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Privly allows you to seamlessly view and post encrypted content on any website. Post encrypted Tweets, Updates, Chats...anything.
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Posted by Sean McGregor (Creator)
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Since many of you are not on our announcement mailing list [0], we thought it would be good to update you via the Kickstarter list. See the FAQ below for details.

  • What did we build? We recorded ridiculously short videos outlining what can do [1,2]. The Project is privacy infrastructure for the web we are labeling a "Generalized Privacy Application Stack". Basically, developers can build applications with privacy properties that match their requirements. These applications can then be used across the web. Read More [3].
  • Where is my invite? We shipped Alpha invites for all users who want to be "testers." We are beginning to send invites to additional users, but do **not** use any system in Alpha with an expectation of privacy. Wait for the Beta. These invites are for you to steer system development.
  • What is This is a server where users can host content during the Alpha phase of development. The domain does not hold user content -- we are building it into a content host hub.
  • What is the status of the non-profit with the United States IRS? It is pending. We recently sent them 200+ additional pages regarding our activities. The IRS needs to research us fully since there is little precedent for a non-profit Kickstarted privacy organization. The IRS also applies a very high level of scrutiny to organizations engaged in open source software development.
  • What else have you been up to? We presented the Project at O'Reilly's OSCON [3], mentored students in the Google Summer of Code [4], and have been making the code and organization more robust.
  • Who are you thankful for? We are incredibly grateful to Google for sponsoring our students during the Google Summer of Code, Rackspace for providing complementary hosting, and of course -- our backers for getting the whole thing rolling.
  • Where should I talk about the Project? We have several mailing lists and chat rooms. For email discussion, sign up for the development list [5]. If you want to chat about the project, drop in on our IRC channel [6]. We also organize Portland, Oregon's Techno Activism 3rd Mondays [7]. Meet us in person if you are in town.

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