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GODUS is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
Godus is a delightful reinvention of the god game from 22cans and Peter Molyneux, who created the genre. Mac, PC, Mobile iOS & Android
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    1. Missing avatar

      Shane Gleeson on

      Just checking in Peter to remind you of your total scumbaggery.

    2. Larry Barriere on

      @Peter Stahlberg, inexperience? Peter has been in the industry longer than most. He has the experience. He totally screwed the pooch on this. It looks as though Microsoft was the only thing keeping Lionhead from falling apart. They dissolved Lionhead probably because it was almost impossible to keep them in check all the time.

    3. Peter Ståhlberg on

      I've kickstarted over 80 project. Mostly games. This Godus mess it not the only failed one, but perhaps one of the worst. Even if I fully understand the risk and accept it as my choice it is still borderline fraud. Not only by 22Cans but also Kickstarter. The latter is very quick in taking their cut but are totally unable (or unwilling) to demand any form of responsibility from project holders. What point is there of rules if they are not enforced? I can understand if projects go bust due to inexperience or unforseen things happening. But behind it all is Kickstarter simply raking it in without any risk at all. They open the door and then wash their hands when things go wrong. THEY are the ones you should not trust!

    4. Øyvind Strand on

      And now they are releasing The Trail on Nintendo Switch:

      1 t ·
      The Trail: Frontier Challenge is out now on Nintendo Switch in Australia and EU!"

      What a bunch of scammers!

    5. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      This project is one big scam. No Linux. No DRM-Free. No game itself.

      Peter Molyneux is one of the biggest scammers on the Kickstarter!

    6. Avalanche on

      The gall that they're still selling this in Early Access.

    7. Øyvind Strand on

      We backed this game GODUS, and you make a game named The Trail??? hahahah nice going. This whole Kickstarter page should really look into some of the kickstarters, alot of scamming in here.

    8. Lestat on

      Will there ever be a reward for the backers? The game is still on early access and we get no informations! Shame on you!

    9. AKASlaphappy

      Any news for your backers?

    10. Patrick Cox on

      Writing this on April 5, 2017. Hello 22cans! I know it seems like yesterday, but your last update (February, 2016) is over a year past(!). Regardless of the status of the Godus project, I strongly feel your original backers deserve an ongoing dialog. Even if it's just once a quarter. Anyway, happy upcoming Easter to 22cans and the Godus team. I hope you are doing well and are knocking down personal and professional barriers to success.

    11. Andrew Coyle on

      Of all the things I wanted more than the game itself was the Game Design Document. After repeatedly asking about this on Twitter, and not receiving a single reply (though they were more than happy to talk about Jack doing something or other), I'm guessing this will never come to pass.

      Seeing as 22 Cans never completed the game in over 5 years, it's probably safe to say the design wasn't a strong one. Even still, I would have like to receive even an incomplete GDD. At least get something for my money.

      Come on Peter. Come on 22 Cans. You could at least simply email out what you came up with. Even an incomplete GDD would, potentially, be a wonderful insight.

    12. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Happy New Year! Please give us a Linux version as was promised. :)

    13. Jared

      Acorn? exclusive Godus Wishing Well? unlock code for an exclusive GODUS god power?
      They promised us our Acorn. They said they wouldn't make the same mistake they made in fable. We never got the Acorn.

    14. sinisterandroid on

      Already reported, to no avail.

    15. Lesrac on

      @JW done, didn't knew that this is possible (on the bottom of the Campaign page)

    16. JW

      Let's all hit the report this project button - funded but status unclear...

    17. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      It now seems obvious that this game will never be completed. There was a potential, a core of something enjoyable here, but I long since lost faith that it would ever be realized. As it stands, Godus/Wars is incomplete, janky, and mired with bad mobile style game design, from the incessant clicking to collect faith and ludicrous requirement to drag dozens of stickers onto cards to unlock things, to the standard "free to play" mechanic of using premium currency to reduce wait times. This is not what I believe any PC gamer would want.

