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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Designing GODUS Update #3

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hello everyone, 

Wednesday is here and we finally get to answer some of your most burning questions. In todays video we clarify some details about yesterday's discussion, discuss the idea of possessing followers in first person mode, spill the beans on the exciting reality of the mobile addition to the GODUS experience and how it compares to the PC (Windows) version. Then we move onto today's main design point: GOD POWERS!

The EARLY BIRD SUPPORTER tier has now completely sold out and we've introduced two new reward tiers; one at £15 and another limited tier at £20. On top of that there's currently only one GOD OF GODS reward tier left, once they're gone, they're gone. We really really want to thank everyone who has backed us so far, we cannot make GODUS without your help and we are making good progress but there is still a lot of ground to cover before we reach our goal.

Today's update is a little smaller than normal, tomorrow we will be back with new GODUS images showing off the god powers that Jack and Peter talk about in today's video.

Take care,


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Chayce Dickinson on

      Speaking about "gifts from the gods", what about demigods? With a extreme amount a belief (which I assume is your mana equivalent) you would be able to spawn a demigod - basically a super-follower (possibly how you would create those bigger followers that featured in one of your screenshots). Each might have a random subset of the powers that you had (and would have been able to cast, given belief cost) at the time you created them.

      You could also use demigods as a end-game strategy, where you create a demigod in your opponent's settlement at a relatively low belief cost. These demigods would appear as normal people (to both you and the opponent) until some significant event (such as a battle against you, in which they are involved) occurs. At that point a dice roll (say, 60% chance to align with you) would determine who they align with - they wouldn't become one of the giants, instead gaining immense speed (I'm going for battle prowess here, speed is probably a good way to implement that) and maybe one or two of your tamer destructive powers.

    2. Matthijs den Daas on

      It was mentioned that you can have people invited into your homeworld, and I thought 'what would be the coolest way of exploring another person's world?' and I think way would be through the eyes of a follower.
      Walking through another person's homeworld as one of his followers puts the power still firmly in the hands of the owners of the homeworld, and it gives the visitor a cool experience. As a god, you might know which followers are controlled by a visitor, or you might not know, which can lead to all sorts of cool interactions. But the main point is that a visitor doesn't just get to explore the world, but he/she also gets to experience what the owner of the homeworld is like as a god, from the perspective of a mere mortal who can be picked up, tossed around, lit on fire, healed, drowned, squashed, eaten, sacrificed, etc. etc.

    3. Eryun on

      @Pedro Machado
      I like too.
      Personally, i like the man character in Black and White.
      actually, it's not perfect graphic, but so reality.
      Also, its feel like that seems like real human with not only graphic, but also SOUND, i think
      wondering sound when they grabbed, screaming sound when they throwed, it give more reality

    4. Voxavs on

      @ Pedro Machado
      I like the idea. It makes a lot of sense and in my opinion a nice touch in terms of personalization. I'd keep the visual style though, realistic stuff is bland.

    5. David Stark on

      Reposting from Youtube:

      You've talked a lot about destructive god powers. What about constructive? Raising buildings, growing forests, causing weather? Is the only way to defeat an enemy by razing his army of followers to the ground, or can you convert them to your cause?

    6. Sam Porter on

      The problem I imagine there will be with a more realistic style is that to do it properly would take a lot more time and money. A lot of the time when indies go for a style like that, it's not just an aesthetic choice, it's a budget decision too.

    7. Pedro Machado on

      Reposting my Youtube comment here:
      It would be great to have cultures being procedurally developed. Your attitude as a god and your most used miracles should also influence their culture: if you use a lot of fire miracles they'd worship fire and see you as a fire god, and fire would be central in their culture and in the people's appearance and architecture.
      Also, the enviroment should change your people's appearance, like a desert people would dress and look like middle eastern people, or a mountainous/cold people could look like norsemen, for example. I don't know if there's still time for this, but if you can, PLEASE, drop the cartoony look and use a more realistic graphic style, it makes THAT much difference in game immersion, at least in my opinion!

