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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Christmas Comes to Godus... with a competition!

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

You’d better watch out, you’d better not cry because Santa has added some gifts to your God Power menu!

Turn your followers into happy little elves to do your bidding, give your world a touch of sparkle with the Winter Wonderland gift…

 …or laugh at the Astari after dressing them up as penguins!

This festive content is available for everyone playing Godus on Steam, iOS and Android today, so you can go grab it right now!

Known issues (that we’re looking into):


• Rotation speeds/sensitivity needs tweaking.
• Certain unexpected touch inputs while squashing settlements together can cause them to turn invisible until the game is restarted.
• Certain Christmas cards can be purchased twice if done in quick succession while only seeing the benefits for one purchase.
• Some users are experiencing a crash if they have loads and loads of God Seed trees in their world.


• Certain Christmas cards can be purchased twice if done in quick succession while only seeing the benefits for one purchase.
• Rotation speeds/sensitivity needs tweaking.


• Some users are seeing an issue where low-end settlements are building in high-end areas.
• Gems sometimes float in the air after using the Meteor god power to uncover them.
• Some users are experiencing a start-up crash on Mac OS X.

New Godus mobile community contest

Following the supremely successful and enormously enjoyable civilisation-themed competition by Godus Community Gallery Facebook group, we’ve teamed up again for a wonderfully wintery competition.

The challenge:

Can you build the “perfect” Christmas landscape? This new contest is all about how beautiful a Christmas landscape you can create in your world. This includes natural beauty, houses, villages, water… everything you could possibly include to make your landscape feel like Santa’s own neighbourhood.

The prizes:

• 1st prize – 100 gems
• 2nd prize – 50 gems
• 3rd prize – 20 gems
• 4th prize – 10 gems
• 5th prize – 5 gems

How to win:

It’s easy! The picture with the most likes and shares wins. Each ‘like’ counts as 1 point and each ‘share’ counts for 2 points.

We will only award points for the number of times you have shared your own post once; however every time your post is shared by other it will be counted as 2 points.

The rules:

• You need to be a member of this group to participate:
• Only one entry allowed for each contestant.
• Each entry can include up to five photos maximum of your entire landscape. Each photo must be of the same landscape, showing its different areas.
• Your landscape can either be naturally formed, or sculpted from scratch.
• Don’t comment on individual pictures, instead please comment under an entry’s entire submission.

The deadline:

This contest will last for eight days and you can post your photos any time during this period. Any pictures posted after the contest expires will be marked as invalid.

To take part and for more information, simply follow this link: Godus Community Contest: Christmas Theme

Enjoy, and good luck!

We’ll be updating with the studio’s plans for over the festive season towards the beginning of next week. In the meantime, we hope our Yuletide offerings raises a few smiles!


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    1. Marc Mackin on

      They sacrificed their Backers/Followers for Gems, just like in the game.

    2. eXoScoriae on

      Oh, so now "it's over" Peter?

      You have earned every bit of the frustration, disdain, and hate you have garnered from the community.

      After 35 fucking years you should be able to understand the difference between pitching ideas and pitching a game.

      The fact that some part of you made this kickstarter promising us a return to what mad god games great in the first place - and then decided to make a mobile game with a monetized economy shows just how scatterbrained and out of touch you are.

      You didn't just hype something and then not make it, you actually misled us. All of us. Had you pitched a mobile game with a gem economy this kickstarter would have ever succeeded.

      When I last played Godus I had your voice in my ear essentially telling me that I was playing the game wrong. "There is always something you can be doing, so if you find yourself waiting on something, just do something else". Real nice advice when the game is set up that it takes massive amounts of faith to do anything, and yet faith trickles in so slowly that the game is broken because of it.

      What happened to a simple straight forward execution like Populous? Why do you insist on putting forth a game that takes weeks to play, and in the time I'm not even "playing". I'm clicking. Waiting for enough faith or stickers or population or food or ore or whatever I need to make the next improvement. And as a game designer, you ought to realize that there has to be a POINT to all this building beyond just doing it for the sake of building. All of the populous games had goals. They had levels. They allowed the player to work through the game while earning new things but still having enough at their finger tips to stay busy.

      There is a game called From Dust. It is the most recent of the populous inspired games that I have played. It was highly successful, t had terrain modification, it had god powers, it had everything you essentially promised Godus would be. It was made in less time than Godus has been in development and it released across multiple consoles as well as PC.

      What is it that exists within your head that made you choose to ignore the successful god games that have been released and decide to take godus into suicidal territory? At what point did you stop realizing that "FUN" is a key component to playing a game? Between curiosity and Godus it seems you are more focused on making a buck than making a game.

      I've just spent the last 3 days reading comment after article after tweet after blog about what a washed up jackass you are. When you came to kickstarter you took money from people. Not investors. Not a large company. From people. And not just any people, people who considered themselves fans of your work. And by putting Godus forward as you have, you essentially shit all over the people who took money from. The fans you took money from.

