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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Designing GODUS Update #6

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hello from 22cans

It's rather cold in England right now, so we join Peter and Jack for a fire-side chat about GODUS. The video is a bonus extra, filmed on 1st December. We hope you find it enjoyable and enlightening.

Peter and Jack talk about a few of the smaller concepts they'll explore in GODUS. They discuss the features they would love to implement, and the process of getting them in development. More specifically they look at the comparison that's being made between Populous and From Dust and talk through the graphics style and inspirations - touching on water and lava and the importance of the totem. We also discover the slightly bizarre reason Jack got the inspiration to introduce plagues in GODUS. See for yourself what Peter thinks about that…

That's it everyone but tomorrow (Monday 3rd December) we'll be back with more updates. The £450,000 goal is getting closer and closer but please remember to share our Kickstarter link with your family and friends as it really helps us to get the word out.


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    1. Benjamin Lehmann on

      Some ideas for god powers:

      Wildfire: demonic flames that pursue people and buildings - like normal fire but has a malevolent (artificial) intelligence and/ or can be guided/influenced by the god player.

      Disease: a response to the worry about not being able to comeback from it if experienced. Diseases have a few parameters tat make them governable: lethality, incubation period, infectiousness. A fatal disease that has a short incubation and is not very infectious would not kill many people. Alternatively, a highly infectious disease that wasn't lethal might just make the population a bit ill for a while - this would add a nice strategic dimension if there was a rush for resources and your enemies people could be have the snivels and under-the-weather.

      Zombies: enough said.

      Blight: the crops of your enemies suffer

      Zeal: you followers work and fight harder in a given area

      Darkness: good for evil players - makes evil players fight harder, makes people miserable in the darkness.

      Locusts: eats all the crops

      Dragon: yup, you get it.

      Anointing: bless one individual as a leader / profit - they can "hear the voice of god". Possibly they could be personally directed: making them a powerful token in game, perhaps they could be given the special knowledge of 'gifts from god' or indicate to the people where resources are or when an attack is about to happen. As a side mechanic, the anointed would pray from time to time. As they pray they would gain in power and potency, eventually able to call down their own lightning bolts. But for them to grow in influence with the people, as well as grow in their own power and potency, their prayers would have to be answered: ie, you'd have to find them when they prayed and listen to them for a bit. Not doing so would make them lose the respect of the people.

      Splinter Earth: cracks the earth open in the immediate, small area, opening a chasm and raising great spikes of rock, destroying what was resting on that piece of ground.

      Living Forest: Brings the forest to life. The forest could either then be moved to a more helpful location. In battle, the trees fight for you.

      Leviathan: calls a kraken up from the deep, smashing a costal settlement or destroying ships (if they are in the game?)

      Hope: Used at the end of a battle when near to defeat: raises the courage of your people, giving them the will to fight to the end, possibly giving your friend enough time to come to your aid.

      Probably said enough here.

    2. Adrien TCHENG on

      Concerning art style,
      I am a huge fan of the miniature/model look of the landscape, can't wait to see how "sculpting" will look like!! :D

      Concerning competitive gameplay,
      Strategy is about resource allocation. Hence, I would like to know what are the resources involved in the game.
      I remember from Black and White I, the first resources we were introduced to were wood and food, then population and mana.

      I see how mana and population would work. It would make sense if sculpting would require mana as well. You would have to balance between sculpting (for expanding your population to generate more mana, AKA investing), destructive powers to hinder your opponent's progression and a "safety bank", to protect yourself from hostile miracles.

      Inserting wood, food, or more likely ores (dungeon keeper) as "secondary resources", might not work in favor of effective and coherent gameplay. Wouldn't one feel more like a manager than a god then? Again, it depends on how these resources are implemented, but if land sculpting/mana-management is really the core of the gameplay, I believe that god-harvesting (like in B&W) shouldn't be implemented.

