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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Designing GODUS Update #4

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Dear people,

We have to admit, Kickstarter is like the wildest roller coaster we've ever been on. Lets start with an update on where Project GODUS currently is. There are a lot of ideas, not just from the team at 22cans but also our community. One of our programmers 'Fabs' has been working the last few days on a prototype with Jack (design) and Tim and Mattia (art), which is being build right now. We hope to be able to show you this prototype next week and ask Fabs a few questions. At the same time the design team (Jack and Peter) have been writing the design document. Should we (hopefully) find ourselves in a position where GODUS gets made, after successfully reaching our Kickstarter goal, then we can immediately start on its development.

A smaller look into GODUS today in preparation for a bigger update tomorrow. Peter and an ill Jack elaborate on the details concerning good v's evil gameplay and strategic v's sandbox challenges. After this, Peter talks about some meticulous details concerning the civilisation that will live in your world. He also asks you (our backers) how you feel about some of the troublesome followers who you will lead in the game.

One idea that Peter wants your feedback on is the idea of troublesome followers; characters you will find who give you bonuses;

  • Immortal Bob - He is almost utterly indestructible; with a lot of funny lines (idea directly from B&W) and you have to find the way to kill of Immortal Bob to get that belief bonus.
  • Suicidal Sid - He just wants to end it all, he will rush to nearest cliff and - like a lemming - dive off. If you keep him alive you get a bonus.
  • Fragile Fiona - She's the opposite of Bob, the smallest shock and she'll kick the bucket (Monty Python inspired) but if you keep her alive long enough you get belief bonus.

All these characters appear in Homeworld. We love the humour side or is it too trivial? Please give us your feedback in the comments.

Our European and American friends have been asking us about the payment method and conversion rates. Unfortunately this is completely out of our control and seeing how we're a UK company we have to list our reward tiers in Pounds Sterling. However, when you get to the checkout using the WorldPay service (Amazon unfortunately is not an option either as a UK company) the amount will be listed in your own local currency. However, to help everyone we've made a Currency Conversion Chart:

Thank you for reading today's update and we will speak to you all again tomorrow. 

All the best,


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    1. Benjamin Lehmann on

      I like the idea of the extra characters; they'll be hilarious to play. To address RandomTiger's concern re. micro managing characters: perhaps the belief bonus would be automatic in repeat plays of the game if you have already completed these character challenges the first time you played. (Beat the challenge once, claim the credit always).

      But, the second time playing, the characters could be brought into the multiplayer game when you venture out to pit your skill against other players:

      Immortal bob would be hard to kill and become a great leader, inspiring troops and acting as a rallying point. He'd then be a focus of attack for the opposing player leading to swathes of destruction. Killing the opposing players immortal bob would grant your side a great big bonus on the battle field.

      Fragile Fiona could become a healer or a battle priestess or some such, easily killed but granting a healing or fighting bonus to those near by if kept alive.

      Suicidal Sid is a bit trickier to fit into a pattern, but maybe this would work: he could become a sort of wild, crazed and holy mascot: he'd go where he wanted and you'd have to keep him alive, but doing so would lend courage to the whole team and meant that your god powers were increased in the area surrounding him.

    2. RandomTiger on

      I'm afraid these characters are exactly the kind of thing I didn't like in Black and White 1. They obviously create time and effort to create and are if I'm understanding them correctly are a one shot experience that will be the same on a second play through. I would encourage you to embrace emergent gameplay and let the players define their characters themselves. All we need is the ability to keep track of them with nametags or some kind of identification.

      I can just remember playing Dungeon Keeper 1 and even though the creatures weren't named the level numbers let you keep track of one or two of them. Hey looks that's the level 4 demon who keeps on getting in fights with my lizard things, I don't like him, lets throw him out the torture chamber for a bit. Oh look, there's that level 8 warlock who was the last standing and won the last big battle, I will reward him with gold and take him into the next level with me.

      There's nothing more ungodly about being locked into a one way conversation with a named human with a small task to complete that's beneath a deity.

    3. Some Guy on

      I like the idea... gives people a little something extra to do or worry about based on your life philosophy. As long random and with variety of what you might get with no major penalty if they live or die. Maybe just on option before game start if you want this in your game or not for those that don't like it.

    4. Missing avatar


      On the topic of houses, maybe they should also get a bonus for being near water? That would also help spread out the settlements over different heights.

