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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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    1. Joshua P. on

      It would be interesting to have disease, sanitation, and godly purification in the game. Historically, disease killed more people in war than combat, until that finally switched around in modern times. An agent system could probably be used, with the origins being in swamps, jungles, farms, and sewer like environments. Increasing population could make this worse, as would the less civilized setting of combat; countering this could be the mentioned herb lore, as well as priests, and direct divine intervention, so that wealth and spiritual strength counter filth.

      I love the idea of creating heroes, mentioned below. What if there were three ways: blessing for temporary heroic ability, applicable not just to fighting, but to healing, farming, putting out fires, and so on; possession of a mortal to impregnate a woman to get a permanently heroic child; and, directly take mortal form, impregnate a woman, to create a demigod. Or, the reverse for the last two, if you want to manifest as a woman. Additionally, if you don't actually have the power to bless a hero into being, then it could have a built in balance, where the more heroic the mortal is, beyond your power, the more quickly the hero dies. Born heroes would be the longest living and most heroic hero, and possibly take the least energy to create, to balance how long they take to reach maturity. The demigod could be immortal as long as they aren't purposefully killed by mortal or godly action, they could be the most heroic, but also cost the most to create. I like the idea of heroes getting special armor, but I think that works best for mature born heroes; the blessed heroes might make more sense with only a halo, and demigods could have a halo and fancy clothes.

      The artifact idea is another great one. What if the weapons and tools of heroes, born heroes, and demigods automatically become holy relics, repeatedly seen throughout the ages? Simply by believing in the power of these relics, the older they are, the more power they gain. They could even become objects of desire, or targets of destruction, for enemy civilizations.

      Another thing I would love to see are armies becoming more organized as the military wealth of a civilization increases. That way, they aren't just a better looking, deadlier mob once they have steel everything. Early humans could act like loosely connected ambushers, and the top ones could hold shaped formations depending on their weapons, with a smattering of unorganized skirmishers around the periphery. It also shows a certain level of self reliance if the mortals do that on their own.

      Lastly, I truly hope the game does not have any sort of pet system, as in Black & White. I felt it completely distracted from the main point of the game, and the creature always ended up getting in my way. Additionally, it might be nice to leave good and evil out of the game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Holycram on

      I know this idea was spoken about in a different update, but I've had an idea for the usefulness or practicality of possession. I like the idea that, when you possess a follower (perhaps a hero or anointed follower, as was suggested by Benjamin Lehmann in an earlier post), this follower's power increases greatly. Strategically, this would be useful in multiplayer, as you could choose to possess a follower and wreak havoc on the battlefield in first person as an incredibly powerful warrior, though you give up the ability to manipulate the land as you do so, creating a fantastic risk/reward situation.
      On the subject of anointing special followers as heroes of your God, I would love to be able to actively listen to the prayers of my hero, as well as the prayers of any of my followers, and brings their wishes to life. The idea that I can create a leader amongst my followers and increase their power with divine artifacts like a sword, a chalice, a wand, a cloak, a book, an amulet or even an animal. Granting my anointed hero a mini version of my familiar (perhaps as a link between my God and my hero) which has special abilities or further increases it's power would be absolutely spectacular.
      On a nearly unrelated topic, I wish I could thumb up comments because Mr. Lehmann deserves it for his post regarding God Powers.

    3. Benjamin Lehmann on

      On the water flowing idea:

      Your central problem is this: you have competing agents: the player and the water.

      Peter: you'd like the player to be able to sculpt the flow of the water. Awesome. I'd like that too. The issue is that the water needs to look and behave in a way that feels like real water if the player is going to enjoy the experience and feel convinced by the water flow.

      In the real world, water flows and acts the way it does because it decides for itself where it is going to go. It has it's own ideas about what it wants to do, and in flowing the way that it wants to flow, it ends up looking and acting like real water does.

      So, to solve the water flow problem, you need to give agency to the water and allow the water to carve a path in the landscape; with the action of releasing the water triggered by the player. Real water erodes the surface it runs over as a function of the speed of the water, the flow (litres per second), and the erosive resistance of the the surface. These could all be modelled in your game, though it quickly becomes very complex.