      Very nicely summed up, Kay. So much unfulfilled potential.

    18. Andreas Fuchs on

      Many of us have asked repeatedly for refunds to no avail.

    19. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Kickstarter must create a Refund Button!

    20. Nine

      They haven't delivered what was promised and still there are things open like the acorn. Never received any other update about this.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on

      I backed this project in part because I had some faith in the concept and in all the good games which came out of Bullfrog in the past, and in part as an atonement for pirating those games as a kid. I was aware of Peter Molyneux's reputation in recent years, but wanted to give him a chance.

      It now seems obvious that this game will never be completed. There was a potential, a core of something enjoyable here, but I long since lost faith that it would ever be realized. As it stands, Godus/Wars is incomplete, janky, and mired with bad mobile style game design, from the incessant clicking to collect faith and ludicrous requirement to drag dozens of stickers onto cards to unlock things, to the standard "free to play" mechanic of using premium currency to reduce wait times. This is not what I believe any PC gamer would want.

      I will not ask for a refund, as I don't consider Kickstarter to be a pre-order system. The money I gave was a donation, and I was prepared to lose it. However, Peter Molyneux has now had his chance with crowd funding. Any future game he makes will have to be funded in a more traditional way, and the only way to get people excited about it will probably be for it to be released and actually good.

    22. Missing avatar

      Allan MacKenzie-Graham

      Many of us have asked repeatedly for refunds to no avail.

    23. Jared

      Where are our rewards? Acorn? exclusive Godus Wishing Well? unlock code for an exclusive GODUS god power?

    24. Avalanche on

      @ All

      Anyone tried/retired to get a refund?

      @ Elliott

      Thanks for that information. I probably wouldn't have picked up on Konrad leaving otherwise. That's yet another blow. I wonder if 22cans are finally going to call an end to this, or just let things continue to grind out under the hopes that people will just forget/write it off.

    25. Missing avatar

      Zed on

      If you have any hope or chance of getting a refund, now's the time to act. The GBP is dropping due to the UK recession so if you paid in other currency a refund will be worth much less and even less each day.

    26. Anthony on

      Not that I've used it much, but I attempted to use the actual forums on 22cans' site to chip in, but apparently my account there no longer exists, I can't even recover the account. good times.

    27. Elliott on…

      So if this is true, the game is dead and I want my money back

    28. Chunk on

      @Phil ... yes sure ... when pigs fly :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Don't worry guys this is still definitely not a scam. The finished game promised will be here one day. Right?

    30. Evgueni Baldin on

      Any news about Linux version?

    31. Duncan Gray on

      Just checking in to see if anything has changed .... I pledged £60 for this game .... played it for a while (ages and ages, got nowhere, then the left button on my mouse wore out) ... kinda gave up at that point, but am still curious ... my pledge level I belive entitled me to a unique familiar and a custom loading page .... do I need to do something to get these (p.s. is this game any less crap than it was a year ago? do I need to buy a special mouse with an unbreakable button to play? if not, think I'm done with it.)
      if I get a positive response to any above question, then maybe I'm good, maybe I'll try it again ... as a massive fan of populous, powermonger, and black and white, I was so excited by this kickstarter ..... but now (having played a year or so ago) so disappointed, can anyone (please) convince me the current game is worth trying again?

    32. Avalanche on

      So I read some things and it left me with more questions than answers.

      What actually happened to the "Combat Update"? That was what 22cans kept saying they were working on. That was supposed to be the big next step. Is Godus Wars that Combat Update?

      The last update on their website is still from June 19th of last year ( ). Then they started selling Godus Wars, with no indication that Godus has been updated? I added a question mark there as I really don't know. Hasn't Godus been Version 2.4 for a while now. I couldn't find a date for 2.4's release. There's no indication that any combat update has been made to Godus, so did they actually make a second knock off RTS type game instead, based off of Godus, and think that that is what people were waiting for? Who was asking for a second game that's not a God game, in place of actually completing Godus itself? *Is* Godus being worked on, as 22cans claim? Have they even been working on if for the past 9ish months?