      (As an aside, atheistic or non-believing followers don't really make sense in a world where gods are so obviously real. Atheists aren't atheists because they have some kind of innate need to deny the existence of any gods. They are atheists because there is no compelling evidence that gods exist. If there were good evidence, you'd find about as many atheists as you'd find people who believe that they can fly because gravity doesn't exist — not very many, that is. If a giant hand suddenly came out of the sky and picked an atheist by the neck, he'd probably concede the point instead of yelling "I STILL DON'T BELIEVE IN YOU!" at the hand.)

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt D on

      Personally I dislike the idea of a "story" or "characters" you have to interact with.

      Why? Because I think despite being cute additions the first time, the second/third/fourth/fifth time you play its just a chore.

      One of the things I loved with Populous was that you could play over and over and over, each game was its own unique experience - fresh & unknown territory.

      Adding in "Immortal Bob" who pops up every game is just repetitive and tiresome. Replay value is reduced because the next time you play and come across the *same* characters it feels stale and like you're retreading old ground.

      Please please only add this as a stretch goal and don't just rehash old B&W ideas. There are other more spontaneous ways to include much-loved humor in the game apart from scripted set pieces.

    6. NaGeL Bailey on

      I vote for sucidal bob!

    7. Yourtime on

      Oh thats peter for you! Awesome that good and bad side is there again!
      Good I hoped and believed that too that it is a depthful strategy game, like B&W was (, well for me)
      You say that thing with single play like you like it more with multiplayer, but well I wonder why you decided BW2 without multiplayer (yes I didn't really inform myself)
      @facebook well that is not my thing, but it is how it is for the current time, so I guess its okay as long you dont have to.

      I see so you are given him only the space like the game Reprisal ?

      about the 3 believers its a nice idea, makes it more challenging.. but I already can imagine.. the map gets suddenly more stressy and then you fail for a second to keep an eye for the follower and failed.. getting rage about it lol.

    8. Rodolphe Ponsard-Goiran on

      The humor side, is why I loved so much your previous games. It just make the game better !

    9. Adam Carruthers on

      Cheeky Chris, appears, and crates danger round the city, teach him a lesson before anyone gets hurt.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dean Beard on

      How about Too Brave utter lunatic who thinks he is far tougher than he is. Will immediate run at the most powerful enemies and get banjaxed if he hasn't got good equipment/well trained army to protect him?

    11. Rising-Mos on

      Would you call Godus the spiritual heir to Populus or Black and White?

      Recently, I played 'From Dust' and it was great? What are your thoughts on it. Will Godus have similar functions? and more? I like the fact that the physics in From Dust is relativly realistic in terms of sand and water interactions. Are you going for realistic world engine in Godus or more 'game like'?

      Populus the begining is my favorite game of all time but I couldn't really get into Black and White. I like the challenge of another tribe trying to destroy me.

    12. MathiasAWK on

      I'd be fine with even more different follower-challenges, the humor in your games have always made me smile more than a little.

    13. Gregory Wollf on

      I love the concept art for the followers. I like that they are expressive actions and slightly exaggerated. This makes them fun to watch. I like them better than the bundle of polygons in B&W. Part of being a god is to watch how your followers react to your actions, and these little cartoon followers are ideal for just that purpose.

    14. Clare Wright on

      Another supporter here for Slashers ideas below re: visual in-town reminders of your actions such as graveyards/mausoleums/war memorials, and rewards for long lived followers.

    15. Missing avatar

      Kate Worton on

      Put them in, but give the options to toggle them off :) I think it would be nice to occasionally have the challenge, but I do find such things a little gimmicky and something that similar to Populous, I would often prefer to just zen out and watch my city grow without having to go back to micromanagement.

      Also yes, decent point about the whole why is the weakest character the female ;)

    16. Missing avatar

      Althis on

      Like the ideas about Bob and Sid. They seem rather fun to play with. What I am not sure is about Fragile Fiona. It seems like the kind of character that can get very annoying very fast. And the kind of character that can highlight the minimal faults in the AI.

      Wish you all luck with the project,
      Will be looking after it!

    17. yianis on

      On the troublesome followers idea, what about a "skeptic" or "atheist" character?