      A simpler option might be to have a series of water agent carve the land surface according to the steepest gradients at each point. Every drop in level would increase the momentum of a water agent, effecting the dynamics of the flow and the direction it travels in. If a number of agents were triggered one after the other with each one successively 'heavier' and more erosive than the last (modelling a first trickle right the way through to a torrent), the computer would be able to chart an animation of the water flow down the surface, with its eventual channel determined by a combination of the players sculpting the landscape and the natural erosion of the water flow, hopefully arriving at a pleasing result.

    4. Missing avatar

      Ian Pulham on

      Quick idea for the acorn. It might be something you already had in mind, but what if you could craft the tree as it grows. The more followers in home world you have the more energy for growing the tree. You can then pull and stretch the tree choose where branches grow how long and thick they are. Is it an old gnarled oak or a red wood.

      Even if this can't be done I feel it should grow with you power, I'm thinking A Yggdrasil world tree kind of vibe.

    5. Steven Tseng on

      I am wondering, could a contributor from another Tier add ONLY the online masterclass session. I am no longer a student but recently graduated and would like to attend the session (of course with adding the necessary add-ons).

    6. Til1p on

      I have a suggestion, and not sure where to add it or how, but here it is nonetheless!

      What if there were followers who were "leaders?" I know that will probably be different classes of followers, or they'll be assignable, or something of that nature. But, if there were specific followers who kind of, "grew" and had their beliefs and passions formed from the way you were ruling as a god. Perhaps they could even be picked out by us for greatness, and then whatever they developed into would kind of be, a surprise.

      For example, a great bard or passionate spiritual leader could develop and greatly increase the following.

      Or an expert herbalist could change the landscape of your cities and increase overall atmosphere, making the appeal of your city widespread.

      Or, the obvious example, a great battle hero, an inspiration for the troops who can single handedly change the course of battle, if applied properly.

      Further, these unique individual followers, they shouldn't be impossible to kill or destroy. They're subject to life expectancy, disease, famine, and devastating battle wounds, just like the others. Well, save for maybe a cool set of armor that is enhanced by the "god" for extra protection.

      Following from that, certain items that can be the subject of myth, lore and legend.

      For example, tales of a shield touched by a god from a faraway land ... if found or recovered by your people (or offered as a gift from neighboring cities as a sign of peace and alliance), the shield would be placed in a temple or place of worship, and, if your followers had a certain level of "prayer" points, you (as the god) would be given an opportunity to add a certain goddly effect to that item of legend, which would stack onto its original effect (i.e. +5 defense to all troops + a choice of effects for you/us/the player to add [which could be determined by your overall focuses already]).

      You could then name the item, and it would become the subject of myth, lore, and legend. Thereby creating and adding to history! :)

    7. Matt W on

      @Phillip My mistake, I was just looking at twitter and any pledge above £10 gets you automatic entry. No need to add-on it seems

      @Christina Their Twitter says any student at any level is eligible

    8. Sky on

      I'm interested in the Student tier, but I am studying Illustration at Swansea Metropolitan University. Can I use the student tier? I am working on a games concept for uni and after. I also volunteer for an international indie game dev called Whisper Game Studios. I really want to be a concept artist for games!

    9. Phillip Phoelich on

      @Matt W
      Thanks :)
      I was just confused about the whole add-on thing. I thought that it might be a free add-on, if you payed more than 10£, but apparently not...

      I'll see if I can squeeze an extra 10£ out of my December budget :)

      All that helps this game getting released is a nice addition. I don't really understand, why this campaign isn't moving faster. With all the great work Peter ( and his teams ) have done through time it is hard to believe that this project doesn't have more backers...

    10. Kaveh Hadjari on

      A question,

      I was one of the earlier Supporter pledges. Will I get a copy of the game for all my devices (PC, Android, iPhone, etc) ?

    11. Eryun on

      in the title, #6 is typing error? youtube title is named #7

    12. Matt W on

      I like Miguels idea zooming in and out for more control

    13. Elliot on

      I don't think the landscape needs to be changed, or made more like From Dust.
      Water can be made to flow by having it simulate being affected by gravity - it always tries to flow "downhill", but does so by looking for the shortest possible route to the next lowest level, until it reaches sealevel. Maybe also have it spread out horizontally if there are multiple viable routes of the same length. If I remember it right, that's how Minecraft's water works.
      Doing it that way would allow the player to sculpt the land in certain ways to get whatever desired effect(s) they want.