    3. Lucky Badger on

      We can have fun with water and lava. Dig a depression near the top of a hill, wait for it to fill with rainfall then with a small amount of digging, release the whole lot over an attacking population. Ditto lava - dig a tunnel into a dormant volcano, then dig the last bit into the lava as the enemy approaches and a river of lava flows from the mine entrance.

      The concept of a water table might be useful. On moist, flat land, if you dig a hole, it will fill with water, because the water table is high(e.g. for defence) . In arid lands, if you dig deep enough, you hit water which can be used for irrigation. The water table will be much lower on the side of a hill, but rainfall will be trapped and flow into rivers. Of course, the rain mostly falls on the west side of the hill!

      Freshwater flooding destroys homes and damages crops but is quickly repaired, and the silt in the floodwater increases the fertility of the land. A tsunami, on the other hand is salt water, so it will completely destroy crops and reduce the fertility of the land for several years.

      Are we going to have seasons?

    4. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Dole on

      I have a new, very simple god power idea, that could be used with very few followers (I literally mean the first you get because of simplicity):
      Flood - Raises water level in an area, but depending on strength can be just a minor annoyance or destroy a town just above sea level.

    5. Richard "AvatarIII" Barclay on

      Talking of plagues, there's a mobile game called Plague Inc. that might be a good research point.

    6. Eryun on

      It's interesting that about the kind of GOD power and concept about synergy of elements ; like water, earth. and I want talk about my idea too. :)

      it's not important what kind of GOD power, perhaps. i think about the that how can gamer create the miracle. just tapping or clicking? it's too simple, i think. Many miracle can have each way to express. for example, how about that if gamer dragging smoothly in the sky, wind be generated, and if gamer dragging hardly in the sky, tornado be generated, And if gamer tapping messily in ground, earthquake be generate.

      and, i think totem be good reason for inviting their friends. if gamer choose same totem and they share the mana (ability to generate the GOD power). gamer invite their friend in GODUS for get the more mana. And if some player make personally totem(and you can charge some fee when they want make a new totem having a new design), they invite friend more diligently.
      this way can be connected with facebook, i think. (for example, totem maker invite their friend via facebook, or whatever for their GOD power, and new gamer can choose menu of totem with their facebook.)

    7. Missing avatar

      Paul Nilsson on

      Peter, about free will and what you said the other day; the universe is not deterministic but is ruled by the laws of quantum mechanics. This give random processes at the fundamental level, and ultimately leads to unpredictability at even large scale. So one can argue that free will is guaranteed by quantum mechanics. ;O) Maybe you want to have a "Defiant Brian" who is not easily impressed by miracles and who could wreak havoc among the believers if left explaining miracles with science..? Cheers

    8. Matthijs den Daas on

      Not sure if this is technically possible but I was thinking about another Godpower:

      Chaos. This power creates an area of absolute chaos, in which every object is turned into a random different object, which may be hazardous or harmless. Objects may float, sink, turn see-through and behave in all sorts of unexpected ways. It's an area in which the laws of the universe go nuts. It's like the Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy's improbability drive on a much larger scale.
      While the spell is active, the caster can click on objects within the spell's reach to turn them into random other objects. The defending god can only try and manage the chaos with spells of his own. Once the spell wears out, objects return to their original shapes, and the normal laws of the universe apply to them again. However, if an object was floating at the time it returned back to normal, it will fall down.

    9. Stéphan' M. on

      TOTEM: Well, I don't know but if each player's got one totem. It's not gonna be really strategical.
      Talking about GAME ATMOSFEAR, I hope it won't make me "sleep" and "wandering" like the one in B&W series. I may be wrong but people need a bit of adrenaline... :)

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Miguel Targaryen on

      Hi everybody! i'd like to comment about the two ideas u're talking about:

      1) The commandments... i can see that they are usefull, but it's supossed that in this game, u can only interact with your people trought terraformaing and with the totem, so i don't see this a very good idea... maybe it can be fun to impose your people some thoughts.. but i'm sure they'll disobey anything u'll say to them sonner or later xD

