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Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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Frontier Age Available on Steam, iOS to Follow Next Week

Posted by 22cans (Creator)

Are you ready to lead your ever-gracious population of Followers on an incredible journey to a new and undiscovered land waiting for you to make it your own?

We hope you are, because today sees the test release of the Frontier Age on Windows PC and Mac, bringing with it Weyworld and a host of new cards for your people’s Timeline.

How do I get it?

We’re releasing this update on iOS and the main branch of Steam for Windows PC and Mac next week.

However. this update is available on our Opt-in branch of Steam right now, so if you’re keen to get started, you can check out the instructions and information on how to access it a little further down.

What’s included?

With today’s update you’ll be able build that gigantic Ark that we mentioned in our last blog and travel across the seas to a new and exciting place called Weyworld (yes, that’s with an ‘e’, not an ‘a’). In addition, you’ll be able to usher your followers into a brand new Age as well as earn some fun Halloween-themed rewards.

There’s also a whole smorgasbord (that’s right, a smorgasbord) of new cards being introduced with this new update to help usher in Weyworld. There are, quite literally, too many to list in full but here’s a quick overview of some that we think you’ll probably find the most enticing.

And yes, your eyes don’t deceive you… Dig Down is back!

  • Epic Sculpting
  • Grand Monasteries
  • Crop Rotation
  • Blue Skies
  • Stormy Weather
  • Dig Down
  • Enhanced Meteors
  • Fleet of Foot
  • Comet

What’s missing?

You may have also seen us mention in our last blog that sheep, flooding, springs, and a third tribe were also on the docket for an upcoming update. Those specific items aren’t quite ready for this particular release (either for Steam or iOS) as we’re still in the process of fully developing those features, but rest assured we’re hoping to get them over to you in a content update in the not-too-distant future.

We wanted to get what we have ready over to you first, that all get to visit Weyworld and also tell us what you think.

Set sail for Spooky Shores

As it happens, good ol’ Halloween is right around the corner, so in the spirit of one of our favourite holidays, we’ve added in some Halloween-themed rewards that you’ll be able to earn in the ‘Spooky Shores’ Voyage of Discovery included in this release.

Here’s some of the just-for-fun rewards you can expect to see added in for Halloween:

  • Witch hats for female builders
  • Skull masks for male builders
  • Pumpkin heads for farmers
  • “Arrow in the head” hats for miners
  • New Halloween tunic colours for builders, farmers, and miners
  • Graves for Settlements
  • Pumpkin fields

Questions from the community about Weyworld

Since posting our last blog, we received some questions about Weyworld and how it might work, so we figured we’d take some time to answer a handful of the questions that were posted over on our forums.

Will the unique terrain types for abodes and mines be sculptable or expandable?

You can sculpt them but you won’t be able to expand them.

Will the spring mechanics ever be introduced as a god power letting us place them ourselves?

We’ve actually been chatting about this but there’s nothing official to confirm just yet, but we’re definitely not ruling it out!

What if we don’t take enough followers or ‘accidentally’ kill our followers off in Weyworld?

Similar to Homeworld, if your population in Weyworld reaches zero then two new followers will emerge from the Ark. Don’t ask us where they come from. We have no idea either.

Are gems and belief carried across worlds?

Gems carry across worlds but all other resources are restricted to each respective world.

How do we go about rebuilding the Ark? Will we need all resources to get started or can the resources trickle in?

Wheat and Ore will need to be in place before you begin construction and, as with everything else, the more builders you have the faster the reconstruction will go. The trick is to try and make Settlements and towns close to the Ark so that your builders don’t have as far to walk. Stamina and speed shrines will certainly help as well!

What exactly is the Comet god power?

Comet is mostly non-destructive (unlike the Meteor god power). Comet is the only way to remove granite, which we can assure you will come in handy on Weyworld.

Will Weyworld on PC have its own Pit of Doom?

There’s currently no Pit of Doom in Weyworld but you can switch between worlds via the lighthouse in each world (and gems carry across worlds).

Want to play the new update early?

We’ll be releasing this update on iOS and the main Steam branch next week, but for those of you who like to try these updates while they’re still getting polished and fixed then you’ll be happy to hear this update is available on the opt-in branch for Steam right now.

