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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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    1. John Adkins on

      i really hope you manage to get the rest of the money!

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Bentley on

      so, with the acorn add-on, if we're at a multi-license backing level, do we need to add £7 per license, or just £7 once to cover all the licenses?

    3. Sam Porter on

      There's a picture of a possible t-shirt design in update 1, but as with all designs at this stage it may differ, or more designs may become available.

    4. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      @Joshua i'm sure that they will have a picture to show us about tshirt before the campaign ends..this things take a bit of time and they are on working on the prototype now i suppose

    5. Joshua Johnson

      Is there a picture of the physical add-ons somewhere? I've I'm going to put out money for a T-shirt I'd like to see what it looks like

    6. Miguel Targaryen on

      OMG, yeah, Alpha access and a boxed copy of the game... I'll get those two for sure, because i can't pledge more than 80 pounds and even if i can pledge until the 100 tier, i'm not very interested in those rewards except for the Alpha. Also i prefer to have the box.. I'm that kind of person who likes physical copies of what he buys, like the books. I think it's better a paper book than the electronic version :D. So let's see if you have more surprises for the next days!!!

    7. Sam Porter on

      Oh man, I would have to let out the squee to end all squees if I could pay for Alpha. :P

    8. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      +1 to Anton,the option to pay for getting in the alpha sounds very interesting..also let us pay for a boxed copy please...i hope there will be more add ons available before the campaign ends..

    9. Anton on

      I would like to see Godus Alpha in Digital Add-Ons and I would like more making of video too.

    10. David Yeager on

      Just wanted to say the whole Kickstarter drive here had me firing up Dungeon Keeper and Theme Hospital recently - what wonderful games. Looking forward to Godus.

    11. Jessi on

      I laughed at the acorn bit :)

      I also upped my pledge. I've been waiting a long time for that acorn.

    12. Missing avatar

      Raúl S. on

      Anyway, let's keep it in english :-).

      I didn't know about this acorn anecdote in Fable and it is true that a sense of self mockery is a good sign.

    13. Missing avatar

      Raúl S. on

      @ Sjoerd Broekhuijsen
      Dat van die eikel die je kon planten in Fable wist ik niet. In ieder geval bedankt voor je uitleg.

      @ Miguel Lopez-Bachiller
      No sabía que la bellota era una referencia a Fable.

      Dutch/Spanish bilingual :-)

    14. Yourtime on

      @Sjoerd Broekhuijsen lol I didnt think about that, but could be yes, would be awesome! :D I agree, when you really believe in it, you are not a liar.. you are just little bit too talkactive xP. Anyway I loved all the games under his production and well I was often clear that these things won't be implemented.

    15. Miguel Targaryen on

      Apart from the Acorn, u'll get the flag for the homeworld.... but the Acorn it's something interesting that can show how old it's your world, i hope it can get even bigger than The Deku Tree from Zelda series :D

      Si acaso, con ese nombre te lo pongo en castellano tb xD; lo de la bellota... pues bueno, si se hace enorme tipo Arbol Deku del Zelda, molaría bastate.. asi ves cuánto tiempo ha pasado... además te permite reservar el nombre del clan, y tener una bandera propiar para el Homeworld... lo que apsa quizás es que la gente s emociona mucho.. y por lo visto es un guiño a las seris de Fable, donde debía haber un roble que plantabas al inicio del juego.

      About the Artwork... no idea, probably tomorrow they'll give more details.

    16. Sjoerd Broekhuijsen on

      @Raul The acorn is a wink to the first Fable. Peter Molyneux claimed you could plant an acorn in the game, it would grow until you would have a full grown tree at the end of the game. It wasn't implanted but is often used as an example of a broken promise by Peter. (As you probably known he has a reputation of over-hyping things, promising features which will not be implemented. Due to that reason, a lot of people seem to dislike him. Personally I'm a fan of him, I think the world needs a dreamer. He may be over-passionate sometimes, but I get the impression that generally he is sincere. And a lie isn't a lie when you mean it at the time in my opinion)

      Anyways, putting the Acorn as an add-on shows a good amount of self-depreciation (in a good way), I can really appreciate that.

    17. Missing avatar

      Raúl S. on

      What is actually the deal with the "acorn"? I do not see what it will add to the game play experience.

      About the artwork, do we get to choose from a set a or is it a single artwork for all?

    18. Miguel Targaryen on

      Hi!! this new addons are very good!! there can still be some physical boxes of the game... but it's allright; Anyway, i've some questions:

      -The Acorn.. what if i don't like where i've placed it?? will i be able to change it even if it has grown a lot??

      I'll wait probably to raise my pledge, but the OST it's calling me like a mermaid haha.