      2) The mana generation linked to the places where there's a village to get diferent kinds of elemental mana sounds very good, and also there will be some buffs for people who makes cities on mountains or seas... maybe the hardest elemento to represent will be the fire...; Also, this system can stablish a perfect symbiosis with the "Palette of Elements for Miracles" (it's an idea i've read in one of this post in some Update, can't remember, but i'll resume it a bit) So, to make miracles, u'll have a pallete of elements (earth, Wind, Fire, Water) that u can combine (like in the game Doodle God) to create, steam, life, lava, plants, fungis... and (my idea arrives here) to combine them, u use a canvas like the one seen in Okami.

      Resuming; to make miracles, u can Pause the action (and move the camera while paused like in Okami), Paint in the canvas with the diferent elements (u have a limited paint due to your actual mana) and the painting u have made, determine the miracle u do; also, thick strokes with our hand, will make stronger miracles, and also, it gets even more powerful, if u have the bonus from villages on certain terrains.

    12. Matthijs den Daas on


      Problem I have with that approach is that often it'll be strategically sound to cast a spell while your believers are doing something that would lead them to drawing the wrong conclusion. For example, your villagers are busy stealing from a neighboring town, and you discover that in that town, there is an enemy believer who has received a gift from his god. Casting a spell to kill the villager and take the gift would be strategically sound at that point, but it would lead your own villagers to believe that stealing is bad, which you might not want. Setting commandments in stone which you can alter at any time you wish would be a more controllable way of doing it.

    13. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Dole on

      I agree witht the commandments idea but I think it couldnuse more of a system used in B&W 2 (I didn't play 1 so I'm not sure whether it was in that) but in the way that when your people do something, you can tell them whether it's good or bad and how often they should do it, but be more influencial.
      For exaple, if someone were to steal from your opponent and you use a tornado across the town they live in, that would reinforce it as bad, but if you used gift of the gods, they would presume it as good.
      This would then lead your followers to take the initiative to make it a commandment.

    14. Matthijs den Daas on

      I have yet to figure out how to properly fit it in with the rest of the game but one thing I'd really like to see is commandments. A book, or tablet of rules that my people must adhere to. Preferably, these rules would have an impact on the strategical aspects of the game.
      Think about things like "Thy shalt steal from thy neighbor". The effect would be that at night, your villagers will attempt to sneak into enemy towns and steal their stuff. Needless to say, this would be an evil-themed commandment, and would naturally affect the alignment you have as a god.

    15. Monkey Biscuit on

      I would love to be able to make my god likeness appear in random places.... e.g. a potato or rock shaped like me, in a piece of toast etc...just to excite my followers a bit and cause them to discuss me. "Wow... I just saw god in my lasagne" that kind of thing.

    16. Matthijs den Daas on

      I agree with EOPE42 that mana generation should be linked to terraforming since terraforming is the main gameplay mechanic and it'd create both more synergy and will create strategical purpose behind designing your land in specific ways. The downside, however, is that if you specialize your landscape design, you could limit your spell access because you won't get mana for other types of spells. So I'd suggest that all types of mana can be used for all types of spells but will generate stronger spells for spell types that correspond with the mana types available.

      For instance: Let's say you have a large coastal metropolis and a few town high in the mountains.
      This would mean that about 80% of your mana is of the type 'water' and the remaining 20% is of type earth.
      Now, if you cast a fire spell, you gain no bonus, but if you cast a water spell, you gain an 80% bonus, and earth spells gain a 20% bonus. The bonus is thus not decided by the amount of believers you have, but by how you distributed them along the different terrain types. The amount of followers you have would instead determine the size of your total mana pool and thus how many spells you can cast in general.

    17. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      To add to below system for God Powers: It would be better if it's digital transition when mixing Elements than binary this is now generating 100% Wind 0% Earth -> ie at mid-alt: 50% Wind, 50% Earth -> so players can tailor their settlements to fuel more in one direction or equal distribution.

