot, valuable gems can be found created from the cooled lava under the vast pressure of the ground closing around it. If this would only work with opposing gods and not when a single god casts both those spells, then the scene of a battle could become a prime location for mining, and bringing a battle close to the enemy and losing could make your enemy richer in the process.

    12. Dan May on

      I really hope this gets funded. I've longed for a game like Populous and Black & White since I played them as a kid back in the day!

      Kind of wish the time limit wasn't quite so optimistic when this Kickstarter was begun, though...

    13. Tim Logan on

      "Well that's pretty impressive, but don't think that changes anything, I still don't believe in you!"

    14. Missing avatar


      @Tim that's pretty awesome. "A floating ball of water? Pfft show me something interesting 'Oh great one' "

    15. Tim Logan on

      It would be cool with a hard-line atheist character even in the face of contradicting evidence, just for the comic relief, meant as one of the special 3 characters (which would then make it 4).

      Btw, I'm not a Christian wanting to smash atheists, in fact I am an atheist my self, but I can easily laugh at the situation of being an atheist in a world where gods are real ^_^

    16. Jörn Huxhorn

      That @notch tweet is 21 days old. I was about to give up looking for it but I finally found it.

      Here it is, for your retweet pleasure:

    17. Matt W on

      Let's hope minecraft fans aren't anti-moly's

      You would hope they're all open to innovation considering the game that it is

    18. Gregory Wollf on

      If the Kickstarter does fail, it won't be on account of Mr. Molyneux's or 22Cans lack of effort.

    19. Phillip Ebdon on

      That video has to get. People backing as like they said who's doesn't want to play god and crush hundreds of little people

    20. Vincent Oostelbos on

      Hahaha, I laughed so much when Peter (slowly) said what he said that started with "And while that's happening, ..." That was so good, well done Peter.

      Loved the update. Still worried about the goal not being reached, but also still hopeful as well with all the exposure we're seeing the game get all over the place.

      I really really want to see this game make it :<

    21. Yourtime on

      Thanks for the update and thanks for the wallpaper :D

    22. Joshua Johnson

      I've been tuning into the Yogscast interviews, I like the really laid back and joking atmosphere, not all uptight and question after question like formal interviews. Definitely gonna get some more exposure from them