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Privly allows you to seamlessly view and post encrypted content on any website. Post encrypted Tweets, Updates, Chats...anything.
Privly allows you to seamlessly view and post encrypted content on any website. Post encrypted Tweets, Updates, Chats...anything.
565 backers pledged $26,891 to help bring this project to life.


We promised you Privly encryption capabilities, and that is what you are going to get, Privly=funded!

Privly shows how we can make privacy easy and automatic, but now comes the hard part: You pledged $10,000 not because you want encryption, but because you want to be able to control your digital life. So, here is a new goal: form a community of people committed to building privacy into the web. Only through the support of developers, cryptographers, designers, and professionals can we build a complete framework for personal privacy.

Privly is a core concept with a direction. Only you can move it along.

OSU PhD student Jennifer Davidson is going to help jump-start the community. She is going to collect information on what people want to hack, specify, design, and write. Go to our Google Group ( and introduce yourself. Please (optionally) include your:

  • Name
  • What aspect(s) you want to work on
  • Experience
  • Reason for contributing

We would like to get an idea of the skills of potential Privly contributors so we can effectively set an agenda.

Thanks For Putting Us Over the Top,
-Privly People

PS: Time to start thinking about shirt and sticker designs! Contest, coming soon...


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    1. Praveen on April 12, 2012

      Sean, if we don't try to practice freedom in our every day lives and does not support each other projects it would be hard to win as a collective. Now wouldn't other Open Source projects give us the same argument when we talk about privly? People are already ahppy with the twitters, facebooks and google pluses why we need privly? We are talking about email lists here, and if we are not confident about such a common mode of communication that people are already familiar with, how do we expect to sell encrypted communications to masses? In our efforts to reach out to more people outside community sometimes we turn off people in our community and I think it wouldn't be helpful. But anyway your choice, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this.

    2. Sean McGregor Creator on April 6, 2012

      We went with Google Groups since we need contributors from outside the open source world as well. For example, I think legal professionals are more likely to help if it is a system they already know. Developers will split off when the time comes. First we have to organize.

    3. Brantley Love on April 6, 2012


    4. Praveen on April 6, 2012

      I don't agree with @rewell's sentiments. It is imortant to have a vision because we need a big community to achive privacy for all. It is not just about the code, I don't want to see the same mistakes of diaspora team here too. I was actually happy to see the way Sean has been reaching out to the community. Continue the good work. My donation is not just for this code, but including the vision. And it is a donation, which means we are supporting you and not hiring you.

    5. Praveen on April 6, 2012

      I too think google groups is a bad choice for a Free Software pproject. I suggest, or - all of them run Free Software and I have used all of them. The visibility privly would provide to them would be good too. Since they are freesoftware you could run the software on your infra at a later stage. Librelists offer easy backup of archives too. For hosting code, I would suggest or, both of them run on Free Software.

    6. Missing avatar

      Sander R. on April 6, 2012

      Newell... though I agree a tiny little bit, I'm happy to make suggestions to affect the outcome. Have a couple of ideas.

      Do vehemently disagree with the choice of Google groups. It lacks moderation tools, most groups are filled with spam, and many have abandoned it (e.g. see ) I'd really like to see a different solution. One that is more "private" too.

      I'm partial to hosted vanilla forums (, intermediate plan with SSO, $149/mo ) or if source code management is desired, the unlimited user plan for bitbucket ( $80/mo ).

    7. Missing avatar

      newell on April 6, 2012

      "Privly is a core concept with a direction. Only you can move it along."

      No, its a project with code. I didn't donate to have some new person try to recruit me to build this, I donated to help your team build this. This is lame "community" doublespeak.

      I already give my free time to other projects and don't have any more for this. Money is one way I can support a project I can't give time to.

      Right now, I'm glad I decided to make a token donation before finding out if there would be results.

      Vision Schmision. This project needs a team and a leader to build it, not just care about it.

      If you want your donors to respect you and give a damn, then be straight with us.