      Then the actual god powers need thinking about themselves... Leave that for the next blog!

    18. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      Ok, on God Powers: The previous games, populous you either had mana from more followers/dwelling rate of refill or in B&W more worshippers sent to worship more spell mana.

      Both are not bad, but iirc both depend on balancing what powers you have with what is made available for that level?

      I think a more freeform power generation would be more holistic and more open: So:

      MAIN GAMEPLAY = terraforming

      minor gameplay = god powers

      Therefore, Terraforming high ground with settlements on high ground increases your wind generation manner from those settlements. Settlements next to water increases your water generation from those settlements. Flat sea-land generates your Earth powers (& switches over to wind mid-point altitude) and creating a mountain and turning it into an active volcanoe fuels your fire generation spells with settlements near that? Tbh Fire may need some brighter idea to it, perhaps feeding wood into a bonfire (or minions!)?

      Now I wonder if there are ways to combine eg Water + Wind with a lake on the top or by a river? Or Fire + water by creating a lava flow into the sea and building around that? etc etc...

      If you achieve those conditions you start to access those spells/god powers or at least can generate mana to power them?

      Much more organic/derived than adding decks of spell cards independently.... :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Henrik Holm on

      Your followers will build their own stuff. So if you decide to run a river right through their village they will build bridges to get to the other side?

      That would be awesome.

    20. Matthijs den Daas on

      Man, these higher tiers for backers are so awesome! Boy do I wish I had the cash!

    21. Matthijs den Daas on

      Idea for promoting the kickstarter:

      Make a minecraft server dedicated to Godus. Build representations of the Godpowers, the towns, etc. Make this server open to all and let Peter be on it from time to time.

    22. Luke Lewitzka on

      Also, would it be possible to put the monthy skype meetings in the Diety pledge also? *cheeky grin*

    23. Matthijs den Daas on

      Idea for a god power:

      Reaping: (remove the souls from the bodies of people in an area, making those souls wonder around unable to interact with their surroundings. While in this state, physical dangers like tornadoes and fire and such cannot affect the souls, but the souls cannot do any work either because they cannot touch anything. The Reaping is represented by a white mist that can be nudged by the player to give it direction and to increase or decrease it's size. To return the souls to their bodies, a healing spell must be cast in the area.)

    24. Luke Lewitzka on

      I would love to see this game us a voxel engine of some sort. I could imagine all the dynamics of water/lava volume, caving, tunneling, sculpting working really well!

      But then again I really have no idea about the technical challanges/limitations of these things! >.<

      Also I've always loved the concept in Magic Carpet and Populous: the begining, where the 'world' wraps around. So you can spread and attack your enemy in any direction. Would it be likely that Godus would use this framework?

    25. Missing avatar

      Diego Farto on

      Just had another idea that may be interesting,

      How about a misguided prophet in your homeworld? He would intrepret your will wrongly and get your followers to do wacky things ( god says we should worship sheep!, grow beards in the name of god!, etc...) so you will have to find ways to discredit him or your followers may start throwing away their valuable time in these unuseful things.

    26. Missing avatar

      Diego Farto on

      I made this comment in the project's main page, and then realised it would be better placed here. I'll paste it here, where it belongs.

      Just had an idea for the game that may be interesting. I dont know if followers will have some kind of individual "statistics" but if it happens to be that way, I think it would be interesting for them to acquire some kind of experience over their lifetime. For example if the same follower has been mining during a certain amount of time he could become a mining foreman, sharing his experience with other followers so anyone mining ore within certain distance of him would get a little efficiency bonus. Of course this guy would get some kind of miner hat (Yay hats!) so theplayer may know about this. In this same way there could be foresters, centurions, priests...

      I think this could make the game more interesting, and also bring hats into it.

      Sorry for double posting.

