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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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17,184 backers pledged £526,563 to help bring this project to life.

Formally supporting a new platform, plus a new tier and god power

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Only ten days to go before the end of our Kickstarter, if you haven't backed us yet, please let us know in the comments what we can do to convince you and we will try to accomodate your ideas. Please read on before you say "platform".

The team at 22cans are terribly excited to make the following announcement; we are now officially supporting Mac! So that means GODUS will be developed for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. In todays video update, Peter and Jack look at the scrum wall for the GODUS prototype and catch up with the programmers and artists' work. Please enjoy it, and we hope to have an updated pitch video with game footage and more before the end of the week.

We're also adding one new tier between the PARTNER and ELEMENTAL tier; £199 VALKYRIE - You get the three special digital GODUS editions that a PARTNER gets, with an exclusive Godus Wishing Well, inspired by the Temple in Dungeon Keeper, for your Homeworld. Sacrificing the right items will gain you bonuses! Plus you also get a GODUS design/art book signed by anyone or everyone at 22cans. And you get everything else a PARTNER gets. (Please note that any tier above VALKYRIE will also get the Wishing Well).

If you like god powers then look at this image! It shows the good side of what you can do as a god. Being a deity is not just about destruction and annihilation.

Jack Attridge

Q: Can you tell us what you do at 22cans?

A: I am a game designer alongside Peter, and I am the Audio Designer here too!

Q: What work are you most looking forward to doing on GODUS?

A: I can't wait to start experimenting with our prototype to see what gems we discover along the way. Each night it strikes me that the next day we'll be one step closer to getting our hands on some tactile god powers. I also look forward to injecting a soundscape into the world: one that changes to the tone that you dictate across your land.

Q: What are you working on today?

A: Today once I shoot another design video with Peter, I shall be discussing with the coders what early features we can try out in the prototype. I'll also be building on some interesting concepts for the full game!

Q: What’s the best thing about working at 22cans?

A: It feels like home. I work with a small team in very close proximity and that intimacy means that everything feels shared and personal. When you're on a team of hundreds of people it's hard to keep everyone invested in the smallest of details. At 22cans, when someone pulls up a nice animation on their screen, or something gets implemented into the game, everyone can crowd round and put in their thoughts. Everyone really puts themselves and their all into the project. No one is asked to work late or do what they don't agree with, instead everything comes from the heart. It's difficult to consider the hard work as a job, but more of a burning passion.

Q: What are your favourite games?

A: Hmm… Not my official list but… Freedom Fighters, Metal Gear Solid, Shadow of the Colossus, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit (2010), Doom (ps1), Bioshock, WarioWare Smooth Moves, No More Heroes, Micro Machines (the 8 player megadrive one), Far Cry 3, Minecraft, Die Hard Trilogy, Populous, Manhunt, Pikmin, Uncharted 2, Theme Hospital, Grand Theft Auto IV, Toe Jam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron, Red Dead Redemption, Little Big Planet 2, Enslaved, Duke Nukem 3D, Pac-Man, Hotline Miami, The Sims, Chivalry, Bad Company 2, War of the Monsters, Timesplitters 2, Super Monkey Ball, Worms, Tony Hawks 3, Dark Souls, Counter Strike… So much violence...

Q: What is the best feature you have ever seen in a game?

A: I loved the charisma feature in Freedom Fighters, where the more you fought for the resistance the more respect you got, and then more people would follow you blindly into battle to the point that your 2 man following becomes a 12 man army. That really felt that I had grown as a leader over time as was also seen in the change of my appearance. I loved being on the ground floor with them and still giving orders amongst the gunfire. But then I particularly liked what followed, where you have x amount of health packs and you had to weigh up whether to heal yourself, or heal the men you've led to their deaths. You'll need them to get through the fight, but if you don't look after yourself it's game over. I'll always remember hiding behind a bin cowering and looking out at my followers bleeding out in the street and wondering whether to risk my life to go out and save them.

Q: What do you have for lunch?

A: Carrots and hummus. And a chocolate coin.

That's it for today's update, quite a bit of news there, please feel free to send your favourite gaming site a 'news tip'.

Best wishes,


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    1. Marco Meijer on

      What might also have helped to get more pledgers is some way to pay without a credit card. Not everyone has a credit card. In fact, I don't know many people who actually do have one. It is, at least in my country, not very common to have one. Mostly because it practically serves no purpose, apart from buying things on Amazon. Nearly anything else works with debit cards. Even Paypal does. Somehow enabling Paypal would have helped a lot.