      I have no idea what 22cans are doing.

    33. Avalanche on

      @ Chunk

      No problem :o)

      And agreed: not okay at all. I've been off and away doing other things and so haven't been keeping up over the past couple of months-ish. I'm thinking nothing has changed with Godus, but I might take a look around to see.

    34. Chunk on

      @Acalanche ty I will give it a try ... as a matter of principle what happend here is just not ok.

      Thank you for the links :)

    35. Avalanche on

      @ Chunk

      That does seem to be their approach: just ignore/delete any such attempts to get a refund. That way they avoid any precedent that could open the flood gates.

      In the absence of sending a Letter Before Action/taking Legal Action, if you so wished, you could report them to Trading Standard here in the U.K. Even though your profile says you are in Denmark, I asked Citizens Advice, who take such complaints and pass them on and they said it's fine for people outside of the U.K. to report a U.K. company trading in the U.K. Which 22cans are and do (they're registered/based in Guildford).

      The direct link is here:…

      There's also general information about what Trading Standards do here, which I would very much suggest reading:

      It should be noted, as I understand it, Trading Standards don't necessarily respond to every complaint, in as much as they they tend to react after a number of complaints have built up. So I would say the more who report them, the better the chance for action.

    36. Chunk on

      I am sad to report I have given up trying to get a refund.
      I have written them time and time again with no response.
      What a shame it ended this way.........

    37. Elliott on

      3 years an still not done, I so want my money back.

    38. Space Monkey on

      Thanks Hguin, I didn't know about the option to report the project and just used that. I also want a refund, the amount of mismanagement and lies in this project is beyond words.

    39. Hguin on

      After three years of waiting and two terribly unfinished games I want a refund. And to any backers who feel the same, you should scroll to the bottom of the project and report them for failing to deliver anything close to what was promised.

    40. Brendan Sydney Hughes on

      Heh, I remember when we all thought we were getting a Linux version

    41. Philip Coutts on

      So Godus Wars? Anyone? Now I have 2 unfinished games neither of which match the original pitch. I haven't played Godus for ages and this latest Godus Wars debacle leaves me pretty much speechless.

    42. James Marshall on

      I've been asking for a refund for over a year (email, forums, twitter, etc), they just seem to ignore those questions. they did at one point tell me they were working on some of the items I asked about (Wishing Well, familiars and such) but when pressed for actual details (any details) they once again went quiet.
      Do remember that there is the option to report a kickstarter project for failing to deliver... Awful behaviour from 22Cans, which I had hoped might have improved with some of the change in team at higher levels...

    43. Avalanche on

      @ Space Monkey

      No apology necessary. I usually figure things out in the end... well... sometimes :o)

      For example, I've yet to fully figure out if work is still continuing on Godus, as it seems that Godus Wars is a separate game or...?* I thought the Combat Update had been added to Godus and at the same time 22cans decided to 'rebrand' Godus with it as Godus Wars to try and start again, sweeping as much of the stuff surrounding Godus under the rug, but now it seems from the sudden comment "Peter has always considered Godus being two games", that combat is in Godus Wars, but *not* Godus? Godus is... oh... the *Godus* Steam page [ ] has Godus *Wars* as the purchase for £10.99, so...

