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No more lumpy foam, stabby feathers and melty memory foam. Introducing the Purple® Pillow, the first innovation in pillows since geese.
No more lumpy foam, stabby feathers and melty memory foam. Introducing the Purple® Pillow, the first innovation in pillows since geese.
17,733 backers pledged $2,640,852 to help bring this project to life.

Support Contact & a Pleasant Surprise!

Posted by Tony Pearce (Creator)

You guys!!

I just received a most delightful surprise and would like to share it with all of you! I was under the impression our pillow machine was still down, hence the lack of updates. But this morning I found out the machine is back up and running and...

All US-bound pillows have shipped!

If you have not received a tracking number or your pillows and you're not listed in exceptions below, please contact Purple Customer Delight (info below) and they'll figure out what's going on!

The only exceptions are:

— APO (and other military) Addresses
— Backers for whom we don't have addresses
— International Orders

The APOs and International orders should start shipping quite soon, likely within the next few days! If you haven't provided you address, do so now!

Purple Customer Delight Contact Information

I'm simply not on here as much as I wish I could be, so this really isn't the best way to get support or questions answered (especially if they're time sensitive). SO!...With that said, here's who you should contact for questions, problems, to tell them how awesome they are (have you ever contacted customer service to tell them they're awesome? We should start doing that more).

When you contact them, please provide the email address connected to your Kickstarter and BackerKit account. It will make it so much easier for them to find your pledge :)

Phone: (844) 642-5613

Love you guys!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Lisa Austin on

      Excellent news that everyone's pillows shipped!

      Would you kindly provide an update on the rest of the purchased swag?


    2. Lady Li Isings on

      Received mine in Switzerland today. Packaged very well. Now airing out to get the Polymer smell out. There's a production error in it, but not sure if it has an impact. I'm looking forward to sleeping on the Purple pillow first :-)!

    3. Missing avatar

      Felix Edwards on

      Any update on the APO/DPO addresses? I'm still waiting on mine.

    4. Missing avatar

      Micheal Ly on

      Just got mine today here in Toronto, ON, Canada. I'm loving the squishies! They make perfect arm rests on my workstation. Exactly what I had planned for. Thanks guys! :)

    5. Christopher Crozier Smith on

      @Aditya Pandya International Orders are in the process of shipping as I just saw on BackerKit that mine has shipped out via FedEx

    6. Aditya Pandya on

      When are the international orders expected to be shipped now? Amazed that there's no ETA yet if everything is working as expected.

    7. Calli Kira on

      The smell was a bit off-putting but I luckily have lots of essential oils of varying scents. They cover it up fantastically and the support is perfect for me! Thanks for the great pillow, Team Purple!

    8. Missing avatar

      Alexandra Ward on

      Holy Cow! It's a freaking weird pillow but I sleep like a baby! Not enamored with the stretchy pillow case it comes with as it's too big for the pillow even with the extra booster underneath. I prefer the feel of percale so will have to try it with my own sheet set. I can't say much about the pillow keeping one's head cool during the hot weather as it's early March so hot nights are still a ways off. If I don't wake up with a sweaty head this summer, I will be even more impressed than I am now. I'm just happy that I don't have to punch my down pillow into more comfortable configurations throughout the night so I think I'm resting better with out all that fussing around.

    9. Missing avatar

      Valer Birlean on

      I an disappointed as well... I have the purple mattress already and I wanted to have all the set.. Thinking that I will get the awesome experience as the mattress... What a bummer it turned out to be... I slept 3 nights on it thinking that my head needs to adjust to this pillow... But I was waking up sore from my neck and I must say for that amount of money I was expecting more.... I guess I have to stay with my bamboo pillow... Which never gave me any stiffness or sore neck...Dont be fooled by this pillow... I regret buying 2...i should have tried one first... But I have learned my lesson...Dor those out there still trying to buy something like this... Beware....its not what you expect...

    10. joshua hildebrand

      Any updates on the swag? AKA purple bags and all the goodies in them?

    11. Scott Huffaker

      Bunch of whiners on here haha. Mines great! I want more of them!

    12. Richard Proud on

      Pillow is very disappointing. I would not recommend this pillow to anyone. It is much thinner than expected and the booster is a joke.

      I was fleeced by the purple pillow people. Great marketing campaign and disappointing product.

    13. Tacie Himelright on

      Thanks for the update Tony.

    14. Kayote

      It arrived. Feels fascinating and comfy. I can't try it yet, though. It has a mild but unpleasant industrial smell. I have it sitting on the table open right now to air out, but WHAT is it off gassing? I like to know what I'm breathing overnight. What chemical is causing the smell?

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Roth on

      Feels great. Reeks of solvent.

    16. Missing avatar

      Hubert Pellegrini on

      Like my bed and pillow feels like sleeping on a cloud.

    17. Pamela on

      I love all my Purple Pillows from this KickStarter campaign! I also bought a Purple Queen Mattress directly from Purple's website, (I wanted that 100 day trial guanentee and that is how to get that!) I've also bought several Purple Seat Cushions. I am totally ecstatic and enthusiastically happy with all my Purple purchases and for backing these Purple Pillows! Some of the best purchasing decisions I have ever made as it all has truly improved my life!!! I "get it" that Purple is not a "cure-all" for everyone, but I do hope that the folks who are not so happy with their Purple Pillows maybe give the pillows another chance. I found that I needed to mess with them for over a week or two, just to find the right comfort level for me concerning Pillow height. Also, I have actually gotten 6 Purple Pillows. All of mine came with what they were supposed to have. I was so delighted with how nicely they were packaged too. Out of the 6 Pillows, I've only had one of them that has any odor issue. After unpackaging them, I did let each of them air-out for 24+ hours. After that, I put them to use. Only one continues to give off an odor that's something akin to the smell of burnt toast. I've set that one aside to continue airing out. As for comfort? I love the Pillows! I like a softer feel, so I don't put any booster inside the zippered case as that seems to make the pillow feel firmer. I've decided against using the included air boosters any longer as they just don't work for me. I'm currently using one of the Purple "Simply" seat cushions under the Purple Pillow. That raises the Pillow up 1.25 inch which is a perfect height for me when I'm sleeping on my side, which I mostly do. I tried using the low cost, blue, closed cell foam camping/sleeping bag mats from Walmart, but that foam was too firm for me.

    18. Daryl McLaurine

      Worse decision I made, putting in for this, and the mattress.

      Horrible "Pillow", and hot, uncomfortable mattress. If I could get my money back, I would.

    19. Benjamin Koala on

      I'm still waiting for someone to get back to me about one of my two pillows ordered lacking a pillow case even though two cases were listed on the packing slip.

    20. Missing avatar

      Marti Grace Ashby on

      I have to say I am disappointed in the pillow. I wanted to love it, LOVE it. But I only like it, and not that much more than other pillows I've had. It's hard to get it to feel comfortable for me. I thought this would be the end-all of pillows and was ready to order more after trying it out. I won't be ordering more after all. I'm hopeful that one of my kids will fall in love with it. I'm glad others seem to love it, but as we well know, one size or type doesn't fit all.

    21. Scott Huffaker

      Can we order more pillows? I've received mine but I'd like to buy more.