    2. Marco Meijer on

      When currently about 1/5th of the reactions are about Linux, I think it would be a really good idea to officially announce support for it. Also, as Roel says, paying 130 pounds for extra gameplay sucks. Paid DLC does too. Will the 15/20 pound gamers get less gameplay?

    3. Roel van der Zanden on

      Major question (for more people as it seems):
      Will lower tier pledges still be able to get full gameplay? Are the wishing well and a carved statue by the followers achievable for anyone who purchases the game or are they just for the backers at that level?

      I don't mind having to play a bit longer to get those things, but I would hate missing out on useful gameplay and refuse to pay almost 130 pounds extra to get it...

      So please confirm higher tier gameplay related awards are available for everybody through playing (so also no in game purchasing or something stupid like that, use those for outfits/skins/scenery that is not gameplay essential).

      Still looking forward to hopefully a great game! :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Christopher OCallahan on

      I agree completely with Gareth, I am not thrilled that higher pledge tiers appear to be able to buy more game. Makes me reconsider my pledge at all. That said, good luck.

    5. DaEvil1 on

      Only backers can comment, so maybe twitter and facebook may be better places to ask non-backers.

      Anywho, two big ones that will help you get support IMO: Linux support, and a 2-5 minute techdemo/concept that shows off the actual game. I hope you can make it.

    6. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      "Oh my GODUS!" = EXCITING!!! Best update yet: Really cool to see the comparison between pc and mobile, that was very reassuring. And I loved the way PM was buzzing around the office checking on everything: That is what crowdfunding is all about -> 22Cans feels like the backer's minions to me: Totally worth chucking money in for! :)

      @Alex: I prefer "lie-nux" as it resounds with "nun-chucks" :p Also best t-shirt ever: "You say toe-may-to... I say **** off!" :D yeah get linnux into the party also.

      Definitely think seeing the prototype will do wonders.

    7. Matt W on

      You obviously missed my point

      Same word, different pronunciation both are correct

    8. Shatners Bassoon on

      It's got nothing to do with the meaning it's about pronouncing language correctly.

    9. Matt W on

      Tom-ay-to Tom-ah-to

      It all means the same

    10. Shatners Bassoon on

      It's pronounced 'Linnuks' not 'Lie-Nux'


    11. Marco Meijer on

      Out of 45 posts, I see 6 requests for Linux support (although one of them wouldn't actually use Linux). If that is any representation of the people interested in this game, it would make 1/9th to 1/7th of the players very happy. That is a very significant fraction, even if the Linux users are in the minority.

    12. Adrien TCHENG on

      Very little has been discussed concerning the competitive multiplayer aspect of the game. This will be the format I'll be playing with friends, hence its utmost importance, in my opinion! In its competitive multiplayer form, I consider Godus as an RTS, hence I apply to it the same thinking patterns.

      First of all, when we are refering to a "multiplayer game of Godus", what are we talking about? What are the victory conditons? How long do you want an average game to last?

      Strategy is about resource allocation. What are the resources involved? Just mana and population? Or will there be other resources such as wood, food and ores? I personally think that implementing these additional resources might hinder the efficiency and coherency of the gameplay: I don't want to be farming wheat or picking up trees. As fun as it was in B&W, it doesn't make for very exciting and interesting multiplayer gameplay.

      I've been trying to imagine how the game will play out, and what would be cool/interesting to implement. However, I can't get very far without this fundamenal gameplay basis. What do you guys expect Godus to be as an RTS?

    13. Gareth Spring on

      Great news for Mac owners, now tell the world so they can pledge!

      With regards to the wishing well I have to agree with Anthony Quarm:

      "I love extra add on stuff, but extras that are actually in game and change the way the game can be played? I dislike that. It segments the user base and crosses up the experience between players."

      Bit concerned about this, to be honest - sounds a bit too much we're being given the option to buy a (very expensive) advantage?

      Keep the updates coming though, really looking forwards to Godus.

    14. Jason Zapasnik

      I wanted to go higher then the Partner tier but not as high as the Elemental tier. Adding the Valkyrie tier has enabled me to double my pledge, so great idea!. I have been telling my friends and family about this game. I am really looking forward to this game and I wish you guys at 22Cans great success with the rest of your campaign.

    15. Tomduril on

      In the video at 3:45 - "tomorrow there will be houses" ... pause ... Peter walks away ... "...hopefully" - so love that :)
      The fun thing about programming is that if you are really into the stuff you do, you just make it happen! Although it is hard work to get a program working, when you are really excited about the result it still feels effortless. Wish you good luck with the prototype and I am telling all my friends about Godus!

