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Privly allows you to seamlessly view and post encrypted content on any website. Post encrypted Tweets, Updates, Chats...anything.
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Year End Update

Posted by Sean McGregor (Creator)

Privly Backers,

Long time no update! We have a few items to talk about from Privly-land.

Please note that this will be our last update on the Kickstarter mailing list. If you want updates in the future, join the announcements mailing list, development mailing list, and/or the testers mailing list. We will contact you at the email address you supplied in the backer survey to fulfill your rewards.


  • System: We re-architected Privly as a content privacy stack, which includes the host page, extension, content server, injectable applications, and cryptography library. Please join the development mailing list to make sure you receive video and blog updates to learn more about the content privacy stack approach.
  • Organization and Money: We applied for non-profit status for the Privly Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to online privacy. On recommendation of counsel, we transferred all the Kickstarter funds and backer rewards into the Privly Foundation. To see budgets and more organizational information, go to
  • Next Steps: The system is now architected, but we will not roll out accounts for the Kickstarter backers until we expand the Privly developer community. System security will come through the input of experts in each of the components of the Privly system. When the community is ready, we will "flip the switch" and quickly build a critical mass of users. Privly will need your help on opening day to make sure it expands beyond its core group of privacy conscious individuals.

Let's get ready for sharing privately!

Privly People

Twitter: @privly
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IRC: #privly


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