      Release a bad game and you just have to contend with bad reviews and look for a new publisher/investor. Take the publics money and release a game that is unlike anything your originaly promised, and you remove any chance f selling a game with your name on it again.

      You shit on us Peter. Therefor, you are now being shat upon.

    3. eXoScoriae on

      You are a disgusting piece of shit molyneux.

      You sit there and tell us how WE are playing the game wrong when the gamne becomes unplayable.

      You have the audacity to say "we at 22cans" love gems, when it is obvious YOU are just doubling down on the worst addition to the game.

      How did Bullfrog Studios get anything made? Obviously you weren't in completel control back then. Some genius must have been able to take your ramblings andf turn them into workable games that were actually fun to play... but somewhere along the line you decided to take credit for that person's work.

      Every project you have been involved in is exponentially worse based on how much control your have.

      But the worst thing of all is the fact that you lied through your fucking teeth when you promised to change someone's life. Even *IF* Godus had been half decent and was actually profitable, it still wouldn't have been "life changing" to get to "rule" over the game.

      You are either a snake oil salesman or you are delusional. Well, actually, by it's very definition you ARE a snake oil salesman. I suppose the question is whether you realize it or are delusional enough to actually believe you are going to follow through on the thigs that you pull out of your ass.

      I take comfort knowing you have torpedoed your career at this point. You are synonymous with the word BULLSHIT in this industry. No publisher will ever give you money for a game again without tight restrictions and you'll never have a successful crowd funded game again. I dare you to try. I, and every single other person you pissed off will run off every potential ignorant backer that shows up.

      You are one of the worst people in the games industry Peter. There is nothing redeeming about you. It takes a real jackass to pull the crap you pulled on bryan Henderson and have the audacity to sit around saying you can't guarantee the very things you promised this crowd that gave you over half a million pounds.

      Good riddance from the industry.

    4. Sandro Scherrer on

      I am not really surprised. But I am glad that I am only a backer and not a developer of this project. I am sure they were excited wo work with a legend like Peter, but now they start wo wake up and see that they also bet their money on the wrong horse. For me its just 15 pounds, for them its their future.

    5. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      refund please

    6. Jason Zapasnik

      I also had high hopes for this game and have been very disappointed. My friends laugh at me when I tell them I actually backed this with my money.

    7. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      refund please

    8. Yiangos Stylianou on

      I am very dissapointed in the game. I had high expectations.
      I am currently playing it on IOS but many bugs and crashes, with little content to do.
      Also the way the game is structured is based on how to get more money and that is evident. And there's not much gameplay to justify it.
      For example Why should I pay for Christmas costumes. At Halloween there where given as part of playing the game. The game needs more structure, more challenges.
      Support needs upgrading. Can't wait for days for someone to answer my complaints or hear my recommendations.
      I'm sorry to say this but virtual villagers was way more fun to play than godus.
      I'm sorry if I seem too hard.
      Have a great year.

    9. Space Monkey on

      Yep, each update seems to be designed to remind me NEVER to put any money in a Peter Molyneux's project.

    10. James Cassidy on

      Since i cant edit an existing comment, consider this an extra.

      - AND a requirement for facebook to get in to any sort of contest etc. Perhaps its not the idea location to shove Fremium hell? Who knows, maybe my friends and family would love to see more 'facebook games' slapped around... =(

    11. James Cassidy on

      Best wishes to the team for the Holidays, even though many of us including myself are disappointed with what Godus has turned in to, you lot still worked hard and created something that is pretty nifty in many ways.

      That said, EVEN MORE GEM cards/items/shit? You have my money, and i have and shall now take the option i have to removed Godus from any and all devices of mine that have it. Fremium is NOT the way to go. Even the good ol Cow from B&W2 would be sad at this.

    12. Shatners Bassoon on

      I'm disappointed in you Molyneux, you were better than this.

      Fixed it for you.

    13. Marc Mackin on

      This was an impressive game when they first started, but then the idea of turning it into a grind fest so gems could be sold on the mobile versions, destroyed the gameplay of the PC version. Oh, I can "sacrifice my people for gems" but isn't that a reflection on the player/developer. This game has so many game playing slowdowns & bugs. It's insulting to your backers. It turned into the game I had hoped it wouldn't. I'm disappointed in you Molyneux, you're better than this.

    14. Jedra7609

      Thanks for the update. Merry Christmas to you all at 22 Cans!

    15. Missing avatar

      Christian Schaller on

      What is the current timeline/plan for the Linux version?

    16. Jörn Huxhorn

      Buy more gems! GEMS, GEMS, GEMS!!

    17. Tony Porter on

      What a treat, sigh.

    18. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Please Linux version on Christmas! :)