    27. Matthijs den Daas on

      Plagues are tricky, as they can backfire too easily. Unless you accompany them with another mechanic:
      A gift from the gods called "Healing hands" which you can give to your own followers. These gifted people can lift a plague upon touch, meaning that if you've invested some of your belief power into healers, and your opponent has not, a plague can wreak havoc in the ranks of your enemy, and do far less damage in yours. Timing when you have healers and when you use your belief power for other things becomes very important then, and thus increases the tactical depth of the game.
      With Immortal Imogen you can deliver a plague pretty much anywhere on the playing field. This might concern, but once Imogen has been thrown your way, you're free to throw Imogen back!
      It's thus a double edged sword, and in terms of balance will balance itself out. I do however think it'd be wise if it can be heard across the whole playing field when Imogen gets thrown. Otherwise you're constantly double checking all your towns to see if a plagued Imogen has landed there, which becomes tedious and takes up too much of your time.

    28. Russell on

      Lava moats - definitely. :D

      Plagues can easily become too annoying if they're difficult to control. Using them against another god (by throwing over a diseased person as a unreliable but cheap way to attack for example) can outweigh the disadvantages either way.

    29. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      @Günter Kraus - sells populous 1,2 though I think those versions use dosbox so may not be as smooth to play as could be. :/

      @EM-man - Agree excited by the consideration of flowing water and possibly lava. I'd like to see the water cycle: Weather -> rain on high mountains -> water into rivulets -> rivers -> flow to sea: Required as defense, water supply and fuel for spells? Populous 2's lava was not bad at all imo. It does not have to be over-simulated, as long as it does what it should do ie flow downwards and generally spread and burn! I guess to turn a mountain into a volcano you'd have to defeat the other player's earth or wind magic with your fire magic and then be able to either raise land or use a current mountain to spew fire?! And agree armies of minions makes sense in terms of organised units > disorganised groups - but are easier targets for spells?

      The fireside backgrounds are v good value: Nice touch! Thought this was the most constructive video to date. :)

      I guess war is important but also playing other powers off against each other. I wonder if that will come into the game in some form? Perhaps disguising your followers as another power's and making an attack and disappearance? I certainly enjoy sending minions to steal the other power's resources as another tactic!

    30. Em-Man on

      Great to hear that From Dust and Total War are some of your inspiration. I hope nature is a big strategic key to success in the gameplay of Godus. Nature should be your biggest enemy and your biggest friend.

    31. Yourtime on

      Hello! (my response to the Video)

      Yes, it would be awesome to get some concept art or even a little presentation. I am very sure, you would get more pledges then. People are more interested into visual things, when they have to pledge for something. I have to admit, I didn't look at the game, till I read God-game & peter.

      You want dig, water effects, let the Tornado destroy the landscape, so I am curious, which Engine, do you want use? Will it be Voxel-based? I am not very well informed about Engines, but when you want take all apart like you did with the legos, wouldn't be that engine mostly right?

      I wouldn't even mind to see graphics like you did show yet.
      You talk much about Populus (, which makes sense) and I don't complain, but as someone, who couldn't play the game much, want ask: May is it possible to get a demo of it, to understand more your compares or ideas?

      My Brother is little bit disappointed that the Map at the Images looks like a square, will it really be like that or is it just concept art and look like an bigger Island later? I guess it's just inspired from Populus

      The Totem sounds after a good idea! It reminds me little bit to PataPon (, a PSP game), where you had to give commands through the Rhythm, you also were a god. You didn't control the units itself, you just influenced them. I really loved that game.

      "Influence instead of Control", a good concept and fits the god concept. I get more and more confident, that the game will have really much depth

      I guess, I dont need to post any god powers, there are already very many ideas.

    32. Patricks on

      If you ask me for my unimportant opinion about that god is my wish list ( think it`s soon Christmas):
      I still would like a upgradable power System. Something like a Research tree. By investing some believe, or getting some amount of believers or Special building, it could be possible to unlock a higher class of a given god power. The lower Version should be still available, because it doesnt cost so much believe when used. Something like..Jedi Knight. Where you can learn lots of "Forces" but you have to specialize in something to be very good in something. So you could get an individual stack of powers.

