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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Welcome to Weyworld - Frontier Age Arrives on iOS & Steam

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Welcome to Weyworld - Frontier Age Arrives on iOS & Steam

Today we’re releasing the first major expansion for Godus, extending the game by introducing a whole new land to explore, full of mystery and unique surroundings.

With this expansive and game-changing update, you’ll be tasked with building a massive Ark, filling it with your tiny, adoring Followers and setting sail for Weyworld - an undiscovered land just waiting to be explored. In Weyworld you will find new secrets to uncover, rival tribes to meet and a host of new god-like abilities to unlock.

Additionally, we have redesigned the Voyages mini-game to give you new ways to play and win unique rewards to decorate your world.

The lost Ark

Your people long to move to a new land and to do this, you must help them build an Ark for their journey across uncharted waters. This Ark will take all the Followers who worked on it to a new land called Weyworld, along with huge amount of resources – 500 Ore and 700 Wheat, to be precise.

Building this Ark is no easy feat and will take a considerable amount of time and resources to complete. Once ready, it will carry up to 500 of your Followers on the voyage to Weyworld. Don’t worry, even though this is a one-way migration for your seafaring Followers, as their almighty god you will be able to return to Homeworld whenever you choose via the Lighthouse.

Weyworld is waiting

Once the Ark arrives at Weyworld, your first task will be to house all the Followers aboard in new abodes unique to this land.

You’ll quickly notice that Weyworld has its own distinctive visual style – it’s a desert world where the trees and rocks you’re familiar with in Homeworld are replaced by cacti and baked earth. That’s not the only difference, however – in Weyworld, crops need to be built on verdant land and mines on rugged land if your want them to flourish and your Followers to prosper.

You’ll also find a third type of terrain – hallowed ground. Here you will be able to build monasteries of various sizes – while these produce no workers, they do generate an awful lot of belief!

Your wayfaring Followers aren’t the first to call Weyworld home – you’ll discover three tribes of mischievous Astari up to their usual tricks. The Astari have hidden an enormous treasure in Weyworld and it’s up to you to claim it for your Followers.

Enter the Frontier Age

Weyworld ushers in the Frontier Age, bringing with it a new Timeline and new cards for you to unlock with new stickers. All the cards you would have unlocked in Homeworld will be active in Weyworld - any cards not unlocked can be completed by returning to Homeworld.

Some of the new abilities you’ll earn will enhance your Followers’ lives and others will increase your own godly powers – here’s a few that you’ll discover in the new world:

  • Blue skiesby your will the skies shall remain bright and clear. Storms will occur less frequently.
  • Stormy weatherkeep the skies angry by your wrath! Storms will appear more frequently.
  • Comet blast apart layers of granite with these celestial projectiles.
  • Enhanced meteorsthere’s nothing like a good meteor strike to vent your divine wrath… and now they’re even more powerful!
  • Epic sculptingunlock the ability to sculpt even more layers of terrain at once.
  • Dig Downunlock the ability to dig directly downwards by double-tapping/clicking.
  • Fleet of Foota healthy diet and plenty of exercise lead to fitter and faster Followers.
  • Crop rotationyour Farmers develop wonderful new agricultural techniques and fields now produce much more Wheat.

More Voyages, redesigned Voyages

We’ve refined the gameplay for Voyages in this update – you no longer have to complete a Voyage within a limited amount of time. However, the more quickly you complete a Voyage, the more points you’ll earn. What do points mean? Points mean prizes! The higher your score in a Voyage, the more stars you’ll complete for it, with a total of three stars available for each Voyage.

We’ve also added a new series of Voyages with this update, called Spooky Shores – earning a high score in these Voyages will unlock a slew of suitably-spooky Halloween themed content, such as creepy masks for your Followers or eerie graves for your Settlements.

Future updates

We still have plenty left in store to bring to Weyworld and the Frontier Age. Future updates will add an area that’s home to a new rival tribe, sheep that roam the land and for the game’s dynamic water to make previously barren lands fertile.

iOS improvements in v1.6

This update also features a number of enhancements for Godus on iOS, many of which had been requested by the mobile community. We hope that our iOS players will be pleased to hear that you can now rotate your view of the world, so now you can sculpt behind mountains!

Here’s a few of the key improvements we’ve made to the mobile version of Godus:

  • Camera rotation is now enabled for iOS
  • Improved game visuals for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+
  • Sculpting accuracy improvements for touchscreen devices
  • 'Report a Bug' button is now in for faster bug reporting
  • Various bug fixes and balance refinements

Coming soon to PC & Mac - Balance File Editor & Steamworks integration

If you enjoy the iOS version of Godus, then you may want to help us with the future development of the game by playing Godus on Windows PC or Mac OS X, where you will soon be able to tune and tweak various gameplay parameters.