    14. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      Smooth flowing liquid does not flow well with the land structure that you have chosen.
      I really do like to cartoon style of the land structure but if you want to have watery beautiful lakes and rivers then I suppose that you need to do landscape more in the style of From Dust.
      Maybe that is not really a bad idea at all. That way it will be really to sculpt the land to you choosing. Just grab some sand where there is too much and dump it somewhere else where you want a hill. Make the hill big enough and you have a mountain.

    15. Miguel Targaryen on

      Hello! I've been thinking about to sculp a river and still be able to create mountains easily... And i have some ideas :D
      1) As long as you need to do micro and macro sculpting... I think one posibility it's to diferenciate this tools with the zoom. When you far away from the ground, like in the prototype, you can modify larger extensions of ground, like u did on the video.
      But my idea, it's that when u zoom in, then u'll be able to sculp little portions of the terrain, in adition to this, the steps of the terrain, are doubled when u're near them, so u have more precision because u can destroy smaller portions of the ground too.
      2) to have diferents methods of sculpting combinating the shift key with pressing the right, left mouse buttons and also pressing them at the same time, it will change the sculpting mode too.

      I hope this can help you a bit. Cya 22Cans!!

    16. Lucky Badger on

      Rivers shouldn't be too tricky for the player to sculpt, because the water will give feedback - start the flow and it has to go somewhere. Once it is flowing, sculpting the land will change the path, so the player can iteratively get the path she wants. Given the stepped nature of the land, you will have to have a minimum water thickness, or an absorbancy factor, otherwise every level touched by water will become a flat, infinitesimally deep, puddle, like terraced rice paddies. To get a natural look to the terrain when the water is flowing, there needs to be some sort of erosion algorithm. If you play with the geology (i.e. resistance to erosion) you could get some interesting effects (waterfalls! canyons!). At the least, solidified lava could be harder than normal soil, and volcanic ash softer.

      Given that a player will be building up relationships with her followers (giving them individual names) it will be hard for her to find that after a battle half of them are dead, with no way of finding out what happened to them. It would be way cool if she could replay a battle from the perspective of an individual follower, or with the camera locked on to that follower. It would probably require huge amounts of disk space to record all the action in the game for a significant period, but it would be awesome if a way to do it could be found - perhaps by nominating the follower(s) to be recorded beforehand?

      What about wounded followers? There are usually more wounded than killed after a battle. They take time to heal, during which time they can't work, so having a battle will affect the productivity of a society for a period thereafter. On the other hand, the birthrate will go up!

    17. Missing avatar

      Mauro Lombardi on

      I was thinking about the water, and more precisely about the phrase "when the lake is gone, it's gone".. I don't think that really to be an optimal way because, in the end, you should be an "[almost] Almigthy God" and be subdued by the scarsity of resources is a real pain and drawback to the entire concept.

      IMHO, at least in your homeworld, you should be able to place a totem/seed/plant/marker/miracle or whatever that'll just throw out some water for a limited amount of time, becoming a real 'river mouth' giving you the possibility to create lakes, rivers and so on. In definitive giving you a way to really personalise your land.

      Other than that it could be used in a tactical way in a God vs God fight, to drown the enemies believers.. But this, probably, could be a pain to balance.

      [Sorry about my English, but as you can imagine it's not my main language.]

    18. Matt W on

      @Phillip They said you can use it as an add on. So Manage your Pledge and add £10 to it then at the end the Survery will ask what add on you wanted

    19. Phillip Phoelich on

      How do we get the student tier benifits, if we have already pledged? ( more than 10£ that is).
      Does that happen through the question form we get emailed to us at the end of the campaign or?

    20. Yourtime on

      Hey (respond to update)

      Thanks for the Update!
      To the Video: WTF @01:32 was that just a coin? What does they mean? Are they steps for you to know, how many minutes you already used or are they other hints?

      To the Prototype: Wow, so far? I know you said very early, but you really worked much already to show so much, thats freaking great! I love how you suddenly killed your followers, how easily you worked with the bug and made fun about it. I am really excited and hyped about it, even more!

      I really love the prototype, I want it and tell me how we can get it, I would it not give out for free, make a extra tier for it!