    8. Lucky Badger on

      @Benjamin Franke: I'll second that - game modification (maps & assets) is very important to me too.

    9. Sam Porter on

      @Martin: ...Well I slightly misread your comment but this'll answer your question anyway!…

    10. Jonathan Rudd on

      Very excited about this. Loving the idea of landscapes deformed by 'natural' disasters (acts of gods, hurricanes etc)...lots of great ideas coming from your team - I'm making sure you guys get funded by tweeting and spreading the word on Facebook :)

    11. Sam Porter on

      @Martin Pretty sure he said it was the other way around, although I too will have to watch that bit again. :P

    12. Stelly

      Bit of a let down of an update (no offence) and Peter saying no is just shocking ;) Bit disappointed that your friends can't tend to my world... you meanie Peter! :) You talk about the graphics on iPad not being dummed down, but are the graphics on PC going to be limited because there is an iPad version? Mr M dont forget your roots :D

    13. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on


      Thanks! :) I'm glad someone else likes them. My ideas may be a bit ambitious, but this is Peter Molyneux were dealing with, right? ;)

    14. Luke Lewitzka on

      Thanks for another great update!

      1. You say we can be any type of God by the way we choose, but really there's still only 2 options 'good' or 'evil'. I had mentioned in a previous post that you could develop or choose an affinity with a particular element (by choice, or by having follows dig/mine it etc.). You would then have the option of carving out your own unique god 'personality'. This in turn would make the play style and strategies used, especially in multiplayer, vastly different. Perhaps not unlike a giant and complex paper, scissors, rock type of balancing. And of course combining elements would create secondary and tertiary powers.

      2. I am a little concerned about the belief system as a resource... As mentioned in a previous video, if gives the underdog no chance... I would like to see an 'anti-resource'. This would be a resource that would benefit the other player... It could occur if a player becomes too strong... Think of sodom and Gomorrah, a great and powerful city which was to be destroyed because of it's indulgence and greed. Perhaps the underdog would be able to obtain some kind of 'righteous wrath' ability to severely maim overpopulated cities??

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    16. treehouseartist | Dream Traveller on

      Thanks for those videos.

      You've talked about many of the features you're going to include in Godus, and it all sound very interesting.

      But just to approach it from a different angle: There's been a lot of talk about Black & White. I think it would be really intersting to hear you discuss how it is actually going to be different from Black & White (aside from the project being on a smaller scale, and not featuring a Creature).


    17. Gregory Wollf on

      Are you planning on implementing a 'good deeds / bad deeds' detector? If so, would it be possible to take the reason for the action into consideration instead of just the action itself.

      "Yes little human, I did just pick you up and throw you. I understand that you are surprised and probably hurt by this experience, but you were standing right in the way of an avalanche saved you by doing this because I'm nice like that." [you have acquired evil points]

      "Burn... BURN you little maggots! BURN!!!! What? I didn't give you permission to die! I shall bring you back to life and heal you every ten seconds so that you torment is eternal!" [you have acquired good points]

    18. Sam Porter on

      Will there be an option to keep your homeworld separate from the others?

      I know social play is the bees knees right now, but I don't want it shoved down my throat. In fact this has alarm bells going in my head, I don't want to have to log into a single player experience. The idea is brilliant, don't get me wrong, but I would like to decide if I want to join in or not.

      Basically if you have to be online to play on your own, I'm not sure I can support this. I wasn't having it with Diablo 3, it might be the case with Fortnite and the new Sim City, and I certainly won't pre-emptively support it here, sorry. :(

      I know that might seem a bit harsh and I hope I'm very, very wrong, but I've gotta stand by my principles, even if it means missing out such a great project.

      On a lighter note, I'd like to echo another opinion here and say I also ADORED building gigantic cities in Black & White 2. I'd like to see this be a viable option in Godus, if maybe less directly. Hell, it'd be cool if you could shape the whole civilisation!

