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Update #12

Stories from the Pillars beginning to appear


Now that the Pillars of the Saints crew has been to Burning Man and returned home. We are posting blogs, videos and information about the project.

The first blog post of many has been posted at Square No More. Check it out. Video of the art installation to come soon. We will keep you updated. Thanks for making this project come to life!

Phil and Pills (Hope, Horizon, Still Water - aka Two Tents, Matt the Pirate and Bear)

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    Free dream interpretation by email, perhaps by phone, or live at Burning Man at the Spirit Dream Interpretation Cafe! (Plus big hugs!) And an invitation to join us at screenings for the documentary following this project. No kidding! Rewards for just a buck! You will also be able to follow our progress, development, and access photos and video clips online.

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    Everything above, and an invitation to the Prophet's Feast on the Playa. Oh yea, locusts and wild honey with a evening movie on the desert. If you don't make it to Burning Man we will have some parties to celebrate the project, and you will be invited.

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    All of the above plus a DVD of the documentary of this project after completion

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    Ambient music meditation CD by David Gerard based upon the Pillars of the Saints project to go with previous awards.

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    A bottle of mead - Nectar of the Desert Seers to go with all the above. We will hand it to you personally, or make sure it arrives at your home if you are not at Burning Man this year.

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    All of the above, plus we will cut out a chunk of the wall with "words from the Spirit" and send it to you. (No guarantee that you will agree with what the Spirit says!)

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    Wow! besides all the above we are going to have to sit on those pillars out in the desert, and make constant intercessions for you.

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