    16. Alexander R on

      The first frame of the video on the project Home page should probably have the icons for the supported platforms featured prominently (Windows, Android, iOS...), lots of projects do this and it likely catches the attention of a few more backers.

    17. Jessi on

      @Derik Thank you! Also, after I posted I realized the higher tiers said things like "two special edition copies" so it wouldn't make sense to have three in the lower tiers. (I just got confused).

      Anyways, in that case I am going to go back to my request for additional copies to be available as add-ons for £15.

    18. Flendon on

      If the Godus shirt said "worship me" at the bottom I would up my pledge for that. Just don't tell my wife why she isn't getting more Christmas presents! Seriously though, I wish it wasn't so close to Christmas so I could donate more.

    19. Michael Alexander

      Fantastic news on supporting a new OS! I'd like to reiterate the request for Linux support though, which might be a good ROI considering I'm assuming you're using a multi platform engine or are targeting OpenGL, and distribution isn't an issue thanks to Steam on Linux too.

    20. Missing avatar


      @Jessi reads to me like you're exchanging three standard versions for one special version and the T Shirt.

      It's the start of the special edition levels with additional copies at higher levels. I don't believe there are any gift-able copies at 60.

    21. Missing avatar

      RussianNeuroMancer on

      So if you use crossplatform engine anyway, why not to support Linux?

    22. Alexander R on

      Android support - hopefully this will include a custom interface for the Ouya console ? Will probably need to be scaled back a little in poly count but that may not be a bad thing, just a bit more retro than the full PC version.

    23. Jessi on

      Hi, it's me again. (If I could edit posts, I would. Sigh.) I may have misread or misunderstood the £60 reward tier. When it says "your special edition replaces the other three normal editions" does this mean that what you get is THREE digital downloads of Godus, and those three downloads will ALL be special downloads? And if so, does that mean they all include personalized titles, extra level, and god power?

      Sorry for all the posts :/ I guess what I'm really asking is for clarity on the £60 reward tier. If you do get three special copies, that would be more than worthwhile for a pledge increase.

    24. Sky on

      I would pledge more if I could buy alpha acsess and art book seperately. I want both of those things, but £322 is a lot of money. I pledged benefactor to get the pet really. Now that I know you'd get other pets anyway, i probably wouldn't have pledget that much, but the other deal sweeteners and my desperation to see the game leaves me paying 30 for game with pet, 10 for student, 10 for music disc (despite i feel it should be included in the game anyway)

      I would pay 20 max for art book, and max 10 for alpha though that is pushing it, but since my total is now so high, I would probably not pay for all that and drop one of them.

    25. Missing avatar


      If it's for your homeworld how much tactical advantage can someone get from a Wishing Well? I guess if it has any effect on whatever the primary resource that goes between Homeworld/BuddyCoopOrBattle/RandomBattle worlds?

    26. gandalf.nho

      What about a £25 tier with the content of the £30 one, but without the extra copy?

    27. Jessi on

      Oh, also if I am reading the £60 tier correctly, you only get one (special) copy of Godus in place of the three regular copies you would have had at the £50 tier. This is a bit confusing as the reward images on the Kickstarter home page state that you do receive additional copies in addition to your own.

      If it is the case that the special addition replaces the three regular downloadable copies, it would actually dissuade me from upping my pledge as I would lose the extra copy, (which I've already given away!)

      Maybe extra copies could be offered as an add-on reward, (similar to the beta access reward)? That way we could pledge for a higher tier with the special stuff and be able to get additional copies for friends without having to have everyone sign up on Kickstarter and pledge individually.

    28. Jessi on

      Loved the video! I liked that you are showing what everybody is currently working on, and I also really love the image you've posted of the benevolent God power.

      "Please let us know in the comments what we can do to convince you and we will try to accommodate your ideas." Well I'm already backing, but I thought I could describe how much I'm backing and why, and maybe that might help?

      1. I am currently pledging £54. I have selected:
      £30 reward tier
      £7 acorn add-on (x2 - one for each copy)
      £10 student add-on

      2. I am pretty much past what I would consider a "responsible" pledge for a Canadian student, so while I would consider increasing my pledge, I am rather hesitant to do so at the moment.

      3. The jump from the £30 reward tier to the £50 seems very steep for the rewards offered. As I do not have an iOS device, nor do my friends, the Curiosity name reward is not something I would be able to enjoy. So the result is a £20 increase in pledge for one additional copy, (and if I am correct, no digital downloads for the extra copies) when the basic £15 tier reward is the same for less. If I wanted extra copies for friends, it would be more cost-effective overall to have each person pledge at £15 instead of increasing my own pledge.