      Something else on the whole civilisation front, I remember reading that the Black & White series was supposed to span 5 games, and each one would go further forward in time, right up to the modern day. Each game would have your power as a god challenged more and more, as the people grew more independent and able to shape their own world. I thought this was a fascinating idea.

      Would this be something that we could explore in Godus? It could even provide some interesting gameplay choices, do you help your people to grow as a civilisation and develop the means to defend and look after themselves at the risk of being less powerful as a god, or do you keep them in the dark ages, making them rely on you totally, but staying strong a god?

      I'm not sure any god game has ever explored this. :D

    19. intrepidis on

      Hey, I found a video of Pob/Jack... and he's even there with Peter!…

    20. intrepidis on

      Jack is like Pob. (This is a reference I expect nobody will get.)

    21. Nacho Fernández on

      Also, what kind of animals, and intelligent people, will inhabit the Homeworld? Will it be human species only, or can we have something like in SimEarth, where almost any species could become intelligent and top the food chain?

    22. Nacho Fernández on

      My questions are more about the second update, than the third.

      1.- Regarding the connected homeworlds, keep it simple, allow me to connect to my friends, in a sort of godly Minecraft, or even perhaps to my whole cult. Don't make it so that there is a huge Pangaea where all the homeworlds rest. That would avoid griefing, and also presents less technical difficulties.
      2.- Will it possible to design Crusades / single player challenges?
      3.- Cult battles of 10v10 or so, please?
      4.- How organic will buildings be? How deeply will the un-flateness of the world affect them?
      5.- How big is a homeworld? Is it infinite, procedurally generated such as in Minecraft, or is it random, but finite?

      Last, but not least, I want to work with you guys! :D

    23. Seumas Froemke on

      My ideal is a ridiculous number of options as a god. Not just a few refined game mechanics. I want all sorts of afflictions, gifts, rewards, and other options I can perform and offer, as a god. Yet, in a way that (as mentioned in a previous video) merely INFLUENCES. The appeal of a god-game is not so much that "you're god; therefore, you can do everything and anything instantly". I like the idea that, even as a god, I can merely *influence* things. From people to landscape to weath. Some influences less subtle than other.

      Also, for a lot of the people I've seen online mumbling about backing this. THIS is the reason I've said it was more than worth it from the very first day. You're not chipping in just for a finished game, down the line. You're chipping in to be along for the ride. When else have you ever been able to be on the receiving end of various pitches and design discussions with freaking Peter Molyneux and his team? Whatever the ultimate outcome, watching these videos (and hopefully the many to come, along with other community participation opportunities throughout development) are more than worth the price of admission, to me. If nothing else, there is value in the idea of having a certain amount of buy-in to the process. I'd rather have Molyneux pitching his ideas to us than to someone else on our behalf. This is interesting and compelling. My money was well spent.

    24. Rich Goodwin on

      First: The fish eye lens is annoying.

      Second: you have spoken a lot about iPhone/iPad mobile support but not once mentioned Android. Will Android be getting some God us love?

      Third: Love the updates, love being involved. Great project and good luck!

    25. Clare Wright on

      Is it all about the battles or will we have the option to win over followers by building an impressive and beautiful city as in Black and White 2? I would love to see some 'kind' powers for good goods, which would make the followers happier and more loyal/productive or would upgrade your settlement.

      I think the different single/multiplayer options are brilliant as I don't want to be forced to play against others in order to progress. Love the concept of the zen home world that could be visited - but not invaded - by others.

      Keep the updates coming - they're fascinating!

    26. Yourtime on

      @early bird , well depends for how long :P I will change it maybe, when i see some more sketches or vids for informations, because £ ... are expensive for the rest of europe XD.

      @first person, I dont know I feel like it would be a nice feature, but not a real neccessary feature..

      Thank you! THANKS for saying, its not a casual game, that makes me more sure to get this game with more happiness!

