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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Godus Wars is here!

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Hello Kickstarter! 

Today, we're excited to announce that next chapter in the Godus franchise, Godus Wars, releases into Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

All Kickstarter backers will be receiving Godus Wars as a free update to Godus on Steam within the next 24 hours.

Godus Wars
Godus Wars

“Godus Wars is the exciting, new addition of combat into the Godus universe; mixing intricate real-time strategy gameplay with the unique land transformation of Godus. The development of Godus Wars proves that 22cans are never a company to back down from a challenge. All Kickstarter backers and previous Godus owners on Steam will be receiving Godus Wars as a major, free update.” said 22cans CEO, Simon Phillips.

In Godus Wars, the task before you is simple - Conquer the world. Choose between FOUR playable Deities, each with unique play styles, powers and abilities as you battle against a range of devious and dangerous opposing Deities.

Use your God-like might to battle over SEVEN varied continents, through 150+ uniquely designed and modifiable levels.

Collect over TWENTY different Power Cards with thousands of variations and use them to gain the upper hand in battle.

Control expansive armies with up to 50 different unit types from Archers to Catapults.

Wield EIGHT mighty God Powers to bring devastating destruction or protection to your followers.

Maps that change as you play with the unique deformable land - No two battles will ever be the same!

The initial Early Access release includes: Over 70 unique and deformable levels, 4 playable Deities with a range of abilities, 2 base unit types - Archers & Catapults!, 20 cards - God Powers, Troop Buffs and Power Card, 2 Deity opponents - including Bryan Henderson and the original Godus included.


When is combat coming out?

Right now! With the release of Godus Wars, combat finally makes it’s full introduction into the Godus universe. Peter has always considered Godus being two games: one tranquil, peaceful and the other war-like with bloody battles taking place across the unique lands.

Have you abandoned Godus?!

Not at all! The release of Wars proves that we are still dedicated to Godus and everyone who owns or has previously purchased Godus, already has Godus Wars! Yes! Godus Wars is free for all previous Godus Kickstarter backers & owners.

How many people have been working on Godus and what are their roles?

12 people have worked on Godus Wars.

Peter and Konrad - Design

Dimitri, Gary, Ryan & Richard - Programming 

Annah - Art 

Ian - Audio 

Anthony & Turner - Production

Martin - QA

Tony - GUI

What about the winner of Curiosity - Bryan Henderson?!

Bryan is featured in Godus Wars! He can be seen as an opposing deity on one of the continents.

Why Early Access?

We’re using Early Access to gather balancing feedback and gauge player reaction as we work towards a feature complete release.

Early Access will allow our users and loyal Kickstarter backers to try out and provide detailed feedback in order for us to deliver a more polished, optimised and balanced game upon release!

The release of Wars demonstrates that we are still dedicated to Godus.

Everyone who owns or has previously purchased Godus, already has Godus Wars! Yes! Godus Wars is free for all previous Godus Kickstarter backers & owners - It should auto-magically appear in your steam library, if it doesnt please let us know!

What's the plan with the Godus backer rewards at this point? When will people be receiving those?

We're continuing to work through the release of the Kickstarter backer rewards. The Art of Godus backer book was sent out to the appropriate tiers last year and the Early Access launch of Godus Wars brings with it a large collection of Godus design documents (Coming next week) and Documentary has been completed and be released soon.

What will you do with Godus Wars feedback? 

We will be collecting all detailed and relevant feedback posted and while we won't be replying to all posts individually, we will be reading everything. Be sure to keep an eye on the Announcements board for Feedback updates!

What is happening to the Godus Steam page now that Godus Wars is out?

Now that Godus Wars & Godus are both available as one package, we will be closing the Godus Store page and removing the higher price from sale. The discussion boards will be left untouched.

And remember - All Kickstarter backers will be receiving Godus Wars as a free update to Godus on Steam!

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    1. Cliff Hicks on

      Almost 2 years since our last update, and so many unfulfilled campaign promises.

    2. Akram Shehadi on

      More excuses to avoid delivering what was promised? uhmm.... so basically this is still a scam.

      Just cancel the thing already and refund everyone. Stop beating the poor dead horse.

    3. Styggron on

      Still waiting for the direct download non DRM version. It's been years now :( :(

    4. Samuel Harman on

      A bold effort.

      Unfortunately this is too little too late. The game is clunky and slow. Running the game itself in one window and the actual battles in another eats up processing power and I can't even play. Very, very disappointed. I think it is time to put this one out to pasture once and for all...

