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Privly allows you to seamlessly view and post encrypted content on any website. Post encrypted Tweets, Updates, Chats...anything.
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Testing is Starting

Posted by Sean McGregor (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Time for another update. As you may have noticed, we sent out the Privly merchandise. If you have not received your merchandise, please let us know ( as soon as possible.

Your donation has helped us form the non-profit Privly Foundation. The non-profit tax status, and what we are spending money on, can be found here:

If you indicated you want to test Privly, you will have also received a letter inviting you to the Privly testing program. If you want more updates about the Privly testing program, you should sign up for this mailing list:

Testing begins today. Please submit bug reports here:
Sean recorded a video to Kickoff testing:

In the meantime, if you’re interested in keeping up with Privly announcements, please sign up for the announcement mailing list:

Lastly, developers please check out our development roadmap and let us know what you think!

Thanks for your support and Share Priv(ate)ly,



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    1. Luke Stanley on

      Makes sense now. I'm glad it's all on Github. Thanks for taking the time to reply Sean.

    2. Sean McGregor Creator on

      All the coding is done in public repositories on Github, so it is always open source, even before release. When I say we won't expose some of the user interface, I mean the extensions won't allow people to use the newest functionality unless they opt in. For example, when the compiled crypto library is packaged into the extension, everyone will have the compiled library for a period of time but it won't be fully integrated into the system until it is more seasoned.

      Another reason for not exposing the crypto library UI until it is ready is we want it to be usable on more than a single platform. Communications technologies need to achieve ubiquity before they are useful, which is a difficult threshold to meet.

      Thanks for the real link. Kickstarter uses an annoying WYSIWYG editor.

    3. Luke Stanley on

      Oh, are you talking about a network API not being exposed to non-developers?
      Bit confused by what you mean when you say the user interface will not be open / exposed but source code will? (As HTML / CSS UI is source code + image files. )
      Do you mean you don't want to share the source code for the encryption until you think it actually works in all the existing implementations?

    4. Sean McGregor Creator on


      Thanks for the comment. The source code will be exposed, but the user interface will not. We only want people who know the risks (developers/security experts/etc) to be able to use the newest functionality, at least until the security of the system is better established/tested.


    5. Luke Stanley on

      "Due to user network effects, the library will only be exposed to non-developers once all the extensions reach Eagle."
      What does that mean? Is more eyes ASAP on the encryption logic a problem? Surely security through obscurity isn't the way to go?
      How will we know the Extension is secure given the automatic update process?

      Thanks for the letter and stickers by the way!