    18. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      @Chris Lord: You have to think these "characters" represent populations not individuals... and stereotypes are from generalisations (from observed patterns in groups that are crystalised into properties affiliated with those groups) and that's exactly why I am opposed to the idea in first place: Godus should be managing populations with a view to their tiny lives and gleaning things the closer you look. At that level of decision making eg the strategies of armies: Protecting the group increases every individual's survival chances than looking out for no.1 - it's a different relationship?

      Tbh this personality of followers idea is really gimmicky to me. The core experience of the game seems very unclear at this stage.

    19. Matthijs den Daas on

      @Chris Lord: I'm sure it's not a bit change to turn Fragile Fiona into Fragile Freddy.

    20. Missing avatar

      Chris Lord on

      To mirror a couple of comments, it is a bit disappointing that the female character is the weak character you have to protect. I'm sure it's just coincidence, but it'd be good not to (even coincidentally) play into stereotypes like that. I hope the final ideas include a bit more diversity and invention.

    21. Missing avatar

      EOPE42 on

      The evil v good does not do much for me tbh. I only see them as functional: Is each spell/method related to them the most efficient/effective - if I use one type to max, does that leave me vulnerable in other areas, or do I balance which spells/powers I have to adapt? Also if I take one path will that make me allies or enemies with other powers when I need to manage those relationships - ie don't wake sleeping giants, kick the hornet's nest between 2 other players/gods/settlements etc! I don't really care for a morality test bar, just how functional those choices are eg evil needs fresh blood to power spells so that fuels your gameplay strategy vs good uses more soft powers eg Helen of Troy, Missionaries, Trade, Spies etc.??

      I like the addition of sandbox and strategy -> When resource scarcity drives powermongering between gods that's usually strategy esp. different intelligences battling each other. But sandbox can be great to get away from that pressure - and anything to avoid the absurd 300 clicks per minute. +1

      I'm really against the followers with personalities already baked. What is cool - is making up all this stuff in your head while watching them livng their lives - powermongers text info just fuelled what you had been watching along with the sounds and seasons. :) - So I'd prefer an interacting microcosm that the player can guide and shape and take delight in watching perhaps a random village fight/riot or season for harvest etc etc and a tracker of minions so they birth, grow, age and die? And some stats for all that too!

      Those pizza joints are festering food hygiene imo. Get a base from a supermarket and make it yourself? It's more fun (assuming cooking utilities are to hand).

    22. Sky on

      Hey fellow Backers, a lot of you seem to assume you only get one try at saving the fragile and suicidal characters, looking at B&W this seems highly unlikely. Immortal character had infinite tries in B&W and would always return to his bonfire, I imagine that these fragile characters, once dead, will respawn in some comic damnation situation and try again, in despair, with dialogue to boot. Maybe they would run outside from a specific building repeatedly, or that you would have to activate the quest similar to scrolls in B&W, maybe a friend of theirs tells you to rescue them. That is how I assumed it would be when I saw the suggestion, but I bet they will come back if you fail. This would make it not frustrating for the people who worry about this, as you can choose to do, or not do the quest, and get infinite tries.

    23. Voxavs on

      Recall the Bible. The whole world vanished in the flood. Also this leads us to the oter thing. The God has no concept of good and evil whatsoever. Killing people just because they are spoild by his opinion is, like, ok. So the player is the God. There mustn't be any good or evil stuff you can do in terms of earning Good or Evil points, because no matter what you do what is necessary. And this isn't Black and White there must be a different conception. My suggestion. This game will be about your people right? So it must be happiness. This sound too complicated and hard to implement now as i think about it, but you might get some idea anyway. Happy people love you, they are more efficent, but they have more complex society with free will and what not. They are not good at war and it's hard for you to affect them in any way, make them do what you want. Unhappy people is a different thing. For them life is a burden., so they don't value it that much. They might be afraid of you as well and easyer to control.

    24. Eryun on

      idea of suicidal Bob is interesting to me.
      I wonder if how much has the social network point in GODUS, that important to got concept of game, i think.
      you said that, give the price something like score when gamer saving Bob or keeping Fiona. but it's easy to be banal. Actually, ‘good behavior’ can be exist in OUR, NOT ALONE. So, perhaps, if GODUS got many soical network point, it don’t need price for ‘good’. In the social network, they’ll take the price for ‘good’, naturally, like Friendship, Trust each other, anything else.
      For example, if suicidal man exist not specially named Bob, but normally in citizen that their one's world, and if gamer feel so sad, or feel losing when they do. And if people each other can protect from suicide each citizen their world, this 'good behavior' be more NATUALLY, and be it's got more power for itself.

