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Ambient StudiosBy Ambient Studios
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Ambient StudiosBy Ambient Studios
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pledged of £300,000pledged of £300,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, March 6 2013 10:00 PM UTC +00:00

Death Inc. Demo! Add-ons!

Posted by Ambient Studios (Creator)

Dear friends,

The update you didn't know you were waiting for is here - the Death Inc. Prototype! Visit the demo page here for PC, Mac and Linux versions:

This may be the earliest you have ever got your hands on a game. Death Inc. has existed for just 10 weeks and we're so excited to be able to let you play it! Obviously the game is not finished, there are many missing features, and the quality is not representative of the final game.

But this is just a 10 minute taste of what you'll get in the full game. Please tell all your friends, get them to pledge and tell all their friends. Enjoy the demo and imagine just how good the full experience will be.

We're on Steam Greenlight and we're doing really well - 80% of the way to the Top 100 already. But we can do better! Hit us up here and press the Yes button:


But that's not all! We're pleased to announce the first of our add-ons:

  • Extra digital copy of the game: £6.50 / $10.00 (approx) / €7.50 (approx)
  • Access to all future expansions, DLC and upgrades: £10.00 / $15.00 (approx ) / €11.50 (approx)

To get these, add the correct amount to your pledge and we'll sort it all out in the aftermath of the Kickstarter.

Enjoy the demo, let us know what you think and tell everyone.


- Jonny and everyone at Ambient


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    1. John Smith on

      Hello the awesome guys at Ambient!
      I was wondering about a Boxed-Copy add-on.
      50£ is quite a lot for me I'm afraid, and given that I could do without all the other (really cool) stuff at the "Wish you were here" tire, it could be amazing to have that add-on.
      Cheers :)

    2. Ambient Studios Creator on

      @Everyone - Thanks for the great comments! Appreciate the comments especially wrt the controls. The control scheme in this demo is definitely not final and when the game is released it will be honed to perfection, don't worry.

    3. Chris Subagio on

      That was good fun! The concept definitely has legs.

      You'll need to work a little on some info display though. From up on high, for instance, it's difficult to keep track of how many archers vs plebs I'm ordering around.

    4. Andrew Easter - on

      @Deryn when you manage pledge increase the amount at the top but do not select a different reward. So Digital Villager and DLC = £55 but you select the £45 reward.. and you get to name your cow :)

    5. Deryn on

      Quick question
      I have the Digital Villager edition and would like to get the DLC pack. I'll still remain on the Digital Villager edition, correct? I really want that soundtrack.

    6. Andrew Easter - on

      @Nicolas DLC would most likely be things that cant be included on basic funding.. and unless stretch is met would be paid for using the games profits. They hinted at different time periods... almost Grim through time as a possibility.

    7. Andrew Easter - on

      @Michael check out the faq you will be happy... colourblind mode will be added before release- so it might be patterns etc instead of colours.

    8. Nicolas Genty on

      Congratulations guys, this game is quite fun and playable condition :). It is really nice to imagine tactics to bypass the guards.

      Just a few points that bothered me a little:
      _zoom, you can enlarge the area, I spent my time looking for my village and my way.
      _scroll, could you make automatic scrolling within the limits of the window?
      through it, I could perfectly control the shortcuts for my army of sick :))

      and finally, I do not really appreciate the idea of ​​dlc, I should prefer to have a full version with all levels (old fashionned). All depends on what you're not going to include in this version. £15 is a reasonable price for an indie game... . Perhaps freemium version ?

      Thanks so much for letting us play this great demo, can't wait playing the final version :)

    9. Samuel Vance Joyce on

      Really cool demo considering its age.


      - Get the middle mouse button to rotate, this is essential in any RTS view game.
      - Create a button to cancel powers
      - Some form of power to gather units up quickly, i found having to create unnecessary paths for the odd straggler who was left behind.
      - Colour Mod in the options, I personally ain't a huge fan of pink although it's what is considered an infected colour. Also some people have commented about colour blindness!

      I'm sure a lot of this and other suggestions I could make are already planned but I thought I'd mention it :)

      Keep up the great work!

    10. Michael Zautner on

      A fun little game. I happen to have a drawing pad for my computer, and it works amazingly with that. My only serious complaint about the game is that, being colorblind, I have an exceedingly hard time telling which guys I have and haven't 'converted'. A different color scheme or at least a colorblind option would be hugely appreciated. Also maybe some way to get archers to not attract the large group of woodsmen?

    11. Missing avatar

      Simon Schwarz on

      My top score is now 111.

    12. Andrew Easter - on

      Scored 93 showing it to my son, who managed to get everyone killed except 1 last guy who took out the l
      Lord Cornelius

    13. Bill Schneider on

      Looking forward to trying this :) Excited when I saw the title of the update! Too much work atm but will try in the next few days...

      You should try to contact TB about this. He does interviews for kickstarters on occasion, and with this prototype, he can even give gameplay and comments on it and give something (other than the trailer) for the background, and serve as a focal point for the interview. Furthurmore, his general audience is of the appropriate demographic to back this project (largest demographic being 25-39 or something like that), and will understand that the prototype is not a representation of the final product.

    14. Brooks P. Weaver on


      Today is actually my birthday, and seeing that there is a demo for Death, Inc. totally was a great surprise.

      I am going to try to download it on both PC and MAC.