      Good to see there's some spanish in the team!!! (Here goes some spanish talk :p)

      Saludos a Sara!!! con ese apellido y haciendo comida española, no podías se de otro sitio... xD luego busque tu twitter, y efectivamente, 100% Ibérica xD; Muchas felicidades por el curro que has conseguido, podrías dar unos consejos para pillar trabajo en el mundo del videojuego en el extranjero a gente recien salida de la carrera (como yo)?? cómo lo conseguiste tu??
      Enhorabuena!! y a ver si salen mas artes conceptuales!! la batalla ya salió en un video y queda espectacular, buen trabajo y ánimo, que eres una privilegiada!!! aprende tó lo que puedas!!!

      Greetings, and let's hope tomorrow there's a video showing more images and more stuff :D (more Lego destruction!! haha) or even some prototype images...


    19. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      i know that in the last 3-4 days almost every project get a good surge in pledges,kickstracker is not a good point to look to a forecast...with:future add ons(boxed copy of the game?) + good chances to release a prototype of the game before the campaign ends+final days surge+word of mouth by us=funded!

    20. Yourtime on

      Hey, (respond to the update)

      Thanks for the update! I really waited for it for the whole day. lol, even during work, I refreshed the website.

      The Add-Ons are freaking awesome, specially the acorn :D! Please think about extra game-keys and maybe about alpha keys. It would be awesome to see more tee-shirt designs.
      How about Costumes for your followers for your homeworld, which you can get rhough a bigger add-on, like KS themed constume for a group of follower?

      yours Guenter / Yourtime

    21. Dave Painter on

      @StevenS I've seen it mentioned in one than one place that the typical KickStarter pattern is a rush of pledges in the first few days, followed by a big drop, a levelling off, and in most cases, a surge of pledges in the closing days. Hopefully, Kickstarter will promote big projects near to funding on the front page towards their end. Plus, it's human instinct for people jump on the bandwagon for something that *looks* like it'll get through.

      While I think it's far from a certainty that they'll meet the target, I do remain optimistic, if 22Cans keep up with the PR drive and with a bit of luck.

    22. Missing avatar

      Raúl S. on

      I was hoping for a new tier with a physical box as in a collector's edition. Other succesful Kickstarters have done so and I don't know why Godus should be an exception.

    23. Missing avatar

      Steven Schrader on

      Bruce Powell,

      Didn't know that site existed, but it doesn't paint a pretty picture either.

      I want nothing more than for this game to be made...

    24. Yourtime on

      People, who is with me? for every update Godus makes, let us pledge 1£ more! if 100 people does that, they get already for 10 updates 1000 £ more :D

    25. Missing avatar

      Steven Schrader on

      A little more math...

      So $27/Person average since November 30th when I started keeping track.

      An average number of Backers increases by 91/day, Which means $2,500 additional capital/day.

      Stretch that out over 15 more days until this project ends and you get about 38,000 in additional capital.

      So, if it keeps steady, the grand total will be around $240,000... well below the $450,000 required.

    26. Reedy on

      These tiers, and now extra add ons, are getting rather confusing...

    27. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      thanks for this update,really good to know more of the team here...
      anyway,i like the new game description,would like to play that game right now

    28. jimmyff on

      Thanks for taking our feedback on board! I've just added another £30 to my pledge for the soundtrack & printed artwork.

    29. Yourtime on

      wow a bigger update nice.

    30. Peter Hambly on

      Really hope the pledged goal is met, I've pledged as much as I can afford to. I will however be after a tee-shirt add-on when available.

    31. Vincent Oostelbos on

      That was interesting. Hope to see more of these interviews :)

    32. Thomas on

      Steven: Unfortunately i have never seen a kickstarter project gain traction once it's half through it's time - but rather the oposite. But i am hoping that i am wrong, because i really wan't to see this project be made. It can be a really really good game!

    33. Watashiii on

      dammit, please start posting videos again. I need my fix!

    34. Marc on

      Nice Fable reference there with the acorn! Saw Peter cheesily referenced to it in past vids. Cant wait for tomorrow's video!

    35. Nick M on

      Awesome!!! Art Prints AND I finally get to plant that acorn I've been wanting to plant for a very long time!!!!

    36. Missing avatar

      Steven Schrader on

      P.S. I love Tron 2.0!

    37. Missing avatar

      Steven Schrader on

      Just doing some quick math, the last few days have seen an average pledge of 27 dollars per person (I have been keeping track). Tomorrow is the half-way mark and the total raised is 44%.

      I'm hoping this is the middle slump before it picks up again!

    38. Orlando Gomes on

      Nice to meet the team