      4. The £60 tier, however, offers a significant increase in rewards. However, this is a huge jump from £30, and as an international backer I would opt out of the T-shirt reward due to shipping costs. Maybe some of the digital rewards, (extra level, god power) could be offered at a lower tier (£50 tier)? I would personally be willing to increase my reward pledge from £30 to £50 if that were the case.

      I am not intending to seem ungrateful for rewards, or convince you to change the pledges so I can personally get more for less, but I wanted to explain the logic I use for choosing how much to pledge, and what sorts of things would convince me to increase that pledge, as it may be relevant for other backers in my demographic/financial situation.

    29. Matthijs den Daas on

      Nice to see another update! I was wondering, what's the selection process for what is put into the prototype and what is not? I assume that the aim is to bring in more backers, which would lead me to think that godpowers are high on the priority list, as those are what I'd think to be the most widely appealing thing. Causing destruction is just... popular.
      Do you guys agree with this or will your focus for the prototype be elsewhere? And if so, what's the reasoning?

    30. Jason Lau on

      Sweet, now you just need to support Linux, too.

    31. Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on

      This sounds suspiciously like a pay to win scenario. What assurances can you give that the Godus wishing well gives no tactical advantage?

    32. Thales Nunes M on

      If this kickstarter fails and you can't get a publisher, I think you should launch it with a Minecraft-like model. You almost have a prototype, after all.

    33. Yourtime on

      Hey (respond to the update)

      wow, when i see how clearly you show us all, I wish I could press that every freaking hater in their face and say HERE YOU HAVE YOUR PETER.
      ITs just amazing, I smiled nonstop because of happiness to see what is all happen, we really need this funded. It was awesome to see he is already working on the iPhone version, god totally awesome! I actually thought about not going up to 622.. but I am slowly more and more considering it.. I need actually the money for getting an apartment, but I want be a big part of this and I want this happening!

      Wow just amazing @iphone version.

      60% ? well that should be damn possible I am sure by the end of the week? yes I think so.. I think around.. Friday maybe?

      I dont use linux by myself, but I want that people get their linux version and I think there should be not much different between the mac and linux version anymore.

    34. Aaron on

      Great update, I'm pleased to hear this is coming for Mac!

      Have to say that £60 for an exclusive god power and £199 for a wishing well does sound a bit steep, hopefully it won't give too much of an advantage to players with this though...

    35. Duky on

      Wow !

      Great update, they're is clearly a really big amount of work done !
      Releasing a demo before the end of the kickstarter project would be so wonderfull (and quite risky too) but it seems necessary to complete the funding.

    36. Chooi

      would love to see this playable on WIndows 8 phone ;)

    37. Mike on

      Officially for MAC, officially donated another 15 ! :D

    38. Missing avatar

      Suner Syuleyman on

      Full steam ahead! Btw, I thought it should come into your attention that people do not know exactly why you need a Kickstarter and where the money actually goes and that is why, there have been a lot of people that have put this under the rug for when it is actually sold.

    39. Christopher on

      Should have really got a demo working before you started the kickstarter ><
      Still, hope you get it done and get the interest that you need!

    40. Eyad Alkhatti on

      What will the relationship between the mobile and computer platforms be, or will they be completely separate?

    41. PaulG on


      He did indeed say Linux.

    42. Missing avatar

      Mauro Lombardi on

      @Atarun: There's the youtube page where is possible to leave a comment, too

      Besides that it's really sad that'll not be any update in the next days.. :(

    43. Marco Meijer on

      After talking about Mac support, around 4:23, did he say "we got it working on Linux" or did I not hear it correctly?

    44. Atarun

      @Darklord: I seriously doubt that someone (trolls excepted) would do that, though... If they want to ask a question, they can do so by... asking a question to the project creator. No need to fake-back for that.

    45. Darklord on

      @Atarun, it only takes a $1 pledge to ask a question, you can always remove it later to.

    46. eXoScoriae on

      lol @ Atarun. good point.

    47. Atarun

      "if you haven't backed us yet, please let us know in the comments what we can do to convince you and we will try to accomodate your ideas"
      Interesting but flawed proposition: only backers can comment...

    48. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Glad to hear about Mac support! Now you guys need to get that info on the front page and update the FAQ. :)

    49. Gregory Wollf on

      Sounds like the prototype is a life or death hurdle for the kickstarter. Best of luck to you, I really hope you are able to get the funding. I really hope Godus becomes a reality.