    15. k!.Fury on

      Hi, I have found the same bug, sent a description to bugs@

    16. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi Marc! I have same bug with mountain.

    17. Marc Dekker on

      Had a lot of fun but found a bug. just after taking the nearest group of archers and the small group next to them i tried climbing the mountain and most of my followers/pox carries sunk/walked into the mountain and i could not get them back.

    18. Ambient Studios Creator on

      Hey guys,

      Thanks so much for the positive comments. Really pleased you're enjoying the game. All comments good and bad taken on board, definitely

      @Per Kristian Brastad: If you've got the £75 tier, you get all that add-on has to offer already :)

      It's exciting to see so much support gathering, please make sure to tell all your gaming friends (and non-gaming friends!) about the project and try to get their support.

      - jonny

    19. Michele Galla on

      Thanks! Btw, I *love* the comic! =)

    20. Missing avatar

      ErwanB on

      icon displays fine on Mountain Lion :)
      Had fun but was defeated at 84!
      Great start for a pre-alpha, not bug so far, keep up the good work!

    21. Maik on

      I just upped my pledge to £20 to get all future expansions.

    22. Jackalgirl on

      I haven't played yet (I will when I get home from work) but two comments right off the bat:
      1) I downloaded the Mac version, and there's no icon associated with the file. This is not a huge deal, but it is a little odd to see the list of applications and one with no icon. On the other hand, it's the ONLY one with no icon, which could be kind of cool. ; )
      2) The README pdf tells me that to gather up my troops, I need to hold down the left mouse button. Luckily, I actually /have/ a left mouse button, but if there's game play that's controlled by different buttons (left/right/wheel), I recommend that you include some extra instructions for folks whose computers only have one button.
      I'm looking forward to trying this out - thanks bunches!

    23. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Some units stuck in the fence - nothing helps.

    24. Missing avatar

      Simon Schwarz on

      My best so far is 98, must try harder!

    25. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      My best score: 102. :)

    26. tomer sarid on

      can't wait to get home and try this (atm in work for the next 6 hours or so) but i'm sure i'll run it to all different ways to just get ideas on how to get it even BETTER and more plague like wonderful :)

      i swear if this doesn't get funded i'm gonna rub a bank and pledge it all on this project, i'm so happy with this game like i've never been before (well happened few times in the past with Nekro and Godus but who counts)

    27. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I won! Score: 83. :)

    28. Andrew Easter - on

      Chrome links working now awesome!

    29. Andrew Easter - on

      @Per it would be a bolt on for lower tiers- as anyone £75+ gets it already, however, for your extra money you get physical stuff and a soldier name

    30. Moe Keir on

      Very cool demo guys - the control system was really fluid and very easy to pick up. The details are great too - the names and occupations of all the villages popping up when you mouse over them and the way your minions bound excitedly over to their prey are really nice touches.

      If I had one niggle it would be with the zoom control - it's got that Halo Wars problem where you can't zoom in quite close enough to really feel the action or far enough out that you have full tactical control. I was constantly having to scan all over the place to find stray units and on one play through I was flanked by 2 soldiers who were just off camera and lost all my archers as a result.

      Granted it was funny as hell but it might be something you guys want to look into. Other than that though I was really impressed, the mechanics are solid and it's a joy to play.

    31. Per Kristian Brastad

      Quick question "Access to all future expansions, DLC and upgrades: £10.00 / $15.00 (approx ) / €11.50 (approx)" is it included in any tier? how is it according to the 75$ "free access to all future expansions"?

    32. Andrew Easter - on

      Ok they appear in iE and firefox for me but not chrome

    33. Andrew Easter - on

      @Ambient the links to the demo are not appearing for me in Chrome onlyIE

    34. Ambient Studios Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      Just to clarify, the add on is an 'extra' copy. So you have to have pledged at least the minimum of £15 (or £10 if you're an early backer) getting your first copy of the game before adding on additional copy. We should have made that clearer, apologies!

      Thanks everyone for the positive response to the demo!


    35. Minh on

      I've got 95 points :D So much fun to play!

    36. Matt Giuca on

      I died. It was fun though. Props for the Linux demo. The mouse cursor on the menu screen has a white background... otherwise it played well, and the only problem is I guess I'll have to practice.

    37. Niels on

      I don't understand the addons. They are much cheaper than getting the game via pledge?
      So, can I just pledge the 1GBP level, add another 6.50GBP and get the game cheaper than the early bird level?

    38. Missing avatar

      J on

      @ Maik I was at 700 before I quit.

      @ Ambient -- can you share some ideas of what you're anticipating in terms of future DLC/expansions? I'm sure it will make it a better sell if we all know what we're (potentially) buying in to!


    39. Maik on

      Whow! A playable Demo? I am impressed! And playing it is fun! Sure, it is not mush of a challenge, brute force is woring perfecty, but it's only a demo! And it looks great already!
      I've got 93 points. What's the mose anyone can get?

    40. Werehare on

      Assuming that you get funded, what would be your plans for expansions, DLC and upgrades?

    41. Russell Watson-Thomas on

      Guys this is wicked! Well done :)

    42. tomer sarid on

      oh wow, this is such a wonderful wonderful candy out of nowhere, now let's hope this will bring some focus and more plagues (pun intended)

    43. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Thanks for Linux Demo! Let's check it...