      @mouse, perfect idea :D anyway great to hear, I worried also as many other.

      wow I amazed you really want do it like that? cross over + playing on desktop and then mobile? I am... clearly amazed.. even sony often doesn't really make that possible. Many Turnbased games make it possible like Hero academy, but your game is not turned based, thats a big difference!

      @Prototype Wow will it be possible to get a prototype? O_O In some other games, you get the prototype as kickstarter reward, I would love to get it!

      "incredible power as god" so.. how you say it, there will be much very much things implemented with motion I guess. So as faster or stronger I try to press things (well stronger, won't be really possible to implement) as stronger the power I guess.

      @fire on tree, I hated it as player lol, but as Concept its awesome!.
      I love how Peter Molyneux gets hyped by his own games that's how you should make games!

      @Gifts, that keyword gave me a question: How much social do you want implement? I hope at a minimal.

      Will you be able to share prayers to your partners in multiplayer or friends... like in greek believing to pray to more than one god? Or is their religious 100% to only one god?

      lol the lego demostration was awesome XD

    27. Elliot on

      Miguel - I'd assume that gifts would be neutral. Giving a follower something needn't automatically be considered a "good" thing. Evil gods could easily hand out gifts as means to an end, or as part of a pact.

      Think about evil artifacts in fantasy settings. They're not handed out by their creators to cults and followers because said creator is a nice person wanting to make them happy with gifts. They're given out in order to help those cults further their (and their god's/benefactor's) diabolical machinations.

    28. Matthijs den Daas on

      @light487 It looks like flip-flopping, but really, it's just the development process. A project changes all the time, especially so during the earlier stages. If things didn't change very frequently, THAT's when I'd be getting worried. Things being set in stone from really early in the development process can be a nightmare.

    29. light487 - Kickstarter Junkie on

      @Norsa - You haven't seen many of the latest AAA titles for iPad 3/4 then I take it? For one, check out Infinity Blade: Dungeons (due out next year), also one that is comign very soon is Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition.. which is the full game as it was on the PC, then there are current titles such as Air Gamblers, Lili, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD and so on.. I think you would be surprised based on your comment :)

      As for this video.. it seems that whenever I am watching these videos I hear stuff like: "When we said we were going to do this.. what we really meant was that we are not doing that at all".. or "Remember such and such.. well...." or "Oh but..." or whatever.. it's coming across like they don't really have a clear idea of what they want to do with this game. They have the core game ideas.. but they're not fleshed out.. every time Peter opened his mouth, my confidence in the direction of the project was lowered.

    30. Alex Cardinell on

      @Norsa I think they said that the graphics on the tablet/phone version would not be quite as good as the graphics on the PC.

    31. Rich Venville on

      Looking forward to hearing about the familiar... is it going to be like the God dropping down a little Minotaur or Hydra or something to wreak havoc, in a similar vein to the knight in Populous??? Also will the player as God be able to bless the little people in any way, maybe turn one into a saintly crusader with extra power??? lol.... cant wait for tomorrows update :)

    32. Miguel Targaryen on

      Also, please, about the gifts.... will give a gift make you a good-God?? What if i want to be an evil-God, but i want my civilization to improve to punish them in better/original/funnier ways.... it's funny if u destroy their houses... but it's even better if u destroy them with the weapons they have just crafted or with the fire they have made right now.

      So, how is it going to work the Gifts of the God?? will it be always good gifts? can there be evil gifts?? how's is that going to work??

      thank you!!

    33. Missing avatar

      Paul on

      Great update. Can you give more information on the range of god powers or miracles. For me this type of game is all about the range of powers or miracles and being able to save up for an almighty power or using a several lesser powers. There needs to be a massive range of powers and miracles all probably with a good and evil option. So you can invoke a tidal wave but you can also build tidal defences. You can have a small tidal wave or a large tidal wave (and many increments between). You could "naturefy" or "swampify" all to different degrees. The powers/miracles could be in categories like Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Technology, Magic and so on. Within each of the categories would be 100's of different powers and miracles. A fire god power may be meteors but a technology power could have built a defence shield to protect followers. Together with the strength of the power you could also vary the time the power lasted. Minor meteor shower for 10 minutes or a large meteor showing for 1 minute. I do not want to be thinking I have tried all the powers or miracles.