      And i think so too about 'Evil', In Black & White, someone choose the Evil because they just want brake the routine. Beyond the quest, someone, me too, be evil in the B&W, for example, destroyed building, killed the people, giving the people to creature for feed, or anything else, by the just their ‘Curiosity’. And many people felt futility in their behavior. It the good example, I think.I believe, 'Feeling futility' is effective purnishment for 'Evil behavior' than penalty to their score, anything else.

    25. Voxavs on

      Here are some of my thoughts I had over the night. Magic must be more complex than four basic elements. Greeks had Zeus god of thunder, Egyptians had Ra, some Indians worshiped mother nature etc. But all they had a large number of gods to whorship. Imagine a god of the underworld casting plagues and raising the dead. Also miracles by itself are unbalanced (B&W). You can cast a tornado, but can't cast a wind, though it might be usefull, helping spreading the fire or seeds to make new trees grow by itself. The idea is miracles having different effects depending on how much force and magic power you used, that's how a light wind turns into the devastating tornado, or just a strong wind throwing enemy troops of the cliff. Water miracles are completely underpowered. Just count how many people die in all sorts of flood, drown, left without home, and how many people die because they were struck by a lightning? What, a dozen a year? The fact is, water is much more powerfull that in B&W, water is a weapon of mass destruction.

    26. Brandon Grimshaw on

      Not too sure the focus should be on Good vs Evil like in previous games, rather on the people and how they live. That's not too say there shouldn't be a measure of your alignment and it shouldn't affect the gameplay, but focusing on that aspect as the selling point of the game and the main gameplay variable of sorts (like it was in B&W2) leaves less room for what I think Peter is trying to accomplish with Godus.
      I personally loved those little humor moments, and I think it should definitely be part of Godus, if only as a small laugh here and there. It wouldn't be a Peter Molyneaux game without those moments.

    27. Missing avatar

      airsize on

      I think the idea would be interesting at the beginning of the game. But in the middle and late stages, look after these characters would make some Impatient players annoy (like me). May be they can gradually become cult leaders or similar things. They ask gods to help them, and later they give you quests and bonus accord with their personality,but players don't need to take care of them very often would be better for me.

    28. David Yeager on

      Loved the character ideas. Keep believing and dreaming.

    29. Christian Keur on

      I think the idea of mini, optional challenges like the characters you mentioned is a wonderful addition. It does not detract from the game at all. I think the challenge will be balance. Immortal Bob is quite a different challenge than Fragile Fiona. With Bob, you can keep trying over and over again. Eventually, maybe, you'll get it. With Fiona, one wrong move and you lose your chance (for now?) for that challenge.

      Keep up the wonderful work!

    30. D Morgan on

      liked the idea of the three characters as long there is a bonus for acheiving it and not a penalty for failing at it ? suicidal sid sound like hes going to be difficult but sounds great . I Like the home world and venturing out of it concept, just remember simple games as can often be more fun than overtly complex ones, dont try to pack too much of everything in, something peters virtuosity leads him too :). The graphics in populous may look weak today, but the playability is still inate within that game, the humour aspect is important, if we could have the people when set on fire singed into stick people that blink theyre eyes in astonishment at theyre fate and then crumble that would also be good, ie fun not too much wailing in their suffering more comedy than death pangs etc. I dont want to have to spend too much time worrying about their individual fates ? in throws of battle, the idea of taking people resource from home world into multiplayer should be carefully balanced when taking that into competitive strategy play perhaps threshold based ie you have enough spare resource from home and challenge single player modes to start multiplayer at a certain level with strangers etc, so that in multiplayer people are starting with the same resource, or people will always gamble with their full resource in an attempt to gain overpowering advantage in competitive multiplay ? maybe make the challenge mode like the level learning part of single player. Also if you have too much of pyramidal hierarchy of player strength in multiplayer then matching players strength wise up, becomes a terrible issue, and web based facebook games become very much like this whereby you can only realistically play online against people who are around your same level or below without being trounced on from a resource perspective, whereas populous and starcraft multiplayer meant that each new game players started with exactly the same opportunity the only difference that tells is in fact their own experience and strategy at playing the game.