      I really liked how you talked with your people, how you want it, what you want it, how he can do it and whats the problems, it makes it feel more serious and pro behind it.Actually we are the same in our IT solution company.

      Is it possible to get the curiosity backer pic? I want show it some friends ;D

      "how can people not getting excited by this",well after seeing the things, I ask myself about that too :D

      My suggestion: Make a new Kickstarter video with some prototype showing and I am damn sure, we will get more people

      PS: I said I pledge 1 pound more, well here you get it. PEOPLE do the same, if you think updates are awesome!

    21. Brandon Grimshaw on

      Wait so for us students who've already pledged more than the 10 pounds student tier, do we get access to the student forums or do we have to add it on? I'd be more than willing to, but considering I already have to add 10 on to the 100 pounds I've pledged for the postage, I'm already stretching my budget thin.

    22. Paul S. on

      Is it just me or that camera lens need a good wipe like.. umm.. since the first update?

    23. Missing avatar

      Tim Dittmer on

      Thanks for the new update.
      I really enjoyed the prototype, especially the slightly overpowered Whirlpool. I extended my Pledge to the maximum I can spare in any way. I really want this to happen.

    24. Miguel Targaryen on

      oh! i've also basics of C, C++, Java, and how to program for iOS and Android, so i know how works the programing stuff :p

    25. Miguel Targaryen on

      I've also a question about the Student tier; It says that "This is perfect for any students who are currently studying game design and/or development." But right now i'll finish next year my degree in mathematics, so even if i have not studied game design/development, will i have so much trouble understanding the forums?
      My dream it's to work as a game designer and developer and when i started my degree, i thought Mathematics was the best choice (and i still think it's a very good option, due to the basis of math i get and the abstractal concepts i've learn about, that makes me think how to solve a problem in 100 diferent ways) so, even if i've studied another thing, should i be worried about that to fulfill my dreams?

    26. Jessi on

      The prototype is looking good! Maybe make a video that only showcases the prototype, to help draw in new backers? Something short and sweet that will grab people's attention. I love the extensive updates, but if I link an 11-minute video on Facebook, I don't know if anyone will pay attention long enough to actually see the prototype. People have short attention spans, especially when browsing social media.

      Also I love the idea of the student tier. I am wondering if there are specific program requirements for students? That is, does the student need to be enrolled in a program that is focused on game design/programming? I have taken some programming classes, but my BA program is in Creative Writing. I would love to work in the video game industry as a writer, but I'm not sure if that counts for this tier!

    27. Anton Fletcher on

      Godus looks like it's doing more work than From Dust, which is only 2.5D - it's only really simulating the surface layer - making far less work to do.

      I'd like to see the idea of alignment extended beyond simple good and evil - the obvious extension is the difference between destructive and coercive domination - look at Civilization, you can win without tearing the world apart, diplomacy, technology, cultural significance, financial domination, and religious influence are all paths to victory. I'd love to see Godus expanded to allow for a peaceful victory.

      Love the idea of the student tier - may I suggest an "Indie" tier for those of us who are developing games on our own? I grabbed a benefactor for the twitter follow - but twitter isn't really a great medium for feedback.

      Also, I'll repeat my request for the Flood flamethrower :)

    28. Clare Wright on

      Are 6th form students eligible for the new tier?

    29. Matthijs den Daas on

      About the sculpting of landscape:

      Peter, you demonstrated with boyish glee the destructive force of a overly powerful land-sculpting feature and mentioned that you wanted it to be a lot more subtle in the final version. I half agree with you there.
      When you sculpt with clay, the first thing you do is you create the general shapes with large humps of clay and not very precise tools. You do this because if you started with the smallest tool from the word 'go', it'd take a very very long time to get the result you're after. If you tried the same thing with Godus, using only the smallest tools, I think your progress would be too slow to enjoy if your aim is to create something large.
      There is, however, a balancing issue with large sculpting tools because, as your demonstrated, land sculpting on that scale is also destructive to the people on the land. So then, how do you implement large sculpting tools without giving the player too much destructive power? I wonder, do you reckon it would work well if access to more powerful sculpting is only gained when you get further away from where people are? This way, you can have your cake and eat it too.

