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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Help Us with the Rapid Development of Godus on Steam!

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

We wouldn’t want an opportunity like this to slip you by, so in case you weren’t aware already we’d like to let you know that Steam have selected Godus for their annual Thanksgiving sale.

That means right now your friends can pick up Godus on Steam Early Access for a whopping 75% off the regular price just by following this link: Save 75% on Godus for Steam.

If your nearest and dearest have not yet played our delightful, Zen-like re-genesis of the god game on Windows PC or Mac OS X, there’s never been a better time to do so. Now more than ever, as we’re currently making full use of our opt-in branch by running a rapid build release schedule during our PC sprint.

Here’s how you can help us make Godus a truly great game for PC gamers.

The Opt-in branch

Want to test the absolute latest developer build of Godus before we release it widely? Then you’re in luck, as we’ve been providing the community with access to our bleeding edge builds of the game for you to test and try out.

We feel that this will empower you, the community, to provide even more feedback by taking part in the ongoing development of GODUS more easily and more frequently.

For details on how to access these developer builds, just follow this link: How to Access Developer Builds.

How you can help

For every new opt-in build deployed, one of our developers is creating a post on the Steam forums where the community can raise issues and make suggestions. These posts are ‘pinned’ in our General Discussion forum and are titled ‘PC Sprint – Build #’. Any help finding bugs and proposing ideas would be greatly appreciated and will help us make Godus into the game the community deserve!

Send us your feedback & bug reports

The best way to deliver us your bug reports and feedback is to post on our Steam forum and also send them through to us on e-mail via

If the bug can be shown visually, please feel free to send us some screenshots with your e-mail along with a little description of the issue. Also, if you could place your .PRF folder into a .ZIP file, that would be pretty awesome too.

If you’re reporting a crash, please send us your .PRF folder and your latest verbose file, that way we’ll be able to see what’s causing the crash.

Thanks for all your help

Godus is a unique game that we hope will grow to be truly special. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed developing our dream game and are currently doing our very best to refine Godus on Windows PC and Mac OS X based on the feedback of its players.

We warn you that there are still bugs and incomplete features – this is the nature of the journey we are on. You may wish to wait for the finished game, but we have much content still to implement and improve as the game continues development. We do hope you’ll help with this. If you do, we consider you a part of our development team.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      refund please

    2. Johan Munkestam on

      As someone that has been working too much to have been following this closely the last few months (incl. thereby not having time to test any beta-version etc) -- what is the actual current state? There is references to it being a tablet/phone game now (such as the ones my wife love, I presume), but could anyway be slightly more detailed as to what they object to? Having personally meet Peter at gamedev-conventions I have always considered him a person that dreams, often out loud for others to hear while being forced to release something less than his dream - but the game doesn't have a set harsh deadline [this time] so it must be purposeful game design decisions that everyone object to now?

    3. A New Hope on

      Are you kidding? I would never recommend this game to anyone and I won´t buy any game from either 22Cans or Peter ever again, that´s a promise.

    4. Simon - | The Order of the Goat $7.77 | on

      Toby did the best, nothing to add:

      " Toby Heagerty

      Haha, good one. Like I would ever recommend Godus to a friend or family member. I don't hate anyone nearly enough to get them to get them to waste money on this"

      Thats best describing it.

    5. Shatners Bassoon on

      'If your nearest and dearest have not yet played our delightful, Zen-like re-genesis of the god game'

      I have over 120 hours logged playing this so called game and I'm yet to to find anything delightful or Zen-like it in at all...

    6. TimS on

      It's going to take me hours to compile and distill my thoughts, here. For context, I'm a Benefactor (with awesome digital pack bonus for $11) ... Molyneux has been my hero since I was a kid... (I even told him once in person, to which he replied "I very much doubt that."), and I still hope for the best with this game.

      I really like early-backing and supporting content creators that I love. I'll pay extra every time to help make it happen. Hell, the reward can just be, "If you didn't help, it wouldn't have happened." This game had a PUSH... like an election-cycle fundraising drive... WE wanted it to happen, and we MADE it happen.

      A $4.99 Steam sale here is just silly. The level being offered here was about $22, back when they really, really needed our help. I fully understand the scale of economies issues (humblebundle has great data on how cheaper = more money) in this industry... but there's a pretty good-sized kick-in-the-junk factor at play.

      I'm still hopeful, but I'm terrified what this and all-the-hell-else is doing to the team and the game's reception. We were pitched a PC God-Game with a story... Give us that first.

    7. janju on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    8. Nathaniel O'Neill on

      I admire the nerve it takes to post something like this. -If- the game changes -entirely-, to what was originally promised, before it's actual release on PC/Mac... then I'll perhaps recommend it to friends/family. As it is, it's a freemium game for phones and tablets.

      "Delightful, Zen-like re-genesis" indeed. Who do you have writing your releases? You say you're thrilled to get feedback, but you never seem to respond to it in any way that seems even vaguely connected to reality.

      The only thing I can think is that you have direct communication with the people who are happy with this, and we (the rest of the backers) don't see it at all. Perhaps you should do a poll of all the backers who originally pledged asking "Are you happy with the current state of Godus?" and "Do you believe, given development thus far, that the game that will be delivered is what you were promised?"

      I think you might be surprised at the responses.

    9. James Clayton on


      I still have a remnant of hope this might turn into the game I was expecting when I backed it. If that happens I'll be the first to recommend it to others. Honestly though, at this point I'm expecting that we can't be more than a few months of going full Spacebase DF-9.

    10. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      How can you post this here and act like it is a good thing?

    11. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      Yay! Available for WAY less than I paid for my licenses! Good thing I got in early or I might have been forced to pay LESS.

    12. amigacooke on

      Good to see I can get Godus for £3.74 ...... if I hadn't already paid £15 back when we thought it was a PC/MAC game.

    13. Jedra7609

      Thanks for the update. I haven't played for a few weeks, so will check it out later on this evening.

    14. Mark Newcombe on

      @Toby Heagerty already said everything I wanted to say.

    15. Blackstaff on

      Reading the steam review right now...

      haha ! Well At least, you've got some gall, Peter :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Yeah, i'll be sure to let all my friends know they can get this awful game for less than half of what I paid to play this awful game

    17. Missing avatar

      leszek zak on

      nearest and dearest.... I respect them too much to lie to them!

    18. Tony Porter on

      What a joke. I'd never recommend this to anyone.

    19. Jouni Lahtinen on

      Glad to see things are moving on with a pace!

      I'm one of the guys one the fringe waiting for the final version. It has nothing to do with state of Godus, mind you, but the fact that as a semi-pro-dev myself, I spend most of the day with a half-finished game already. When I sit down to actually play something, I don't want that game to be unfinished as well :)

    20. Toby Heagerty on

      Haha, good one. Like I would ever recommend Godus to a friend or family member. I don't hate anyone nearly enough to get them to get them to waste money on this