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229Collective's first one-night only exhibit, opening April 7. Featuring domestic/international artists at varying stages of emergence

Emilia and Amy are both artists, and recent graduates from the Corcoran College of Art & Design. Together we decided to start the 229Collective and our mission is this: To foster connections, both cerebral and tangible, amongst artists and across cities, through unique exhibitions and events. 

Our first exhibit will take place in Emilia's loft in Bushwick, April 7th, 2012. We need your gracious help to pay for:

- promotional materials 

-supplies to hang the show 

-and of course, booze for the lovely visitors. 

We plan on putting any leftover donations towards a fund for the 229Collective to use on future exhibits in NYC, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore and DC.  

We are really excited to be working together, and with a diverse group of really talented artists. Our goal in this first exhibit is to give artists the possibility to showcase their work, as well as create a platform for dialog, collaboration and networking. We also aim to further link the art worlds held within the cities along the East Coast. 

Thank you SO MUCH for reading, and for your support!! If you'd like to be more involved with the 229Collective in any way please feel free to email us at: 

-Emilia & Amy


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