    5. Yiangos Stylianou on

      For start, thanks for the free game. It was the least you could do for not delivering on my original pledge.
      Well played for closing the original godus steam page as it was the only way to remove the negativity for the (yes we figured it out)
      I played the game and seems to be exciting but will soon get boring. Battles are too easily won even without the use of buffs or God powers.
      There's something missing though and can't really put my finger on it.
      Or maybe I can. Sculpting is still bad. After an hour playing the game your fingers hurt.
      Also two of the rules of the game basically has the same result.

    6. Missing avatar

      Angel Docampo on

      Yet another Linux backer, you son of..... stop releasing anything but your PROMISE of a linux native client!

    7. Missing avatar

      JepMZ on

      Nice! I'm gonna have to check it out. I hope no one is doing that trend like Starbound where they leave extremely biased reviews and mention kickstarter and it's completely irrelevant or something. I get second hand embarrassment reading those. That's not what a review is for

      I'm thankful our populous fandom isn't like those annoying people.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Brennock on

      I'm glad to hear that development on Godus in one form or another is alive and well!

      I look forward to trying out Godus Wars. I'll keep an open mind and let you know.

    9. Space Monkey on

      Well, at least the pitch of 2 Gods clashing in a player vs computer battle where terraforming and powers are involved is in fact not too far from the original Populous. I still enjoy playing the original Populous, especially Populous 2. I'm not convinced at all that Godus Wars will be anywhere near that, but I can't fault Peter for doing that if the aim was to give us something close to the original Populus experience...

    10. Missing avatar

      Luke Ashdown on

      I haven't even had the chance to play the original Godus since I'm still waiting for the Linux version. Some honesty about plans would be nice.

    11. Shatners Bassoon on

      My god I actually got another hour of gameplay out of this badly polished turd! I must say well done to the devs for actually getting me to even launch this game again.

      Ultimately though, I can see this going the same way as later builds of Godus ie fun to play for 10 - 20 hours but then becomes completely redundant. I hope I'm wrong...

    12. Michael Alexander

      Where's the Linux version?

    13. Adam J Purcell

      Another Linux user who pledged, flushing their money down the toilet despite the stretch goal being obtained.

    14. AngoraFish on

      Wot? So it's gone from a god game, to phone game, to a puzzle game... to an RTS? So much for the slower-paced builder that many of us were hoping for.

      Sorry guys, but I think I'm just going to wait for the Godus driving simulator release before giving this one another go.

    15. Samuel Argento on

      No update in Steam Library (i am backer and i not have a Godus war in my library), unifinished Godus Main Game, etc.... Molyneux Style.

    16. Iain Smith on

      When you say that all backers will get Godus Wars for free, does that really mean all backers? Or do you really mean backers who previously qualified for a copy of the game?

    17. Richard Moss on

      When this popped up in email I was sure it was a troll. Are you serious? You're moving onto other games when you haven't even delivered this one?

      If you aren't one from backing down from a challenge then how about you finish and deliver what you originally promised?

      You ought to be tarred and feathered.

    18. Marc Bourgoin on

      Heyyo, Thank you 22cans. I know this wasn't an easy decision to make but at least you're still trying to repair what was broken so I respect what you're doing with this. As for not meeting the goals? Well, Peter Molyneux aims for the tallest skyscraper ever built but ends up having to settle for a five story building... so I don't blame 22cans for what happened. Here's to Godus Wars! May it thrive and build upon the promising game that Godus was becoming (heck, even in the unfinished state I had a crapton of fun with Godus, it's already a better game than the original Populous games imo).

    19. TheIndieArmy on

      Wow, this looks awesome. Can't wait to check it out. Been enjoying Godus a lot off and on the last couple years. Keep up the great work!

    20. Robin Beckett on

      Don't worry about expansions, make a linux version!

    21. J.R. Raith on

      Interesting... it sounds like this is a separate game? There are pre-made maps rather than defending our own settlements? Will the two games be combined?

      Still pretty interesting, and I'm grateful that you're giving it to us for free. I know it hasn't been an easy project to work on, but I hope it's making the progress you guys want to see. :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      You cancelled Linux version - at least give us a GOG code!

    23. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Yeah! Where is DRM-Free version - GOG?

    24. James Marshall on

      I've not had my artbook, nor any responses to the questions I've asked regarding updates on the specific reasons I backed at the level I did. It does seem like everyone there has good intentions, but you're not making the game that was backed, and just seem to ignore pertinent questions/requests.

    25. Frédéric Bruyère on

      what Yeti said, plus: "free for all backers" who paid at least 20€, and free for all steam purchaser who paid 20€
      for everybody else: just pay 15€ and you'll have godus and godus wars.

      way to add insult to injury :)

    26. Yeti on

      'Free to all backers' or not, it still isn't what we backed is it.