      Regarding the god powers, I could imagine something like:

      -Ouch my head Meteor -> where is my neighbour’s house Meteor -> does somebody have a nuke to kill that Armageddon Meteor
      - a litte desease like a bad flu -> black Plaque -> ultimate Ebola
      just for an example

      other powers i could imagine (unconventional and conventional ones)
      - Earthquakes
      - Tornados
      - Lightning
      - flood - drought
      - Killing first born sons (slow don Population growth)- hey darling we got twins
      - raining frogs- raining gold
      - death Arrow of the god – Armors arrow
      - Berserker rage – Whimp mode
      - Growing plants – forest decline
      - blessed harvest – bad harvest
      - Demons – angels / dragons or something
      - Wisdom / Special abilitys for a short time – stupidity for a short time
      - Solar eclipse / Burning sunlight

      - Feeling of Elysium /paradise/ bringing hell to earth
      - healing /enchanting /Blessing/bring back the dead or undead

      sorry for taking so much space.

    33. Sky on

      Is influence rings returning? I didn't mind the influence in B&W1 as it started expanding enough to give freedom, but in B&W2 the ring was extremely limiting and frustrating, causing me to just build empty houses out to be able to reach far enough to exploit the game. It got very frustrating especially when capturing enemy villages, as it would not unite with the main ring. The other villages also needed individual tending, uniting 2 villages into one village would have been good. Not sure if we will have to feed and provide resources for our followers in GODUS, but if so, it would be great if one could unite 2 villages into one unit (important for statistics and whatnot, and makes the "must have food" kind of reactions less annoying) when they grew closer. It would also be satisfying to unite 2 villages I recon, especially if fireworks is involved, or maybe spectacular weather effects. (aurora, beautiful sunset?)

    34. Gregory Wollf on

      This is where you need to think about the idea of 'Counter-Play.' Follow the link and watch the video, this is fundamental for any game design group to understand!

    35. Ara on

      I think you don't need to have a ton of powers but you'd rather give them different effects and combo with others

      For example I really like the idea of a petrifying power, other than on people it could also be used
      _ on water to freeze it and counter water related powers or make provisional bridges
      _ on the ground to transform it into stone (to make it harder to modify, more resistant to earthquakes or if you need stone for building)
      _ on building to harden them and make them fireproof
      _ on tree to prevent them to be harvested

    36. Missing avatar

      Jimmy Dole on

      Will I be able to have people dig into a mountain or underground for protection?

      I really think this would be a cool thing to do as it would add more strategy into multiplayer, defending and attacking.

    37. jimmyff on

      Here are a few God power suggestions (other than the obvious ones such as firestorm, earthquakes etc):


      * Reanimate / raise the dead: for a short period raise the corpses for a temporary army
      * Moment of madness / insanity : followers would throw themselves off cliffs etc
      * Infertility
      * Premature aging
      * Combusting followers
      * Smite follower
      * Summon a demon to do your bidding! (Horned Reaper?!)


      * Ways of manipulating water: part water / channel, freeze, evaporate (could be useful ways for damage limitation of a tsunami)
      * Rabbit like fertility : lots of twins & triplets (boost in population)
      * Natural army - birds, wolves, bears etc etc could be called to your aid
      * Sunama / convert from pop3 - convert wildmen to your cause
      * Fallen clouds - bring the clouds down to hinder enemy vision

    38. Werehare on

      Is war going to be the only option for defeating other gods?

    39. Missing avatar

      Mike Taylor on

      Hi guys, something occurred to me when you were mentioning the terrain editing/manipulation today. How about having a followers birth place affecting their characteristics? For example those born at higher altitudes having greater stamina (If anyone there has ever climbed a mountain with the assistance of porters you'll know what I mean!) those born at sea level have greater strength, born near a river/sea, much more likely to survive interactions with water etc. Any thoughts?