      ...okay, I have no idea what's going on :o) Should I read more somewhere?* Or have I already read too much and am lost in the abyss?*

      Yeah, I too saw that RPS article and I can, unfortunately, well believe that 22cans would have the nerve. Buying Godus Wars "Includes the original Godus and Godus Wars", but there's no indication that Godus has been updated with anything separately and if Godus includes the Combat Update, then wouldn't it just be Godus Wars or does Godus not have combat?* Also, Godus Wars is "...[at] the lower purchase price of the main game...", so Godus is still the main game?* What's the point of Godus Wars as a separate game, if not to try and pretend to start afresh, hoping no-one would notice?*

      Somehow, 22cans still thought that they could add paid extra content (was that the point of Godus Wars?*) on a game already paid for in Early Access, that used to be a game also in Early Access that was never finished even though people had already paid for it, or could be a separate game still in Early Access, that may or many not have had an update from the 'new' game... what am I saying, I still have no idea what's going on. Despite what I said about 22cans having the nerve, this does seem to be a new low.

      The "free update" is also just the continued development of Godus. They haven't finished the game yet. Surely, a free update can only happen once a game in actually complete. It seems a continued resculpting of events is occurring, much like the landscape in Godus, with more still likely to come.

      * all questions rhetorical, unless you happen to have any answers :oD

    44. Space Monkey on

      Yes, sorry Avalanche, for some reason I seem to have posted my comment here while I was planning to post it in the last update comment section. My updated reaction was not only to the news about Godus Wars but also the fact that it was announced as free but asks you to pay to unlock a second continent - that's something I discovered this morning by reading
      and I still can't believe that 22 Cans has the nerve to pull something like that... I think I might even have preferred to simply never hear anything new about Godus rather than having to be reminded of it with this, which only adds yet another layer of insult to injury

    45. Avalanche on

      @ Space Monkey

      Just figured out that you were referring to a positive comment you made in Comments section of the Update that I didn't know about from February the 3rd [in case people missed it as I did: ].

      I'm... I'm not sure I have the energy to read the Update. Since it opens with "Today, we're excited to announce that next chapter in the Godus franchise..." and even *that* aggravates me, I think I might need a cuppa* first :o)

      But I agree with what you said. 22cans have just ignored/deleted anything refund related, so I doubt they'll start taking responsibility now.

      At some point, they might even say people can't get a refund for Godus, as it's Godus Wars now. And I'm not even sure if I'm being facetious there :o/

      * = cup of tea :o)

    46. Avalanche on

      Seriously, 22cans?

      Probably read that instead of reading this :o), but in brief-ish, people below talking about the existence of Godus Wars and the like were right. It seems those who have Godus on Steam get 'Godus Wars' free*, but as has been pointed out, it resets the very negative reviews on Godus, but also added paid for content. This wasn't anything extra, but the next continent, so if one wanted to keep playing [don't laugh, it's possible ;oP ], one would have to pay $5 and keep paying to keep playing. This from new-ish 22cans CEO Simon Phillips:

      “In the mean time, its been brought to our attention that the extra content being a premium add on really isn’t a popular choice. Whilst we think that it does represent good value, especially considering that Godus Wars has been delivered as a free update to hundreds of thousands of users and the lower purchase price of the main game we understand previous Godus owners frustrations with this.

      Therefore, based on your feedback, the extra content will be available to all free-of-charge

      Apologies for the frustrations and we hope you enjoy playing.”

      So the charge has been removed, but seriously 22cans, what are you doing? Godus was still in Early Access, so shifting to another game - also in Early Access - and then charging people extra for an *Early Access* game, when you haven't finished the *first* game is... does Simon Phillips really think people were 'frustrated'? Charging more money in the second unfinished game? People paid for Godus and the time spent on the much hyped Combat Update, seems to have been put into a rebranding, to recharge *everyone* to keep the game going.

      For crying out loud. How can it be "good value" to pay more money, when you haven't finished the first game yet. A game people paid for several years ago.

      * Note: this does not seem to be anything like a good thing. A "free update" to a game that has not been finished is just continued development. Slow, torturous, tangential, development.

      @ John A [… ]

      Hey John :o)

      Yeah, no surprise on the deletion. 22cans:- 'Lalala we're not listening'. We now seem to be in yet another phase of... whatever one might want to call all of this. I've yet to even read the Molyneux interview that Allan posted. Are you going to try... a carrier pigeon next? :o)

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