    27. Blackstaff on

      Once upon a time Peter Molyneux promised a drm-free version of its godus game...

      We know the rest :)

    28. Ancestral Z on

      I hope you'll do the other part of Godus now that I love is that is more zen, congratulations for these new are cool. a question, can I buy you a version of the art of Godus? if you have more, it would make me very happy for my library. very good day, work and continuation :)

    29. Mike Waters on

      I'd like to echo the sentiments that I really hope this isn't the only way Godus is developing.
      I really want more focus on better pacing and more content in the main single player god game.

      I don't really care about multiplayer, I want to create an awesome civilisation & I'd like more choice than I currently have in Godus at how I do this.

    30. Missing avatar


      It's great to see this sign that Godus really is continuing to grow. I had fun with Godus and would have been sad if that was the end of it.

      By the talk of levels and fighting gods and such, I'm guessing this is a kind of Dungeon Keeper-y RTS spinoff? It sounds pretty cool and I'm excited to see how it works. Once the dust settles, I'd love to hear another update about if any other parts of the original pitch (multiplayer and the like) have any chance to appear in Godus or Godus Wars, and if there's going to be any integration between the two types of games or if they're going to play as completely separate entities?

      Also I'm a little fuzzy on how it's being rolled out? It kinda sounds like it'll be added to Godus so everyone who has it can play Godus Wars, but with it being a separate game on Steam I'm wondering if that's going to be added to our libraries or if we'll get a key (which could be convenient if you want to give previous customers a chance to review Godus Wars).

    31. Malachite on

      What disheartening news. I really like Godus because of it's relaxed pace and how your changes permanently affect the world. Sounds like the exact opposite of the direction Godus is taking. I guess Godus isn't abandoned, it's just getting turned into a completely different game. I'm pretty disappointed that it's moving away from being a game I'd want to play, and this is a heavy blow to my hopes of seeing 22Cans finish the Godus I've been enjoying.

    32. Andy Hassan on

      A remake of Populous: The Beginning would have been far more interesting than this mess. I honestly don't even know what this game is anymore.

    33. Missing avatar

      Christian Schaller on

      What is the status of the Linux version we where promised Inn the last stretch goal?

    34. Missing avatar

      Eric Svensson on

      Happy to hear GODUS lives on and continues to evolve, it has great potential. I hope I will be as captivated by this addition as I was to the first alpha of the game (which I played 40+ hours)!

    35. Thomas R. Moen on

      Hm. That was interesting. I might just try out Godus again!

    36. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      What about Linux? You still remember this word?

    37. Missing avatar


      Question: What about those of us who are completely uninterested in conquering the world or having a war? I don't like fighting or battles, it is the reason I don't play Total War games.

    38. amigacooke on


      I'll play it before commenting further other than it's good to see something still stirs in 22Cans land.

    39. Obraxis on

      Interesting, glad it's not been abandoned. I come back every 6 months to see if it's a game yet so I'll give it another shot.

    40. Jedra7609

      Great Stuff! Thanks for the update and the upgrade. I'll check it out when it hits my library. Good luck with the continuing development.

    41. Missing avatar

      John A on

      Still doesn't alter my request for a refund, which 22cans are studiously ignoring by deleting the support calls that are raised. Classy.

    42. Mike Waters on

      C'mon guys.
      Yes there's been some mismanagement of this project in the past. I'm not one to give 22cans a free ride on this, but they're obviously trying to make up for past mistakes.

      I hope this is fun & marks the start of Godus turning into something like the product we all were sold on.

    43. Missing avatar

      Joost van Dongen on

      Great to see development still going strong, keep trucking! Looking forward to the final version of the game, whenever you feel it's ready. :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      3 YEARS and still no Linux version? THIS IS YOUR LAST KICKSTARTER.

    45. Chris Barney

      Thanks Peter, game development is a process. It's difficult enough by it's self and adding to that the expectations and demands of backers makes in even more daunting. The degree of openness that you gave through the early development of the project was wonderful. I have enjoyed the game at every stage and have understood it as a work in progress. I am still excited to see the final shape of the game and am looking forward to giving feedback on this new step.

      I am wondering what the status of the mobile version is. Will it be getting the Wars update/new app?

      Also wondering if the exploration/building game play is integrated with the combat or if it will be at some point?

    46. Pyrock

      still doesnt change this into the game that was promised

    47. Dan Atkinson on

      Sounds interesting but I'm trying not to get my hopes up, given that it's got Peter's name on it.

    48. Shatners Bassoon on

      Too little, too late...