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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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New Update, Q+A with Peter & Jack, plus Info on Godus for Android

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

With so much going on here at the studio right now, we thought we should give you a quick update. Sit back and we’ll take you through all our latest comings and goings.

Version 3.1 for iOS and v2.3.1 for Steam out today

We are releasing an incremental update for both the iOS and Steam versions of Godus today so as to address the recent issues that a few of our players had been experiencing when trying to launch the game, along with other various bug fixes.

As always, if ever you run into any unexpected problems with the game, please contact our dedicated Tech Support team via

Here’s a list of notable changes due in today’s new build:

  • Expiration of Facebook token fix causing freeze on launch (iOS)
  • Fix for info panel crash in tutorial section
  • Fix for crash on load for players with very large number temples
  • Shortened intro video to reduce game’s memory footprint

Godus for Android

As you may have noticed from our recent weekly dev activity updates, we’re currently working on bringing Godus to Android for all devices equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S3 and above. We’ve been making great headway and we’re looking forward to releasing Godus on the Google Play store towards the middle of next month, in time for Thanksgiving.

The Android release of Godus incorporates all the exciting elements featured in the latest version of the game for iOS and Steam. Now Android players will also be able to advance their growing civilization into the recently released Frontier Age, where they can look forward to exploring Weyworld, a vast land with all-new challenges, unique surroundings and fresh mysteries to uncover.

Peter & Jack answer your questions

Recently, over on our Steam forums, long-time contributor Gmr Leon kindly collated a bunch of questions from around the Mac & PC community asking for detailed insight on the current state of the game and our intentions for the future.

With no question too daunting, Peter and Jack set about answering each questions as fully and thoroughly as possible. You can find the results in the three videos below.

They had such a good time answering these questions that we’ve already gone ahead and started recording a follow-up Q&A session, which we hope to share with you later this week.

Balance File Editor & Steamworks integration coming this Friday

Lastly, but my no means leastly, we will be releasing the Balance File Editor to the Opt-in Branch of Steam on Friday of this week.

Our one and only Pavle 'Big Thunder' Mihajlovic is hard at work finishing up the tool to make it ready for public use. It’s no understatement to say that we can’t wait to see what you make of it when you start sharing your balance files with each other via Steamworks!

That’s all for today, but as ever we’d love for you to join in the discussion on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and our forums – see you on the boards!

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    1. eXoScoriae on

      I am a backer that has chosen to stay away from the game in the early phases. Reading the rollercoaster of comments and articles about the game has done little to encourage me to fire it up.

      With the new update out and a bit of spare time on my hands today, I decided to finally give it a ago.

      After a few hours I have unlocked about 3 of those beacons, I have 4 farm settlements, zero gems available, and 89 belief. I did the trial voyage and then tried the second voyage, but I am stuck now and I can't finish the 15th mission for the life of me. The fact that it requires precision to stop the little men from going certain ways while it seems to be a gamble a to which layer I am grabbing doesn't help things.

      Peter assured me in his dev commentary that I should never be "waiting around". However that's exactly what I am stuck doing at this point.

      I need population and farms to progress. Farms require farmers, and they have ridiculously long count down timers. The amount of flat land is limited, so to progress there I have to build settlements and capacity shrines. Both of these cost LOTS of faith now.

      To get faith I can either wait or spend gems. To get farmers I can wait or spend gems.

      To get gems I have to sacrifice people. I have hardly found any gems on my voyage (not that I can make any progress there at this point anyways), and to find treasure chests requires sculpting, and sculpting mountains is incredibly expensive. So I again, need faith to find a few gems, when I need the gems to buy faith.

      The only other way to get gems is to sacrifice people. But you guys decided that to do this requires the leash. If it takes 5 gems for 1,000 faith, but I have to spend 500 faith leashing people... then for every 5 people I kill, I have a net gain of 500 faith, combined with countdown timers. More... bloody... timers.

      I have to wait for faith, wait for farmers, and wait for people to be born to sacrifice them so I am essentially waiting for gems as well.

      This is a broken concept. If you are going to make gems a rare resource to help speed things up, then some part of your brain actually believes that ANYONE out there finds a 2 hour timer for a farmer to be "fun". Who "chooses" to wait? Why would they?

      I'm 34 years old, I have a job and a family. I don't get a ton of time to play games. So when I do, why would I choose to play a game that is so focused on waiting? it makes zero sense. There is no fun here. If this was a website, I'd say - aha, they did this to keep me on the page and extract ad revenue. If this was mobile, I'd say, aha- they are doing this to make money off gems (see the most recent South Park episode for the break down on that).

      But this is a fully priced PC game and some one at 22 Cans decided that waiting is an enjoyable game mechanic.

      It's not. Peter - what happened to you? I have a stack of original Bullfrog games sitting at home. I still play Syndicate, Populous, Theme Park, Magic Carpet, GeneWars, Dungeon Keeper, and even Hi Octane.

      Black & White was the first time I found myself disappointed with one of your games. I often found myself stuck with no way to expand my people, and therefor, no way to expand my influence. But it was ambitious, so it was forgiven.

      The came Fable. A series that has grown into a fairly good game... but it took 3 iterations over 6 years to finally get there. Fable 3 is a pretty good game. But I had to buy two prequels and several DLC packs to get to that experience.

      But where things have really fallen apart is everything that 22 Cans has been involved in. Curiosity was a massive exercise in overhype. A prize that would change your life? I don't the guy who won that even thinks about it any more. Do you realize what a failure that was, or do you live in a bubble where you think it went pretty well? I mean, from the point of view of getting people to click - that was a sucessful experiment. But it was at the cost of a ton of your credibility.

      And now Godus. A simple google search leads to article after article of angry opinions. Some part of you HAS to realize that it is the game and not the reviewers that has the problem.

      I listed very clearly above why this game is broken for me, and why it makes no sense to continue playing this. In the 4 hours it takes to get a little faith and get a few people born, I can experience so much more in a game that isn't timer based.

      I have experience with games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out. That game almost always has something to do when your not waiting. The writing is humerous, the characters are worth clicking to see what they say. This game has no personality. No humor. No reason to keep clicking other than to see what is next. But you've already spoiled that for us. A new land where we get to start over is next. "Yay". More timers.

      This game is seriously shit. My reasons why stand on their own merits.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on

      Actually, while "content" is a very broad term, I actually would prefer "more content" to multiplayer right now. I rarely play strategy games in multiplayer. More stuff to do, more stuff to bring the game world to life, and as Peter himself mentioned, more choices to make, would make Godus a better game for me. Also a serious rebalancing is really needed. At the moment, there is just way too much waiting.

      Another niggle for me is the manual collection of is not an enjoyable mechanic after a while. It is fine in the beginning, when you are managing a small area and population, but later on, it is a chore. How about getting automatic collection as a card at some point? Or how about getting it through a whole new thing: Wonders! Kind of like in Civilization, there could be great structures which grant great benefits, such as global resource collection.

      The core of the game is still good, though. Starting the game after a sufficient waiting period, when I have plenty of belief to play around with, is quite enjoyable. I am now at a stage where I am able to sculpt large areas, raising large patches of land from the ocean. :)