    34. Michael Christiansen on

      Yes! I've been waiting to hear about the function of the familiar, I went with the benefactor to get one. My favorite part of B&W was spending time with the creature teaching them and watching them learn. Even if the use of the familiar wont be used to the same extent as the Creatures in B&W I'm looking forward to see what they do

    35. Matthijs den Daas on

      @Marc Middleton: I was thinking along the lines of using a resource called "Concentration", which can be divided among the active spells you have to determine their strength and duration. This resource doesn't rule out mana as a resource to be able to cast a spell to begin with, it's only a way of managing the amount of spells that you can have active at one time. So you cast a spell with mana or some other resource and then the spell can be given an amount of concentration. You can then release it from your concentration to free up more concentration for other spells.

    36. Patricks on

      Thank you for this nice update again. Will the different God Powers evolve with the total power of the god? I mean..if i am a weak the resulting Tornado weaker..or might turn into the wrong direction because of the gods "low" skill. Or do you plan something like a "focussing" on a god power. Allowing to unlock higher ranks of a Special god power by investing some believe of your fellowers.I mean Thor was known for his Blizzards while Hermes was quiet fast..

    37. Marc on

      @Miguel Lopez-Bachiller - NeoGAF is a gamingforum. find it on Google.
      @Matthijs den Daas - Your idea of the duel is an amazing concept, I think being able to bestow your people, or key people; like a general of your army, a prophet of your religion or even a heretic, with gifts really would put emphasis on you being a god. As Peter said in the video, gods have been doing so since time began, one such god; Prometheus more noted for doing so than most.
      I think having a timer on some powers is important, too many on the screen could become confusing and rather cluttered. Also running them based off a resource (Mana, influence, faith) whichever you want to call it, is also a good idea.
      Going back to my earlier point about a prophet and such brings me to think of the Priests back in Age of Empires (the first one) whereby you could use them to convert enemy units to your side, the same could be done in and out of battle. After all, conversion of religions happen even today.
      I've been glued to each and every update and have every hope that Godus will succeed, but it needs to be us that makes it so.
      @Steven Schrader - one way it differentiates from the information available to us at the moment is that we won't have a staple creature battling for us like BAW and that you can manipulate and sculpt the landscape - something possible in both Populous and Dungeon Keeper.

    38. Norsa on

      They did not talk about the tablet vs pc in horsepower. My worry is that tablets arent strong enough to run a decent game and that the game therefore must be made smaller. Smaller scale, less graphics, less followers on screen. Tablets can perform what 20% compared to a pc? :p

    39. Matthijs den Daas on

      @Miguel Lopez-Bachiller Your dream may only be a game of minecraft away... (only one person I know of could get that reference)

    40. Missing avatar

      Gheorghie on

      The pet sounds good. Interested to see how extensive the choice of pet is. Are they all bipedal like in black and white or will we get dogs and cats and spiders (I want a spider. Everyone fears a giant spider), obviously the idea of different shaped and sized pets is a pretty big thing. Perhaps a stretch goal?
      Also interested in the idea of different styles of buildings? ie, good, evil, mud hut, medieval fort or Japanese castle? Oh, I want so much stuff. All about customisation for me!

    41. Miguel Targaryen on

      @Matthijs den Daas, your idea it's fascinating!! to be able to keep some miracles "turned on" it's great!! but also, other Gods can interact with your Volcanos/Tornados using them in against you, so powerful miracles, are double edged weapones if are bad used :D; another examples of miracles that can be used over time, could be storms (raining storms, or lightingh storms) that can be moved if u control very well the winds, also, be able to increase the water level of a river permanently creating a natural barrier until your enemy builds a HUGE bridge... or u can create a Forest, and then fill it with natural killer creatures(with a life creating miracle) that stands in teh forest, creating a very goos natural barrier, but the animals maybe can be tamed and turned against you.....