In fact, we have some very good news for everyone playing Godus on Steam for Mac and Windows PC – the hotly anticipated Balance File Editor we first detailed in this blog is confirmed to be released on Friday 31st October.

This tool will allow you modify how many aspects of the game behave, from wait timers to Belief generation and more besides. Thanks to Steamworks integration, you’ll also be able to share and swap your personalised balance files with each other also with us here at 22cans. We’ll be looking at the best and most popular balance changes you develop with a view to implementing them based on your feedback ahead of when Godus transitions out of Early Access and into full release

Set sail for new discoveries!

You can download the Frontier Age update for Godus on iOS right now via the App Store and it will be available on the main branch of Steam a little later on today. We’re looking forward to hearing what you make of all this new content on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and our forums – see you around!

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    1. Styggron on

      Still waiting for the non steam direct download PC version :(

    2. Tim Molesworth on

      So, in the voyages, if more points get you more stars, what do more stars get you?

    3. Missing avatar

      leszek zak on

      Yay pc owners backed a moblie app to make devs money, Im so happy
      You sould be in politics mate!

    4. 22cans Creator on

      Hey everyone, good news for Android gamers - we're currently working on the Android version of Godus right now and be will be sharing more info about that version next week - not long to go before we release on Google Play now!

    5. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      When are you going to add a point to the game? So far the only reason to play is to collect resources that enable you to play to collect more resources

    6. Missing avatar

      Keith H on

      Game is HORRIBLE period.

    7. James Cassidy on

      Me, my disappointment and my android devices are off. Hooroo.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Strange on

      I have to admit that I feel a slight sense of unease to be funding a project that shows such snobbery in its supported platforms. In terms of market share iOS is a massively distant second place to Android, and iPhones and iPads are largely bought by distinctly middle aged people who rank the features and power of a mobile device below its familiar UX and a laughably dated belief that iOS devices make them seem cool. A game studio with a democratic ethos would certainly be producing an Android version, especially considering that top of the line Android devices shame iOS products in terms of capability and features. If you really are only interested in catering to the well-heeled minnows in the smartphone pond why don't you be consistent in your sibling development strategy. You make a Mac version (another minnow of a platform) and iOS version, so as you make a Windows version why not make a Windows Phone version? It's not such a distant third place as far as smartphone use globally and there are many markets in which it is a clear second place behind the Android behemoth. I'd love a version for my Lumia 1520 phablet that had a 1080p screen a whole 11 months before the iPhone 6+ could claim to be truly HD. Come on, chaps! Don't just pander to the rich old fuddy duddies with boring iOS devices - share the love with the winners in the mobile OS race and a feisty third placer that is widely predicted to be number two globally some time next year.

    9. Jörn Huxhorn


    10. Ken Mencher

      Having watched my wife accumulate several hundred hours of gametime via steam, and realizing she only plays the game for a small percentage (~2%) of that time... Basically, she leaves the game open all day to allow resources to generate...

      If she doesn't, she can't play.

      That's not what Populous, or even B&W were like...or even what we were proposed. I want to play a game...not sit around waiting...

      If I wanted to back a F2P game, i would have...but I didn't...

    11. Missing avatar

      Kristian Frost on

      Gave in to temptation and had another go at Godus a couple of days ago. Game is still arse. Still pay-to-progress. Would be pay-to-win, but there's no apparent "win" in sight, just "more". "More" can give the illusion of gameplay for a significant amount of time, if you include enough "more", but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of any kind of reason to play Godus other than to uncover more of the "more".
      So, Godus appears to remain Progress Quest with an interactive screensaver element, as it has always been.

    12. Jedra7609

      Great - will look forward to giving the PC version a go later on... Thanks for the update!

    13. Joseph Pianta on

      well the 31st we can adjust our own parameters to be able to progress along in the game. this will be the last backed game I back by this developer 22Cans or the developers themselves, the pay-to-win model wasn't expected Nor wanted.

    14. Shatners Bassoon on

      Yawn and Blah and Waffle and we don't care just produce a half decent game that you can play consistently unlike this awful F2P mechanic we have had since day one.

    15. Adrià Amor on

      Wtf!Announcing an expansion when the game is yet to be launched in android? You guys are underevaluating android users

    16. James Clayton on

      Great. I can only play once every few days. Is this going to be something I can ever play, or will the happiness loss continue to mean I can never progress beyond the first few hours?