    31. Missing avatar

      john aducliaks on

      I would like to just watch my home world and all the people there within just doing their day to day lives. (yes i am that geeky) So there should be little humours things happening between the people them selves and trade (even if its not real trade) just carts moving between the cities would be good to see. and as the carts move along the well walked roads. the people should start to lay down real roads. To give a sense that its a real world. You might be a god but there is also people doing there own things.

    32. PicardsTea on

      Great idea for these characters, keep up the good work. I'm just not sure why are you always filming yourself at the end of the video :/

    33. Stelly

      Peter, sod everyone else I love your games for the humor... and like your ideas... Are there little kids in the game? do you see them grow up? get pregenant and then have kids themselves? Is there multiple cities as well in your world? like have not just cities but countries, multiple countries?

    34. Missing avatar

      Ian Parkin on

      With regards to the followers, I suppose it would depend on how bothersome it became. Whether you would be having all three at once and how long you would have to keep them alive.
      I do like the idea of Immortal Bob, very much, but I would hope that the one way he can die is either randomly selected from among all possible methods or can only be killed in an elaborate way that means you really have to be trying to kill him for him to die.
      I also would prefer a less simple morality system that allowed for a different kind of evil or good like in fable 2 but with two or more variables. Morality, Intervention and perhaps whether or not your behavior is consistent.

    35. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    36. Missing avatar

      john aducliaks on

      Dark humor or non Political correctness is what makes a game stand out and gets me very interested. I hope the game is not dumbed down in humor simply because 0.01% of people dont have a sense of humor.

    37. Missing avatar

      john aducliaks on

      My only real worry with god games that have a good and evil theme is, if you want to be evil often you have to do things that hinder your game, e.g. hurt your own peoples. It would be nice to be evil with out making it harder for your self to win. For example, give your people a scroll that lets a hero become a necromancer so he can rise the dead. (evil but SO FUN!, with out hurting your chances to win)

    38. Lars Bendixen on

      Here's something I'd like to know. Is there going to be a storymode in the game? How will it start out? Who is our mentor? What sort of NPCs are we going to encounter? Is it possible to preach or use godly powers to influence others when "possessing" a subject in your homeworld?

      As for the small challenge NPCs that you wanted feedback on: It's a great idea! BUT! Make the challenges random, so that I will experience other challenges than my friends, and other challenges in my first play-through than in my second play-through. This will greatly improve re-playability as well.

    39. Wouttonio on

      The special followers seem like a lot of fun. I'm not worried about Immortal Bob, as when you fail to kill him, he's still alive and I can just try again in a different way. No stress, just fun! My only worry is that Fragile Fiona and Suicidal Sid are going to be very easily killed, making this 'mini game' quite easy to fail. As soon as your town grows to a point where these troublesome followers will appear, I'm afraid I'll be slightly stressed to make sure the follower appearing doesn't die, since I really want to do well and get that bonus for keeping Fiona or Sid alive. As you might have noticed, I'm that kind of "zen / turtle" player. :) I was also wondering, is battling the only way of defeating an opponent? I loved impressing other gods/towns/cultures in Black & White at least as much as taking them by force! Very excited about Project Godus and everything 22Cans !

    40. Missing avatar

      john aducliaks on

      hidden detail is what i really like. for example doing some thing 'normal' like dropping a rock on a family (2 adults and a child) and seeing 3 little blood smears on the underside of the rock. 2 large and 1 small smears.

    41. Scurra

      Ditto on the opposition to "binary" positions. There are much more interesting and nuanced ways to do this (for example, look at the different positions taken by the Roman Catholic and Protestant christian traditions - the trade-off between having a powerful single leader versus a more collegiate decision-making approach.) And we already know that the contest between "order" and "chaos" isn't anything like the same as "good" and "evil", except in the eyes of the beholder.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Thomas Piercy on

      [Accidentally posted this first to the wrong video... oops]

      I'm not sure how much you've noticed, but the trend nowadays seems to be gamers really resenting the binary good/evil mechanic, gradiated or not. You mentioned that good/evil will be judged on two different criteria. Maybe you could instead judge the character of the gods on a two dimensional plane, helpful/unhelpful (or perhaps interventionist/non-interventionist?) and cruel/merciful. Not sure how you would represent that graphically but, hey... that's what artists are for, isn't it? :)

      If you can figure out a way represent gods/cults in a more complex way than just more or less monstrous or angelic, I promise you you'll earn high praise for it.

