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Mafia is a classic party game for friends and family of all ages to act, bluff, and lie their way to victory.
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Mafia was created by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986 and has since turned into one of the greatest party games ever. My friends and I have been playing Mafia for years and while we love the game, using a regular deck of cards to assign roles is no fun... so we made our own cards.

Stretch Goal Met!!!: (Extra Cards)

For Kickstarter only, we created cards for six additional roles and have included them since we reached our $1,000 stretch goal.

We will also include a handy "cheat sheet" card with a list of all additional character roles.

Each set comes with 27 cards: 5 Mafia, 1 Doctor, 1 Detective, 12 Civilians, 2 Rival Mafia, 1 Barman, 1 Godfather, 1 Cupid, 1 Lawyer, 1 Vigilante, and a cheat sheet.

We've had so much fun using these cards that we decided to share them with others. We're here on Kickstarter to raise enough funds not only to print the cards, but to make custom logo carrying cases. The cases will have the same logo as the back of the cards.

The cards are already designed and demo cards have been made. (And they look great!) They are printed on premium 310 GSM casino quality card stock, plastic coated, with a linen finish. We need your help to fund the minimum order to make custom carrying cases. For $10, you'll get a set of 27 cards in a custom Mafia logo case mailed to you. 

Extra sets: Just add $10 to any order to get a second set mailed to you. International backers, please add $13 for an additional set.

We will spend at least 5% of our profit supporting other Kickstarter projects. Visit for more info.


For those of you who haven't played Mafia yet, you're in luck. It's easy to learn and a lot of fun for people of all ages.

The Basics:

There are two teams, Mafia and Civilians. And there are two phases, day and night. The civilians win if they eliminate all the mafia players and the mafia win if they outnumber the civilian players.

First, choose someone to be the narrator. The narrator hands out the cards and may either randomly assign roles or may choose what role each player gets.

Night Phase:

The narrator then tells everyone to go to sleep. All players lower their heads and close their eyes as to not see what happens next. The narrator then tells the mafia players to wake up. Those players that drew the mafia cards raise their heads quietly and see who else is on their team. The narrator then asks the mafia to point to the player they want to kill. The mafia quietly agree to and point to the player they wish to kill and after the narrator acknowledges their target, the narrator asks the mafia to go to sleep.

Day Phase:

The narrator tells everyone to wake up. The narrator then tells the group, by name, the player that was killed by the mafia. The narrator is encouraged to be creative and make a compelling story line for the players to follow. The remaining players then have to debate who they think the mafia are. The mafia will act, bluff, lie, and pretend not to be the mafia as not to get caught. Everyone votes for one player to “lynch” or kick out of town. That player is eliminated and it’s up to the narrator if he/she wants to disclose that player’s role.

The night phase comes again and the game keeps going until there are no mafia left or the mafia outnumber the civilians.

Other Optional Roles:

Detective: a civilian who may inspect one player each night. The narrator will let the detective know if the chosen player is mafia or not.

Doctor: a civilian who may choose one player each night to save. The chosen player will not die if chosen by the mafia that night.

Barman: on the side of the mafia. He/she may cancel the effect of another player’s ability each night. Optional rule: the player chosen by the Barman may only  communicate using noises and gestures during the next day phase.

Godfather: a mafia player who appears as a civilian when investigated. Optional rule: the mafia lose if the Godfather dies.

Vigilante: a civilian who kills every night, in his own night-time phase. Optional rule: the narrator may choose to give the Vigilante a limited bullet supply.

Lawyer: a civilian who chooses someone to defend during the night phase. That player cannot be voted out the following day.

Cupid: a civilian who, on the first night, chooses two players to be the lovers. The narrator will tap the sleeping players to notify them. If one of the lovers dies, by any means, the other dies of a broken heart instantly.

Rival Mafia: a mafia player that may only win after all other rival mafia groups are eliminated.                                            

Risks and challenges

We're using a printer in Sacramento, CA. They did our demo cards and some cards we made for other games and we really like their work. Their turn around time is very fast and we will use them for the final print. The last demo set we ordered arrived in only a week and a half from the time we placed the order. The company that will make the custom logo cases is located in Oshkosh, WI. We have multiple sample cases from them and they all look great. Their turn around time is also very fast (one week to print and one week to ship).

By printing here in the US, we're guaranteeing you a faster delivery time than if we printed overseas. We do stand to make more money if we print elsewhere but it adds on a month and a half to the delivery span.

I've funded a couple projects myself on Kickstarter and while I loved the products, I hated waiting forever to get them. That is why we're sticking with suppliers that we know are fast and have great quality.

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