    40. jimmyff on

      Having a single totem sounds quite simplistic. You may be fighting / defending on multiple fronts (especially in multiplayer), in this situation could you place have more than one totem?

      Could you tell us a little of how the followers & armies work - will you have follower classes like populous 3 (warrior (melee), firewarrior (ranged) etc)?

      Also will you be able to dictate how many followers you train to or will it be more like dungeon keeper where your armies will arrive/train as your town grows? Personally I'd like to have some control over civilian & army ratio! Adds another layer of strategy to it.

    41. Sky on

      Hello 22Cans, I would love to see more interviews with more people in the team, putting names to faces. By the way, Norovirus is not that dangerous, but it is very contagious, and is very very nasty. Don't let your programmer into the office until he is 100% fresh or you all will be sick...
      If you want more ideas for god powers, i'd like to see a return of "beast" miracles in the form of maniuplating the wildlife around the population. Sending beasts onto them or providing helpful cattle. The animals could be naturally occuring, but commanding flocks of them could be a power.
      Will building return, or can you only watch as the people build houses now? I enjoyed arranging cities, I wonder if sculpting alone will be as fun as building? I'd like to do both, though upgrading the houses could be left to the people. I'm not sure if I will miss building, It's hard to imagine what Godus will ultimately feel like.

    42. Stelly

      I would love to see priest that spread your faith, BUT also prophets these are very special guys that can heal people with illnesses and stop your plague as well... these guys are followed around by disiples :D

    43. Miguel Targaryen on

      Hi 22 cans, you've surprised me this time!! didn't expected a new update on a Sunday!! You guys work really hard, it's also good to hear about the graphic-style and the tomtem.. But i feel that just usong a totem doesn't add too much strategy...

      In the other hand, can we see the prototype??? Your programmer has to be working pretty hard!!!!

    44. Marc on

      Matthijs, great idea with the Petrify power.
      Make an example of an unruly villager or unbeliever by making them the statue.

    45. Simon - | The Order of the Goat $7.77 | on

      Thanks for that good and funny update! Love the updates ! Great..

      I'd say one Godpower that definitly should be in the game is lightning and Thuderstorm. I just saw that Matthijs wrote the same.

      And by the way.. Since Peter and Jack are comparing with "From Dust".. it was a good game but I felt sometimes not needed by them.. It was more kind of playing alongside together.. I never got the feeling the people needed or even adored me.. That was a lack in game atmosphere... I want belivers to love or fear me as their god. Please make sure its more like Im their god not only their builder. people from dust were boring.. never interacted with me like i would expect it as a good. ( I know I cant have Godpowers like seen in "Bruce Allmighty" like creating a strong east wind divides the sea or like eclipsing the sun if I like to, to show my people Im angry about their behaviour but I kinda LIKE those Ideas.. maybe you give it a thought. 22cans :-)

    46. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      also,when they will show us the prototype,do not put it into a video like these ones...making some kind of a trailer instead would be more good and give it a less sense of amateurish work i suppose..

    47. simone[Lechuck on RSI] on

      agree,maybe a video with a little tour of the team like they have done but with more focus on what they are doing right now,give us a little shoot at what will come next :)

    48. Huib Geboers on

      I agree with Matthijs as well. It's very interesting hearing you talk about the game and what it WOULD be, only we need some reassurance that it WILL be. Maybe have a talk where you give us an insight in how 22 cans is working on securing more funding?

    49. Missing avatar

      Sam on

      The totem idea sounds good, I wondered how to influence your followers instead of directing them without it becoming too cumbersome (e.g. many repetitive indirect actions to mount an attack on an opponent).

      Hope the prototype will bring more press coverage and pledges.
      The prototype delivery may be a good time to do some more advertising on Curiosity, that was a brilliant advertising idea btw.

    50. Yourtime on

      Yes I agree, I really wondered as they meant maybe next week already showing the prototype and that on friday and even now an update..