A word of warning

Being that all opt-in builds have the potential to be rough around the edges, bear in mind that you may want to back up your save files as there’s a risk that you might lose your game’s progress when updating to the opt-in. For more information on how to access the opt-in builds just check out this guide: How to Access Developer Builds

Known issues

Here’s some of the known issues for this update. As always, if you encounter anything not listed here then please post either on our forums or drop us a line via

Steam and iOS

  • Completing the Ark reconstruction with gems doesn’t fill the Ark with followers like it should.
  • The ‘Select Expedition’ page should have a confirm button instead of just an ‘X’ in the corner.
  • When you complete a voyage the ‘Star Score’ shows over the reward, making the reward difficult to see.
  • Clicking on a certain tree near the start of the game and opening its info panel will cause the game to crash to desktop.

iOS only

  • The game freezes when accepting a phone call during a network authorization whilst trying to recover a save. This does not affect the save recovery; the game will just need to be restarted.
  • Slight performance issue whilst scrolling on iPad Mini retina.

More updates to come

We’ve also got many more updates on the near horizon, so definitely keep an eye out for more news on what’s in store for Godus. Here’s a quick overview of just a few things we’ve got planned:

Weekly dev updates

Something that we’re pretty jazzed about is that we’re going to start releasing weekly updates on what the team’s been up to and what everyone’s currently working on around the office. We’ll be releasing these on our blog and forums every Friday, starting this very Friday!

More 'Meet the Team' videos

We’ll be sitting down and chatting with more members of the team in some new Meet the Team videos that we’ll be releasing in the very near future.

A big Community Q&A

Many of you have been busy composing and submitting questions for Peter to answer and we’re happy to report that we’ll be recording a video very soon where Peter will sit down and answer as many of your questions as we can. For any questions that we don’t get around to we’ll also be doing a live Twitch stream a few weeks later where you can submit your own questions to Peter in real time for him to answer.

See you in Weyworld!

Everyone’s been busy like crazy adding in all this new content, preparing for future updates and putting together some new community initiatives like the weekly updates and the big Q&A session that’s right around the corner. We’re excited for everyone to get their hands on this next update and try out Weyworld for yourselves.

As always, feel free to stalk us over on Facebook and Twitter and say hello over on our forums as well.

See you around!

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    1. Kleiner on

      So, you have absolutely no clue if the SDK you are using is even going to be made available for Linux. Sweet. For your sake I hope either you can coax the Marmalade guys into actually getting their SDK working on Linux, or give you access to the source so you can do it yourself.

    2. 22cans Creator on

      Hi Christian, it will be much more feasible for us to port Godus to Linux once it's either fully feature-complete or at least very close to being feature-complete, that way we'll have a complete codebase to work from. Rest assured we're still committed to bringing Godus to Linux, it just makes more sense in terms of the game's development to do so when the game is closer to a final release candidate state.

    3. Christian on

      @22cans Thanks for the link. Now doesn't that sound hopeful. In other words it's quite likely that the Linux version will never see the light of day and those who backed the project for its Linux support kinda got screwed over?

    4. Christian on

      @Neo Well, we can't. It's still always fun to read an announcement that's written as if everyone has been playing this game for ages. Aren't you, too, totally losing it because some stuff is now *back* that you never knew existed in the first place?

      Well, at least I can look at broken graphics in Wine, that oughta comfort me.

    5. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      But if Marmalade SDK is not finished for Linux... how can we see Godus?

    6. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update guys, this game just keeps getting better and I can't wait to give this round a spin!

      With so many updates, though, and with more content added, it's getting really hard to give them all a complete look. Is there any chance we can get a fast-track option of some sort so you can get more feedback on the entire game? Maybe just smaller requirements to proceed from one step to the next, or things taking a little less time?

    7. 22cans Creator on

      Hi Thomas. we will be releasing Godus on Android in the coming months. When we do, we'll be sure to make a big splashy announcement about it :)

    8. Thomas Schwarz

      What about Android?

    9. Jedra7609

      Excellent - will give the PC version a go next week! Thanks for the update folks!

    10. espiritu on

      Okay, thanks.

      Looking forward to it :)

    11. 22cans Creator on

      Hi espiritu, we're hoping to be sharing a confirmed release date for the Balance File Editor tool very soon. When we do, we'll post a tweet and also include it in the next update.

    12. espiritu on


      what about the primised feature of adjusting the timer settings for Godus.
      I seldomly played the game in the last months because the lag of mana is just too frustrating. And leashing all followers to the pit of doom in order to get a few gems doesn't help either.

    13. 22cans Creator on

      Hi Kleiner, the most up-to-date info we have available about that can be found through this link:

    14. Kleiner on

      I got a question for you, do you know if the people over at Marmalade is actively working on getting their SDK running on Linux? Only thing I could find was a forum post from back in 2011...

    15. Popinjay on

      Still waiting for a non steam version and a leak of Jack's nudes. Any eta on that guys?