    43. Jason de Nys

      People can't Google 15 ukp in usd? The mind boggles!

      I like the special followers idea.

      Are daily updates too often? You have my money, I don't need convincing!

    44. Miguel Targaryen on

      @Voxavs I like your idea a LOT, also, think that the heroes will have a house with an special style that will atract more people to your city!!, it can be great!

      @Barnaby Wallace your opinion and POW it's AWESOME!!! the idea of prophets, and the idea of defining the cult by diferent ways of get pray (churches or pray in their homes) and the overall post.. it's really great!! agree with ALL... Just some points... as i've understand the TF (Troublemsome Followers) They ONLY appear in the Homeworld, In fact, i think taht they are useless and a lack in MP.

      @Slasher, your idea it's very good; that will make that our actions on MP and campaing mode get rewarded with some buildings like graveyards when u kill your followers.. mausoleums for the Big MP loses, statues for the wins in MP, and for campaing.. i don't know, but i'm sure the team can create some awesome buildings... so in the blink of an eye, when you see your homewrold, everyone and you can see how well have u played MP or SP :D (Also, the achievments can be rewarded with buildings instead of points :p)

      greetings, Miguel

      P.S. The humour in the followers it's Fundamental!!

    45. Matthijs den Daas on

      I'm wondering, if a player prefers smaller houses, even if there is enough clear ground for the houses to increase in size or if they have been around long enough to become taller, can the player choose for the houses to remain small if he/she prefers the look of the smaller houses? And what effect would creating small villages because you find them more visually pleasing have on gameplay?

    46. Richard Jones on

      I realise you've only given three examples but please be mindful of the gender balance of the special followers.

    47. Robert Kaufmann on

      The humour was great in B&W, please keep that in there. The world needs more Briton humoured games. Also, will there be any fauna in the game? I sort of loved the dynamics between wolves and villagers in the original B&W! :)

    48. Jeffrey Williams on

      On the idea of building structures and bonuses for structures that have higher elevation have you given any thought to "defensibility" of a structure and its inverse relationship to potential access to materials/resources and time to build, etc? I would like to see a castle on a high mountain take longer to build, have a higher resource cost or lower resource production, but be much more hardened against attack from rival God's peoples. In general I would like to see a trade off caused by the layout of your land and how it affects structures and faith bonuses/resources/defensibility so that building structures on the highest/largest flat plateau isn't ALWAYS the best possible choice, but differing conditions call for different optimal land structures. Land layout could also change how a rival God's different powers could cause damage. For example flat plains could be damaged greatest by tornados. Close houses caused by large clearings would be more susceptible to spreading fire damage. Lower elevations more susceptible to flooding. Hills and mountains more susceptible to earthquakes or lava flow, etc.

      What do you think?

    49. Missing avatar

      Slasher on

      I love to see life/death having an affect on the population e.g. if a follower dies they could get a funeral maybe get burried in a grave yard that builds up over time (depending on how evil you are!) I'm thinking white crosses Cannon Fodder style. A real visual reminder of how many have died because of your actions. Maybe even war memorials from some of the great battles you've been on. You could float your in-game hand over it to see the stats, how many died, promotions of soldier types, etc.
      Then on the life side of things if a follower has managed to dodge all the disasters, wars etc they could get some special status in the game of some kind. Maybe as a good god you bestow something on them, a power, or special ability of some kind. As an evil god maybe you choose to kill them right away and bring them back from the dead as an evil spirit, zombie or something like that.

    50. Clare Wright on

      I like the idea behind Bob, Sid and Fiona, but I think it would be better if you could somehow trigger their missions rather than just stumbling across them. This might avoid a problem from Black and White where doing the entertaining silver scrolls could lead to an unsupervised and previously angelic creature deciding to devour half of your village.

      Also truly love some of the more subtle (trivial?) and quirky humour from earlier games - an example that has stuck with me is that favourite ..."of the priggishly moral [the] deep, and deeply unpopular Mansfield Green Dye" from Fable 2.  However, nothing has yet beaten the level introductions from Dungeon Keeper that were so filled with contempt for all things good!