      I think that i can continue endlessly, in fact, if this were a forum, there would be a post created long ago sumarizing all the ideas from the comunity about diferent powers (I want to be game/level designer, taht's why a propose a lot of ideas, someday my imagination will give me some work... hopefully xD)

    42. Miguel Targaryen on

      @Ilan neogaf?? can u please post the minutes where they say that?? i can't recognize that word :S with their british accent it's a bit hard to me to understand some words they're saying some times (I'm spanish).


    43. Matthijs den Daas on

      On a less Godus-related note: Does anybody else find the fish-eye lens annoying or am I the only one?

    44. Missing avatar

      Steven Schrader on

      I must agree with David Drake, who stated that this feels and sounds like "Black and White 3", which isn't necessarily a bad thing...

      I'm just curious how this game will differentiate from the Black and White series?

    45. Thales Nunes M on

      This is true even if this player plays on both plataforms.

    46. Ilan Komrad on

      Then what is neogaf they keep mentioning?

    47. Thales Nunes M on

      What worries me about cross-plataform multiplayer is balance. A CoD player on Xbox 360 has a set of skills different from a CoD player on PC. If you compare tablets and PCs, the difference is even bigger. That is not a problem for cooperative multiplayer, however.

    48. Miguel Targaryen on

      @Ilan, the forums are estimated to be created on January 2013.... Think that if the game doesn't reach the goal, the forums will be useless... :(

    49. Matthijs den Daas on

      I'd like it if a god power could last quite a while after having been cast, and could possibly only end on either the player's command, or if the player runs out of whatever resource he needs to spend to maintain the power.
      The reason why is that a duel between gods would then really be able to transform the landscape drastically because the spells stay around for so long. And perhaps more importantly: These multiple spells that ends up being active at the same time can still be manipulated after having been cast, so a battle where multiple spells stay active for a long time is a tactically interesting scene with many elements in them.
      Exactly how many active elements at one time is fun and how many is too much would need to be tested, and a method of control be implemented which limits the amount of spells that can be active at the same time.

      I'm picturing it like this:
      A duel starts between 2 gods because one of them casts a vulcano in the territory of the other. The other god responds by raising a wall of stone between his village and the vulcano to protect his village. The vulcano sticks around so the aggressing god uses fireballs spit forth from the vulcano to throw at the wall, in an attempt to break the wall. A hole is made in the wall, but the defending player rushes his army through the hole, towards the nearest enemy village. In order to get there, they have to go near the vulcano which is still spewing fireballs. The aggressing god lowers land in the shape of a trench for the vulcano's liquid lava to flow through towards the oncoming army. The defending god notices this and gifts the army's captain a holy staff of quickening, which speeds the movement of his army. Nearing the aggressing god's village, the defending god's army encounters an army of the agressing god, and the two armies battle. Since the first army has already been weakened by the fireballs from the vulcano, which is still going in the background, the aggressor's army wins and takes the staff. With that staff they are quick to reach the defending village, but the wall still stands with it's relatively small hole in it, and a second defending army is waiting behind it to use that hole as a bottleneck. Also, in spite of the speed gained by the staff, the agressor's army has still weakened by combat as well as the still raining fireballs. The aggressor could end the vulcano, freeing up power to do something about the wall, or could use the fireballs to slowly create more holes in the wall. But instead, he chooses to retreat to fight another day.

    50. Missing avatar

      Michelle M on

      I find the idea of controlling the God powers very facinating. So the tornado was mostly dicussed, but it could apply to so many of the powers. An example of this could be making a volcano as tall or short as you want, by dragging the mouse up after clicking, with various effects based on size (possibly taller ones could be more explosive with rocks falling to earth, while your shorter ones may just have more lava flow). Another could be drawing the fault line for an earthquake where the line has the most destructive power while farther away from the line is less destructive. You could use wind to blow fires in a certain direction. There are just so many possiblities!