    30. Rising-Mos on

      I know this is a prototype but just a note: to me the sand creation in From Dust is a smoother and more good looking process than the processes of creating 'land' by topography. Anyway, the fight scene looks awesome. If you can zoom up to that level that would be awesome :)

    31. Yourtime on

      and there the pledge goes faster up :D awesome!

    32. Miguel Targaryen on

      OMG!!! u've blow my mind with the STUDENT TIER!!!!!!!! and i can even get it as an addon... OMG, i'm going to work to get all the Addons i want :S hahaha very good idea,

      The prototype looks very good, but i'd like to know if that world it's infinite.... and how can i move faster trought it. Maybe the people seems too big... but i think it's just a matter of proportions... we should see how will work the zoom, and how big it's the world in comparison... Also, to know how High we will be able to sculp the land will be great!

      Thank you for this prototype and for making it possible!!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Iselin Tangen on

      The STUDENT tier is amazing! I'm not studying game design personally, but my boyfriend is. I showed him this and he is going to take it to his Uni and hopefully many of the students there will pledge.

    34. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      200 is optimal maximum size imo. Good call.

      Landscape design of "steppes" looks AMAZINGLY good. With water I don't mind if it's just a cut channel as per minecraft - but a continuous flow from a source eg top of mountain (with rain effects) makes sense to me. I'm more keen on choosing my cursor to be a mouse cursor for accuracy than a hand or something, if that's possible. My hands on the keyboard are the hands of "GODUS"! :)

      That said, I want LITTLE people, they should be small and the landscape big with zoom to watch them more intimately. They looked a little large in the prototype - assume that's just wip.

      PM & 22Cans - You peeps are doing the right thing for crowdfunding, providing a glimpse to kickstarter backers of your daily doings. Thank you and g'luck with the campaign.

    35. Voxavs on

      I remember Pavle Mihajlovic from one of the updates,stealing the show,lol.

    36. Matt W on

      @Marco Just manage your pledge and add £10 or what ever amount of addons you want

    37. Act on

      @Kenok I agree as a total war player myself, but, numbers aren't everything. Remember that each follower is supposed to mean something. They live and procreate because you have painstakingly created the right conditions for them to. Seeing each of these followers go into battle should feel pretty special. In contrast to total war, where each soldier is only a number in your stats.

      On another note. I wonder if there will be some dynamic between directly helping your followers, or choosing to indirectly help them? I think there was such a thing in B&W 1 where, showing villagers the same godly action multiple times, diminished the impressiveness of that action. This is something I find very exciting, because it feels so much more real. No God should be made construction worker, acting at the whim of their followers to use his powers. (unless he wants to). It would be fantastic to impress your people indirectly. Like having followers spread the word after they witnessed an godly action.

    38. Matt W on

      @Jesper they have talked of a hand/finger of god. I imagine something similar to B&W

    39. Jesper Enbom on

      I know it is a prototype, but I do hope they get some sort of dynamic cursor that enlightens the feeling that I am a god. :) That's a worry I have, that the game will give me all this powers and people but won't really embrace any dynamic resemblence of me even being a god. ^^

    40. Vincent Oostelbos on

      Oh, I do agree with Matt that the terrain looked rather small, or the people rather large, but I am also assuming that's going to be because of the prototype. It looked right in all the other previews I've seen so far, I think, so I'm not worried.

    41. Vincent Oostelbos on

      Okay, so I see the difficulty with the river creation thing... I don't really like a "river sculpting" tool either. What I would say is, let it be tricky to the player, let the water be difficult to control. So long as you can manipulate the terrain in sufficient levels of detail, you'll still be able to create a pathway for the water to flow. It's going to be tricky to get right, but that will be part of the fun!

      And then maybe you can add in the river sculpting tool through a cheat code for those people who like that sort of thing... psh!

    42. Marco Meijer on

      Can anyone tell me how the idea with the addon tiers work? I want to add that student tier.

    43. Matt W on

      I know it's a prototype but I was expecting a larger land mass. The people looked like giants on a hill

    44. Kenok on

      "peak of conflicts will contain hundreds of followers"

      i hope you arent saying here that battle wont be over a thousand troops :/ underwhelming term. sorry if im nit picking but im a total war junkie and the phrase hundreds of troops does not impress.

    45. BruceP - Chameleon Prime

      Yay, exciting stuff!

    46. Yourtime on

      yes new update!