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Privly allows you to seamlessly view and post encrypted content on any website. Post encrypted Tweets, Updates, Chats...anything.
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A Big Update: Shirts, Stickers, Mailing Lists, Incorporations, Testing, Encryption, and More!

Posted by Sean McGregor (Creator)

Hey Backers!

My name is Jen Davidson and I am the community manager for Privly. You will be hearing from me about Privly updates. To give Sean more time to do developing, I will take over the twitter accounts (follow us on @Privly). Now for our lengthy update - sorry it has been so long since the last one!

I am sure you are ready for T-Shirts and stickers. Sean has them printed and will start sending them out next week.

To get more Privly details, subscribe to our mailing lists:
* For announcements only (roughly once per week)
* For developer/contributor communication and collaboration
* For Privly testers (people using the preliminary versions of Privly across the web)

You can get involved with development and see what people are working on at This site is a work-in-progress. Feel free to sign up for an account so you can leave comments on posts.

You're probably wondering about development efforts. The current Firefox extension now allows you to toggle Privly on/off with ease. Anyone can use this extension and start testing it on the Internet at large (right-click on a form element to post that content to Privly). Please note that you should assume ALL information you post using this preliminary version of Privly is public, as we're still in development. If you decide to test Privly, please sign up for the testing mailing list. If you find bugs, please report them. We especially want to know if it is not working on a site you use.

And yes, we're still working on encryption. The first round of encryption functionality should look similar to another proof-of-concept's functionality, ZeroBin. We will continue to update you on that front. Currently, our extensions do not encrypt data.

Thankfully, we have a few new developers to help us out. As with any open source project, we could always use more help. Let us know if you have some spare time to throw our way, or just sign up for the development mailing list.

Other exciting news! We filed for incorporations for the Privly Foundation and a Privly hosting organization. We'll announce the official names as soon as the Secretary of State accepts one of the proposed names.

For the next update: look forward to links to our Open Source Bridge presentation.

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